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Not full albums here friends..just those little,golden gems of recordings that were tucked onthenend of greatest hits albums or live albums for that matter!

Bruce Springsteen – Downbound Train — PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture


Hey, Folks check out my ‘Bloggin Pal’ Max who hails from Nashville. Max writes a ton of cool song reviews.  Click the link below and check out his site and give him a follow!

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I’m a lover of B sides. Downbound Train, Darlington County, and No Surrender were not the big hits off of Born In The USA but these are the ones I listen to the most. This song starts off with I had a job, I had a girl, I had something going, mister, in this world […]

via Bruce Springsteen – Downbound Train — PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

Canada Day Rock Out….Monkey Bars/Swinging Stars!



Now! Crank the video below as it’s a tune by a Canadian Act that in my humble opinion should have been MEGA and that’s CONEY HATCH

Monkey Bars( from the debut album Coney Hatch) Is a great rock track! Lead Singer/Bassist Andy Curran   has that real cool rock voice and stage presence and while the three other Coney’s (Carl Dixon/Dave Ketchum and Simon Brieley) hold down the fort musically and deliver the knock out Sonic Punch!

Check out below a snippet of lyrics I posted… So True!

We’ve got a job in the Amazon
Everyone’s a jungle, out to con
We drive for miles and see lots of trees
We get home in time to pay our managers fees

Enjoy  The Long Weekend & Stay Safe Kids!

Folks I’m gonna be easing of the posting Gas Pedal for a bit as it’s summer and such but fear not when I do decide to blog something its gonna be a whole  new eye poppin  category called Cool Vs Gah! ….watch for it!

Rival Sons/Hollow Bones.Pt 1(2016)

Yeah Man! Hollow Bones Pt 1 is the lead off single and  lead album track from the forthcoming album titled ….drumroll please….HOLLOW BONES due to be released June 10 2016! I’m stoked and ready for it as it was a no brainer when this album went on preorder on iTunes it was a quick click! Hollow Bones Pt 1 was sent to my iPod stat as a result and it was a quick listen as I don’t to often listen to the preorder songs that are released at the time as I prefer to hear the album as a whole upon first listen. Sometimes there are exceptions and The Sons are the exception!

Scott Holiday(guitar) Jay Buchanan(vocals) Dave Beste(bass) and Micheal Miley (drums) lay down some serious Rock! Lemme explain!

Hollow Bones Pt 1 just blitzes out of the gates with drums and cymbals smashing along with some serious bass action! Think a thrashy version of The Who’s  Keith Moon(RIP) and John Entwistle(RIP) just rippin it up!. Along for the ride though is Master Of The Distorted Rock Guitar Mr Scott Holiday who friggin doesn’t strum the guitar he fucking assaults the guitar like a Sonic SledgeHammer and smashing brian cells along the way! Lead Vocalist Jay B delivers through all this crazy riff rock his smooth power rock voice and rolls it up and shoots it up all under 3  minutes!

Cool thing is track 9 is Hollow Bones Pt 2 … prediction is they go chill with Part 2… What do you as my friends think?

Wowzers! These guys are Beasts!

Just so all of you don’t think I’m talking out of my arse I posted the video sooooo Crank It! Better Yet….Order It!

Hurry up June 10th!

Jim Dead And The Doubters/Pray For Rain(2015)

Since I started this WordPress Blog about 2 years ago it’s been a  real trip to meet all kinds of fellow music lovers from all over the world. All the way from my pals here in Tbay throughout Canada,Europe, Australia everywhere you could think of. One such pal who also happens to dabble in music as well (and writing some real cool music reviews at his site Resurrection Songs) is J from Glasgow who also fronts the band Jim Dead And The Doubters.

How neat is it that J a guy who comments on all of our blogs has a rock album available on iTunes! Haha…Your my hero Mr J!

Seriously though, a lot of us are pumped to get behind J and his fellow Doubters!

J is the ringleader playing the guitar and singing. Stuart Begley also on guitar. Frankie Coia on Bass and Tommy Clark on drums! Together they are Jim Dead And The Doubters.

Pray For Rain was released Dec 15 2015 as I had mentioned earlier on iTunes and physical copy(cd)  as well!  The version that I posted is the title track!

J and Stu team up for some late night guitar swagger while J delivers the lead vocal. Tommy with some nice drum rolls and Frank keeping the  four letter called Bass steady anchor the song. Think along the likes of a Old School Big Sugar Mashup with The Tragically Hip.

