Y&T : Mean Streak (1983)

Back in 1983 it was great discovering new bands and one of those was San Fran’s finest that being Y&T who released the classic “Mean Streak” album.

My pal in High school, John Young had this record lying around one day and being 16 at the time, album covers made a very impressionable impact on my young mind back then and this cover was one of ’em! (kudos to artist John Taylor)

As soon as John Y dropped the needle on the first track which was the title track I was hooked. What a song. ‘Mean Streak’ is a song any dude could relate to back in ’83 or even now in 2022! Singer-songwriter-lead guitarist Dave Meniketti knew the fine art of crafting catchy hook laden rock tracks and this album is full of them. Not a dud amongst the albums nine tracks and the rockers just keep coming.

‘Hang ‘Em High’, ‘Breaking Away’, ‘Straight Thru The Heart’ or the semi-ballad ‘Midnight In Tokyo’ we’re all exceptional Y&T songs that still sound incredible in this day and age.

Full props to producer Chris Tsangarides who dialled in the sonic barrage perfectly. Crystal clear yet not over produced.

What Y&T did also was keep this album exempt from playing the game of having a single in other words the Power Ballad. Sure they took the pedal off the gas on a song like “Lonely Side of Town” but it still has a good kick to it. Well of course a few years later they did play that game with the syrupy ‘Summertime Girls’ but thats a story for another time! (My pal Destroyer of Harmony knows all about this)

Good old misprint on the second side when track two should be ‘Hang ’em High’ not ‘Hand ’em High’.

Speaking of Side Two, the band doesn’t let up and the good time hard rock continues with ‘Breaking Away’ and album closer the classic ‘Down And Dirty.’

Y&T were also a band of strengths at this point as these cats could play. Not only was Dave the lead singer but he was also the lead guitarist. Joey Alves played a steady rhythm guitar and speaking of rhythm bassist Phil Kennemore and drummer Leonard Haze laid dow some serious law in keeping the beat moving forward!

Sadly Dave Meneketti is the last man standing as the other three members have passed on but what a great hard rock album to finally own on vinyl.

I bought it on cassette back in the mid ’80s, as when Tbone and Jack Loaf were falling all over themselves with the ‘Down For The Count’ release I was going back a few years and getting into ‘Black Tiger’ and this all time Gem known as ‘Mean Streak’.

Cannot believe that ‘Mean Streak’ only got to #103 on the Billboard charts which is a shame as another album from ’83 that should have done better sales wise was Coney Hatch with ‘Outta Hand’.

Finicky music fans I tell ya…

deKe’s Vinyl Score of Mean Streak: 9/10



19 thoughts on “Y&T : Mean Streak (1983)”

  1. How do they make errors on major releases. Crazy. The album cover on this is stellar and would’ve caught my eye if I had seen it. Never got in to these guys, but like a couple songs. Great review sir!

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      1. LOL… of course the one I remember the most is…I know I know…they syrupy Sumertime Girls


      2. haha…well that single got played quite a bit even here in Canada. My pal Tbone and Jack Loaf loved this song and yet I could not wrap my head around the fact that they kinda went after a hit. I get it though as the suits were pressuring them at the time to get the sales moving. It backfired for Y&T as well as Jack Loaf and Tbone were still single after that summer so it backfired on them as well. lol Wait a minute I was single that summer too but I didn’t cave in to Summertime Girls the song that is…

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      3. So… EVERYONE lost in that deal!
        Yea I would imagine they were getting pressure to come up with a hit. If you do something that is out of character like that…they will try to repeat it…and then it is a long way down lol

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  2. Dave Meniketti is last man standing and the dude is also battling cancer.

    I just as thinking about bit a few days ago if this is my favorite album from em. It’s a toss up between this and “In Rock We Trust” for me.

    And the syrupy ‘Summertime Girls’ should become a suntan lotion called “Summertime Girls”. You know you like the song, you just don’t want to admit it. Your pals will give ya crap for it. Lol.

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    1. IRWT is a great album as well. You know there is a live Summertime Girls version I heard from 85 that is good its the studio polish that ruined it for me.
      Your right though I would take crap for it if I admitted that I like it. lol. That secret will go to my grave. lol

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      1. My kids play that song relentlessly. They love keyboard hard rock. I’m over it at this point in time, along with My Way from Kiss which is another song they play a lot of as it’s on their keyboard rock playlist.


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