Skid Row: B-Sides Ourselves (2021 Reissue)

Part 3 of Skid Row The Atlantic Years (1989-1996)

1992 was a busy year for Skid Row. Touring non stop yet again plugging the current  “Slave To The Grind” release so to keep the momentum going out came in September of that year “B-Sides Ourselves”.

“B-Sides” is a five track cover album and the thing I like best about this back than (when I originally bought it on CD) was the fact that it was short.

With a running length of just over 18 minutes this keeps my attention span as I’m not a big fan on full out meal deal cover albums that feature lets say 10 songs.

“B-Sides Ourselves” is a fun little ass kicker album.

Each fella in Skid Row picked a song and you know Bassist Rachel Bolan picked “Psycho Therapy”( RAMONES). Rachel takes over the lead vocals on (with the help of one Taime Down on backing vocals) and throws it down on a fun cover.

The band than goes into “C’mon And Love Me”(KISS) which I’m sure Stanley Klein loved at the time in 92 to get funds added to his bank account.

“Delivering The Goods”(Judas Priest) is a live version which has Sebastian Bach trading of vocal lines with Rob Halford and the band  slays this song musically. So good so heavy! In other words Rob and the Skids do indeed deliver the goods!

Nice to see Skid Row flex there musical muscle and cover RUSH’s “What You’re Doing” as Bach lays down a killer vocal while the other Skid’s lay down a killer groove that I’m sure Alex, Geddy and John Rutsy(RIP) would appreciate.

The EP ends with “Little Wing” where the two guitars of Dave Sabo and Scotti Hill take a chill pill approach and show us that they can take the foot off the gas pedal and do some nice blues runs in a tribute to the Jimi Hendrix classic.

Listening to it on vinyl now was probably the first time I have heard these songs probably since 92 when I really think about it.  Time does indeed fly!

deKe’s 2022 score of B-Sides Ourselves: 7/10


24 thoughts on “Skid Row: B-Sides Ourselves (2021 Reissue)”

  1. I like how Rob misses the end cue on his own song!

    What I really wish is that Skid Row would release the music video version of Little Wing on something, anything. I was so surprised when I heard it and was like, “This isn’t on the EP…”

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  2. Pretty misleading for a covers EP to be called ‘B-Sides Ourselves.’ I’ve never heard this release, but it’s cool that the band branched out a bit by covering bands like Rush, Kiss, Ramones, and Judas Priest.

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