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Cool Vs Gah! Round 5..Y&T….

Well Folks this is gonna be my last Cool Vs Gah! for a while. Thanks for coming along. Next week it’s back to my Babbling Reviews…..Lot’s of neat reviews of Bands coming up and maybe a Book or 2 Review tossed in for Good Measure…..(Cue Mr Books)

Meanstreak VS Contagious

Lotta people love these guys and fair enough as I dig at certain times their stuff as well…

The albums Black Tiger(1982)/Meanstreak(1983) and to a  certain degree In Rock We Trust (1984)  were very good rock records.

For me though albums like Down For The Count (1986) were just pieces of Fabricated gum ball alley cheese rock and it’s no surprise i totally lambasted poor Tbone and another friend of ours Jack Loaf for buying this…

I demolished Down For The Count but it’s funny though as fellow Bloggers Jompa and Destroyer of Harmony  dig Down For The Count still to this day  and fair enough……

Y&T Meanstreak Dudes…..

Dave Meniketti – vocals, guitar
Joey Alves – guitar, vocals
Phil Kennemore – bass, vocals
Leonard Haze – drums, vocals

Meanstreak is a fucking good track! Opening powerful riffage leads the assault  and it’s one of the best toons every written about a chic with a Meanstreak! Check out the lyrics and the video (cannot beat these Metal videos from 83-84) below..So true …hahaha

Overtime everyday of the week still the house ain’t big enough,
Spend your money so fast that you never see the green,
Big, better, best tell me where does it end,
Keeping up with the Joneses is tough
Better open your eyes boy, she just wanna buy buy buy,
Better wake up boy, I’ll tell you why

She’s got a mean streak,
But you love her so much you don’t want to see her mean streak,
Everybody knows she’s got you on a leash, mean streak,
Well she’ll laugh in your face, but your kissing her feet,
Your never good enough in the eyes of a woman with a mean streak

Every time that I look at you boy, I can see your a nervous wreck,
You try to hard to give her every little thing,
Big car, big pool, big house heart attack,
You better bend, or your gonna break
How far does it take you,
She just wanna buy buy buy,

She’s gonna break you, I’ll tell you why
It could be different now, if she thought you’d say goodbye,
But your too weak to try,
Things won’t change, till you open up your eyes,
How could you be so blind

Y&T man these guys with songs like that could not catch break here in North America so by 1987 one of the biggest bands around at the time Bon Jovi must have played with Y&T’s Musical Noggin so much so that they wrote and named an album after the song Contagious..

Contagious really for all intent and purposes  is not a bad track and out of these Cool Vs Gah deals this one I don’t mind when I’m in the syrupy hooky world of Jovi that is….

Check out the video of Contagious below as it features the lyrics with the song! Go ahead BMellis sing along! Do it!

The production is late 80s Hey America We Need A Hit Like…Stat! Like I said this isn’t a total Gah! Tune at times I can cut these guys some slack as i hammered pretty hard on that Down For The Count review but …..

I will say that guitarist Dave Meneketti’s voice still sounds real good in 2016 as it did in 1983! That’s saying something as I was gonna post a Live Clip  of Contagious from this year but I wanted you all to hear this late 80s Gloss…..




Cool Vs Gah! Round 4….Van Halen..

One I Want Vs How Many Say I

I’m not going to go down the whole Lead Singer debacle in regards to VH as I have written about it countless times so just search under David Lee Roth/Van Halen/Sammy Hagar and my diabolical writings in this matter will rear its ugly head. Actually I wrote something called L.S.D a few months back about bands flipping out singers at such at a speed that’s quicker than Tbone flipping  Finnish Pancakes!

What i’m gonna ramble on about are two tracks from VH3 that featured new vocalist Gary Cherone( Extreme) and for all intent and purposes tanked quicker down the toilet than me chugging  down a bottle of Silent Sam Vodka from way back into a toilet!

VH Mach 3….Featuring…

Eddie Van Halen – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Alex Van Halen – drums, percussion
Michael Anthony – bass, backing vocals
Gary Cherone – lead vocals

I think its safe too say when looking at the band members that you can tack on’ Bass’ beside EVH’s name! By that point Anthony was just there…

The production angle is ludicrous as Mike Post (yeah exactly) a guy who had provided the music for the 80s Tv Show Hill Street Blues was brought onboard to co produce with Eddie…

Whut Da Fuk Is Going On Here?

VH3 had some decent stuff on it.

