Iron Maiden: Maiden England (1988)

Today I’m in Toronto with Tbone as to see Maiden live on the “Legacy of the Beast Tour” as Tbone has been hearing me talk endlessly about these guys for the last 41 years so its only fitting that he can see the Maiden show and experience the greatness of IRON MAIDEN live!

Iron Maiden back in 2012 toured  the world recreating there 1988 masterpiece “Seventh Son of A Seventh Son” and in doing so released on all formats that same year the full show from Dec ’88 that was recorded in Birmingham England.

Released on double vinyl, “Maiden England” has gotten the proper release it so deserves.

For starters look at that set list from 1988. One of the best ever if you were to ask me. ( “Run To The Hills”, “Running Free”, “Sanctuary”were the added bonus track to the 2012 release but were left off the original back in ’88).

Great back cover pic as well.

I will add that at times “Seventh Son” is my favourite Maiden album but at times I can flip flop with about six to seven other Maiden albums for that distinction.

Love hearing “The Prisoner,” “Still Life”, “Die With Your Boots On”, “Killers”. Frigg, its all classic Maiden.

Double gatefold of course…

Now check out below the actual artwork on the vinyl itself below…

I grabbed this for $40 at the Record Fair I went too last month and yes it was money well spent. The seller said he cracked the record open as he didn’t realize it was a double picture record set and not black vinyl.

For myself ….

Total Score…

deKe’s Vinyl Score Rating- 10/10 (the songs and packaging of Maiden England are top notch)

24 thoughts on “Iron Maiden: Maiden England (1988)”

      1. It was more of an bootleg looking type deal. I admit I was fooled too as Maiden always went all out with the packaging than there was zip on that one


  1. Long(er) live Iron Maiden!!
    I am painfully envious, yet happy for you. Their shows are amazing! There is no lack of energy upon the stage as they age! Saw them in 2014 (I believe) with Alice Cooper. I brought my Bic lighter. : ) They are one of the very best of the best!
    I did not know those albums existed!!! Thank you for sharing them. Up the Irons

    Liked by 1 person

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