October 2022 Scores!

My pal Snowman every month  posts all his findings on Vinyl, Compact Disc, Cassettes and even 8 tracks at time’s.

I made the comment when Johnny posted his October Scores that this may be the one month I actually outscored him in his purchases.

We had a laugh and he told me to post my stuff…

Challenge accepted Sir!

Here’s John’s post and if you haven’t already give his excellent site a follow!


Here we go…

So it was off to Toronto back on October 8th with Tbone coming along as we were going to see Iron Maiden on the 11th.

Other than seeing Maiden live the other bit if business we had to take care of was scoring Vinyl.

‘Sonic Boom’ and ‘Kops Records’ were our two focal points of dropping serious cash in which we did.

It was a no brainer for me to buy vinyl but I was glad to see Tbone jump both feet in and grabbed what turned out to be 11 albums of his own!

Atta boy Old Man!

The day before we left (Oct 7th) Amazon dropped off an album at my house that was a gift from Tbone which was The Cult’s latest release ‘Under The Midnight Sun’ which is a fantastic record. What a way to start our trip the following day.

So here are the scores from ‘Kops’ and ‘Sonic Boom’ posted below..

Some more T.O finds except for ‘Skid Row’ which I ordered from Amazon.

As I mentioned earlier we were there to see Iron Maiden and of course a visit to the merch table is a must…

We also hooked up with Brent Jensen who brought us gifts including T shirts, books and for myself basically what is a demo version of Brent’s ‘Leftover People’ book before he sent the final copy off to get published. What a gift and its the only one is existence!

One other thing and that was the latest copy of ‘Rock Candy Magazine’ which I have been a subscriber since Day 1. Always a great read!

There ya have it folk’s…

Coming up..

November 12th- Record Fair

November 18th- Iron Maiden Triple LP vinyl set of ‘The Number of the Beast’ and the super deluxe box set of KISS ‘Creatures of the Night’ on (ugh) CD!

November 22nd- Headstones live in Tbay and kicking off there Canadian tour here of all places!



34 thoughts on “October 2022 Scores!”

  1. Pssssst — you mean 2022!

    I definitely want the new Cult. However most of the new releases out now like Skid Row won’t make the cut under my new budget. Cuts must be made, everything is going up.

    I already have the Maiden but I will be ordering that new Kiss. In fact it’s pre-ordered.

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      1. Fair enough as money can only be spread so far. Thats why I like streaming the try before I buy is perfect and Skid Row was done this way. I streamed it..liked it enough to buy it


      2. For me if I did that, it wouldn’t solve my problem. I’d end up buying Skid Row, Stryper and Queensryche. But there comes a time when I have to say “stop” and only worry about my core bands like Sabbath, Kiss, Maiden and Priest. And no more buying duplicate copies on other formats anymore either.

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      3. I hear ya. Look at me I’m buying that Creatures on CD to get the super deluxe stuff and I have no use for discs but that is the album or one of my fav albums by them. When I preordered it originally it was at like $380 and now its down to $275. Guess not to many preordered it lol


  2. That is an awesome haul sir! What a month you had! Glad someone had a good October. I have the new Kiss box set on pre-order and maybe I should get the Maiden one and that could start the collection…Should I do vinyl or CD though. CD might be cheaper route, but the vinyl pictures are way better. Tough choice.

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    1. Thanks John. This is the only month I would have a chance at outscoring you as you were down for the count.
      Maidens NOTB 3LP reissue I believe is only on vinyl but its worth it and a great starting point!
      CD is cheaper for sure but all my Maiden is on vinyl now…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha I spent lots! Case in point those 2 Maiden shirts were $150 Canuck bucks!
      Yes the YouTube show is coming back the last week of November
      Working on some stuff as we speak and trying a new feature as well which I think will be cool. Too me that is lol and hopefully some others


  3. Very nice haul! There is some serious stuff in there. And it’s nice to see people able to pick up Dirt on vinyl for less than a million dollars, that was a badly needed reissue.

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    1. Thanks. I bought Dirt back in 92 on CD so its good as you said to see it reissued on double vinyl for a decent price. I think it was 40 Canadian which was the same price I paid for Superunknown as well on double vinyl.


  4. Wowzers you cleaned up. Good thing you don’t live closer to the big sh*tty on the daily or you’d be getting a second mortgage! Sonic Boom and Kops are great. Add in BMV next time and you’re golden!

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    1. Ha. No kidding. The reason we focused on those two shops as they were within walking distance of each other and since we were staying in North York we would take an uber to downtown and foot it around. I wanted to go to Resolute Records but they were closed the Sunday through Tuesday which was goofy but hey maybe it was for the better! lol


      1. Yeah shoppes can keep odd hours, but usually there’s a few open late so maybe that’s the trade-off. Walking around downtown is great. From Sonic Boom up to Bloor and BMV through Kensington and the Annex takes about 15 minutes of walking, not too bad. I mean, I can get Mike to do it lol. Although you were already loaded down by vinyls, clearly!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Loaded down indeed man…at one point we were carrying vinyl, Scotch and Beer back to our place which was about a 40 minute walk..lol


  5. Nice finds! I see you have AC/DC’s ‘High Voltage’ and ‘The Razors Edge.’ I would love to do CD purchases posts one day, but I’m scared that someone is going to steal them from my house after seeing the pictures on my blog lol!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh gosh no, I’d never post my address online. It’s I’m worried people would find my house based on my carpet and room featured in the pictures.

        Yeah that Simmons Vault is insane!


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