Ozzy Osbourne: Diary of A Madman (2011 Reissue)

Another score from Resolute Records (Toronto)…

Crazy to think that I have never owned either of the first two Ozzman solo albums on vinyl until early 2022!

If you’re a reader of this blog you know my entry point to Ozzy was “Speak of the Devil” followed by “Bark At The Moon” back in ’83.

Sure I had the first two Ozzy albums on cassette followed by CD but now they are on vinyl which is how its supposed to be!

Everyone knows the deal with this record as it was recorded at basically the same time as the “Blizzard of Ozz” record but Ozzy was smart enough (or someone was ) to pull back a bunch of tracks and release a followup while still on tour.

“Diary” is a great record and say what you want to say about Ozzy in his trashed out state in the early ’80s that he could wrangle up a hot shot young guitarist in the form of the late great Randy Rhoads and together along with bassist Bob Daisly and drummer Lee Kerslake they dialled up a classic 8 pack of tracks that make up this record.

Lee sets the tone for the album as his drums kick off “Over The Mountain” and were off! Rhoad blazes on that 6 string and lays down one of the many fantastic solos that are sprinkled throughout the albums 43 plus minutes.

The whole album is filled with highlights. “Flying High Again” has Ozzy flying high as does Rhoads and his riffing. So good.

“You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll” is one of my faves on this album as the solo sells it for me along with the mix of both electric and acoustic guitar plus a great chorus.

There’s gold in these tracks partner!

Bob lays down a real cool Bass stomp at the beginning of “Believer” as Ozzy tells us all to believe in ourselves. Ok Ozzy I will but I ain’t biting no heads off of any bats or doves if you know what I mean!

Side 2 kicks off with “Little Dolls” followed by a somewhat slower tempo track in the form of “Tonight” which a great track that no one ever talks about.

For myself though its track 7 that is my tune on this opus which is “S.A.T.O” which has the band firing on all four cylinders. Ozzy tosses down a great vocal and this track features everything I love about hard rock. Catchy hooks, catchy verse, catchy chorus, supreme musicianship.

What is S.AT.O you ask? Well there are a few theories. One is Sailing Across The Ocean. The other one is Sharon- Adrian-Thelma-Ozzy.

I prefer the first choice but who knows for sure. Ozzy whadda think?

The title track ends the record as its a showcase for Rhoads as he lays waste to his guitar on this bombastic track. It’s mega and its huge and what a way to end an album.

Management was smart to hook Oz up with a young hot shot guitarist like Rhoads as a few artists followed the recipe set by Osbourne. Dio got Vivian Campbell. Coverdale got Sykes to lure the American market their way as VH had already set the bar with Roth and Eddie.

So glad to finally own this on vinyl and of course on the insert is a picture of the band with Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge listed as members even though they didn’t play a stitch of a note on this album. ( Bob and Lee were booted out by Sharon)

29 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne: Diary of A Madman (2011 Reissue)”

  1. ‘Diary of a Madman’ was recorded during the same time as ‘Blizzard of Ozz’? Wow, that’s impressive. Also, this is the first time I’ve seen pictures of ‘Diary of a Madman’ up close and Ozzy kind of looks like a werewolf.

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      1. No kidding… Thanks for clearing that up KJ. I always thought they recorded it all in one shot and split it up over 2 records. Guess I should have fact checked a little more but Ozzy never got back to me. lol
        Cheers Pal


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I think a lot of aspiring guitarists learned from those Rhoad’s albums. Like many it would have been interesting if he had lived to see where he would be at today.

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  2. Ozzy’s ’80s output has been difficult for me to find on vinyl. I got the first two and Tribute. I did see Speak of the Devil once but they wanted $50 for it… now I regret not getting it. Anyway, this is a great album! I had no idea it was recorded at the same time as Blizzard. The stuff I learn at Thunder Bay Arena Rock!

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  3. I remember this one going over to my cousin Marks house when I was around 13-14 years old. That is how I got introduced to Krokus and most of the heavier bands. That cover always fascinated me also.

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      1. I never saw them… after years with posters on his wall of them…he ended up working with the drummer that drummed for them during The Blitz album. I saw Hagar in 83 open for ZZ Top

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      2. Yes I beleive that is it…he also took Mark backstage to the Scorpions and on the bus. Dude…why weren’t we rock stars? We would have done a bang-up job.

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  4. OMG, this is one for the record books apparently… a metal album I had before Deke?! LOL. I had the LP back in the day, it came out right at the perfect time for me to like as a sullen high schooler in an acrimonious household. ‘Flying High Again” is a really good rocker still.

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