Focusing on there early to late 80s output RUSH in early 1989 dropped the double live “A Show of Hands” for the masses.

What’s there to say about a live RUSH album that hasn’t been said? Geddy, Alex and Neil blast through 14 tracks recorded at a few stops along their ’86 “Power Windows” Tour and ’88’s “Hold Your Fire” Tour.

Lot’s of great tracks on here and how about that opening number “Big Money”? Sure, for some or maybe many RUSH got bogged down into the synths and technical wizardry of what a studio would offer but when Alex tears into the solo on “Big Money” it takes you back right to that power trio format as Geddy and Neil hold down that bottom end like there the boss!

Since it was really 1981 I got into RUSH I always enjoyed the band’s 80s output. From “Permanent Waves- Moving Pictures- Exit Stage Left- Signals- Grace Under Pressure- Power Window onto Hold Your Fire” there are a lot of gold nuggets on those albums.

RUSH themselves did a good job at picking out songs for this album. I do have one complaint, well a minor one at that is I bought the VHS copy of this tour “Prime Mover” which is one of my favourite tunes from “Hold  Your Fire” is on the VHS copy but not on the vinyl copy. Sure I’m being ornery but my post my rules right? lol

Other than that the playing it top notch as the album is recorded and mixed well. Lot’s of highlights though as well like “Subdivisions” as well as songs RUSH has not performed that much live since this time period. “Marathon”, “Turn The Page,” “Mission”, “Time Stand Still” so for that this record is worth the price of admission.

Yes there is of course “The Rhythm Method” where Mr. Peart goes off on his drums for about 4 minutes and proving without a doubt he is one of the best.

A definite add to anyone’s music collection.

Cheers to Tbone, Darr and Rugg who gifted me a  Sunrise gift card. Thanks Boys!

deKe’s Vinyl score of “A SHOW OF HANDS”- 8.5/10



22 thoughts on “RUSH: A SHOW OF HANDS (1989)”

  1. I never heard of this one…I’m sure with them live…its going to be good. They did go through decade changes…you can sure tell what decade it is by looking at them.

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  2. don’t think I ever heard any of the tracks from this one (aka, the live versions) but it’s a pretty strong list of songs and they sure were a good live band so I would guess it would be a solid album. I actually saw the Rush book you’ve talked about in a bookshop here… was a little out of my price range but sure is a hefty read! It was shrink-wrapped so I couldn’t flip through it.


    1. Those two are killer live albums. Have u heard the Exit show that is included in the MP 40th box set?
      SOH’s is a good live album that kinda gets forgotten about. Cue it up sometime Pete…

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