AC/DC-Touch Too Much: The Bon Scott Years- Live

You have to love the fact that when you walk into a local record shop (SPINS) here in Thunder Bay and see under the new release rack this classic triple vinyl bootleg set of AC/DC.

Two shows, one from San Fransisco (1977) and the other from Baltimore(1979) have been circulating in various different formats in the bootleg market but this set features both shows.

“The King Biscuit Flower Hour” back in the day would broadcast over radio live concerts by various rock acts of the day. I’m thinking when AC/DC’s show was recorded in Baltimore for  Flower Hour should have changed to Power Hour when Angus and the boys showed up that October night back in 1979!

Spread out over two records AC/DC at this show were on fire! Bon is in great form telling the audience to chill out not to cause a ruckus but then again thats what AC/DC wanted back then a unruly crowd going bonkers.

Touring on the back of there classic “Highway To Hell” record this setlist has them playing only three tracks from the current record.

“Shot Down In Flames”, “Highway To Hell” are two of those tracks from the studio record but for me the real gem is Angus and the boys smashing out “If You Want Blood” (after a little solo from Angus) which rips right into set closer “Let There Be Rock” which is played at such a quick clip like a locomotive coming straight for ya!

Speaking of “Let There Be Rock”, AC/DC were playing more from that record than the one that followed which was “Powerage” which is kinda surprising.

Then again AC/DC was breaking into the North American market so they were basically selling to the crowd their  back catalog which makes sense.

Such a killer show….

The third vinyl is a show from San Fransisco from ’77 which was the Let There Be Rock Tour. The real selling feature is Malcolm and crew were road testing songs from the yet to be released “Powerage” album that would hit the stores a year later in 78.

“Up To Neck In You” and “Kicked In The Teeth Again” are played and the cool thing is “Kicked In The Teeth” is played at a different clip tempo wise than the version that ended up on the studio album.

That kind of stuff is GOLD!

“The Jack” gave me a good laugh as Bon is going on about gonorrhoea like only he could go about it making it sound quite funny..  Man, those tours back than must been something else!

Another great score and you can just feel the energy coming from that San Fran stage.

Congrats to whoever put this package together did it right. Triple gatefold (posted above) with the proper spelling of song titles and band members.

How about that slick look of the classic red vinyl and also this set is limited to only 750 copies and I scored 141!

deKe’s Vinyl Score of The Bon Scott Years live- 10/10


20 thoughts on “AC/DC-Touch Too Much: The Bon Scott Years- Live”

  1. 1970s rock touring…man I would have loved to experience that. I’ve always had a special love for the Bon Scott years. He was the best writer they ever had to me…witty and cool. Plus…there is no one like him with vocals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He was one crafty lyricist. Some of my fav. words of his are on tunes like Down Payment Blues, What’s Next To The Moon, Sin City…gosh thats just from Powerage…Nightstalker as well is soooo good!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He can be tacky in a great way also…he invents new ways to say tacky things…and that is a compliment!


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