Aerosmith: Nine Lives (1997)

For some like myself this is  the last good studio album that came from Boston’s very own Aerosmith.

We all know the backstory as Aero had a hard time getting this album done. They scraped a bunch of tracks that were recorded with another drummer (Steve Ferrone) as well as some additional production by Glen Ballard which was tossed aside when Columbia Records who had just lured Aero away from Geffen had paid them millions of dollars didn’t like hearing what they had invested in.

So there were issues, but when “Nine Lives” hit the street back in March of ’97 upon first listen I really liked this album and of course it was purchased back than on CD.

So fast forward to December 2022 and upon my visit at a local record shop (Spins) I saw “Nine Lives” on double vinyl for a very good price sealed. ($31)

Too be honest I have not listened to “Nine Lives” in years but looking at that track listing above I figured what the hell and bought it.

Some real great cooking tracks on here like the opener “9 Lives” which goes into the first single that came from this record “Falling In love (Is Hard On The Knees)”.

Course it being the 90s and let’s not fool ourselves kids that Aero-ballads became a thing for the band (some I liked, others not so much) and basically it was about putting rear ends in the seats when the Aero-Express came to town.

“Hole In My Soul” I like as Steven Tyler sings for his supper on this track which is quite good whereas “Full Circle” kinda misses the mark and of course there is another ballad on this vinyl copy which wasn’t on the original release which I will get to later). “Fallen Angels” could have had 4 minutes shaved off of its running time (8 minutes long) instead of it meandering around in some sonic landscape that really goes no where. “Ain’t That A Bitch” is ok not a skipper but I dunno maybe tomorrow I will think otherwise!

Amazing when you look at that track listing that Steve and Joe Perry along with their various cowriters liked using the  title  Falling and Fallen for three different songs. Why I pick up on shit like that I have no idea!

I will add that when Aero ramps up on the rock stuff on “Nine Lives” I’m all in. The title track is an ass kicker along with “Somethings Gotta Give” (featuring Tyler ripping out a cool distorted sounding harmonica on it) and “Crash” which zips along at a 110 mph clip.

Even when the pedal isn’t pushed at a high speed the other rock tracks are great especially “Taste of India” ( great pre chorus that goes into an even better chorus)  and the wacky “The Farm”.

“Pink” was a big single and I got tired of it as it was played continuously on Much Music but it was an ok song to be honest.

With this reissue on vinyl the two bonus tracks are the excellent Joe Perry sung “Falling Off” but the other one, that Disney written balled is so out of place on here that I will tell ya that track will never be played on my turntable (deKe’s house rules). Should have left it off boy’s. I can’t even type the title of the track but you all know it.

One last thing is I caught this tour along with the Boss (my wife Sue) and Tbone back in the summer of ’97 and it was a great show almost at times it ranks as my favourite Aero  live show ( I have seen the band 6 times) as they went and played of course the singles but also went deep on some other tracks like “Taste of India” and “The Farm” (which I loved) and even Joe sang his tune the already mentioned  “Falling Off” live which was not on my CD copy!

Crazy that this album is almost 26 years young!

deKe’s Vinyl Score of Nine Lives….8.5/10



23 thoughts on “Aerosmith: Nine Lives (1997)”

    1. I guess the album stands out to me a little more as I caught this tour. Than again I caught the next two tours after one being the Just Push Play tour and we know all about that album. lol


      1. This was the last new album of theirs that I bought. I did like it a lot at the time, like I say. It’s due a revisit cause I’ve been listening to them more than usual. Listened to Get A Grip for the first time in decades last week!

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      2. I skipped the Bobo one as I was tapped out on cover songs…Music from Another Dimension (I think thats what it was called) was not very good. I liked that Jesus tune they did a few others that I don’t remember the titles too…Legendary Child may have been the other.
        Get A Grip had its moments but it was a long album…


      3. Another good tour as they stripped the stage right down to the bare basics. I caught that one a few weeks after the tour started and they came out and played the fist three songs from
        Get A Grip which was ballsy

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      4. I got lucky as they always seemed to come around at the right time. I just watched a Nine Lives show from Germany on YouTube
        Pretty good worth checking out

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  1. I caught this tour too – though slightly delayed due to injuries – and have a lot more time for Nine Lives than Get A Grip. I find the rawer edge on the sound a little more satisfying. We can but imagine they’d have carried on giving us such sound if it weren’t for the success of that vomit-inducing song from the asteroid movie

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    1. Thanks for dropping by… The sound is more raw than Get A Grip which to me is another added bonus as you mentioned.
      I agree with you about the Disney track. Why they had to succumb to it at that point is beyond me. When I caught the Just Push Play tour I went for a piss when they went to play it. lol

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  2. I remember reading a review of this album in the last few weeks… it had a great line… ” the magic comeback potion was running low” by this point.
    Wasn’t Get A Grip released a couple of years before this one? I hate when studio heads want professional songwriters to write with you…get ready for the power ballads!
    I do remember Pink and it was a good single…but I don’t know much else.

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    1. Nine Lives is a good straight ahead rook record for the most part Max. But that is a fair assumption by that reviewer as the potion was running low as it was bound to happen and perhaps that’s why they cut that awful Disney tune 😂


  3. I grew up listening to mid 80s to mid 90s Aerosmith before I went back to their 70s output.

    As you wrote, this is their last good album and what an album it is, mixing all the good rock with exotic sounds and the blues.

    Yeah there are some tracks that are “what the” but overall they don’t detract from the quality.

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