Ozzy Osbourne Patient Number 9 (2022)

Rock ain’t dead folks as the latest recording from the Ozzman has debuted at #1 on the Canadian Charts.

“Patient Number 9” has Ozzy teaming up with a bunch of iconic six stringers and also featuring a rhythm section of all stars as well.

I have to add that this is a very good Ozzy record. My 2 cents though as I read what people are commenting on the socials and I don’t feed into any of that horseshit as people are way to judgey with there opinion’s so I’m not wasting my time commenting.

But I will spout off here…

Funny thing though if and when Ozzy stops making records those same people will be crying about that..

Life is too short folks! Chill the fuck out and be happy that a young 73 year old Oz is still kicking ass or just don’t buy the damn thing!

As I mentioned already Ozzy with his co-producer Andrew Watt have enlisted a who’s who of mega talent on this record. Tony Iommi, Jeff Beck, Zakk Wylde, Mike McCready, Duff McKagan, Robert Trujillo, Chad Smith and the late Taylor Hawkins.

The best thing I can honestly say about this album is I can listen to it  front to back with no skipping of tracks.

Some of the highlights for me are the two Iommi tracks (“Degradation Rules” and “No Escape from Now”) which to my ears Ozzy and Tony lay down a Sabbath like sludge like vibe that harkens back to yesteryear. Bonus points for Ozzy nailing down some harp on a couple of tracks as well.

“Dead And Gone” is one of those end of the album songs that I consider GEMS! Love that chorus, man it’s so catchy.

Really crazy to hear Eric Clapton find his volume knob on his amp and lay down some Cream like licks on “One of Those Days”. Jeff Beck is also on the albums title track as well.

Speaking of the title track. “Patient #9” opens the album on Apple Music yet on the vinyl the opening track is the Mike McCready tune “Immortal”. Weird move as the title track is more of an opener but maybe there was issues somewhere or maybe someone screwed up at the printing plant.

Zaki Wylde not only plays lead on four tracks but also contributes keyboards and organ on the album. I have to add that Zakk as well tosses down some serious riffage and adds a ton of rhythm guitar as well..

To be honest here I dug Ozzy’s last album “Ordinary Man” which had some good moments as well but for my dollars spent Patient #9 is far better spin. If Ozzy calls it day after this record fair enough as the Prince of Darkness has earned that right!

deKe’s Vinyl Score of Patient #9- 8.5/10



23 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne Patient Number 9 (2022)”

  1. I think people have taken whats been going on for granted…all of these older guys in their 70s and 80s…I hear people complain that Paul M doesn’t sound the same now…you think??? He is near or at 80. I sure cannot picture my grandfather doing an album lol. We should feel extremely lucky that they put out quality music at all. Once they are gone…that is it.

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      1. Yea it’s not fair to compare them to their 20 year old self…I sure as hell don’t want to be compared to mine lol.


  2. “Life is too short folks! Chill the fuck out and be happy that a young 73 year old Oz is still kicking ass or just don’t buy the damn thing!”

    ^This. All of this!

    I was just looking at Rush’s Signals getting a re-release with a bunch of extras. Some of the comments were ‘No thanks. I’m sick of this band fleecing us!’ And I’m thinking, just don’t buy it, lol

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      1. Yeah, the set is really overpriced at $300 for what you get. Their older sets for Hemispheres and Permanent Waves I got for $80 with a live show included. But, I’m just not going to buy it instead of complaining about it.

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      2. Yeah I would even reconsider buying Signals as a stand alone vinyl reissue. I will add that RUSH Moving Pictures reissue from last year is worth the dough as it has that unedited live show from MLG back in 81. Thats the real Exit Stage Left album if you ask me (but u don’t lol)


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