Coming January 2022!

Here we go Folk’s.

Starting in January I will be reviewing  this massive 7 Lp Box Set that Skid Row (or the powers that be) released “The Atlantic Years (1989-1996)”.

Since these albums have been reviewed a million times over I thought I would go an opposite way and scribble down words on how the work of Skid Row affected me as hard rock fan during those years that Sebastian Bach fronted the band.

I have to thank my daughter Lauren who got me this Box Set as a Christmas Gift. She ordered it early so it would get here on time.

Thanks Laurenie!

Mudkicker Kick!

20 thoughts on “Coming January 2022!”

  1. You have a good daughter that knows you so well! I was going to get this box set, but since I ordered some CDs recently, I think I’ll wait until the hype for this box set dies down a bit. Can’t wait for your upcoming review series!

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  2. And we’ve pre-ordered the ‘Williamson Girls Gift Giving Guide’ – to make sure it would arrive on time!
    I like the personal approach to the review series, Deke. Looking forward to the scribbled words!

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