Cheap Trick: One On One (1982)


From 1977 to 1982 Cheap Trick released some fine records and “One On One” when it dropped into the shops back in early 82 it would be what I would consider Cheap Tricks last decent album until 17 years later when the self titled CT release would restore my faith.

Funny enough though through those lean years that followed “One On One” I still always bought the bands output just hoping it would a classic sounding Cheap Trick record but I always was tricked so to speak.
Yet, “One On One” has a lot of stuff I dig and what I would consider some real good material. Jon Brandt was the new fella on Bass who replaced Pete Comita ( who was in the band for about as long as one’s lunch break) who had replaced Tom Petersson.
Guitarist, sweater and bow tie guy Rick Nielsen slammed out a bunch of tracks (along with a few contributions from vocalist Robin Zander and drummer Bun E. Carlos) and by all intent purposes delivered especially on the first Side of the record where Cheap Trick always excelled on with there brand of hard hitting pop rock.
“I Want You”, “One On One” and especially “Lookin Out For Number 1” deliver that fist to the face quirkiness that I always loved about these guys.
Side 2 for the most part carries on that tradition in the form of “She’s Tight” where Zander delivers a great vocal (than again he always did and still does). While Side 1 is pretty rock solid Side 2 kinda slides a bit as the album goes into a bizarro sense of 80’s synth on some of the tracks like “Saturday At Midnight”, “Loves Got A Hold On Me” and the goofy tilted “I Want Be Man.”
The band does redeem itself on the last track “For Letter Word” which could have easily slid on the second side of the “Dream Police” record.
Even though the band snagged Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker for this one the album only crawled up to #39 on the  Canadian Charts and has never been officially certified here which is a shame as more people who dig CT should check it out.
“One On One” served its purpose and its great to get it on vinyl recently for a decent price which took me back to the mid 80’s when I originally bought this one on cassette tape!
Hit up my pal Snowman who is in the process of finishing up a massive Cheap Trick series where he’s reviewed every CT album along with each song which is amazing as Johnny Snow had to get though albums like “The Doctor” which is impressive. Check out the dude’s fantastic writing below if you are already not following him…

31 thoughts on “Cheap Trick: One On One (1982)”

  1. Loved this album…If You Want My Love, I Want You and She’s Tight…we played that at our High School talent show…the teachers were not amused…we got our hands slapped for that.
    I can’t believe this album didn’t do better in the charts.

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      1. That would have brought the house down….on us lol.
        I loved this album though. I always thought If You Want My Love was the Beatles in the 80s.

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  2. Half Arsed Rock Reviews? Not sure I like that change…

    This one has a couple of my favourite Cheap Trick songs on it but I do not own the album. I used to get in shit at the store for playing She’s Tight. Bunch of uptight haters.

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    1. Half Arsed came from Mr. Grooves in his review of Danko. I may change it back who knows but I seem to post less and less anyways so it’s kinda half arsed what I’m doing now lol
      She’s Tight got u and MAX in trouble hahaha…. If u come across this one pick it up if its on the cheap (no pun)

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      1. Well if I may have a vote, I vote for your to stop changing the name of your site! It’s funny I look back and I have comments from some guy called Metal Shatz, Stick It In Your Ear and Thunder Bay Arena Rock (which is my favourite!). LOL Anyway just keep rockin.

        And me and Max both got told on She’s Tight. I never thought it was THAT bad honestly, and when I first heard it I didn’t think of it sexually.

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  3. Seriously, I was having a crummy day today. I think I broke a tie rod on my car going over a bump. Yet another thing I need to fix! ARGH! Then Sarah tell me Deke has changed the name for his blog to “Half Arsed Rock Reviews”. LOL! Hilarious!

    I need this one! See? You’re getting me to spend money again!

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    1. Well I’m glad you got a laugh at my expense considering you had a crummy day. The roads here are awful as there is potholes everywhere. Tbay is fucked when it comes to road maintenance!
      man between your dryer and car it will get better dude. Hang in there!
      Too be honest I kind like the new name to my blog! lol


    1. Glad to hear your keeping busy Jeff. We are hanging in there now that some nice weather is finally coming and the snow finally melted a few weeks ago! The family is good and I hope yours is as well my friend.
      Cool you dig this CT album. Some really catchy stuff on it…

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      1. It’s like when I talk about Kiss. Unmasked and Dynasty are massive favorites to me. Bringing in all the contemporary influencers of the day and still making it sound like a hard rock album is an art in itself.

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