Pray For Rain is one of those late night slower groove tracks basically lock the door on the way out. Hey! Clean up after yourself will Ya!

I posted the video for Pray For Rain ! Take a few and check it out!

Support Indie Rock ….Support Jim Dead And The Doubters!


Mega Merry Christmas…..

Hey Folks …
I’m taking a Christmas Break in other words I’m shutting down the Yammering for a few weeks!
Wanna thank you all for reading along and for those who have joined up lately thanks for coming onboard and reading along its much appreciated!
I wish everyone a Super Duper Holiday.  Stay safe Friends!
Take Care….


Do You Hear What I Hear…….DEATH!!!! … this video!

Megadeth/Train Of Consequences(1994)

Not everyday you see Tbays own Paul Shaffer the leader of David Lettermans House Band blowing harp(harmonica) on a Megadeth track on National TV. Well back in 1994 that did just happen so check out the vid posted! It’s a great track….lemme tell ya’s about it!

First of all a Metal Horns Salute to Arena Rock Reader Sarca who commented on my babble of Deths Countdown To Extinction Review that she loved Countdown but her favourite track of MegaMustaines was Train Of Consequences! Sarca you called it and I didn’t take the bait as i didn’t want Sneaky Ladano and Wily O Aaron to figure out today’s post! This ones for yoooooou Sarca!

Train Of Consequences like Mr Letterman  states on the video is from the 1994 album Youthanasia. Overall it’s a decent Metal Record but man Train Of Consequences in my book is pure Gold! The music is heavy catchy Metal while Dave Mustaine writes some real cool lines on this track like the chorus “Set the ball A Rolling I will be clicking off the miles on the Train Of Consequences my boxcar lifestyle. My thinkings derailed I’m tied to the tracks on the Train Of Consequences there ain’t no turning back!”

David Ellefson drives a real cool bass line while drummer Nick Menza smacks da crap out of his kit and when you watch the video is Menza wired? Holy shit man the dudes bopping up and down behind the kit but whatever his deal is he’s a solid player!

Marty Friedman in 1994 must have had the coolest hair in rock! Ha! Marty flings out some real cool super riffs on the 6 string while Mustaine in the vid chills back by the drums perhaps telling Menza to settle the “Beep!” down while letting Marty play some serious guitar…

MegaMustaine though totally steps up with this tune! He wrote a classic. I just love it. His snarled like vocal fits this tune perfectly. Basically don’t gamble folks or you will end up on the Train Of Consequences!

Hock my brains headed West……

Big Drill Car/Big Shot(1992)

Cover tunes are a interesting thing in my book! They can be either real good or just real crap! No in between man just like being a Rush fan! Your either dig Rush or move on!

My buddy Moose(M.I.A) loved punk rock with the Ramones being his favourites. One day though back say around 1994 he was playing in his truck this cover version of the Billy Joel tune Big Shot

It immediately got my attention as I hadn’t heard any artist cover Joel at that time(1994). I asked him who these guys were and he said Big Drill Car! I was like ‘whose Car?” Never heard of these guys but shortly after i went and bought the live album it came from called Toured!

Toured is a Live album recorded in 1991 and Big Drill Car Features…Frank Daly(vocals),Mark Arnold(guitars),Bob Thomson(bass) and Danny Marcoff(drums)

Big Shot is a great cover by these guys! They just rock it up!

Marcoff on drums and Arnold on his 6 string set the pace and man Frank hits the vocal to a T on this song! He sings it not screams it and his “Whoah, Whoah Whoah,Whoah” section of the tune is funny as heck but cool never the less!

Big Shot is just a simple straight ahead cover no frills punk n roll….

Big Drill Car never made it huge but give the vid posted a play and get on with your day!

Ha….you had to be a Big Shot did Ya?


RUSH/Roll The Bones(Live R40 Tour)

Ah…so yesterday Rush dropped there single Roll The Bones from the forthcoming live Rush 40 Live( recorded in Toronto)  which will be released on all forms on November 20 2015 and from the set lists and from the people that I know that attended this tour it’s sure gonna be a ass kicker!

The mix of this track that I purchased thru ITunes is wickedly good! Geddys Bass is cranked man and of course Alex Lifeson flings out riffs of sting and even though this tune is more of a keyboards driven tune Alex still shines through with a real good melodic  rock solo! Neil Peart of course lays down the law on his drums and keeps everything moving along. Of course there’s the middle section with the Rush Rap! …the live audio video is posted……

Arena Rock CEO DeKEs sez ” you can never ever get enough of Rush live so Get out there and Rock,ROLL THE BONES!”