One I Want is a decent track. I dig the flip-flop of backing vocals to lead vocals and that little solo Ed blasts off at the end of the first verse. I posted the live track of this and VH3 cuts across real good live but man look at Alex behind the kit! Dudes all banged up from the shoulders up. Was he going for an Iron Maiden Powerslave look? Dunno but still this is Good VH….Not Great VH….But Good…

Which leads us to the last song on VH3…

How Many Say I is a Ed only piece with  him at the piano doing his singing as well sounding like Tom Waits and basically man this one was a tough  slog through…

At over 6 minutes worth of noodling I realized back in 1998 that this was indeed a EVH solo album from the production down to the Bass playing  to Ed singing lead on a track….

Whose gonna tell Ed no?  New Boy Cherone? Nope…Anthony..Brother Alex..Nope…Mike Post?..Hahaha..

The real clincher was my wife Sue at the time when I put on 3 in our living room and was playing it for perhaps the first time commented to me  when How Many Say I came on with a  “What Is This?”

Exactly Sue Exactly…..

Cool Vs Gah!..Round 3…Scorpions…

Hit Between The Eyes Vs Winds Of Change

Scorpion’s came out with Crazy World in 1990 and it was a pretty solid record and a total improvement in my book than the previous release which was Savage Amusement (1988).

Zeeeee Scorps are….

Klaus Meine – lead vocals
Matthias Jabs – lead guitar, backing vocals
Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Francis Buchholz – bass, backing vocals
Herman Rarebell – drums, backing vocals

Scorps hooked up with songwriter Jim Vallance(Bryan Adams Co Writer) and wrote some great tracks one being Hit Between The Eyes which in my opinion is a Sure Fire Scorps Rocker! Rarebell steam rolls his drums at a crazy clip while Jabs solos like a lunatic all over the map and pulls it off.(underrated lead player in my humble opinion!) Vallance helps out and delivers the Scorps a Super Duper  chorus that is oh so good while Jabs is still soloing like a lunatic! Also full props for that Duster(Moustache) Schenker is sporting  in the live video below circa 1991!

Scorps always wrote brilliant Rock tracks. Case in point! The first 6 tracks on World Wide Live(1985) support my theory!

Look at these Monster Tracks..this is how you pace your show circa 84-85!

Side one
“Countdown” (Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs) – 0:41
“Coming Home” (Rudolf Schenker, Meine) – 3:17 (taken from Love at First Sting, 1984)
“Blackout” (Schenker, Meine, Herman Rarebell, Sonja Kittelsen) – 4:11 (taken from Blackout, 1982)
“Bad Boys Running Wild” (Schenker, Meine, Rarebell) – 3:45 (taken from Love at First Sting, 1984)
“Loving You Sunday Morning” (Schenker, Meine, Rarebell) – 4:41 (taken from Lovedrive, 1979)
“Make It Real” (Schenker, Rarebell) – 3:51 (taken from Animal Magnetism, 1980)

Wowzers thats a solid 6 Pack O Rock!

Scorps had a pretty cool knack for writing slower chill like tracks the best being No One Like You from Blackout(1982). But as time and albums wore on Scorps kinda lost steam on writing chill ballady like tunes and Winds Of Change or the Whistle Tune as i call it ( great message in the lyrics but why did the Scorps cave into the dreaded  trap of syrup rock?) Didn’t like this tune that much back in 90 still applies today….

Dunno bout Winds..i’m sure lots of you out there dig it and hats off to ya! For Me? Meh….?  I will still post the video maybe a live one to see if at all it picks up gas……


MMMMM…. after watching the live clip the Scorps tank is empty! Quick any one got a Defibrillator to revive this band? Than again these dudes are pushing  70 years young but man I dunno……

Crank up Hit Between The Eyes  again. That’s the Scorps I wanna listen to!

Cool Vs Gah! Round 2….Poison…

Valley Of Lost Souls Vs Poor Boy Blue’s

Poison by album three (Flesh&Blood) have taken it up a notch! Everyone knows there deal and what to expect and Jingle Jangle Flesh & Blood sells a ton and overall it’s a pretty decent album that except for a few tracks I don’t really have a problem with. Well I got a problem with Bret  Michael’s touring around his schtick prying his trade as a solo performer playing  at fairs and parking lots and playing Poison without the other guys who made up Poison!

Back in 1990 though Poison were selling out Arenas and I really turned on this band after the lacklustre performance in Winnipeg (1991) on the Flesh & Blood Tour . Poison that night didn’t give a shit and after that show I didn’t give a shit about Poison anymore…..

Why do I care that Bret  isn’t with Poison anymore? Ha! Silly finicky RnR Guy I have morphed into….

