RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

It was watching MuchMusic back in late ’91 when they showed the video for “Give It Away” that I had to jump onboard  as what a groove the RHCP laid down on this track.

I went out the next day and I bought it on CD.

Fast Forward to October 2020…

My daughter Kylee gave me a gift card to Sunrise Records and when I saw Blood Sex Sugar Magik sitting in the bins I figured it was time to pull the trigger on grabbing it on vinyl.

Spread out over two records this album is wham bam slap you in the head man kind of spin.

17 songs over 73 minutes it’s one massive listen and if anything you get your moneys worth listening to this one.

Rick Rubin twisted the dials so you know the drum sound is going to be mega like the job Rubin did on The Cult’s “Electric” record back in ’87.

You can have the best sonics in the world but you the need the band to show up to lay it down and the Chilli Peppers did just that.

Drummer Chad Smith packs a wallop on the drums and is lock n loaded with Flea on Bass. At times they throw it down like no one’s business on the heavier funked out tracks like the already mentioned “Give It Away”  and the fist to the forehead jam of “Suck My Kiss”.

Singer Anthony Kiedis is a pretty crafty lyricist as this album has a ton of sexual innuendos on it. Combine that with the power of the band and holy smokes no wonder it went to Number 1 in Canada and currently  sits at 4 Times Platinum here.

Guitarist John Frusciante is one fantastic 6 stringer and that he should  be commended for being  a big factor in this band yet people tend to his focus on his personal issues when he bolted from the band on this tour.

The reason I bring this up is the next album that followed with Dave Navarro (“One Red Hot Minute”) missed the mark so that right there tells me that when you take one quarter of talent out of the band and replace them it doesn’t necessarily means it will work.

“Blood Sex Sugar Magik” though kicks out the jams on tunes like “The Greeting Song” and of course “Suck My Kiss” whereas you have the classic tale of drug use in “Under The Bridge” which was a mega hit.

Yet the Peppers could take the gas off the funky jams on tunes like “Breaking The Girl”  and one track that I really like is “Funky Monks” with Flea popping that Bass.

For a reissue there are no credits, band member names or songwriting credits listed but in the end the RHCP’s let the music do the talking!



18 thoughts on “RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)”

  1. Nice! This thing is a beast of an album. Love it! I believe the videos on MTV for this one caught me attention for sure. So different than anything else at the time I was listening to but loved it. Good to see this one get a review! Good job sir!

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  2. My cousin Geoff had this but I never bought it. I was pretty anti-alternative when it came out. Good band, always better with John on guitar. Navarro would play on anything. Witness: Firestarter by Gene Moneybags.

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    1. Navarro is a guitar whore for hire. I was never anti alternative as if I heard something good I would check it out but I never went out and bought the back catalogs of these acts…

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      1. When I started working at the store, One Hot Minute and Out In LA were new releases, but I couldn’t get into them. I think for me, I just need a good comp.


  3. I like this album and them. They are not easy to pin down…I always liked their covers also. They will do funk, hard rock, pure pop, and everything in between. Flea is the best bass player of his generation to me.

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  4. I’d heard of them a lot before this album came out, but this was the first time I really heard their music more than once or twice in passing. A lot of pretty good songs, must say I liked it better then than now but it still holds up quite decently. Definitely the best of the many RHCP lineups…and Rick Rubin, man that guy is one hell of a producer. Can do magic with Johnny Cash as easily as with the Peppers or Dixie Chicks…and such a cool dude to boot.

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