Retro ThrowDown Round 8 : KISS ALIVE II VS AEROSMITH: Live Bootleg




When you think in terms of the 1970s and live albums there were a lot of bands that did them. From AC/DC to ZZ TOP every huge band from that era released one.

In this weeks episode of Retro Throw Down the fella’s have put two iconic double live records against each other. Aerosmith with the stellar Live Bootleg (1978) which goes toe toe against KISS with their classic ALIVE II (1977) release.

Who will come out on top? Give the link at the top of the page a click and feel free to comment as well!

Once again Darr has tossed down his thoughts… thanx Pal!

Kiss Alive 2 – great sounding live album…..Stanley’s vocals are awesome…..outside of a couple songs….he should sing em all. Band sounds right….Ace’s work is great…..I want you, larger than life, Beth and Detroit rock city are definitely highlights. Solid album….. 7 out of 10

Aerosmith Live bootleg – damn Tyler’s vocals live are awesome…. Aerosmith might be one of the best sounding band when they are a bit sloppy….top of their game type stuff…..lord of the thighs, I ain’t got you are highlights, but have to admit, not a weak track on this album….8.5 out of 10 



11 thoughts on “Retro ThrowDown Round 8 : KISS ALIVE II VS AEROSMITH: Live Bootleg”

  1. A lot of 70’s live albums are smothered with studio overdubs to either beef them up or cover up mistakes. Most famously Judas Priests Unleashed In The East is only 15% actual live recording. Kiss Alive II is dubbed crowd noise over sound checks mixed with actual live parts as the record states, and side 4 of the double alum is at least confessed all new studio recordings. Aerosmith Live Bootleg was a stop gap put out to cover up for the bands inability to get a studio album out while they were being toxic. So as it’s title alludes it really is live. It also was the first time Mother Popcorn was commercially available to fans on an official album. It was taken from a radio session though not a big live show

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  2. I liked the Aerosmith live much more because it’s really them at the show which is cool. Great show Deke…I knew it would be close.

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    1. Aero has the best opener with Back In The Saddle as they take the stage to the sound of Psycho which in Aeros case in the 70s they were! lol It was close as once Jex tossed down a 9 for KISS I thought here we go as I did not know he would score Aero higher so that was exciting to see the end result!
      Thanks always for the positive vibes!

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      1. Oh in the seventies…they were awesome! That first live album was a huge album for Kiss…didn’t it really bust things open for them?
        I was happy with the final votes.

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      2. KISS Alive did kick the walls down for them as they’re records label was about to go belly up but Alive saved all their asses. The scoring is fun as this was a close one as for it to finish 19.5 to 18.5 pretty much a tie but not quite lol

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  3. Very nice stuff. I’m in agreement, the Aerosmith album is absolutely stellar. It, along with Live After Death, were the most formative live albums to me growing up. All love for Kiss and the Alive series, but that Aerosmith record is just phenomenal.

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    1. Thanks for watching and for following the channel Sir! Live Bootleg is an all time great thats for sure. For myself it was a no brainer to give it a 10!
      Cheers pal!


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