Headstones: Thunder Bay November 22nd 2022


Thanks to my pal Adriana for the pics included here that she took at the show  without Mr. Dillon noticing. (keep reading)

It’s been a long time coming for Kingston Ontario’s Headstones to return back to Thunder Bay.

I’m thinking if my memory is correct that they were last here back in 2000. I could be wrong, but from 1993 to 2000 they always came through Thunder Bay and of course they disbanded for a few years (2003-11) but back in 2012 they released the fantastic “Love And Fury” album yet they still never made it to town.

Until now…Finally.

The Headstones though have kept themselves busy being a recording act and touring when lead singer Hugh Dillon has spare time. As you may or may not know Hugh is an actor who has done a bunch of movies and TV shows most recently he was on ‘Flashpoint”, “Yellowstone” and is now currently starring and created the excellent “Mayor of Kingstown”.

So with my brother Todd in tow, off we go to the show which is amazing considering they are starting there tour here in Thunder Bay!


When Hugh takes the stage all bets are off as I witnessed a few nights ago.  Dillon is still a punk rock guy at heart and he oozed that energy on stage before a crowd of about 4-500 people at our local auditorium.

Hugh sung his ass off,  played a bunch of harmonica at times as well as spending a bit of time in the crowd and of course, cussed and spat! (not at the audience though)

Supporting their current release “Flight Risk” which just came out a month or so ago The Headstones plain and simple still kick serious ass live.

Along with Hugh of course are original members Tim White (bass) and Trent Carr (guitar) and drummer Jesse Labovitz and they ploughed through a ton of tracks in just under 90 minutes.

Opening  with the current  title track “Flight Risk” the pace of the show was fast. No fucking around as it was one song after another with the song section going back as far as 1993 when the debut album “Picture of Health” came out.

“Tweeter And The Monkey Man”(Travelling Wilburys original),  “When Something  Stands For Nothing”, “Cemetery”, “Three Angels”, were all played from the debut. “Oh My God” another tune from this record was played and it must have lasted for about 10 minutes as they jammed “New Orleans Is Sinking/Lowrider/House of The Rising Sun “and slammed once again back into “Oh My God” to close it out.

Tim White laid down that cool bass groove and they tore into “Unsound”  but two of the bigger songs in the catalog of the Headstones that got a great reaction were “Cubically Contained” and show closer “Smile And Wave”.

Some of the new songs played from “Flight Risk” like “Headlight Holds A Deer” came across way heavier in the live format.

One of my favourite tunes played was “Long Way To Neverland” which  once again has Hugh on the harp as well as the band ripping it up behind him as well had the whole place singing along to what should have been a hit single the song known simply as “F*&K You”!

One thing I can tell you is do not stick a cell phone anywhere Hugh’s face (as I counted about four or five people who did just that) he swatted a couple of phones out of peoples hands and even at one point took the base of of mic stand and knocked another phone out of someone else hands!

Below pictured is Hugh just in front of me. Todd was quick on the cell!  Hugh may now have a bit of Hollywood in him but still has that attitude. Punk Rock through and through.

Great band. Great show…




22 thoughts on “Headstones: Thunder Bay November 22nd 2022”

  1. My buddy Jay is Hugh’s pool guy. No attitude there — his wife arranged for Hugh to sign his stuff!

    Personally I like the idea of no cameras. Tom Green complained about them when we saw him live and I tend to agree especially with comedians.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah dude they are a killer live band. Fist to the face pace at times. If you check out any Headstones album check out Love and Fury as they do a killer cover of S.O.S by ABBA!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve heard of this band before…they sound great! I just listened to Long Way To Neverland…just pure rock and R&B…They sound tight as hell from the songs I heard.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I like both of them…SOS is not too far removed from what we did…just a faster tempo.
        That is a great cover of Tweeter and The Monkey Man…that really rocks.
        Oh dude…finally… Sloan is tomorrow.

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  3. Cool, I had no idea they were still around especially with Dillon’s acting success. Never seen ‘Yellowstone’ but I knew he’s got a regular role in it and the show is a hit…I did see a couple of ‘Flashpoints’ from way back when. I was reading through it thinking ‘didn’t they do ‘Smile & Wave'” until I got to that part – that’s the one I remember them for best, also do recall ‘Tweeter and the Monkey Man’ which was quite cool.
    My take on cameras at concerts is fine…if you can be discrete. I smuggled little Olympus point and shoots into a few concerts where they were prohibited, and got some decent shots using fast film (B&W 3200 speed usually) and existing light. That was the key – don’t use the damn flash! That way no one’s disturbed, plus you get more natural looking pix. Nowadays though, with the phones, it’s a different ballgame.

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