Our Lady Peace got a ton of video play back in 1994 when the debut Naveed hit the streets. MuchMusic loved OLP and so did the public as the this album or I guess I should say CD’s were flying out the door here in Canada.

I’ll admit I didn’t hop aboard right away. OLP sounded good but I never got around to picking up Naveed until the summer of ’95 when me and The Boss were in Toronto as we had tickets to both Van Halen shows and opening both those shows were OLP.

After witnessing OLP open for the Mighty Halen over the two nights made me seek out Naveed on my own. What hooked me that night as I watched OLP was the drums of Jeremey Taggert who was friggin young back then and could lay some serious damage to those drums. He’s that good.

Over the years though OLP kinda lost me but last summer when I was cruising Amazon I came across Naveed on vinyl for a real decent price.

It was a quick click and once I dropped the needle on the record it was such a great revisit with an old friend really. Speaking of vinyl check out the record itself.

Is that a thing of beauty or what?

The album still sounds current and still has  that real pop in the tracks as producer Arnold Lanni dialled it in perfectly.

Course you have to wrap your head around singer Raine Maida’s vocal delivery which is a totally different vibe than what any other rock singer’s were doing but he somehow makes it work.

A few radio staples at classic rock radio those being “Starseed” and “Naveed” have stood the test of time.

I will add my two cents that “Supersatallite” is one strong friggin track. Crank that sucker!

This band could play. Mike Turner is a great guitar player as he never overstays his welcome come solo time. His playing throughout the albums 12 tracks speaks volumes in that respect.

Drummer Jermey Taggert and Bassist Chris Eacrett form a very reliable rhythm section as they add some serious muscle behind the vocals and guitar.

For a debut this is a pretty strong record from start to finish.

Worth seeking out Folk’s.

23 thoughts on “OUR LADY PEACE: NAVEED (1994)”

  1. That is indeed a lovely LP. Probably the only album by them I’d need. They played here in the park of my town years ago, and I thought about going, but then I thought of the drunken yobs crushing towards the front for the hits songs and contented myself with listening to it from my front step.

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  2. Solid debut album for sure – the first side of the LP is especially good.
    Love Hope how they make us wait for the chorus!
    And over on the second side, Julia might be my favourite of the set.
    Jeremy can really play!

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  3. I never heard of em, but I pressed play on Spotify and I’m thinking how did this band get a chance to open up for VH.

    The styles are so mismatched.

    But that’s okay and a good thing you got in early to check em out. I normally ignore bands opening for artists. Lol

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    1. VH did that four years earlier as well when Alice In Chains opened for them. We Die Young to Poundcake. lol
      Even back in 2012 VH had Kool and the Gang open lol
      I did see a funny pic floating around that had OLP drummer Jeremy Taggert fill in for Alex Van Halen at a VH meet and greet back in 95 as Alex couldn’t make it. They called him Little Al for the day lol

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  4. they were not bad… they were so big for a few years (in Canada) then seemed to disappear entirely. They had a hit or two in US, certainly fit in with likes of Live and Bush.


      1. That is pro baby why I heard the song before…I’ll look up some more…dude we just finished laying the living room floor…only took us a month lol

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