deke’s Top Reissue’s of 2021

I actually added  more vinyl reissues to my record collection then new albums put out by acts this year.

Weird, but it seems everyone is doing reissue’s so who am I to argue about that with?

No CD’s here folks…no use for em..

Let’s go…

Skid Row came out in the late 80s when it was all about CD’s. I bought all the Sebastian Bach Skid Row stuff on CD. Now in 2021 the whole shebang has been reissued on vinyl under the title “The Atlantic Years”. Better yet I will be reviewing this box set starting next month when we flip the calendar into 2022!

KISS released an 45th Anniversary of “Destroyer” and by looking at the packaging they stepped up big time. The double vinyl set I got has a slick looking gatefold, demos and booklet included. You can always buy the CD box for a lot more. I downloaded the deluxe set off of Apple to hear the live show included which is a show from ’76. I will add it sounds horrible and by that I mean the recording sounds like it was done on a tape recorder. I’ll stick with the vinyl…

“Road Apples” by The Tragically Hip gets the deluxe treatment right after I bought “Saskadelphia” on vinyl. Oh well, The Hip though have put together a stellar package including demos, booklet and the classic Roxy Show from the spring of 91 which is included. This box was a must own for me. I passed on my stand alone vinyl copy of “Saskadelphia” to TeeBone as it needed a good home.

Can “No More Tears” by Ozzy Osbourne be 30 years young? Another one of those I originally bought on CD but now that its on vinyl it sounds superior. Such a killer album as Zak Wylde lays down some serious business on tunes like “Desire”, “S.I.N”, “Mr. Tinkertrain”, “A.V.H”. Do I need to go on? One of the Ozzman’s best I say!

Another must own on vinyl is “Allied Forces” (which is 40 years young) by Triumph who also gave this record the special treatment in which Andy Curran put together this box set and boy did Andy deliver. The original album as well as a 45 RPM, booklet, poster, tour book, Rik Emmett guitar pic are included. The real selling feature though is the double live “Allied Forces” show from Cleveland. That night the rock troops were on the move!

Not an reissue but an RSD release and thats this little ass kicker EP by Robert Plant from ’90. Plant back than had a young band that had some serious chops. “Tall Cool One” zips at a great clip while “Liar’s Dance” is one of Plants solo best.  Plus when your buddy Jimmy Page shows up and you rip through a deep Zep track (Wearing And Tearing) this makes it even more special.

Ah…WHO the F&#K are you!

Grumpy Roger and Grumpier Pete put out a RSD exclusive which was “Face Dances” which is perhaps my favourite WHO album. Yeah I like it that much. This package is stellar. Coloured vinyl, booklet, outtakes and some live tracks (“The Quiet One” kicks ass live) make this one a must own.

About a year ago it was announced that Black Sabbath was releasing both “Heaven And Hell” and “Mob Rules” each on double vinyl. I was stoked as the Ronnie James Dio version of Sabbath was my entry point into them (Mob Rules back in 82) and too be totally honest with you all those two Sab albums are my favourite of the catalog. Great reissues for both.  Double Gatefolds, liner notes and a bunch of live tracks spread out over both records. A must own!

My CD copy of the “Black Album” was due for an update so a few months back I purchased this on vinyl and holy frigg does it kick ass. Bob Rock knew how to harness in the band and made em focus and these songs and sales prove it. That crack of the snare drum at the beginning of Sad But True sums up this album. Sonic Gold!

Mogg, Schenker,Way,Raymond and Parker rereleased this all time great LP known as “Strangers In The Night”. U.F.O  delivers on all accounts. Another cool reissue that has some cool liner notes on how  a couple of tracks were not even played live but only in the studio where the crowd was added. Gotta love how these bands rolled out so called live albums back in the 70s. But who cares this is one of the all time greats.

Thanks for always reading and commenting Friends.

Merry Xmas to you all and lets hope for a great 2022!



31 thoughts on “deke’s Top Reissue’s of 2021”

  1. That’s dedication man. Nice list.

    I normally sample these on Spotify, as I’m still cool with how I have/own those albums except for The Hip which I didn’t know even existed until I started reading those blogs posts from Canadians. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow there’s a ton of great stuff there. I still dream of the Hip set but it’s unlikely to appear. I bought the 3CD Black album and the Blacklist. You’re right, harnessed and powerful! Question: Is the Ozzy actually worth it? I love my old original CD of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Ozzy one sounds great on vinyl but if your happy with your CD of it, all good. NMT’s on vinyl is the same tracks on CD. The bonus stuff is digital only..
      Thanks for reading.


  3. Good list of reissues, but one question: Face Dances as fav Who album? I dunno. Have you not listened to Live at Leeds? If not, you should. And of course, Who’s Next runs a close second 🙂
    Have a rockin holiday my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha. I was waiting for someone to ask me about this! Face Dances was my entry point into The Who thats why that album is special to me. Trust me Live at Leeds and Who’s Next are stellar and overall better but to me its just where my head was at as 15 year old when I first heard FD.
      Thats my story and I’m sticking too it Jeff! lol
      Enjoy your time off with the family. I hope u have time off!

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  4. I love the Who one! It was not my first Who album but it was my first “new” Who album while they were together. My first was Holligans and then Who’s Next but Face Dances is a great album.

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      1. Hey man you like what you like….I’m just glad you like The Who. It’s where you started and that does make a difference…and it IS a great album.
        Aerosmith fans must feel the same about Rock in a Hard Place but that is what you like. It’s good to be different.


  5. Hope your Christmas was great and tuneful!
    I had a few of those on their original release. Does the updated Metallica sound noticeably different than the original? I might reacquire that some day down the road.
    I don’t know if your opening premise says more about us or about music…but I think probably somewhere around 2008 might have been the last time I bought more actual NEW music than old back catalog ones or re-issues. I think it does mean a little that the gray hair is catching up but more that…ggeez, there’s not a lot of great new stuff coming out, or at least not coming to the public’s attention through the mass media.


  6. Man, it is so true. It seems like the releases are reissue after reissue. Some are priced way too high for me to pony up for though. That Road Apples Deluxe set is $225! And I already have half of it on vinyl. I want that Roxy show though… maybe it will get its own release someday.

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    1. Well I was lucky Kev that the Road Apples vinyl preorder came out around my birthday so it was an easy answer when Sue and the girls asked me what I wanted for my Bday lol
      That Roxy show is one of the best ever. They were on fire on that tour. I know u buy CD’s have you looked at the disc set?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is perfect! Unfortunately for me the amp went out for my turntable so a new one was my birthday gift. I did look at the CD set which is $120… about what I would pay for the vinyl, lol

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