Fastway: Fastway (1983)

I bought my original copy of Fastway on cassette tape way back in ’83 and it wasn’t until about two months ago I grabbed this on vinyl which for me was a total score.

Fastway was formed by Fast Eddie (Motörhead) and Pete Way (UFO) which if you ask me was a great band name. It’s all in the branding folks. (case in point, look at the cover as its simple yet very effective)

When it came time to record the Fastway debut Pete Way pulled a fast one and bolted to Ozzy Osbourne’s band leaving the band in a pinch so a fellow named Mark Feat handled the bass duties but is uncredited on the album.

Rounding out Fastway was drummer Jerry Shirley (Humble Pie) and vocalist Dave King.

King though is the wild card on this album as at the time being an unknown who stepped in vocally and at times sounds like  a young Robert Plant. Trust me folks thats not a dig but a compliment.

Opener ‘Easy Livin’ is a killer opener that sets the tone. Think of it as a quick little Zeppelin vibe kick to the gut. Songs such as ‘Feel Me Touch Me’, ‘Heft’, ‘Say You Will’ deliver at a decent clip and you can hear more of the Zeppelin influence even in the sound of the album courtesy of Eddie Kramer. Kramer dials it in perfectly at keeping the album sounding loose with a jam like vibe which still sonically holds up well in 2022!

Actually the whole album flat out rocks as there is not a ballad on here just some straight ahead old school hard rock.

Fastway did some decent business on the charts as well back in 83 as the debut charted at #31 in the U.S and got to #70 in Canada.

Fastway had a hand in the good chart showing as they were the opener on Iron Maiden’s World Piece Tour so playing to arena sized crowds I’m sure helped the cause.

Unfortunately both Fast Eddie and Pete Way have gone to that great gig in the sky but the music here still does the talkin’

Funny thing is after this debut and digging it so much I never bothered to pick up the following ‘All Fired Up’ and ‘Trick Or Treat’ releases. One reason was there was so much music coming out at that time that I could not keep up….

Maybe it’s time to check those one’s out now.

deKe’s Vinyl Score of Fastway- Fastway: 8.5/10




16 thoughts on “Fastway: Fastway (1983)”

  1. I’m cheating a bit today Deke lol… we played Say What You Will…great guitar lick in that one… I had no clue Humble Pie’s drummer was in this.

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    1. Ha…thanks for dropping by Max. Hope you are getting your stuff done around the house. Thats cool you fella’s hammered out Say What You Will! Big drum sound as well on this album.

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  2. My understanding is that Pete could not record on the album because of his contract with UFO’s label. Which is something you’d think you would have checked before starting another band, lol But, yeah, he fled to Ozzy and never came back. Bizarre!

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