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Gojira/L’Enfant Sauvage

So here’s part 1 for today surprised KMA guys!?? Never have done a back to back 2 for the price of 1 Blog post minutes apart!

KMA week started off with heavy(Metallica) dipped into BruceVille(Born In The USA) slid over to a late night watering tavern for drink n drugs(Rolling Stones) and to end it all with something  beyond Metaaaaaaaaal! (Gojira)

I don’t think I could end this week without going real heavy with Gojira! Ha….I know Aaron loves these guys as he has drooled over them on his site so it’s only fitting that we end KMA tribute week here at Arena Rock with a sledgehammer of musical heaviness over the noggin with a sound called Goirja!

I was first introduced to the sonics of Gojira at my buddy Metal Todds place at the tail end of summer (August 2013) Metal Todd cooked  up some bad ass  chicken wings and we chilled with some  cold beers and as per our protocol we talk music ALOT of music. He quickly dialed in through his home stereo system the heaviness of these guys,a kinda heaviness I had up to that point in my life had never heard! These guys off the bat have the musical chops of jacked up red bull power drink binge Metallica and the singing is crazy hardcore kinda lets say a ton of built up angst! Having said that these guys have a Solid loyal Fanbase of listeners from all walks of life!

One day sitting in my inbox was L’Enfant Sauvage(in French means Wild Child) a gift from Metal Todd he purchased me the album and sent it to me(Thank Ya Kind Sir!) and lemme tell you that its a fist full of heaviness… say the least!

Gojira features Joe Duplantier on vocals and guitar,Christian Andru on guitar,Jean Micheal Labadie on bass and Mario Duplantier on drums! Basically the bros In this band write the tunes….Ummm make that heavy tunes…..

Hot Summer Nights and ……Gojira?

Saddle up…..

EXPLOSIA- heavy drumming, heavy guitar and Joe says Go! By God I will! Joe is pissed and he lets us all know that! Having said this the music is so good but man this is hands down some of the heaviest music I have ever owned! My pal Metal Todd isn’t called Metal Todd for no reason! Half way through this track the music chills but Joe doesn’t he keeps raging and by golly I’m in a raging mood! The song though starts crazy heavy and chills by the end but it’s safe to say there’s gonna be no sap on this bad boy!

L’enfant SAUVAGE- this Mario cat plays some real mean heavy drums and the guitars swirl and twirl around the drums and boom here comes the chorus. Think  crazy ass heavy playing with a strobe light going off and fucking you up this is Gojira! Ha!

THE AXE- I think Lars Ulrich would have cardiac arrest if he had to play double bass drums this quick! Man this is sick! Joe and the boys play slow compared to the drums but man drums…you want drums come to Planet Gojira ! Where we we pummel your senses into the ground! The song clips into different time changes!

LIQUID FIRE-heavy guitars and Mario rides the cymbals hard like a hooker riding a politician! Liquid Fire is pretty chill compared to the first three tracks but man double bass drumming supreme. Liquid Fire has a real cool catchy chorus with Joe’s gruff scowl in between bouts of chill backing vocals!

THE WILD HEALER- is a snappy little happy 2 minute musical piece and than its to….

PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE- more heavy metal ha! The drums are just chaotic I didn’t think anybody could drum like this fast! The chorus goes mellow but toss is a few real heavy drum patterns and man like I said in my Metallica review on Monday Metallica makes me want to break things! Gorjia makes me wanna destroy things! This song shifts gears musically and at the end it totally chills out… a real chill….yeah No Shit!

MOUTH OF KALA- reminds me of  a Pink Floyd tune but after you give Nick Mason a swift hard kick in the ass to get moving behind those drums! F’in Heavy! Sonically it’s out there man….Joe trips out man big time and it’s a 6 minute Acid Sonic Trip Gojira style! Not so much the music but the vocals are kinda echoey.

THE GIFT OF GUILT- the guitars at the start sound like Maiden! (Woo hoo) and than after 2 minutes the Maiden comparison ends and Joe goes off the rails and man some real fast riffing with Joe saying Go! The song makes you move. Stand and Pay Attention and be prepared to have your  face driven into the wall!

