Scotch On The Rocks Season 1 Finale with Greg Fraser & Special Guest


Well Season One of Scotch On The Rocks is in the books and what better way to go out than to have Storm Force Guitarist- Songwriter Greg Fraser to come on to talk not only about what is currently going on with Storm Force as well as doing a bit of dive into the debut Van Halen record from 1978!

Fraze not only being a musician also had the good fortune of seeing VH on that debut 78 Tour so some stellar conversation happened  and better yet a “Surprise Guest” hoped on  as well to give his insight on the impact of EVH and that record.

“Surprise Guest” told the story about buying the debut VH on cassette tape at a truck stop back in 1979!

I’ve been lucky that the guests I have had on have had fantastic stories and Fraze delivered..

Want to hear what it was like for a 15 year old to witness VH live back in the summer of 78.

How about hearing a tune from VH 2 that same night a good year before it came out at that same show as Fraze talks about how VH demolished  headliner Black Sabbath.

One of my favourite stories is that time Brighton Rock had a Rod Stewart impersonator open for them.

One hour and 10 minutes flew by as it seemed like 15 minutes!

Click and have a watch …

Thanks for the support folks and see ya in the Fall!

21 thoughts on “Scotch On The Rocks Season 1 Finale with Greg Fraser & Special Guest”

    1. I had to count and it was 20 episodes which I was quite surprised that I did that many! lol
      Lots of VH talk with Fraze on this one which is right up your alley!

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