OASIS: Be Here Now (1997)


I love at times big overproduced  stuffy rock records that are so full of pre-release hype that once the record drops people are confused and are dismissive about it.

“Be Here Now” from those wacky fun loving brothers Liam and Noel did just that.

Oasis back in ’97 were mega coming off of there first two records the hype on these guys was massive.

If my memory was correct it wasn’t til sometime in 96 that I took the plunge and bought the first two Oasis on CD. I immediately liked em as they were rock records but I also dug that wall of sound that the guitars had which sounded massive.

In the summer of ’97 Oasis dropped the first single and video which was the album opener “Do You Know What I Mean”. When I saw the videoI was hooked as this tune had all those trimmings that I love especially on a opening track. You can hear the helicopter flying around and the video sold me as there they are playing in what looks like some war torn city.

I was down in Minneapolis at the time to see Aerosmith that summer and I scoured a few record shops as I wanted this album STAT! No luck as at one shop I came across an add for it and it was still a few weeks away..

Back home in Thunder Bay when “Be Here Now” hit the shops I pounced.

“Be Here Now” is my favourite Oasis studio album. Plain and simple. I love the debauchery on that front cover which reminds me of Keith Moon once I saw the Rolls Royce in the swimming pool. Plus the fact that Oasis basically looked like bunch of hooligans coming out of a soccer game or maybe they were looking like  factory workers. They did not care whatsoever about fashion.

A definite bonus in my books is their use of nicknames that you can see below in Exhibit A!

So when I received a Amazon gift card from my pals at work this was a quick click to order as this is the 25th Anniversary edition of “Be Here Now” on silver vinyl.  See below Exhibit B.

This is one album I can listen too front to back. It’s that good and even some dismissed this record I sure as hell didn’t.  Sure its a big sounding over produced rock record but for me thats the charm.

Listen to that opening feedback from Noel’s guitar at the start of “My Big Mouth”. Perhaps my all time favourite song from these guys and what a perfect title of a song for Liam to sing!

The title track as well is another great tune. Love that driving tempo and what a belter of a chorus.

“Magic Pie” and “The Girl In A Dirty Shirt” are keepers as well.

Sure Oasis lifted their idea’s from some other bands that came before them  but who friggin cares man. It’s only rock n roll and I like it!

deKe’s Vinyl Score of “Be Here Now” – 9/10. (8.5 for the album and .5 added for the use of nicknames for band members in the credits)



30 thoughts on “OASIS: Be Here Now (1997)”

  1. I love all the very early stuff (and the later sounds too, but preferred the early) and admired them for being so blatantly obvious in declaring their football allegiance to the ‘underdog’ team of the time, Manchester City. (My joint team too as it happens.) To do so in UK runs the risk of restricting your record selling market … but the Gallaghers didn’t care! (Even despite Bonehead being a United fan!) 🙂

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  2. It wasn’t all I thought it could be by any means, but they still put together a solid product. Even if they would have tightened it up a bit, I think they probably were still haunted by the shadow of their prior album. There was really no way to get any bigger than they did.

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      1. I remember walking around an HMV store in Calgary in the fall of ’97. Somebody asked the girl at the counter how the new Oasis was. Reflex action, I answered for her at the same time she did. “It’s…OK”.

        But after many plays, and getting into the serious guitar noises, I grew to love Be Here Now. Fade In/Out. Yeah! T-Rev liked Magic Pie the best. This is definitely their cocaine album.

        The only negative I have to say about it today is, the B-sides were not up to snuff. Previously the Oasis B-sides were always better than most of the album tracks. With Be Here Now, they didn’t have the same standards and the B-sides were just B-sides. Both T-Rev and I noticed this.

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  3. They looked like they were in the mid sixties and I liked the mod look. I did like their sound and they freely admitted they got stuff from the Beatles and Who so it didn’t bother me at all…they sounded great.

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  4. Fair enough! To me, not their best but it did have some very worthwhile moments . As you suggest, it was a victim of the hype to some degree; looking back it looks like another of those ‘not as good as we thought then but better than most people think now’ releases. I like your bonus half point for the nicknames!


  5. Well said, Deke – My Big Mouth is indeed an apt lyric for Liam to sing!
    This is a fantastic use for an amazon gift card, I have the CD (and possibly cassette) but I’d never pictured it as a series of 3-song sets. That’s a big/loud/long opening trio for sure!


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