U2: ACHTUNG BABY (2021 Reissue)

During this crazy Pandemic I have been supporting locally owned Record Shops. The only problem is Tbay has no good record shops other than Sunrise which is a nationwide chain. Instead I have decided to support local shops that are out of town! Encore Records out of Kitchener, Aux33 out of Montreal and now Resolute Records out of Toronto are three locally owned shops that I have given my business too. I ordered 5 albums from Resolute Records and first up is those four fellas from Ireland. 

Another huge album that just turned 30 years young was U2’s “Achtung Baby” that was released back in November 1991.

I will never admit to being the biggest U2 fan around as my collection is patchy at best but there is something about certain albums that after all these years still draws you in as the listener.

“Achtung Baby” for me is that record which I finally got on vinyl after my sister Kristin nicked my CD copy of it about 29 years ago!

All kidding aside, U2 created a brilliantly written and recorded album that still stands up today.

Full out props to Producers Daniel Lanois/Brian Eno/ Steve Lillywhite and engineer Flood whom all created and crafted one of the best sounding records I have ever heard.

No other record before or after that I have heard sounds like “Achtung Baby” and thats thanks to all the parties involved in making of the album.

U2 themselves that being of course Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. stepped up and wrote 12 tracks that are all classics and to prove that point this record went 5 singles deep while  selling well over 1 million records in Canada. (certified Diamond as was ’87’s “Joshua Tree”.)

I’m not going into a detailed breakdown of this album but I will mention a couple of tracks that really stand out. (the whole album really stands out too be honest with ya).


Opener “Zoo Station” sets the pace and it’s very apparent about 20 seconds in that this album is sounding like no other albums. Love the mix of Clayton’s Bass on this record as its soars over everything. Very simple yet very effective.

Speaking of soaring Bass how about “Even Better Than The Real Thing” which has some real cool Mullen Jr. percussion driving the song forward along with The Edges guitar.

“One” was a big single and I love the feel of this tune as Bono delivers a stellar vocal along with Edge’s guitar playing.  “One” is one of the all time greats..

“Until The End of The World” has Edge leading the charge on guitar as how many effects does this guy use?

One of my favourite tunes is “The Fly” which is such a killer track. The chorus is Gold as I love how Edge and Bono’s voices collide while all the other rock trimmings are going on sonically  in the background.

“Achtung Baby” on vinyl is a must listen and  actually is a great listen on headphones as well as there is so much going on socially around the four dudes known as U2.


23 thoughts on “U2: ACHTUNG BABY (2021 Reissue)”

  1. This is a great album. I do need to grab a copy. Matt Nathanson just released a covers album of U2 songs (like he did with Leppard) and it is called Achtung Matty! My vinyl won’t be around until March/April..if we’re lucky.

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  2. I realy got into them with Rattle and Hum…as much as I liked Edges’s delay on their early albums…I’m glad he changed… I liked the experimentation on this album and One may be my favorite song by them period. I was a great single.
    This is a great album…really the last one I paid a lot of attention to.

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  3. Cool! For me, it was a very different sounding U2 record, but I liked it then and like it still… the next two I was quite lukewarm on (Zooropa and Pop), both had a few excellent tracks but a lot of weird filler. I give them credit for not standing still musically and this change was a very worthwhile one. I think you’d commented to me elsewhere you got the basic resissue, and we agreed that might be all one needs since the expanded versions have a lot of remixes and not much really new for the extra cash?

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    1. I agree with what your saying about the tow followup albums. Some filler and some killer stuff. Zooraopa was a big puzzle for me as a listener.lol
      I only got the straight vinyl copy as all that other stuff I would not listen too. I listen to all those extras on Apple Music.


  4. Great choice Deke, I really liked this one but for me it was the warm up act for Zooropa (I am the only person in the whole world who thinks that!). I still think you could trim a couple off this towards the end but the likes of ‘Even Better’ and ‘End of the World’ are superb.

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  5. I was in high school when this dropped, and I liked it. Rattle And Hum was my Sunday church music, and Joshua Tree was still the biggest ever to me. But this was the last one from them I dug, I got off the bus after this one. But I can only imagine how good it sounds on LP, it’s a huge record, sound-wise. And good on ya for supporting local (er, not local) record shoppes!

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    1. I was off the U2 ship as well after this one. This double set was pricey but I had to get it on record. Your right it’s a huge sounding record


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