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Well i seen a few faces at these shows and we rocked em all!

IRON MAIDEN Destroys Cadott!


Bruce at 55 years young….I have said it before and I’ll say it again…no one sings this type of rock  or delivers it live better..just watch…..

Watch Bruce at the 1 minute 40 second mark literally take a tumble I mean the dude hits the deck (trips) but he doesn’t miss a lyric….!

Monday it was opening act Coop today it’s the main draw…Ladies and Gents….I present to Ya ……………..

IRON MAIDEN….July 21/2012

Rockfest is a 4 day  hard rock festival held yearly outside of Cadott Wisconsin about a hour or so drive away. My younger brother Todd like I mentioned the other day got us VIP tickets the day of Maidens appearance so basically we were about 22 rows back on the floor from the stage. These were great seats. The venue itself is interesting it’s located in a huge field with only one  farmhouse nearby. The seats in the VIP section(floor) have no cover from the weather and the only place for shade is in the VIP tent section of the venue.

Now let me tell Ya,my brother paid $175 U.S each for two tickets and included was our VIP tickets. Now if we would have paid for the lawn tickets they were going for a flat rate of $75 each and the view was pretty good also but my bro Todd said that if we’re driving 6 hours let’s treat ourselves shall we!!

VIP package was kick ass…it included all the beer you wanted/water/pop and the meals were awesome with chefs serving beef/chicken in the VIP tent! Plus the shitters were always clean as they had built in bathrooms on site!

In comparison,Tbay every year has it’s own festival here and there VIP is a waste of time and I can speak from expierence as I paid for it and it was a joke like seriously when Kim Mitchell played I had a fuckin birch tree in front of me!! Yeah a actual birch tree like talk about a obstructed view! (Should have brought a chainsaw)I won’t even plug this Festival as its a joke! The bands are good but the organizers c’mon man! I did send a email to the organizer and they did reply to my concerns but they did not like my comment that they should load up a SUV of Tbay festival suits and drive to Rockfest and see how a real VIP is run! They ignored that comment in my email! Hahahaha…..

Back to Rockfest so anyways like I said earlier it’s a 4 day festival. The first night I think it’s local bands that played but back in July of 2012 the Friday headliner was Five Finger Death Punch. Saturday was of course Maiden and Sunday was Def Leppard and (gulp) Poison!! Me and Todd were just going on the Saturday so by the time we got there at around 3 pm Svendust was playing ( dudes are heavy) followed by Papa Roach(better than I thought) Cooper(see yesterday’s review) and now the reason we are there…….

1988 and Maiden releases Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and by the end of the decade Maidens popularity is taking a hit (not with me..hahaha) as there were more than a few empty seats on there North American tour and Seventh Son sold but it did not do as well as expected. For me though it’s always been of my favs by Maiden I loved how they melted the use of the synth with guitars and with Nicko smashing and the Air Raid Siren(Bruce) wailing away on vocals. I love the 7th Son album and still do!

Fast forward to 2014 and Maiden decides to redo what many missed in 88 the first time the whole 7th Son deal!  So by the time the Maiden machine rolls into Cadott it’s a set recreation done with the memories of 1988 but with the technology of 2012!

Case in point when Maiden showed up to Rockfest they had to add 6 feet to the front of the stage and add another 12 feet behind the stage to get all the Eddie props in! No short cuts for Maiden! Also they showed up with 12 semis (transport trucks) with gear and 10 tour busses with there entourage! That’s how it’s done!

So 9 pm sharp  and UFOs Doctor Doctor is pumped over the PA and once the UFO tune is done there on the screens are the icebergs and Eddie and now the intro to Moonchild …the acoustic and Bruce singing his 7 deadly sins bit….and whoah here comes the synth and the volume is GETTIN louder and here’s the guitars and bam…..

MAIDEN RIPS INTO MOONCHILD- there they are…Maiden it’s still hot as hell outside and Bruce is above Nicko on the ramps behind the drums and Janick Gers/Dave Murray/Adrian Smith and Steve Harris charge the front and it takes  Harris all of 2 minutes to crank his leg on the floor monitor! Maiden is delivering and Ummm I’m losing my shit already! Like how could you not?! It’s Maiden!

CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS- Can I Play With…..Bam pyro drops from the top of the light truss and we’re off. Bruce commands attention and man the dudes on fire 55 years young and giving it his all! Shit his vocals are amazing and the dude is in tremodous shape! Running not missing a beat! Crazy good! No Teleprompters used! This stage is massive!

PRISONER-We want information…..Aahhhhh Nicko slams the skins and the 3 Amigos on guitars join in and Harris and now Bruce is working the front of the stage and telling all the lazy ass fucks to get moving! This is classic Maiden from the Number Of The Beast era! This song is mint……pure gold as Aaron would say!

