Whitesnake: Come An’ Get It (1981)

If you want to do a deep dive into the Whitesnake catalog, head over to my pal Snowman’s blog and you can read a proper review of this album for one thing!

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So back in ’81, maybe it was early ’82 my pal Muk was the first one to get this album. (I had gotten the live Whitesnake “Ain’t No Love In The Heart of The City” around the same time).

I remember hearing this album and liking it. I liked it so much so that I taped Muk’s copy onto cassette way back when for the Sony Walkman. Crazy thing is when 1984 rolled around and “Slide It In” came out we were all buying it as we did with the “1987” yet for some unexplained reason I never bought “Come An’ Get It” on any format.


This past August when I was at a local record fair there it was in the bins, a Canadian pressing in mint condition for $20!

Quick grab…

David Coverdale back at the start of new decade (’81) must have been scratching his head as North America was ignoring for the most part his company of Snakes. Who knows why. Maybe lack of promotion or the fact that they already looked like a bunch of old farts  by this point!

Still though Whitesnake was a huge draw in Europe so I guess that softened the blow for the most part until he told North America to take it “Slow An’ Easy” a few years later.

What a band  as Davey had Ian Paice (Drums) and on keyboards Jon Lord (Deep Purple) along  with Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody bending the strings on Guitars with Bassist Neil Murray holding down the fort slapping da Bass.

This whole album is pretty good for the most part as the title track which is the opener  gets the party started.

To be honest Side 1 is pretty stellar especially “Don’t Break My Heart Again” and the piano honky tonk vibe of “Wine, Woman An’ Song”!

Side 2 starts off decent but isn’t as strong as Side 1. It still has its moments with “Child of Babylon” and “Till The Day I Die” being top notch Snake tracks in my book.  “Girl” and “Hit and Run” are there. Not bad tracks not great but kinda in between if you catch my drift.

The way I view this album is “Come An’ Get It” was the stepping stone Dave needed to get to the “Slide It In” release three years after “Come An’ Get It” hit the streets. Come to think of it if Coverdale had some bird flipping and flopping on the hood of his Jaguar maybe success would have happened earlier than later. Oh wait MTV was just getting off the ground in ’81.

dEke’s Vinyl Score…7.5/10 

So the inside sleeve had this  stamped on it (see below). This album has traveled a bit from Regina to Thunder Bay. Going by the fact that there is no website only fax and phone I’m thinking this album has toured the western provinces of Canada until I gave it a home! I googled this place and it’s still open (by vehicle its a 14 hour drive from Thunder Bay to Saskatchewan) if you need a hemp run so to speak!



38 thoughts on “Whitesnake: Come An’ Get It (1981)”

      1. LOL plus I need the hits way more, he gets double what I get now! LOL

        But this really is my favourite Whitesnake album and my happy memory is driving through the mountains of Alberta with it in my ears.

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      1. Have you ever heard the original Here I Go Again not the 87 version? I flip between Slide It In and the 87 album as I love John Sykes firepower guitar playing on the 87 album.

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      2. the original version is from 82. The funny thing is Coverdale sings the line “like A hobo I was born to walk alone” lol than by 87 changed it to ‘drifter’

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      3. Yea..he was a journeyman pitcher before they changed something he was doing. I have to wonder if he was a one year wonder…but we will see.

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      4. Well now he’s gone to the graveyard called the Angels which is more like going to Hell lol…
        I think in my 8 years doing this blog I have never talked ball with anyone!
        Today is a first!

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      5. lol I love talking baseball…. Yea the Angels have the second to last worst farm system in the majors…what they needed to do is…I know this is radical…but to trade Othani and get some great young players to build their system. All they will do is lose in his last year with them and he will leave.

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      6. Oh dude…that changes the whole thing. THAT is a much better version to me. It isn’t overly commercialized…and slick… plus Jon Lord on keyboards I think.

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      7. Yup that is Lord and I figured you would dig the original more. The 87 version has the one on the album and another one that was remixed for radio with more keys added to it which really watered it down…


      1. I’m sure throat issues as well…. Scorps should have got another band to step in even Skid Row as you weren’t getting the promised show.


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