Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard of Ozz (2011 Reissue)

Another score from Resolute Records (Toronto)…

Rewind 1980..

Imagine cruising into a record shop back in ’80 and buying the “Blizzard of Ozz” record especially as if you were a fan of of Black Sabbath throughout the ’70’s.

What would your thoughts have been hearing Ozzy leave behind the sludge n doom and hop onto a new sound (still heavy rock) but with a young hot shot guitarist named Randy Rhoads in tow?

What a buzz that must have been for the first day buyer of “Blizzard of Ozz” especially as in ’80 Sabbath released the iconic “Heaven and Hell” that same year. Sabbath as you know enlisted Ronnie James Dio at the mic.

Two great albums coming out of one band. I’m sure Sabbath thought Oz would fall on his face considering he was off of his rocker when Tony Iommi and crew gave him his marching papers in ’79.

Muk my record store pal from back than was the first guy to purchase “Blizzard of Oz”(in early ’81) which I quickly taped off of him so I could hear what all the fuss was about with this hot shot guitarist that Ozzy enlisted.

On a side note I wish Ozzy would have kept the Blizzard of Ozz moniker going but I’m not management lol…

Nine songs make up the this debut and opener “I Don’t Know” lifts off and Rhoads makes himself known within seconds that a new young axe wizard is in town. How about that driving Bass (Bob Daisley) and straight ahead rock solid drumming by Lee Kerslake(RIP) that keep everything cooking in the background to let Randy lift off time and time again on this album.

First time I heard “Crazy Train” I was hooked and of course now in 2022 everyone has heard this tune a million times but what a mind blower as Randy does what he does on the six string.

“Blizzard of Ozz” is filled with a ton of great rock tracks like “Mr. Crowley”, “No Bone Movies”, “Suicide Solution”, as well as the epic “Steal Away The Night”.

Rhoads though could take the pedal of the metal so to speak and flex some different guitar textures like “Goodbye To Romance”,”Revelation (Mother Earth)” and even gets to shine on the classical guitar piece titled “Dee” (for his Mom).

What a stellar debut and I would have loved to seen Ozzy’s ex-bandmates reaction when they realized that there former lead singer had gotten his shit together and could put together a classic piece of Rock.

Course having a guy like Randy Rhoads along with Daisley and Kerslake along for the ride  helps the cause. Max Norman dialled in the warm fuzzy loud sounds on the grooves as well.

1980! What a year in Hard Rock Releases!




39 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard of Ozz (2011 Reissue)”

  1. As long as it doesn’t have Metallica and Faith No More on bass and drums respectively, I’m happy with it!

    I remember getting this album later in the 80s. 1989. I was like, “Holy shit…I know all these songs already! And that never happened!


  2. Since you have been talking about him… I checked out Randy Roades…he was great. He was different from his peers at the time.


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