Tom Petty: Full Moon Fever (1989)

Back in the 80s I picked up a couple of Petty’s outputs on cassette tape and one of those was “Full Moon Fever” which dropped back in ’89.

Tom was riding high at that time. His band The Heartbreakers became an arena juggernaut while he helped create The Travelling Wilbury’s which did huge business especially “Handle With Care”.

So when “Free Fallin'” was released as the first single. I liked what I heard and bought “Full Moon Fever” right away for the trusty old Walkman at the time.

I have been on the hunt for this album for about 5 years now and my local go to vinyl store “Spins” got it in …sealed and for a good price so it was a quick grab, and off to my  turntable!

12 songs make up the album of which 5 were singles and they were all great songs.

Petty’s right hand man from The Heartbreakers Mike Campbell sizzles the six string on this record. Jeff Lynne of course co wrote all the songs as well as doing co production along with Campbell and Petty.

Always loved Campbell’s riffing on “Runnin’ Down A Dream” as for a song that I have heard a million times since 1989 its one I have never tire of hearing.

I love the stripped back sound on this album as thats the charm as late 80s albums could be overproduced yet “Full Moon Fever” hits ya right in that sonic sweet spot.

One of my faves is “Love Is A Long Road” which wasn’t a single but could have been as the opening reminds me of an early 80’s Who song.

“Depending On You” is another great track as I love the guitars on this one and of course the vocals are great and what can you say about album closer “Zombie Zoo” which is just a fun damn song.

That folks right there is the key to “Full Moon Fever” its a fun listen through with no skippers!

deKe’s Vinyl Score of Full Moon Fever…..10/10



25 thoughts on “Tom Petty: Full Moon Fever (1989)”

      1. That is a great price. I just completely overspent for a 7″ Single from Needtobreathe. Extremely rare and first time I’ve ever seen it up for sale…so I bought it. My collection for them is getting closer to complete. 3 more Holy Grail items and then done.

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  1. I’m glad you had the side 1/2 format on the walkman back in the day, Deke – and now enjoying the side 1/2 format on the recently found LP!
    This one fits that format neatly as runnin’ down a dream makes for a great side closer (agreed re: the riff) & opening side 2 with Feel a whole lot better, it just works!


  2. I love this album Deke… Zombie Zoo, The Apartment Song, Yer So Bad, and yea Love Is A Long Road… the album cuts were just as good as the hits to me…no bad ones on this one.
    I would ride around in 1989 in my Mazda RX7 with this album (I had the casette) blasting out.

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      1. Yeah it is! I really like it, I don’t know why I don’t currently own it, but I recall intending to buy it on vinyl which might have been the problem (price).


  3. Tom had a pretty high batting average. Funny you should post this. I stumbled onto ‘Barnyard Soundtrack’ A Les Claypool song took me there. Bunch of different artists laying down tracks. So I’m listening and on comes a cover of ‘I Wont Back Down’ by Sam Elliot. Pretty decent. A Johnny Cash vibe. It grew on me.

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