Say what you want about KISS nowadays but I have to tell you I have been enjoying these officially released ‘Off The Soundboard’ series albums that have been coming out it seems every three to four months.

The latest release from the band is from the ’96 reunion tour when it touched down at Donington that year with the original four members.

When you look at the track listing of the show below one glaring omission is “Beth” and too be honest with you all I’m glad its left off of here or did they not even play it that night?

Who knows but thought the albums seventeen tracks you get a band that was rolling in a ton of dough at that time, selling out shows everywhere which for Stanley and Simmons was a relief as the previous tour (Revenge in ’92) was a miss as Grunge and Cobain’s Tattered Cardigan was the musical choice of millions that year.

Not that Gene and Paul would ever admit it (something to do with ego I’m sure) but when Peter Criss and Ace Frehley returned it was all bets off and no going back to the non makeup days as this is where the cash was too be made.

For a live listen this is great as from the get go once “Deuce” kicks in Simmons Bass is cranked which is a good thing and give the Demon some respect on that four string as he nails out some crafty bass lines which no one ever talks about.

The great thing is this triple vinyl set is LIVE! Yeah you get those silly Stanley raps and Paul’s voice sounds really good whereas Gene sounds a little hoarse but hey man it’s live!

Having Ace and Peter back in the fold helped as well as they were in tip top form as I have to say if I was handing out an MVP award on this album it would go to Criss as there’s something about the Catman’s drumming that cannot be beat. Pete has that cool kind of swing behind the kit that can’t be beat. One word “Black Diamond”

Same with Ace as he has those catchy short burst of solo’s that are filled throughout  this record and of course the Spaceman dials it in with his own original song “Shock Me”.

Perhaps it’s the chemistry between the original four. I dunno but still  this is a great setlist as KISS gives it there all.

Word on the street is that KISS will be releasing another “Off The Soundboard” this upcoming September going back to the 1977 “Love Gun” Tour!

Sign me up!



28 thoughts on “KISS: OFF THE SOUNDBOARD-Donington (1996)”

    1. Homework always comes first Snowman! This is becoming a decent series that they are doing. Too be honest I would listen to these more than if they were to put out something new…

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  1. At last! KISS have finally released a live album, the wait is over! You fans have waited so patiently for 45 years for them to do that. Maybe if you all asked nicely they would do a greatest hits collection of some sort?

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  2. I haven’t been buying these (money) but I do like to check them out. This one really grabs my interest, I didn’t get to see the reunion tour and big shows like Donington are usually worth checking out. It appears to be a winner.

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  3. This is cool…I saw them on that tour.
    Where would they be Deke if Peter and Ace would not have joined in the reunion? That reunion made them relevant again to casual KISS fans…I think anyway. Gene and Paul should thank Ace and Peter’s KISS dolls every night lol.

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      1. Criss would have tossed out his roses at the end of Beth and would have gotten a bottle of piss tossed at him lol good call keeping that one out of the set list that night

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  4. Imagine young Deke rocking to Kiss Alive on double vinyl back in the old days.

    Suddenly future Deke beams down and says here’s a TRIPLE vinyl from the future! Enjoy!

    How big is your blown mind?

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    1. Geez I never thought of it like that lol but your right. Kinda weird as my first ever purchase was KISS Alive 2 back in 78 and here we are in 2022….nuts dude just nuts lol


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