Started something a little different at “Scotch On The Rocks” with my pal Jex Russell who hails from Moncton New Brunswick.

We came up with the idea to pick two albums and basically do a throw down between the two bands.

Also  doing a rating score of out of 10 for each record and in our ratings we not only score the music but the packaging, production and artwork as well.

Lot’s of fun and we kept it to under 25 minutes which was awesome.

Click the link above and give it a watch or head over to the official Scotch On The Rocks YouTube page!



12 thoughts on “RETRO THROWDOWN: W.A.S.P VS. Twisted Sister @SOTR”

  1. I snuck it in early today because I’m working from home. It was good…of course I remember Twisted Sister very well and loved their videos. WASP…our drummer had a copy of maybe this album…so I was limited on them from what he played me.
    I went ahead also and re-watched the Dee Snider senate appearance again…it was really well done… You mentioned Zappa…man he was worse than ANY heavy metal band believe me in as far as content lol…just listen to his song Bobby Brown…and he had worse than that.

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    1. Zappa really was dicey wasn’t he? lol. WASP even saying that there name stood for We Are Sexual Perverts lol
      That would not fly today ….just like Archie Bunker would not fly on mainstream TV anymore!

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      1. Zappa was a cult artist so he did what he wanted…but yea there is stuff that makes ME blush.
        No nothing will fly today unless you hide it really well. I’m still glad we grew up when we did though.

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