Super duper producer Bob Rock back in’92 released a pretty decent album that he called “Rockhead”.

While Bob was busy producing at the time bands like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and Metallica, in his downtime he put together a band and viola out came the debut album which ironically was its farewell.

Which is  shame as this record or should I say CD (as that’s what I own it on) is really actually quite good.

13 songs make up this disc and of course Bob brought in some friends to help on some tracks as there are cowrites with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora ( “House of Cards”) as well as Billy Duffy (“Hell’s Back Door”).

The first four songs that make up Rockhead are stellar tracks that still hold up today.  “Bed of Roses”, “Chelsea Rose”, “Heartland” and “Love Hunter” are such strong tracks that kick the album into a solid gear.

Think old school 70’s Hard Rock with some honky tonk piano tossed in cranked through a Marshall stack.

“Heartland” especially is such a great track. I have always been a sucker for those tunes that start off slow and build and build and then soar once the chorus hits. Steve Jacks has a great voice almost Ian Astbury like in moments. Check out Bob’s solo on the song! What a great friggin rip on the guitar so good that I posted the video below.

But in the music business it’s all about timing and Rockhead unfortunately didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell in selling records in the music climate of 1992 and as I mentioned earlier that this is a one and done album.

Rockhead toured Europe opening for Bon Jovi* but from what I understand Bob realized that record producing was where it was at for him.

A shame really but maybe if this album had dropped say back in’88 and not in ’92 things may have worked out differently.

I know Apple Music here in Canada does not have Rockhead in its catalog but the full album is up on Youtube if interested along with a couple of other videos (“Bed of Roses” and “Chelsea Rose”)

Check it out!

*- I listened to a podcast with Rock the featured guest and he mentioned that he has about 10 songs cowritten with Richie Sambora which should be coming out at some point.  Yes Bob is producing the record and playing it on as well…




19 thoughts on “ROCKHEAD: ROCKHEAD (1992)”

  1. Interesting fact… War Child. That’s the actual sound of Bob Rock losing his shit in the studio during his divorce. This is a raw, real album and one of my all-time 90s favourites. I have an hour special on these guys on VHS waiting to be posted.

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      1. One thing though, and just a vague memory. I don’t think Steve Jack had the personality of a rock star frontman. In all the footage I have he seems quiet and shy. I’ll have to get that video online. It was from a TV show called Ear to the Ground.

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      2. Course in interviews Rock would be the one everyone is asking questions too but bottom line is dude had a great set of pipes in him..


      3. It reminded me a bit of the awkward Richie Kotzen interview where he just sat there. I’ll have to get it up for posting soon.

        That album deserved at least a platinum if not double.


  2. Certainly a lot of talent associated with it. I’ve never heard of it at all, but I wasn’t into metal back then, but after reading comments, seems like no one really heard of it! Weird, given Bob Rock , Sambora etc… you’d think their names alone would have gotten it noticed.

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  3. OK so I’m watching that Rockhead special on CBC and I had it wrong. I take back what I said about Steve Jack. It’s not that he was shy and didn’t talk — it’s that they barely give him any camera time!

    Unfortunately this special has music in it by Bon Jovi, Motley and Aerosmith — so we’ll see if Youtube lets it go or not. Motley can be tricky I have found.


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