PAIN IS THE MASTER- listen to the video posted! NUFF said!

BORN IN WINTER-kinda a real cool low chill Pickin vibe driving this song and it gets heavy during the chorus! This is my fav tune on here the guitar drums just go postal in the mid section of the tune! Holy shit a Gojira tune that doesn’t make me wanna destroy civilization as we know it ..and than the song ends!

THE FALL-i feel heavy coming on as the beginning sounds Sabbath like and than all bets are off and Mario loses his shit behind the kit and this bus is going off the cliff! The mix of the drums on this album are sooooo good! The vocals are eery trippy …..almost ALICE In Chain like and than Mario and Joe  dispel that theory in a millisecond!

THE EMPTINESS-machine fun like guitars drums blast this tune into orbit in a slow burn kinda way! The double bass drums are just sick! The sonics of this album are well produced!

MY LAST CREATION- man those Gojira guys must  sit around and watch Mario drum…this tune starts off and you can feel his playing is contained for all of 40 seconds than the double bass takes over and pummels what’s left of your brain. Gojira folks are the deal and they are fast tracking me to a hearing aid quicker than you can say ‘what!”

IN CONCLUSION-my cheese metal brain just about turned to mush hahaha listening to these guys and at age 47 this is a new kind of metal to me! It’s friggin heavy no doubt and I can honestly say after having close to 12,00o songs loaded on two iPods this is the heavy of the heavy here folks!

Gojira is great walking music in -30 winter Weather here in Tbay (Gorjia kicks your ass! Great walking at a speed clip music!)or when I’m on my mountain bike in the summer  and I’m feeling sluggish riding to work just cue up Gojira! Ha I will be there in seconds not minutes!

Yo yo this is the end of KMA Week hope Ya all dug it!

Now who wants to go on a Gojira listening spree?

Rolling Stones Live In Hampton Virginia 1981

Since its the end of KMA Week here at Arena Rock I thought I would do something that I have never done and that’s drop 2 reviews minutes apart! Ha! So enjoy part 2 folks ….

Ever since I got to know Aaron I realized just how big of a Stones fan he was and I told him How great this show was and he should get it and he did so I basically have verbally bombarded him at various times about “where’s the Hampton Stones review?” Like a  blabbering idiot enough to stir him with amusement! Ha!!

So dude I have had to take matters into my own hands!

Just like how I dig the early 80s version of The Who I also really dig the early 80s version of The Stones especially there live material from that era!

The Stones in 1981 released the classic Tatoo You album and of course followed in 1982 the fantastic Still Life Live album from that tour!

I really love  the playing of the Stones on the Still Life release and here’s my spin on it…click here….

The one thing that bummed me out about Still Life was that it was a single live album not a double album. Gripes aside it was just a little while ago that The Stones on the website starting releasing past live shows from there Vault!

One of these shows was the full Hampton Virginia (1981)show! 26 tunes and once i seen that Poof Instant download!

Charlie Watts,Ian Stewart(RIP),Ronnie Wood,Keef Richards,Bill Wyman and Mick Jagger pull off and give me more songs 26 in total for the full meal Stones deal!

Songs that didn’t make the Still Life cut are fantastic nuggets like When The Whip Comes Down,Neighbours,Black Limosuine,Beast Of Burden,Waiting On A Friend,Let It Bleed,You Can’t Always Get What You Want, my personl fav Keef Tune in Little T&A,Let It Bleed,Tumbling Dice,She’s So Cold,Hang Fire,Honkey Tonk Women and Brown Sugar!

This is the best Stones set ever! Sure I like there other things latter on especially Voodoo Lounge but Wowzers kids these songs are golden and the best thing I like is its the Stones with just Stewie on the piano and some dudes on horns on a few other tracks playing with out the bells and whistles before the Stones in the late 80s incorperated backing singers and made there band bigger! Case in point a few months back i reviewed the Stones single Doom And Gloom along with Highwire and well read about how I just like how the Stones just got back to the basics…

I just like this stripped down version best!