HairSpray Dudes…

Bret Michaels – lead vocals
C.C. DeVille – lead guitar
Bobby Dall – bass
Rikki Rockett – drums

Anyhoo these two tracks are from the same album!

Valley OF Lost Souls is the opening number on the album and Valley is the kind of song Poison excels at! The tune drives at a furious pace (for Poison Standards that is!) that crashes into a real slick catchy chorus! Check out the lyrics below

Living it up, giving it up
Living in the valley of lost souls
Wanting it all, taking the fall
Living in the valley of lost souls

Basically the tune is about being age 16 and running towards a dream! The only real downer about this track is the solo by C.C as like many of his solo’s he overplay’s it or that’s what it sounds like to me. But make no mistake of it Folks this is a great album opener!

Yeah I said it……

Flesh And Blood though by the end of the album kinda runs out of steam and its kinda funny that when a group of guys known as Poison get success they start thinking “Hey We Can Be Like Old School Aerosmith” that line of thinking in my book is Wrongo!

Ha! Check out this live clip of Michael’s’ and Crew trying to Aero It Up?  I will tell you that when you watch this clip and the first minute is just Bret blasting air into his Harmonica playing and to me it’s Meh! Tbone back in the day after a few beers and when it was late at night would blast the harmonica and man I would friggin howl.  Almost Borderline Cool! Needless to say Tbone kept me amused with his Antics whereas Bret doesn’t!


It’s one thing for a band too say “Hey  these guys  are our influences”  but it’s another to slap it down on (back than) vinyl and …

Well you be the judge……

Cool Vs Gah! Round 1…..Heavy Pettin….

Welcome To The Very First Post Of  What I’m Calling…..

Cool Vs Gah!

Do you like that title? ( Aaron over at the KMA Site once or well a few times answered his emails with a simple Gah! So dude thanks. I’m stealing Gah!) Well the deal here is I’m gonna post  two tracks by the same band. One track being Cool the other track being what I would  consider Gah!

I’m also going to try and not make this a repeat of something I posted in my 3/4’s Filler Category that you fine people have already read!

I will toss down my reasons why and for all intent and purposes feel free to comment and make fun of me ……

Batter Up…..

Love Times Love Vs Rock Ain’t Dead

This is a story that has to be written!  How many of you’s out there have heard of Heavy Pettin? Yup thought so, not many but I will tell you all a story how a pretty decent debut album(Lettin Loose/1983) which  gave me some hope for this band and  than it all went South with the followup.

Hell, these dudes even had Brian May (Queen) and Mack (Queen Producer) produce Lettin Loose so they got some decent muscle behind them and viola!

Heavy Pettin were young rock dudes from Scotland back in 1983 and had a bit  of run so much so the cassette tape of Lettin Loose made it into  my hands back in 1983.

The Heavy Petter’s featured….

Brian Waugh : Bass
Gary Moat : Drums
Punky Mendoza : Guitar
Gordon Bonnar : Guitar
Stevie Hayman : Vocals

So with a little hype kicked up in regards to the debut. In 1985 came  Rock Ain’t Dead the sophomore was released and with a few add’s in magazines plugging it I took the plunge and like any good friend would do I urged Tbone to do the same as he was buying up cassette tapes at a furious pace to build up his collection and it never entered his mind that I would steer him wrong!

Ha! We were both duped man! Rock Ain’t Dead? No it’s not,but on this album it was. Frigg! The wheels came right of the Pettin Tour Bus and it skidded right off the sonic highway.

Too be honest I think I played Rock Ain’t Dead once! Not to sound like a dick but think about it for a second. 1985 there was a ton of rock out in shelves of record shops,lots of magazines promoting stuff so when you  bought something and it stank you moved on and move on we did!

Tbone I think gave it more of an opportunity than I did but it sat there and collected dust on his shelf of cassette tape misfires…We all had misfires but man what happened? I basically led Tbone into camp Jim Jones and made him drink the Pettin Kool Aid!

Heavy Pettin should make a comeback especially with Gene Simmons and his whole Rock Ain’t Dead spiel in 2016.

So here’s the vid below for Love Times Love

Here’s a live clip from 1985 …Rock Ain’t Dead…


Love Times Love is a pretty decent track a little on the raw sounding side of things Rock but it has its moment with a good chorus…

Rock Ain’t Dead is as a cliché tune you could drum up in the 80s complete with wannabe Gang Chorus backing vocals and the falsetto screech of a lead singer as if he got kicked in his nut-sack!

In my world Rock Ain’t Dead but these guys ….