2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT- Adrian Smith hammers down the opening riff and it’s becoming apparent that when Maiden play the solos it’s Dave and Adrian just like yesteryear. Janick is there but nailing down rhythms as the two original guys have reclaimed there solos on the old songs(pre Gers era)As well as they should …..Bruce throws out a few Hey Heys Heys and keeps the crowd going! Don’t worry man Dickinson plays right to the last guy in the crowd way up,in the hills…..

AFRAID TO SHOOT STRANGERS- so Maiden breaks protocol and plays this track from Fear Of The Dark! In other words they throw Janick a guitar bone as he solos away like a lunatic. Good soldier he is and well why not! Kick back let Adrian and Davey have there 80s heyday solos and when duty calls nail down your solos, put on a show stage right and collect your big paycheque! Win win for everyone!

THE TROOPER-here comes Bruce in his British uniform and waving a torn Union Jack flag and the rest of the Maiden crew is Center stage and the music just blows is away. I mean it’s Dave Murray ripping the frets on his guitar during the solo and boom Adrian joins him….Bruce leads the charge from atop the stage. What must be noted is the backdrops of various Eddie images throughout Maidens career. The Trooper is one em!

THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST- speaking of backdrops check out the vid posted as this is a great visual for this song! This is epic Maiden! Great opening,Harris and the guitars in sync and Dickinson gives that ear piercing ….yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Fire,fire and more fire…this song is taking us to hell! Shit I swear at one point of this song I took a glance at my bro and I thought I had seen devil horns on his head!!! Hahahaha ..just joking Todd! But this is another song that just wails classic! Plus like I said at the the top of the page Bruce mugs out and doesn’t miss a beat…..if that was Axl Rose he would have gone home!

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA- epic 8 minute romper from the debut Maiden album from 1980! You want guitar historics,vocals,drums,bass thumping and pyro! Here it is….the hardcore fans (me) were impressed they dug this one out dusted it off and Maiden kicked our asses with it!

RUN TO THE HILLS- Nicko sets the pace and if you are a hard rocker you know this tune and really do I need to explain it to you? I will say  though during the solos more pyro and a 7 foot Confederate Eddie walking back and forth and darting around the stage is Janick Gers! Tossing about  his strat high into the air!

WASTED YEARS-ahhh this is Todds favourite Maiden tune! Smith really exploded as a songwriter on this track and the album it’s from Somewhere In Time  may be its best track on there! The solo Is friggin good and Bruce makes the crowd sing it….Face up!

SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON- how about the whole deal of the tour delivered here in its 12 minute glory! The title track Bruce commands the stage! Man this is epic! Who knows how tall Eddie is holding the globe and man the solos are sick especially Smiths as he displays along with Murray why they dethroned Tipton/Downing  as my fav one two guitar punch! Shit just go,and listen to Killers as that’s Smiths debut with Murray..they blazed trials and as a little headbanger back than! HOLY SHIT Sez I!

THE CLAIRVOYANT- this is a great track. I mean the verses are catchy and there’s a time to live and a time to die ! Bingo folks this is heavy duty stuff! The solos are great Nicko and Harris are locked in tighter than the bottles of Scotch in Tbones boozey cabinet!

FEAR OF THE DARK- wow another epic classic! FOTD is a slow builder and than it shifts into hyper gear with everyone in metal sync and watch Bruce in the vid go from one side of the stage to the other. The man hustles,no slouching ever…. That’s why he’s the best in the biz right now especially in the endurance test  of live Metal ! This is a great track and Janick rips the solo! Classic Maiden ….

IRON MAIDEN- Scream for me Wisconsin sez Bruce…I dunno, I wish for shits and giggles Bruce woulda tossed out a Scream For Me Hammersmith!! I would lost it man! Haha..but still Bruce commands the epic song and well here comes the 7th Son Eddie holding a beating heart in its left hand with a mini Eddie trying to bust out! Crazy over the top production! Maiden says goodnight more pyro and me and Todd are blown away!

ACES HIGH-After a minute or so…..on the screens here comes the Second World War footage of Airplanes engaging in battle…and now Winston Churchills Speech and boom Maidens back on stage after the stage explodes and there’s the Aces High backdrop! That stuff is so cool looking! Rollin Rollin Turnin Turnin…Do It Again…

THE EVIL THAT MEN DO- once again another solid tune from 7th Son!  Love the galloping bass. Harris is the King of the 4 string and plus the dude tunes his own bass inbetween songs! Steve if your reading this(Hahahaha) I will roadie for you! This is a great track and guess how the song ends ..exactly more pyro! BAAAAAAAAM BAAAAAAAAAM!

RUNNING FREE- and boom into Nicko laying down the shuffle with Steve and it’s Running Free! Bruce works the crowd over one last time and basically lays claim that no band is better live than Maiden!

