OASIS: Knebworth 1996

Thanks to my pal Da Heff for gifting me this album… Cheers Sir!

1996!!  Oasis were big and and this is going back to a time before there was internet that every two weeks when Rolling Stone would come out in print I could read about  the shenanigans of  those wacky Gallagher brothers who it’s safe to say caused quite a ruckus and that was within there own band!

Noel and Liam were funny guys not really giving a fuck about anything yet with all the zaniness that followed them Noel crafted a bunch of great songs and his bother Liam would convey that message into a microphone.

North America got onboard with Oasis and there albums sold real well especially here in Canada yet it was there own home country England where the word massive would come into play and you don’t need to look any further than this 3 LP set.

Knebworth is a place of course I heard of due to the whole deal of Led Zeppelin playing there back in 1980 yet in August of ’96 Oasis packed it out and this album makes up those two dates that this album was recorded.

Ton’s of great tracks opening with a great three pack of songs (“Columbia, Acquiesce and Supersonic”). The band and there wall of sound is loud as is the crowd and you even at times get Liam and his between song banter whatever it is he’s going on about.

Pretty cool that they road tested “My Big Mouth” a good year before it was released on the “Be Here Now” record.

Below is the triple gatefold layout of this album. Sweet!

The band at this show is in peak form and you can hear it and that’s something you should all do and thats give Oasis Knebworth 1996 a spin or a stream!

deKE’s Vinyl Score….8.5/10

10 thoughts on “OASIS: Knebworth 1996”

  1. They also previewed It’s Getting Better Man. Lots of good B-sides here like Round Are Way. Oasis are one of those bands I have enough from though. I have Live By the Seas and There and Then with bonus CD, so I am definitely covered for this band.


  2. This is a great live set. The documentary is really good too. They crammed a lot into these sets, it’s interesting to hear the live versions of songs that are a bit cut down from some of the studio tracks. And the banter is hilarious, especially before Wondewall.


  3. a cool album from the looks of it! they put out some really good stuff and, as an added bonus on a live record, like you suggest you can have hours of amusement trying to figure out ‘what the hell is Noel Gallagher saying?’. It was astounding how big they were in Britain at the time- over a million people entered a draw to have a chance to win the right to buy tickets to that show.


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