UFO: Conversation with Curran, Fraser, Kelly and Jensen.



Well, Season 2 of Scotch On The Rocks debut episode is in the books and by all accounts it was a great time.

I was lucky enough to reach out to Greg Fraser, Andy Curran, Sean Kelly, Brent Jensen who all agreed to come on.

What the boys did not know was that I had Mike Fraser waiting in the wings so they were pretty psyched when I brought him on.

Not only was UFO discussed but I had each of the guys tell us what is going on in there world. These fella’s are all busy with various projects so I was thrilled that they would take the time to hop on for the hour.

I had an issue with my Mac at the beginning so unfortunaltely the first two minutes are lost so my apologies to Brent.

Sit back and enjoy…..



49 thoughts on “UFO: Conversation with Curran, Fraser, Kelly and Jensen.”

      1. This was terrific, Deke! And the ‘pat on the back’ at the end is well deserved, a killer panel for sure. Neat to hear musicians with such mutual respect for each other and their excitement at the (2nd guest with the surname Fraser!) reveal.
        Well done!

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      2. Thanks Geoff for watching. Feels great to have pulled this one off. I’m not one to say this is the best show ever I have done and what not but it was certainly cool that it all worked out.
        Mission accomplished!

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      1. Ha…all good. Like I told Geoff I can’t say this was the best one or that one was the best one which isn’t my deal as it’s not fair for anybody that takes there time to hang with me….
        But it was great start!


  1. I really enjoyed it Deke. I have around 20 more minutes to finish today because…when Don Kirshner was mentioned I looked up the UFO performance and watched it all…it was great..I came back to the video and watch some more but it got late fast!.. the conversation was cool because no one tried to talk over anyone else…which has to be hard with a thing like that.

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    1. UFO is such a stellar band Mx. I’m glad you are checking out there stuff as Schenker could really nail it down on guitar and not overplay. This was an easy show for me as all these guys have so many great stories to share I just get to sit back and enjoy it from the front row so to speak!

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      1. They did all the work for you… the only time you had to stop them was when you introduced Mike F…


    1. Thanks 🙏
      Brent is working on book 4 but as he said it’s coming along slowly but it will surface at some point. I will keep I posted. It was cool having Mike Fraser told yet another cool Sykes story

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      1. Watched it yesterday. It was great, man! I loved the talk about keys. And Mike Fraser is so right about guitar player distortion and the tone from fingers. The man confirms every bias opinion about music I have, lol

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