RETRO THROW DOWN RD 4- Vandenberg Vs. Europe


Round 4 has Adrian and his band of Vandenberg’s going against Joey and his band of Europeans in what we would say is the closet battle on Retro Throw Down so far! Who came out on top? Just push play and find out!

Just click the video and viola you can watch what myself and Jex have to say….

I had my brother from another mother Darr review these two albums as well.

Here are Darr’s words posted below…

“Listened to both albums…. Both get passing grades, but neither was awesome.

Vandenberg album has some great guitar work, and would say there is no weak tracks, but dunno if there was any real stand out tracks either. Sometimes the guitar work seemed almost a bit too much. Solid but not a standout.

Haven’t heard the Europe album for ever. This album would be better if someone shot the keyboard player. If interferes with some decent tracks. Was never a fan of the final countdown and Carrie sucks, but a few of the songs I may not have heard before were pretty good. The singer has a good voice.

Final scores out of 10 (10 being an all time top 10-20 album of all time, and 1 being like Culture Club or some crap like that:”

Vandenberg – 6 out of 10
Europe – 5 out of 10


14 thoughts on “RETRO THROW DOWN RD 4- Vandenberg Vs. Europe”

  1. Dude I saw Vandenberg in 1984….January 11th to be precise… open for KISS at the Municipal Auditorium…checked my ticket stub. It was a good show man.
    I know the two of these a little more than the last two you had. Great job Deke.

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    1. I just asked you on Youtube where u saw Vandenberg. Thats cool and that would have been Kiss on the Lick It Up Tour. Great stuff Max. As always thanks for watching and commenting.
      The one that will be posted in 2 weeks u will know of big time!
      Cheap plug already lol

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      1. KISS always came to Nashville in January for some reason…but yea they were really good dude…I just said in youtube as far as their playing I liked them best for the night. I have subscribed to your youtube channel to give me alerts now. Great stuff dude

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      2. That sounds par for the course with Gene lol… but yea that is it. I’m glad I got to see Eric Carr and later on Peter Criss in the late 90s….and Ace

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  2. I appreciate that you corrected yourself, Deke on the # of years since 1982. When you acknowledged it’s now been 41 years, I smiled, thinking that all the math homework you did back in the day to earn much music viewing continues to pay off!

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    1. HAHA..Thanks Geoff as I knew you would be watching so I thought I had better do the math right! Good thing there isn’t multiplication and divided by or it would get messy lol
      Appreciate you watching and following.

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  3. Spot on for John Norum and his Euro vibe of playing.

    If I had to compare these two it would be europe for me. Joey Tempest had the superior voice.

    I would have loved to see the Vandenberg debut compared to the Europe debut.

    Love In Vain compared to In The Future To Come .

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