Skid Row/Killer Dwarfs: Live in Thunder Bay June 22 1992

Taking a bit of detour in reviewing the Skid Row box set as these guys rolled into Thunder Bay back in June ’92. 

June 22 1992/Skid Row/Killer Dwarfs

Skid Row just a year earlier (1991) score a #1 album in the US of A and now they are  playing Thunder Bay as part of there Canadian Tour.


Thunder Bay never got bands at the time when they are selling albums only when they were old and playing the nostalgia circuit do they come here!

I think this may have something to do with Sebastian Bach as I recall reading in M.E.A.T Magazine at the time  that Bach said he’s played all over the world and he’s not going home until he plays Thunder Bay!


So the show was originally scheduled on June 15th but  Bach was sick so they pushed the show back a week later.

Give them credit as they could have blown us off big time and just trucked through and have never returned.

Along with my brother Todd and my good pal Oink’s as well, we  zipped to the Gardens on the rescheduled date and we went down to the floor for a pretty good view of the stage.

I have to add that the stage and lights were massive for the size of the Fort William Gardens yet the 4000 plus crowd didn’t mind.

Up first was TO’s own Killer Dwarfs plugging their “Method To Madness” release. These guys were pretty cool with Russ the lead singer doing handstands,summersaults while not missing a beat. Some of the tracks like “Hard Luck Town”,”Dirty Weapons”,”Stand Tall”,”Keep The Spirit Alive” and others were played. Bach even hoped on stage and sang “Heavy Metal Breakdown” with the Dwarfs. Kept me and my brother amused to say the least!

The video posted below is from Norway but this is the closest clip I could find that shows you the size of the crowd and stage as if it could have been here in Thunder Bay. I laughed at Baz at the end of set opener “Slave To The Grind” leading the crowd on a “Ice Ice Baby Fuck Off” lol…

Skid Row is coming on and the intro music is the Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right To Party” and you could hear Sebastian chirping  the crowd over the song. You could hear him not see him(he was still backstage). One of his best comments was along the lines of  “C’mon you lazy ass motherf#%kers from  Thunder Bay wake up” Baz, you know Tbay crowds all too well!

And kaboom, well no kaboom as word on the street was there was no pyro allowed (local Fire Marshall ) but they came out in hyper drive with opener “Slave To The Grind” complete with a pretty big stage set and lighting rig and these Skid Row guys were wired up to say the least.

From there onto “Big Guns”,”Here I Am”, “Makin A Mess”,”18&Life”, “Piece Of Me” these guys weren’t letting up as the show continued with  “Psycho Therapy” (Ramones cover),”Psycho Love”, “Mudkicker” (my personal fav), “Monkey Business” with Sebastian being bad assed and lighting a little Mary Jane in front of the crowd. Nowadays in front of any crowd people would be like MEH!

But back in 92 things we’re different.

Party favourite “Get The Fuck Out” was played and than they improvised a bit when they looked at each other as too what do we play now which ended being a bit of “God Of Thunder” by KISS and “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult The Skids ended the show with “I Remember You” followed by of course “Youth Gone Wild”!

One of the better arena shows I have seen in this town.

I tell ya I give em respect for showing up to Tbay back when they could have easily like I said earlier just cruised by…

Coming up…”B-Sides Ourselves” 



23 thoughts on “Skid Row/Killer Dwarfs: Live in Thunder Bay June 22 1992”

  1. Its too bad Pantera didnt play that show as tgey were part of the bill for most of the big cities across Canada. The show was really cool to see with The Dwarfs and Skid Row though. The best part was you, me and your bro packing into the back of my brothers jeep for the ride home after the show!

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    1. Damn Oink’s I forgot you were with us back at that show. I had a complete brain fart. My apologies and yeah the jeep. bahaha…good times.
      Thanks for stopping in…


  2. Yep, nothing fires up the crowd like a song called “Get the F*ck Out” lol! But seriously, this show sounds amazing! I’m glad you were able to see Skid Row during this tour and in Thunder Bay too. I guess there was a benefit to Sebastian being from Canada!

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  3. Nice.
    When I saw em in Sydney they also opened up with Slave To The Grind. It was like a thrash metal concert to begin with.

    I enjoyed the extended Intro to 18 and Life with the emotive solo. Scotti Hill showcased some cool licks there.

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