Retro Throw Down Rd 5- Springsteen Vs Adams

Born In The USA Vs Reckless! Hows that for a throw down? Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams had two of the biggest selling records  back in 1984 that went well into 1985.

Who came out on top you ask? Click the link above and give it a watch as deKe and Jex try to figure it all out in this jam packed 30 minute episode.

Thanks Folks!

Once again my pal Darr contributed his own review which is fan-friggin-tastic!

“Been thinking bout this Reckless vs born in the USA album thing.
Damn both albums are great.
Dancing in the Dark is probably my fav Springsteen song, but also love I’m on Fire and I’m Going Down….not a weak track on this album.
As for Adams, Reckless is only my 2nd favourite album of his. Into The Fire will always be my fav. Kids Wanna Rock and Run To You even though I’ve heard them sooo many times, just can’t get sick of them. Heaven was never my fav, but as far as ballads go, not bad.
After a lot of thought…. On a scale of 1 to 10″
Born in the USA – 9.0
Reckless – 8.5


19 thoughts on “Retro Throw Down Rd 5- Springsteen Vs Adams”

  1. I have to go with Bruce here…no disrespect to Bryan Adams. I like the non hits off of Born in the USA also like Darlington County, No Surrender, and like you mentioned…Downbound Train. The line in Surrender “We learned more from a three-minute record, baby Than we ever learned in school”… it doesn’t get better than that.
    My favorite song off of Reckless is Summer of 69. Both are greatest hits.

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    1. Great call on the line from No Surrender Max. I forgot to say in the show that I thought No Surrender should have been the opening track on the record and the title track leading off. Side 2. (My 2 cents lol) Yup indeed both are Greatest Hits sets in there own way…

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      1. There was a question over that song with Bruce and his people. Little Steven wanted that one as the first single but they went with Dancing in the Dark…which is more commercial but man I love No Surrender. I’m a lyric guy so I really like that one.

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  2. Now I have to confess, I enjoy these throwdowns. I got Born in the USA for my birthday and Dancing in the Dark was the song I liked best back at that age. And Adams, while I have respect, my sister was the Adams fan. I knew the singles and I think Run To You is one of the top hard rock tracks of all time. Great episode Deke.

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  3. Excited to listen to this today, Deke & Jex – I’m realizing my week now revolves around shows I’m looking forward to. New Conan episodes every Monday, Puck Soup every Wednesday, and Deke/Jex throwdown every other Saturday, a good way to keep track of the calendar!

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  4. Two excellent albums that defined FM rock in 1984. But…as much as I am a proud Canadian , gotta go with The Boss by a Jersey mile here. I had both on LP in the day, listened to both a lot. But nearly 40 years later, I still pull out ‘Born in the USA’ CD & listen to it every few months, ‘Reckless’, I hear when radio plays the singles (which still happens). ‘My Hometown’, ‘Bobby Jean’ , ‘Darlington Co.’… all brilliant besides the big hits

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    1. Great back story Dave. Here in town I would have to rely on muchMusic at the time for videos to hear songs as our local radio was still stuck in that AM mode well into the early 90s…


  5. Great album comparison. Definitely 2 massive albums from 1984. It is tough to compare the two as they are both off the charts – no track skippers on any of them, I agree that both are pretty even in quality, hits, lyrics, musicianship etc. I saw Adams at the Gardens in Jan 1985 for this tour. Two things I remember is that it was friggin cold outside and the concert was so loutd I couldn’t hear for 3 days afterwards! Awesome review guys!


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