W.A.S.P-W.A.S.P (1984)


“Nostalgia is a hell of a drug” my pal Brent Jensen once said and he’s right.

One of those Nostalgia like drugs for myself is the debut album by W.A.S.P. that hit the streets back in 1984.

Blackie Lawless grabbed my attention as 16 year old back then when he grabbed me by the throat and basically had W.A.S.P filling in for me what KISS had moved on from which was the makeup and the theatrics. By ’84 KISS ditched the makeup to give their own career a boost which worked.

Lawless was clever I tell ya. He knew the shock value that Alice Cooper and KISS had provided and decided to go for it and record a 38 minute debut that at times is still pretty damn good and still holds up relatively decent in 2022.

Too be honest I really had no clue I was about to pick this album up until I went to a recent Vinyl Fair and seen this sitting in the bins. I guess it was calling me to grab this one and of course I obliged and did just that. For anyone keeping score this is an original pressing from 1984.

When you drop the needle on this album and the first song “I Wanna Be Somebody” kicks in its all about the anthem track back then right?

Twisted Sister had “We’re Not Gonna Take” It and “I Wanna Rock” while Quiet Riot had the year before (’83) “Metal Health”.

Big rock anthems with catchy choruses and even though this W.A.S.P track didn’t set the world on fire, for the fanbase of this band it is the anthem. Pretty well written track with a decent enough guitar solo.

Blackie you gotta love that raw voice definitely not radio material but he gets the job done on this album.

Pretty good stuff on here even the tacky “L.O.V.E Machine” where drummer Tony Richards lays down a pretty decent groove with Lawless and his bass. Say what you want but damn it that is one catchy chorus.

“The Flame” a song I have not heard since umm 84-85 is another solid winner which shocked me as here we are three tracks in and I can’t believe I’m digging this one as much as I thought I would. This is crazy…

The guitars of Chris Holmes and Randy Piper are good throughout the record as they knew their deal and the solos stay in the confines of the tunes and that is a plus.

“On Your Knees” and “Hellion” are a couple of Side Two ass kickers that I did remember especially “On Your Knees” which is a great one as well.

“Tormentor” was one also that is real heavy as if you need a shot of adrenalin “Tormentor” will fill the void.

Rewinding back to the mid 80s I did buy at the time the followup to this debut which was “The Last Command” and that one to me sounded like a Quiet Riot album as producer Spencer Proffer had a hand in the Quiet Riot albums and “The Last Command”  which at the time was step back for Blackie and company. My two cents …

By the time “Inside The Electric Circus” had dropped in 86 I was done but I  did return in ’89 when Blackie upped his game with “The Headless Children”  especially once I saw the video for The Who cover of “The Real Me”. Actually that one I wouldn’t mind picking up at some point some day …

deKe’s Vinyl Score of W.A.S.P -W.A.S.P…8/10

19 thoughts on “W.A.S.P-W.A.S.P (1984)”

  1. Saw them in Glasgow 2011-2012 and it was sad to see him going through the motions and the pre recorded vocals were painfully obvious. The funny wee story about that night was when I decided I had enough and went downstairs to the merch table. A basic WASP trucker hat was £20 but they had the exact same hat (but it was Blackie signed) beside it for £100 so I asked the guy how many signed ones he’s sold and he laughed and said “that’s the same hat we started the tour with two months ago”
    He was definitely not in the mood that night and had no banter, going from one song to another never leaving his mic stand as the hired guns he was playing with had a blast behind him.
    The night was a shameful 3/10 for me with the highlight being having a laugh with the merch/roadie guy.

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    1. Thats a great story man. lol Nobody wanted Blackie’s trucker hat…WASP after ’89 I have a hard time taking serious as I do with any band once they start changing out members …


  2. Hope you had a great time last night buddy!!!

    8/10 sounds about right. This was one of the first 2 or 3 metal albums I ever had. I played it again recently, loved it…it was over far too fast. After Headless Children, I become indifferent to WASP.

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    1. Had a great time…agree with the comment about Headless Children. I checked out as quick as I checked back in back then if that makes sense..lol


  3. I bloody love this LP, but I’ve never owned it. I remember borrowing my mate Dave’s cassette copy of it and just how exciting it sounded to me then.

    The only WASP I own is the 7″ of Real Me.

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  4. does your LP have anything interesting inscribed in the run out area of the album where they put the stamp to identify when and where it was pressed?

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  5. Nostalgia is a drug my friend. It’s the reason why I keep parting with money to buy albums from my past or albums I already own.

    I sort of never left the WASP train although I was pretty close during their industrial Metal rock phase circa 1996 and 1998.

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