In this earth shaking episode of Retro ThrowDown Round 6 we take a look at two platinum plus selling albums from 1988. David Lee Roth released his Skyscraper album in January of that year while his former bandmates with Sammy Hagar punched back in May with OU812!

Which album will come out on top of this slugfest you ask? Give the video a click and a watch.

“A hot dog and a shake
That’s what you’re hungry for
A hot dog and a shake”

Once again my good pal Dar has chimed in with an excellent summary as well…

“I listened to both album a bunch over the past week or so. Skyscraper is probably a better album that I remember, although the song Skyscraper still sucks. 2 Fools A  Minute and Bottom Line are really strong songs and definitely a few other decent songs. No Eat ‘Em and Smile, but dunno if Dave could have topped that one.

Remember loving OU812 when it first came out, and might be my least listen to VH album (outside of 3) but it’s a strong album. I would have probably given OU812 like an 8.5 and Skyscraper like a 7.

Dunno why but I always hated the Skyscraper cover. Would have been like a cool inner sleeve or something, but always thought it was a weak cover….maybe that’s just me.
Looking forward to hearing your guys takes.”



  1. Good job Deke….you brought back a lot of memories. I agree with you guys reactions…I heard both albums becasue of band members and Roth’s production was way too heavy…but it was the 1980s.

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    1. Thanks for watching Lisa and joining along! The purpose of the show is to keep it short so we don’t put anyone to sleep lol… We have a lot of these Retro’s coming up….

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      1. You’re welcome, and I’ll try to keep an eye out for them. If you take a look at albums I’m familiar with will probably watch. You guys have a good and easy banter between you.


  2. Both covers get a zero out of 10. They are terrible compared to the masterpieces combing out during the period.

    Musically DLR wins this one. VHagar was suffering from the post rookie season. Even back then I played DLR way more than the VHagar album.


    1. That’s a great point Dave. I liked asa fan that I was getting two albums due to the split camp but I may have been in the minority about that. lol


    1. Thanks for watching. Rockline was awesome as I would always have a blank cassette tape to record it every Monday night at 11:30pm lol. I would go to school deadass tired some Tuesdays but it was worth it to hear these interviews..

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