So basically as you can gather from this review I along with Todd were blown away by this performance! As you readers know I have seen a few shows in my life time (ha) Maiden 2012 was THE BEST live performance/production I have ever seen! Maiden ruled that night and blew my mind (what’s left of it that is) and proved that without a doubt they are THE force to be reckoned with!

I’m not the only one who felt this way what I heard was that normally each day at Rockfest the attendance is about 25,000-35,000. When Maiden showed up to Wisconsin for there show close to 50,000 passed thru the gates to check out Maiden!

One more story….the people that were beside us were cool guys but one dude made a remark after Maiden exited  that he was bummed that Maiden did not play Hallowed Be Thy  Name!!?. Fair enuff but Steve and the boys have played Hallowed every tour since 1982 so Ummm cut em some slack fellas…..especially when this guy beside me  was losing his shit on how Maiden was rocking it big time earlier that night!


Cooped Up In Wisconsin!

The Coop loses his head…..

Alice Cooper was opening for Iron Maiden in the summer of 2012 through out North America. My younger bro Todd scored us some kick ass Vip Seats for the Copper/Maiden show in Cadott Wisconsin on July 21 2012…so today it’s the opening act Coop and Wednesday,the headliner IRON MAIDEN…..enjoy….

So for my first time seeing Cooper live it’s outside in Cadott,it’s sunny,it’s 6pm and it’s 92 degrees in the shade! A perfect setting for a Coop show right? Hahaha….

So we get the Vincent Price spoken word intro and boom where into The Black Widow and followed quickly by Brutal planet! Coop even though he is opening he’s bringing the stage show with him and me and Todd are pumped I mean it’s Coop,he’s God knows how old,he’s dressed in black,it’s fuckin hot out and the dude is giving his all!

What a top notch band he has with him on drums Jonathon Mover (filling in for regular skins smasher Glen Sobel) Chuck Garric on bass,Tommy Henrikson on guitar,Ryan Roxie on guitar and the Copps secret weapon on third guitar Orianthi!

Coop has a talent for having backing superior musicians and man check out Orianthi on the vid I posted, man can she play and she took centre stage on many the the Coop songs….she can flat out rock!

Third song in and now it’s time for the classics beginning with Under My Wheels,Billion Dollar Babies and  No More Mr Nice Guy!

Alice and the band now plough forward to a newer  song of his I like (well 1991 if that’s new to you)and that’s the title track from Hey Stoopid(love the opening line of “hey bro take it slow your not living in a video”) Is it My Body and Halo Of Flies(10 minute tune )is swated at us and the whole band goes off into super jam mode and these gents and one lady can hold it down!

Classic Muscle Of Love is dropped next and boom were into Orianthi’s guitar solo and Yep my peeps she is the only one in the Coops posse to get a solo spotlight! Good for her and good for the Coop! She deserves it…

Feed My Frankenstein also from Hey Stoopid is cranked out and here comes the Coop Prop Frankenstein chases and Alice sprints off the stage and this proves the Ol bugger Alice can still run short distance pretty damn fast!

One of Alice’s MTV hits Poison is played and it’s a good rock track and the crowd loves it …..I mean this tune whether you like it or not put the Coop back in the Loop of the public eye back In 89. I mean he could have sapped out a song like Fallen Angel by Poison (no pun) to get people’s attention hahaha….

Wicked Young Man is played and followed by I love The Dead and the Coop literally loses his head in this one! This as a fan is what I’m waiting for it must have been sumthin else to have seen the Cooper live in the the 70s when he was hanging himself,chopping his head off,withering around in his strait jacket than again  if I had seen those shows back in the early 70s I would be about 60 years old now! Hahahaha….

Schools Out is jacked out to the masses and what a finale to his show!

Coop comes out for a encore and that’s Elected waving the American Flag and he introduces his whole band and gives them there due for a job well done!

Wowzers man,me and my bro Todd  were blown away by the Coop! I mean for my first time seeing him live and it’s at supper time haha, (6pm)its pretty cool cuz when you think of Coopers live show you think of a dark arena  but the Coop delivers it full throttle and man what a great cast of musicians with him,not a slouch among em!

17 songs played……now that’s a Theatric Rock Show Friends!

They Call It…..Heavy Metal Noooooooise!


October 7 1984/Duluth Minnesota/  Sammy Hagar/Krokus

Thunder Bay never ever got top current American touring acts in the 80s it was only after the decade crashed and burned into the early  90s grunge wasteland that acts would make there way here…but hey that’s a story for another time. One top solo artist of the 80s who had a huge breakthrough was the Red Rocker the one and only Sammy Hagar. Sam was selling records especially with  his current release V.O.A with the huge hit I Can’t Drive 55! Sam finally made a name for himself in Tbay for Christ sakes but it was Duluth that was getting Sam The Man.