Gotta love Jagger at the Hampton show as it was filmed for ppv special. He name checks all the cities that are watching on ppv! Ha what a lead singer/businessman while always keeping a eye on the $$$$$!

The Stones prove without a doubt that they were a serious Ass Kicker live act back in 1981!


Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band(Born In The USA Live)

Bruuuuuuuuuce! There are many Springsteen diehards out there! Aaron being the music fan that he is sent me a ton of Bruce and I thank Ya kind sir for that. One album that  does not need any introduction is the Born In The USA album.

1984 and Born In The USA sold mega units.(30 Million,Yep you read that right)  We all know the deal but here is the Born In The USA album played live in 2013 front to back so let’s check this one out kids! I love live albums the KMA love Bruce well I know for sure Aaron does so here it goes ….

Bruce was Born To Run…..and so was The KMA!

BORN IN THE USA- we all know this song right! Do i really need to discuss it? Naaa but maybe! 1984 what a great year for albums and music and one of them was this monster by Bruce and company and well his company is the E Street Band with Little Stevie,Clarence Clemons(RIP) Roy Bittan,Max Weinberg,Danny Federici(RIP),Nils Lofgren and Gary Tallent of course the live version of the band is different in 2015 than it was in 1984 obviously with a few people passing on but Bruce throws it down and when he sings he sometimes sounds like he straining his vocals and it was always Impressive with the length of shows this guy played nightly(3 hrs plus) that he was never shut down for any vocal trouble! So having rambled all that Bruce in 2013 sounds pretty much like Bruce 29 years earlier. That to me is the highest compliment I can pay to any lead singer in any format. Another Bruce as in Dickinson from Iron Maiden is another one,many others not so kind and I ain’t saying who!

COVER ME- Bruce crashes down after Born In The USA  has ended and does his trademark 1-2-3-4 count in and were into Cover Me! Some pretty cool riffing on guitar and man no one ever talks of his gutiar playing and Bruce can jolt down some pretty cool nifty thrifty leads as I mean he wrote the tunes so,why the hell not! Cover Me is a great Rock track especially the little breakdown in the middle section when Bruce sings ‘where the wild wind blows!’ Like the quick shift of the tempo and some real good soloing!

DARLINGTON COUNTY-a Stonesy riff starts off this track and I really love the cowbell. Just a feel good Honkey Tonkey style tune. C’mon load up the pickup and let’s head to Darlington County! Toss in a side order of some “Sha la la sha la la”while your at it!

WORKING ON THE HIGHWAY-Max plays some real cool drums and is joined by some quick strumming acoustic! The band joins in almost sounds like it would have fit in from the 50s this tune! Rock A Billy!

DOWNBOUND TRAIN-Yeah man this next to Brilliant Disguise is my fav Springsteen track! Bruce like many of his tracks is great at storytelling and in this case it’s some poor schmuck named Joe whose woman told him she had to go! I mean Joe lost his job down at the shipyards and has to work the carwash now  people, that fuckin sucks! Bruce delivers this tune with real passion and I gotta say his lyrics, the music it all fits! And when you here that whistle whine  …..come to think of it two years later that Jovi character also from New Jersey took the basis of this tune and cashed cowed a tune called Living On A Prayer! You think I’m on drugs? Listen to them back to back(just the lyrics the story,not the music) and just remember Bruce was on the Downbound Train in 1984. Jon,Richie,Tico,David and the great A.J Such stole Framptons Talk Box,borrowed Bruce’s idea kinda and JOVI bought there own Money Truck after Living On A Prayer blew up the charts! Watch the vid ……

I’M ON FIRE-ha ha this video to this tune was great! Bruce the mechanic and has the lady whose legs you only see in the video sez can Ya fixie my car by tomoorow am! Ha! Bruce fixes the car and cruises in it! On Fire has a chill vibe courtesy of Max on the drums! Throw down some “woo ahoo’s! ”

