deKe’s Top Albums in 2021…


Every December I would do a “Top 10 Album” list followed by a “Top 10 Live Album” list but this year I thought I would ditch the rankings and post what I mostly listened to throughout the year that was 2021.

My only rule is that they had to be vinyl albums I got this year that were released in the last 12 months.

Maybe you will find some of these titles cool and will check em out…

Let’s do this…

Aerosmith: The Road Starts Hear: RSD only release of a bunch of early Aero tracks that have been stashed away for five decades. This is such a fantastic recording of the Toxic Twins thinking stuff out and jamming  tunes that would make up the basis of the debut that would come out two years later in ’73!

Iron Maiden: Senjutsu: Harry, Bruce and crew dial up a mega listen in “Senjutsu” which solidifies Maiden’s dominance in still releasing stellar studio albums 41 years while still running free! (see what I just did there?). Plus I’m psyched to have gotten tickets to see Maiden in Toronto on Oct. 11 2022! Frigg Yeah!

Canadian Rebel Rocker Danko Jones released an album that is titled perfectly. “Power Trio” is just that. These guys lift off on this album over the course of its 11 songs.  Danko punches gas from opening tune “I Want Out” to end of album closer “Start The Show” that features Motörhead fella Phil Campbell. “Power Trio” blasts off from the get go. Trust me folks…

Gowan has been in Styx for over 20 years now and if your looking to hear what Larry has been doing check out “Crash of the Crown” which has had many spins on deke’s turntable in 2021. The album sounds like a late 70s early 80s throwback yet with enough punch to keep it current.

WVH is a monster talent and his debut album “Mammoth” proves that. Wolf fused together all his influences and put out a real fine slab of rock. Out of all the acts on my list Wolf is the youngest meaning I look forward to hearing what else he has up his sleeve in regards to new music coming out down the road.

KISS: OFF The Soundboard: You know I have always loved a good KISS  live album and Demon Gene and Starchild decided to start a series that they are calling “OFF THE SOUNDBOARD” which I’m quite excited about. This show from Tokyo (2001) is fantastic as you hear what the crowd heard that night and better yet Ace is back and along with Eric Singer they make this a very worthwhile listen.

I’ve only been waiting since ’85 for a live Coney Hatch release and the boys finally delivered and put out a killer double live album. Just a straight ahead rock album that Coney called Live At The ElMocambo recorded at the legendary venue. These guys have never disappointed me!

and lastly..

One of Canada’s biggest band’s, The Tragically Hip released a 6 pack of tracks (5 studio and one live track) that showed how dangerous these cats were back in 1991. The Hip had no idea these recordings were still around yet they surfaced this year in a neat and tidy little EP called “Saskadelphia”!

Their ya have it folk’s. My picks for the year 2021 but thats not all. Coming up will be another best of list but it will be on the reissues I bought this year that were my favourites…

Stay Tuned and Thanks for reading.

47 thoughts on “deKe’s Top Albums in 2021…”

  1. I appreciate the fact that you didn’t rank your albums because there’s no need to pick favorites as long as you enjoy the music! Congrats on getting tickets to see Iron Maiden in October 2022, by the way!

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      1. No problem Deke! I enjoyed this post. You’re so lucky! I bet the stage set for this upcoming tour is going to be amazing since the ‘Senjutsu’ album cover was so bada**!

        I asked my mom if we could see Maiden in September in Anaheim, California (since it’s next to Disneyland), but my mom said no cause she doesn’t want to go to the mainland too many times (because of covid). We’re already going there to drop me off for the Disney College Program in March.

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    1. No kidding John.
      My daughter and her boyfriend were planning to go to Toronto this Monday to see a NBA game but with that uncertainty they cancelled hotel, flight and tickets. All refundable except for the flight which is a voucher they can use between now and next December.
      They both work hard in school they are a bit bummed but they get it. No sense going anywhere if its going to 50% capacity or a lockdown yet again.
      Lets hope for a better 2022…I think we said that a year ago lol

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    1. Well too be honest Geoff the girls got me the Maiden tickets as I’m planning to retire Oct 1st 2022. My Bday is Oct 8th and the Maiden show is on the 11th!
      Now how’s that for timing lol…Cold not have worked out any better.

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      1. That sounds like an amazing start to October. And not only do they do Christmas and Birthdays, neat to read the Williamson girls are now in the Terrific Retirement gift giving business too!

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      2. BAHAHA.. The fact that this stuff goes on a sale a year in advance I thought I had better not wait.
        Unlike Vancouver I will not be on the floor as that was bonkers plus Teebone will be with me as well as my friend Metal Todd who is flying in from Kelowna for the show.
        Our tickets are lower level at about centre ice. Pretty decent spot and the 3 tix went for about 530.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You got that right. I figure as it stands right now I won’t be seeing too many live shows here in Tbay so hopefully by Oct 2022 things are somewhat chill. Lexie and her boyfriend had tix to the Raps game tomorrow but they canceled the whole trip (they were going for 5 days to Toronto) which sucks for them as they have been working hard in school. Good thing they took out cancellation on everything!

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      4. Sorry to hear they’re missing it (and relieved to hear they cancelled given Ontario right now + they didn’t lose the $).
        Our next show (in theory) is Arkells in February, the plan is for things to be better by then!

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  2. It turns out my Def Leppard contact also works with Kiss. He’s responsible for the Soundboard Series. He chose the show! I hope he chooses the next releases too.

    I like this list, and big shocker, we have many many albums in common and our lists might look very similar at the end of the year! So in other words — I love this list!

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    1. Thanks Mikey. I could have added the stuff I streamed this year that I liked like the Lynch and Thunder albums but where I would draw the line as I could go up to a Top 30 best of lol So to keep it simple I went with vinyl only purchases.


  3. Deke I’ve listened to a lot of the Tragically Hip Road Apples…I really like it dude. When work slows down I will post something by them. Thanks for the introduction.
    BTW is Mammoth popular? Are people listening to it? Just wondering.

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