KISS: OFF THE SOUNDBOARD (Des Moines Iowa-1977)

Holy Moly.

Let’s step back into the KISS time machine and for that matter dump more money into Simmons and Stanleys pockets as they nailed one out of the park in regards to this continuing  “Off The Soundboard” series.

November 29th 1977.  The Kiss Army descended in Des Moines Iowa and watched what would have been an amazing spectacle as the original 4 greasepaints were going strong on the back of the “Love Gun” studio album.

The audio of this show is a great time capsule as its KISS live. No fixing up in the studio like the first of, well all of the “Alive” albums that came before and after as this show that has KISS going for it.

Look at that setlist. Stellar stuff. Like any live KISS album you get those funny Stanley raps and Paul back in 77 asking how many 16 year girls are out there in the crowd. Cue “Christine Sixteen”.

Silly old buzzards!

Peter Criss and Ace Frehley are the party guys and Peter drives a quick tempo on these tracks.  Meanwhile, Ace lays down those catchy very short yet effective solos in the songs and as you know gets his turn at the mic for “Shock Me”.

Even “Beth” on here is good and to be honest with you all I’m sick to death of this tune. However, I will add that Pete and his raspy voice carry the tune while Gene and Paul are backstage counting how much cash they were pulling in that night in Des Moines as Peter sings for his supper. Ace meanwhile is slamming back beers and whatever else he can get his hands on. Thats how I pictured it anyways.

Kinda neat to see that this was more of an Alive 2 show than anything and kudos to these guys for making this one a must own!

dEke’s Vinyl Score of KISS Des Moines….8.5/10


31 thoughts on “KISS: OFF THE SOUNDBOARD (Des Moines Iowa-1977)”

  1. I have two of these to review one day. I’m a little behind. Heck I haven’t even reviewed the Destroyer box set and Creatures is about to hit. I’m so far behind! But you aren’t. Great review sir! You are spot on with this one as it is a homerun for sure!!

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    1. No worries when posting stuff John. It’s all good. I find my stuff is getting shorter in regards to reviews as how many times can I say cool guitar solo lol
      Look forward to your stuff when you feel up to it..
      Cheers and thanks for dropping by

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  2. I love this era as you know Deke…I wish they would have used Criss’s voice more. I’ll take a listen to it…I know I will like it.


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