KISS: Destroyer (45th Anniversary Reissue)

Destroyer! 45 years old? Yikes..

In saying that its impressive that the sound of this album still holds up today and that’s thanks to Bob Ezrin.

Even my beat up vinyl copy of “Destroyer” sounds good but this reissue has a little more oomph packed in the grooves of the albums 10 tracks.

Ok, I’m getting a little ahead here..

KISS or some suit at the record company did a nice job putting together this package on double vinyl as well its a gatefold (see pic below) along with a booklet.

A lot of has been written about this album over the years on how there were “Ghost Guitarists” come and lay down licks since Ace Frehley would no show and what not.

Give these guys credit as here they are in ’76 coming off the huge Alive! record and tour and were generating a ton of coin and kudos to them to put that coin into this album as the sonics are huge.

No sense doing a full track by track breakdown as there are over 2 billion reviews of this album but I will add I really like Stanley’s demo of “God of Thunder” as it’s got some serious zip to it.

Once Ezrin heard Paul’s demo, Bob said Gene would sing it. Oh man it would have been a hoot to have been a fly on the wall at the studio that day! Course they slowed down the tempo and what not but its’ pretty cool to hear something like this all these years ago in it’s original state.

The second record is that. Some Paul demo’s and some Gene demo’s as well as some rarities.

Overall a really cool put together package on vinyl.



12 thoughts on “KISS: Destroyer (45th Anniversary Reissue)”

      1. I don’t mind the live show, but I don’t really follow the logic of including it in a high priced box set. It wasn’t high-price quality. I’m really struggling to review it.

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