NO SURRENDER-Bruce keeps the show moving 1234… We’re off and No Surrender has some real cool Pickin at the beginning and the chorus tells us No Surrender! Ok ok ok…listen to this song lyrically and listen to Blood On Blood by Bon Jovi! Ha …..Jon Bon Springsteen was just  itching to be taken seriously as a song writer so ,well you be the judge! Like the middle Na Na Na’s when Bruce and Little Steven rock it vocally! Love the power chops ending of this and another 1234 Bruce intro to…

BOBBY JEAN-some nice sax opens this tune courtesy of Jake Clemons and this is a mid tempo track no frills but the song ends with once again some real cool sax! Max Weinberg drives this song with his drums so it’s doesn’t get sappy!

I’M GOIN DOWN-Bruce plays a real cool riff at the beginning! It’s just the  Boss!  Love this tune it’s another bar room Bruce rocker and once the song kicks in its simple yet so friggin catchy and sometimes that’s all it takes! Another real cool sax solo! Bruce his voice,his guitar and his band are still steaming full throttle! The band smashes it’s up at he end and right into….

GLORY DAYS-this is a great drinking  tune man! Bruce talks of bumping into buddy having a few drinks and talking about those days! Ahem Glory Days! Love the beat laid down by the E Streeters on this tune! The percusion is awesome on this track and its Bruce picking up his Tele strumming and jamming in the local water hole until the owner kills the power! Stevie and Bruce shout out a bunch of Allrights and Oh Yeahs! Crank the vid and crank back  a beer with it!

DANCING IN THE DARK-man this video went bonkers when it was released in 84! 2015 Bruce plays it perfect I mean how could he not? People love this tune and I like the driving bass in it. Garry throws down some simple straight ahead Bassing but it works! Jake and his sax Rock this tune along…This live version is a little extended of course it’s live…..even the synth line it still stands the test of time as it hasn’t drivin me bonkers like some 80s stuff does….

MY HOMETOWN-yeah man this is Bruce’s Hometown! This tune wraps up the whole USA album played from front to back,quiet  drums,everything’s relaxed even with crowd participation singing Your Hometown! Nice chill ending to a real good rock record!

IN CONCLUSION- love that Bruce played the whole album front to back! Bruce and the E Streeters rock this album up and pretty much stick to what they know. Bottom line it’s a great live Album!

Metallica/Master Of Puppets

The KMA is run by two dudes Aaron and James! Check there stuff out just look over to your right and under the heading of Fellow Friends there they be! Click Keeps Me Alive  …and have some laughs as Aaron and James have a great way with words. James is great with words he thinks things out kinda like a old school western gunslinger someone like Wyatt Earp he shows up out of the blue and throws down some well written reviews  whereas Aaron is like Billy The Kid he’s constantly moving, darting around with his words making you laugh and than BAM!  Aaron shoots you between the eyes with his writing! No questions asked. Aaron is a fantastic wordsmith! Dude constantly cracks me up…..

Best in both worlds of writing and considering both of them run there site together and even though they are worlds apart in writing  styles  it works!

Kudos Fella’s!

KMA means Keep Me Alive to me though it’s Kick My Ass so here it be!

Enjoy the week Hombres!

Kick My Ass Week…and guess what another snappy happy 3 album meal (maybe?)deal. I think James and Aaron would endorse these three albums (maybe?)I’m about to review….so sit back and enjoy the ride!

1986 and the Metallica Metal Booze Express is loaded with Jack and pounding the sonics of youth across Canada and the world! My first purchase of Tallica was in 1985 with Ride The Lightning and man considering how metal it was and how young they were and how much they liked booze that they could  pull of a tune like Fade To Black just blew my mind! It just showed you there seriousness at there craft And Fade To Black just makes that point more clear that they had there shit together when they unleashed Master Of Puppets in 86!

I bought Masters on cassette and great on Metallica they included full lyrics and  credits in the sleeve which was good and hey speaking of the credits they thanked Neil,Geddy and Alex and we all know who they are right? If not do your homework friends!