Love /Hate….Blackout In The Red Room

“So Ya woke up blind….Its Parteeee Time!”

That’s Jizzy Pearl lead singer of Love/Hate singing that, not me but I tell Ya you want a solid kick in the ass to get your day going look no further than this two and half minute sonic blitz!

Love/Hate is the band and I’ll tell Ya Martin Popoff who wrote the excellent Hair Metal Book which i reviewed here.. Loves these guys …don’t believe me? You ask Martin!

So Love/ Hate is the name and cool stage names are the game…so Ya got like I already mentioned Jizzy Pearl on Vocal,Jon E Love guitarist,drummer Joey Gold and bass guy Skid(Rose) no shit!

Blackout In The Red Room was the debut album from these dudes and it was a slice of good o fashioned street rock! The production was raw sounding like as if they plugged in and pushed record! The album had some other good songs on it like Why Do you Think The Call It Dope and Rock Queen!

Blackout In The Red Room the song just destroys your senses I mean its like a punch to the face and it’s off and running with complimentary  cymbal smashes and the chorus is gold  while  Jizzys voice sounds like a cross between Stephen Pearcy of Ratt fame and Tom Keifer of Cinderalla after like if both Tom and Stephen swallowed a 6 pack of Gillette Razor Blades and washed it down with some good OL Jack!

Think about it no one sounded like this guy back in 1990 as the main sellers of the time had a slick vocal delivery while Jizzy had that old school whisky drenched voice which wasn’t the mainstream kind of deal. Of course in later years Jizzy would front bands like LA Guns,Ratt and currently Quiet Riot! So There Ya be….

Of course they followed this up with Wasted America which my younger brother Todd dug but I never really heard it to be honest but from what I read its was pretty good….

Blackout,just crank this F*^ker! Crank It loud!


IRON MAIDEN/Speed Of Light

I’m comimg  out of my vacation blog sabbatical to talk about this new ass kicker Maiden Track Speed Of Light( written by Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith) from the forthcoming  Maiden album Book Of Souls! Just announced a World Tour starting in 2016!

Speed Of Light has been on high rotation on my iPod since the pre order on iTunes dropped Speed Of Light on August 14th 2015! I babbled some comments I believe at the great HMOs site along the lines of ” Yep no ITunes on this one,I’m buying the physical product(cd) ,Blah Blah,Blah!” Umm. Well I caved! Ha! ITunes has done the right thing and that’s include the booklet when the full album drops on Sept 4 2015.

It was off of Robbo’s(Arena Rock Faithful reader) iPhone that I first heard Speed Of Light! The Internet in our  city pooched on Aug 13th and our house didn’t get it back Til supper time Aug 14th. Robbo had downloaded it already so I basically swiped his iPhone from his hands at work held the phone to my blown out earlobes and the first thing I said to Robbo was “Holy Shit!! There’s Cowbell!”

Speed Of Light is a great track in my opinion. A few comments that I have heard  say it sounds like Guns N Roses. Too be honest I don’t hear Gunners in the song I hear Maiden! Since summer of 1981 when I first purchased Killers I have always bought all of Maidens product the day of release! (First day buyer Folks!) so Ya call me Fanboy! Ha! Book Of Souls will be no exception!

Speed of Light starts off with Maiden Boogying out of the gate with the three Guitars of Dave Murray,Adrian Smith and Janick Gers along with Nicko McBrains cowbell, Steve Harris bass and here’s the Air Raid Siren the one and only Bruce Dickinson doing his patent howl and we’re off !

Kevin Shirley the producer of this song and album has given the album a big live bassy feeling. Shirley  on this song anyways toned down Harry’s galloping bass and cranked up everyone else around to make it sound like one big live jam!

The song has a strong verse and the pre chorus into the chorus is the meat and potatoes of this song Bruce at age 55 plus can still belt it and come solo time here’s the 3 Amigos on guitars doing there thingy by each having a slice of the solo!

As the song heads to the finish line with another tip to the the chorus  Maiden with about 25 seconds left goes into there big power ending. Drums a smashing,guitars a crashing….I love Maidens end of songs blowout endings the best ever being Powerslave (studio track) …Wowzers that’s how you wrap up things folks!

Great song Sez I! Do you agree with me?  Feel free to discuss!