Coverdale-Page (1993) Bootleg

One of those must own vinyl releases that I was on the hunt for was the one and  done studio album from David Coverdale and Jimmy Page titled simply enough “Coverdale-Page”.

Back in 93 I was psyched to get this on CD as the leadoff single “Pride And Joy” had me hooked with its Zep like mashup with Whitesnake and hey, I’m a sucker for that stuff…

Now in 2022 for some cray cray reason Coverdale-Page is not available on Apple Music to stream which is silly. Why not? I have no idea but it wasn’t until this past August when I went to a record fair that my pal Probie came across this copy of the album while we were digging and asked me if I wanted it before he was to put it back down into a crate.

HELL YES! I want it!

The seller of the album Chris was honest and upfront and told me that this certain copy was a bootleg yet he had a copy himself and said you wouldn’t even know it was a bootleg  when spinning it.

I was sold and even though it was a little on the pricey side I really didn’t care and paid for it.

Chris was right as this boot sounds GREAT!

How about the packaging eh folks? Looks pretty damn good to me.

Love this record. Back in 93 this album should have done big business and at first it did as it went  both platinum in Canada and the U.S. They pulled the plug on touring in North America due to Kurt Cobain and his tattered cardigan ruling the charts as the masses were not buying into that  Arena Rock kind of music that ruled the 80s.

They did tour Japan, so some shows came out it which is a shame as they need to re-release this record via a box set.

Mike Fraser along with Coverdale and Page produced this record and last year Fraze told myself and Ladano the issues that went down while recording this record like…

Coverdale and Page being locked out of Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver due to an issue between the landlord of the building and the tenant that owned the recording studio.

Moving the recording down to Miami where it took another nine months to finish the record.

How Page tuned up Fraze in a polite way about not messing about Page’s guitar tracks  after they were put down to tape.

Considering the headaches and what not it took to get this album done it sure is worth the listen.  Coverdale pulls off some great singing on this record even on the slower tunes like “Take Me For A Little While” and “Whisper A Prayer For The Dying”.

But for my bang for the buck I really like those Page like riffs that soar on tracks like “Shake My Tree” and “Waiting On You”.

Killer stuff and Fraze dials in a stellar production job as well. I did ask him what it was like telling a guy like Jimmy Page to redo something in which Mike told us that Page was a total pro in working in the studio.

You can’t beat hearing stories like that I tell ya!

If the day ever comes that a reissue of Coverdale-Page hits the streets I will be all over it as will guys like John Snow!

deKe’s Vinyl Score of Coverdale-Page…..9/10





29 thoughts on “Coverdale-Page (1993) Bootleg”

  1. Great find sir! I don’t consider this a bootleg. It is a counterfeit…and I think there is a difference. The mastering on this is pretty great and a bootleg wouldn’t be. Plus the recreate to perfection the packaging. I don’t mind counterfeits too much because sometimes it is the only way to get it on vinyl.

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  2. I think the reissue will come one day, either when Page decides he’s going to spend some time on it… or when Page is gone. But I hope when Page is still with us.

    I do have some insider knowledge on the reissue and that’s about it.

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  3. Great buy…I remember you interviewing Mike Fraser talking about this album. If people are counterfeiting it…you would think they would release it.

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  4. Oh yeah, that is a killer album. I never knew they had so many problems while recording, I’ve never really heard any stories behind it. Hopefully it does get a nice reissue one day, none of us are getting any younger.

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    1. It’s a great album. Coverdale ditched the lyrical cheese for the most part and Page cranked his Marshall up to 11. Great stuff but the year being 1993 did not do them any favours!

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