Master Of Puppets man its impressive it found its audience in 1986 as everyone was glamming out sonically but here’s Metallica wearing street clothes holes in the jeans sporting Misfits t shirts slammimg back Heineken and playing music at full throttle!

For Whom The Bell Tolls with James Hetfield,Cliff Burton(RIP),Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett…..

BATTERY-some nice little classical guitar is played and boom here’s the crush of Lars on drums,Cliffy on bass, James and Kirk on guitar and let the surge and purge begin! Battery rips along at speeds i didn’t think we’re possible at the time. Holy hell listen to the vid posted especially during the chorus when James,Kirk and Lars are playing and leaving room for Cliff to Riff on his Rickenbacher! Ha! Cliff To Riff sounds good to me! Shit man these speeds are sick and than  heres Kirk dropping down solos at breakneck speed and the song not tilting  under the speedometer at 150 mph! Seriously? This is only track 1!

MASTER OF PUPPETS-Big and I mean a big power crashing sweep of Sonics opens Masters Of Puppet! The title track unleashes what I have always like about Metallica! The song builds up slow than rips into the verses and James leads the charge with his vocals and yeah we all can chant MASTER,MASTER during the chorus and it  just shoots through the roof  as Lars is gulping O2 to keep up and instant Gem I do say ! Kirk plays crazy ass licks but riffs that don’t annoy you or take aways the vibe of the tune! Master builds it  up,Master rips it down! This is a full out metal assault! The great thing about this song and for this album in general  is not dated to the time of 1986! Keep flinging back those Heinekens Boys I like what I hear!

THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT BE-love the groove of this tune it’s not metal at 150 mph more like doing 85 in a 55 zone! Lars and Cliff lock up tight in there playing with Lars slapping his snare drum silly and James following chaos underground! Kirk stays the course on guitar and that’s what i dug about Hetfield the dude could sing with all the amps cranked behind him.

WELCOME HOME SANITARIUM- great slow build up with some neat picking by Kirk and Lars plays busy drums but doesn’t get to crazy and this song goes and gets heavy in the chorus! These lyrics are deep,heavy thought provoking and shit these guys have the chops! Love Cliffs bass runs on this tune! The song ramps up and kicks into overdrive during the solo. Yee haw!

DISPOSABLE HEROES-drums a smashing guitars a crashing and this song gallops in a metal way! Heavy! Big time speed on the pre chorus amn this is metal and Kirk riffs having as Lars is pounding double bass and smashing his Tama drums into the ground! Lots of Kill,Die and Hell and ripping solos ….Geez when James sings “Back To the Front …you coward! ” Umm  Yep that’s me he’s refering to as back in 1986 I’m hiding behind my copy of Poisons Look What The Cat The Dragged In!  Drums are just dope sick good on this song….fuck this is metal

LEPER MESSIAH-Lars counts in and boom metal kinda like a mashup of ACDC groove mixed with Metallica except Lars is playing drums and than halfway thru the tune the song ramps up and ACDC is left behind but man the production on this album by Flemming Rasmussen is mint! Even now in 2015! Kudos producer guy! More Lie,Die,Lie,Die stuff for your listening pleasure.

ORION-Orion is a musical only track with a smash of a Gong! Cliff gives his Rickenbacker a real work out with some serious riffing on it and all the guys do there thing like think of it as a Rush musical on Roids!

DAMAGE INC-Gem man…just love this tune…like the eery creepy guitar effects at the beginning and how about an smash over the head with some real Metal played fast and furious with reckless abandon! But Tallica know the deal end the album with a sure fire mass of metal lodged into your noggin. This works! Speed …man,does not kill it just makes me want to break things! Like Tbone,where’s your Bad English cassette so I can destroy it?

IN CONCLUSION- you want  MEEEEEEEETAL! You got it with Puppets! There is no fooling around here folks! Hetfield and Crew put on the hard hats dig themselves a deep trench and get to work! They knew they had there own fan base so like how Rush did it on there own Metallica goes about it the same way! You with us …GREAT! Your not…MOVE ON……

Check back Wednesday for another installment of KMA Week….