Aerosmith: The Road Starts Hear (1971)

Record Store Day came and went. I really had no interest other than this title by Aerosmith which is an album has had sitting in the vaults for 50 years.

I figured I had no chance at getting this seven song album as Tbay has one store that does RSD but they get nothing as I gave up on going to get my hopes up.

My hopes were further dashed when last Sunday I went to Discogs to see if there were any Canadian Sellers who had posted copies of  “The Road Starts Hear” for a decent price.

Umm about that for a second…

Two stores in Canada (one in Winnipeg and one in Toronto who shall remain nameless) each had copies.  The problem was one store had it for $58 Canadian and the other had it for $63 Canadian.

I put both of them in my Discogs checkout but I had a real problem pushing click to pay as the word “Gouging” came into my mind.

The Toronto store was selling it for $45 U.S without shipping. Selling it in Canada and having to pay for it in American is a fucking joke.

So I gave up and deleted both out of my Discogs checkout.

So come Monday night I went to Encore Records (based in Kitchener) as I have ordered from the owner Mark before and he’s delivered.

I have Encore book marked  on my computer as I check what they post online almost daily.

It’s about supporting local even if the shop isn’t in my town.

This past Monday I went under RSD Titles on the Encore website and there it was…

“Aerosmith The Road Starts Here” for $24 Canadian!

There is no way around shipping through Canada Post meaning you’re going to get dinged a minimum of $16.

Regardless I had to get it before it was gone and once I clicked and paid for it it came up as Sold Out.

One and done. Right place right time!

I will add that Mark for running a local record shop is awesome to deal with. Sent him a message thanking him for not running the price up and even better it took only three days to get here to Tbay.

Now as many of you know, John T. Snow is reviewing the whole Aero catalog over at his site so I know in due time he will be doing this album in a track by track break down.

Snowman is a master at that kind of thing so instead I’m just going to post a couple of thoughts…

Wherever in Boston this was recorded I can honestly say the sound is amazing. Boggles my mind that they sat on these tracks til now but boy am I glad this is out now.

It almost sounds like a party is going on at the start of the album as the band launches into “Somebody.”

These tracks have a Stones like influence about them which is not surprising but you can hear for yourselves how these guys were starting to figure out the craft at writing tunes.

“Dream On” is pretty much in its finished form but its cool to hear Tyler at the piano at the end of the song figuring out what would become “You See Me Crying” which wouldn’t come out until the “Toys In The Attic” record dropped four years later in 1975.

This is Aero Rock N Roll in its primitive state. Writing tracks that would make up the debut self titled a few years later.  A cover of “Reefer Headed Woman” would not show up on a Aero record until ’79’s “Night In The Ruts” release as by then the creative well had dried up due to the lifestyle of the band catching up to them.

The packaging is really cool as well. A total throwback vibe in not only the look but the layout as well.

Man, I need to call Joe as he left me his phone number in the pic above! Maybe he will come on “Scotch On The Rocks”.

A very cool score and I’m sure knowing how cool this is Aero will get around to releasing it digitally and on CD at some point.

“The Road Starts Hear” is a must own of any fan of Aerosmith.

47 thoughts on “Aerosmith: The Road Starts Hear (1971)”

  1. Aw, that’s nice of you to let John cover this album more in-depth for his Aerosmith series! Glad you have another album to add to your collection. Quick question, though, did you try calling that Joe Perry number?

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    1. Snowman is a master at the art of track by track breakdown as he keeps it interesting. used to do it as well but well I got lazy lol and when I seen John do his deal I thought this guy is way better…
      Too make a long story short lets go with me being lazy lol
      Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, John really goes into detail with his reviews track by track. Like I don’t know how he does it. Me, I just describe my thoughts in two or three sentences and move onto the next song. I guess I’m lazy too in a sense lol.

        No problem, Deke! Keep doing what you do!

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  2. Nice one Deke, as we mailed I got mine the same day as you. I think it’s great, most entertaining thing I’ve heard from ‘Smith for decades!

    It has been put together with real care for the fans too.

    It’s a great one this. Cheap enough over here I only paid £24 for it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. His shipping is stellar. Ordered this one and the other RSD from him last time and the next day he sends it out. Great service.


    1. It’s true what I said. I love that u dig into each song yet can find different things to say about songs. Not easy to do as how many times can u say great guitar solo in each song. lol
      You have a knack for it my friend.

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      1. This is really cool…in it’s way…it’s like Get Back…the reason I say that…it’s the genesis of the songs which is cool.

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    1. Yeah its a fantastic trip in the Aero Time Machine Pete. I have two record stores I order from out of town. Encore in Kitchener and a shop in Montreal.
      Both places have stellar shipping and package them nice and tight so they don’t get banged up.

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  3. Nice! Movin’ Out is probably my fav Aerosmith tune, with Rats in the Cellar a close second. They played both of them last time I saw them live, so that was the perfect show for me. Thanks for the post. Glad you were able to score this.

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    1. Thanks Jeff. Its a great score. Thats the one thing I can always say about Aero live is that they would pull out those deep tracks amidst the MTV hits like Rats In The Cellar. One of the times I seen them they did Last Child and even broke into Mother Popcorn.

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      1. True. First time I saw them they did Mama Kin as well as Lick and a Promise. Although, that time was sans Joe Perry, so overall it was a little on the weak side.

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