Scotch On The Rocks Live Tonight with Tim Durling!

Hey Folk’s!

Tonight at 7pm EST! I go live with Tim as we discuss not only his fantastic new book on 8-Tracks titled UnSpooled but we will also have a chat about Y&T as well and ask the question why were they not bigger than they were!

Drop by Scotch On The Rocks Official YouTube page….

See ya soon!

29 thoughts on “Scotch On The Rocks Live Tonight with Tim Durling!”

      1. Then don’t talk Kev. Oh wait its KISS we were on about lol…
        I’m thinking we do a Canadian Grooves like episode where u can bring on some of yours and Sarahs fav Canuck records….
        Just a thought

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      2. True enogh! There are plenty of eye rolls whenever I talk about any subject.
        We can easly talking about Canadian bands all day! So you’ll need to shut us up after an hour, lol

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  1. Cool dude…I had no clue that 8-tracks exsisted that late before. I just thought they died when the 70s did. I remember them then but not in the 80s.
    Great show man.

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      1. Good point about social media as if anyone goes off politically on it I ignore and keep scrolling as that draws out waaaaaay too much negativity. Tim loves music and thats what he sticks with on all his formats. I respect that …

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      2. Yes his Instagram and other social media is just a wealth of music memorabilia, anniversaries, and info — totally worth the follow. Fully endorsed. I don’t need more darkness in my social media, we have enough of that. “Doomscrolling” the kids call it. I get that. I prefer Timscrolling.

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