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Well i seen a few faces at these shows and we rocked em all!

Scotch On The Rocks Live Tonight With Brent Jensen!

Tonight Brent Jensen returns and we will chat about that bizarre story that circulated in the late 80s that Nikki Sixx was actually replaced in Motley Crue for a period of time. Along with Mike Ladano we will discuss for the hour what really went down with what Matthew Trippe was talking about when he claims to have been SIxx.

Tonight at 7pm at Scotch On The Rocks Youtube!


KISS in 2022 has released what I consider the best KISS live album of the bunch!


What did deKe just say? Better than the three official Alive releases from ’75, ’77 and ’93.

Now that John T. Snow has spit out his coffee all over his laptop let me clarify.

‘Off The Soundboard: Live In Virginia Beach’ recorded on July 25th 2004 is that.

LIVE! To my blown out 54 year old ears this has to be the most live ever recorded official release that KISS has ever put out. 

Paul Stanley’s vocals are sounding tired. Gene Simmons’ vocals sound hoarse while the guitars during some of the solo’s get a little cranked up more than normal yet I have to tell you all that this is the charm of this set.


As a fan since ’78 I’m totally ok with this. I actually like the set list. Course you get the usual songs (‘Rock N Roll All Night, Deuce, Shout It Out Loud, Detroit Rock City’) but it’s the stuff that is rarely played like ‘Tears Are Falling, Makin’ Love, Christine Sixteen’ and especially ‘Unholy'(didn’t see that one coming).

People are complaining about the packaging and yeah the vinyl is housed in a cardboard box stamped with the KISS logo but with more of these KISS Soundboard releases coming I can see why the package is simple. No pics, nothing.

John Snow did tell me that KISS is releasing another soundboard show in the next few months (July) that features the classic Kiss lineup ( Criss, Frehley, Simmons,Stanley) when they headlined Donington back in’96. 

Is Virginia Beach the best KISS live album ever?

No silly it’s not but I can easily say it’s the most live sounding of them all and for that i’m cool with it but overall it does not come close to the first two (supposedly) live albums.

Take my money…

Speaking of taking my money. I preordered this album from the actual KISS online store back in February.

When this was released back on March 11th I still had no confirmation on the status of my record and a retro T-shirt that I had ordered. Yet Amazon Canada had it and were shipping copies out. I emailed the online store and they told me my order would be sent out shortly which it was but when I received my parcel on April 1st the record was here but no T-Shirt!

Back to emailing them saying what happened with the T-shirt. Mistakes happen but from here on out as a first time customer at the official KISS Online shop it has me think twice about ordering anything from them again. I had heard and read stuff about product taking forever so I was hoping maybe just maybe the problem was fixed.


Scotch On The Rocks Live Tonight With The Snowman!

Mr. John T Snow returns tonight and we will spend the hour chatting about those good old boys known as Whitesnake specifically those years from ’84-90 when Coverdale was firing, hiring, selling records, and  concert tickets and making those videos!

Oh yeah those three albums as well. “Slide It In”- “87 Album” and “Slip of the Tongue”

Tonight at 7pm live on YouTube at the Official Scotch On The Rocks page.

Scotch On The Rocks Live Tonight with MUK!

Muk Lange is back tonight at 7pm as we have a pile of vinyl to get through in an hour!

1984 was a huge year in Rock. Some of the heavy hitters that year were Maiden,Priest, Triumph, Deep Purple, RUSH and Springsteen!

Not only on the international front but up and coming Canuck bands like Kick Axe and Helix were starting to make a dent into our record collections as well!

Hang out with us and join in the discussion in which it should be a hoot!

Scotch On The Rocks..Youtube Channel as well as Thunder Bay Arena Rock-Scotch On The Rocks on FaceBook!

SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS!: March/ April 2022 Schedule

After a 3 month hiatus due to Home Renovations (still ongoing) and three of us at home catching Covid (still ongoing)…

Scotch On The Rocks is back!

Remember folks to hit up the Scotch On The Rocks! channel on YouTube as I don’t stream off of FaceCrack.

Here we go…

Tim Durling starts things off on Wednesday March 16th at 7PM as we will chat about Tim’s fantastic book on 8-Tracks called “Unspooled”.

Not only that but we will also discuss the career of Y&T which should be fun as I look forward to Tim’s thoughts on the bands “Down For The Count” record as well as some other Y&T records.

Muk makes a long overdue return sometime in March and we will chat about the year of 1984 in Hard Rock. Who knows this may be a two parter as their a ton of records to go over.

Good friend to the streaming and blogging world John T Snow will hop on March 30th as we will do a deep dive into three albums that paved the way for a band that had huge success in the back half the 80’s in North America and that act is… Whitesnake!!

The first week of April brings my good pal  Brent Jensen back and we will tackle the world of Motley Crue specifically the years from 1982-1990. Matthew Trippe will be a topic as well. Who is Matthew Trippe? Tune in on Thursday April 7th at 7pm Sharp.

Also at some point sooner than later I will have Mr. CanadianGrooves and his better half Sarca on as well.

Geoff Stephen will be back also.

Not only all that but Alex Huard co host  of Thursday Night Record Club will be coming on as well. T.B.A

I’m also currently working on securing two interviews for April that until I get the dates down and actual confirmation’s and what not I’m saying much more than that.  I will keep everyone posted…



Top Albums from 1983 Live Tonight @ 7pm!

Muk’s  back and this time  we will do a deep dive back to the year 1983 when bands like Def Leppard, The Police and Quiet Riot ruled not only the charts but had massive video rotation as well.

Tonight we will discuss what rocked our world that year only on Scotch On The Rocks(Youtube)!

After tonight  I’m taking a break from live streaming til the New Year.

Thanks to all you have watched and have subscribed to the official Scotch On The Rocks YouTube  channel.

As I told Snowman last week when our stream ended that this deal that I’m doing is “Our” show, meaning whomever is on with me whether it’s the  MarsMan, Snowman, Ladano, Muk or actual  music guys it’s “Our” show that night.

I just set up the stream, invite guests (they pick the night) and try to figure it out as we go live.

Speaking of which you can only watch it live or on rerun on Youtube as I’m no longer connecting it to Facebook.

Some hiccups, but it’s live without a net so to speak..

Thanks Folks…

RATT N ROLL with the Snowman!

Tonight!! The one and only John T. Snow is going to spend an action packed hour with me as we discuss those fun loving rodents RATT who had a real great run in record sales and tours in the 80s.

Nowadays they love suing each other but we will talk what it was about RATT that separated them from the 1000 other bands that came from L.A almost 40 years ago!

See the pic above for all the info about tonights show!

Thanks to Teebone for the killer artwork!

Nicholas Walsh

I’m pumped to have Nicholas Walsh coming onto” Scotch On The Rocks” to talk to myself and Mikey about all things that Nick has been up to in his over 30 years in the music biz.

From Nick’s start in Toronto fronting the band “Portrait” which became “Slik Toxik” who released a couple of records on Capitol Records right on  through to his current band “Famous Underground”  and all points in between we are going to be doing a deep dive into his musical journey.

Join us tonight at 7pm!

Click the video below to see what Nick is up to currently.