So off to Duluth for the show me and my buddy Muc and 40 other yahoos on a party bus. I was into Krokus big time I mean One Vice At A Time sounded like ACDC  the followup to it was Headhunter which they were sounding like Judas Priest no surprise since Tom Allom produced Headhunter and there they were in Duluth opening for Hagar on the back of there current release The Blitz sounding well ummmm commercial! Krokus as a opening act was a good act from Long Stick Goes Boom thru there singles like American Woman(cover) Stayed Awake All Night(cover) and old stuff like Heatstrokes and Eat The Rich good show so far but what would Sam have up his sleeve??

Well Sammy hit the stage with This Planets On Fire and just totally rocked the place. The show was sold out at about 5,000 or so as which he said from the stage he had only  3000 two years earlier. Who knows maybe he was bullshitting if he was I was buying it but hey who cares Sam rocked with his backing band  and put on a big time arena rock show with a lighting truss that came down during the song  Heavy Metal at which time he ran out above the crowds heads…we ate it up! This light Truss is the one Sam dragged with him to Van Halen the one seen in the Live Without A Net vid when Halen rips thru Ain’t Talkin Bout Love…but back to Hagar..great show and well as I had only the VOA album,on tap was more Hagar purchases. The thing I noticed was how much heavier Sam was in concert. Case in point his Three Lock Box Album was a AOR rock big time on the keys and commercial song after commercial song but VOA was a little heavier on the guitar(not much but a little) as Ted Templmen produced VOA and worked on the previous 6 albums with a  guitarist who has the initials EVH! Sammy proved that night to us he was a crazy good frontman working the stage with his wireless headset,playing guitar,high fiving the front rows,the dude was jacked, we sold our souls to the Red Rocker! Still remember when he played the song Red the whole stage was Red/Crowd everything . I’ve Done Everything For You, Plain Jane,Love Or Money, and of course VOA was well represented with I Can’t Drive 55,Swept Away,Dick In The Dirt,Two Sides Of Love and of course the the title track VOA!

Great show….

So less than 2 yrs later Sammy would bid his solo band adieu and head over to Camp Halen but because of his brilliant live show and album of the time Sam would be fine fronting Van Halen.


The above  vid is from well I’m sure ya can tell and that’s Farm Aid. This is SAMs final show with his solo band as he split to join VH shortly after this performance…





Coffee And A Side Order Of Poundcake Please!

This pic of EVH was on the front page of the Winnipeg Sun the following day!
This pic of EVH was on the front page of the Winnipeg Sun the following day!
Gotta love some reviewers like this dipstick who reviewed this show as he says in his review they played Spanked and You Really Got Me and since i was present and accounted for at this show they did not play either track as he mentioned. Some people are so out of touch with reality! Or share those drugs with me Mr Reviewer!
Gotta love some reviewers like this dipstick who reviewed this show as he says in his review they played Spanked  and since i was present and accounted for at this show they did not play Spanked as he mentioned. Some people are so out of touch with reality!

Van Halen/Alice In Chains  Nov 7 1991 Winnipeg Arena

So the big Halen show was hitting the Peg and I was in attendance to watch Seattle upstarts Alice In Chains  sludge there sounds across the arena. Kudos to Halen they could have gotten another party rock band to open but na  they went with the exact opposite of what there doing. AIC were plugging the Facelift album and although I wasn’t a huge fan per say of them I will say that even today Man In The Box still holds up real well.  Also crazy is the half that band has passed on (layne Staley rip and Mike Starr rip) but that night in the Peg they played there album and I just remember the crowd was ok with them. If my memory serves me correct I think the only thing Staley said to the crowd was ‘hey we don’t bite’ as the front rows were somewhat subdued!

So after a quick changeover  here comes Van Hagar amped and loaded and there’s EVH   Noodling with his drill and were cranking into Poundcake and man Halen are jacked and they look like there enjoying themselves well I sure as hell am as thru a few friends they got me and my lady friend at the time 6 th row on the floor. Holy crap there’s Halen right infront and man it’s loud down here but I wouldn’t want it any other way!!

Second song and were blasting full throttle into Judgement Day and EVH lays down some neat tapping and Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar nail down the vocals and AVH drives the song into the next realm! Two songs down….make that Diver Down in my case!

Runaround follows as the third track played and the third song from the current release and man this is a good song and it comes across great live. Sammy works the stage and someone throws up a tshirt and Sam check is it out and holds out the homemade shirt that says written in marker on the back ‘Juiced For Halen’ and Sammy than puts it on much to the slight of the fans down front from what I could see a bunch of em all had homemade Juiced For Halen shirts! Ahhhh memories!

When it’s love is up next and you know what this is a great Halen song as well and man Sam can sing live he just gives Er and I recall this one having some decent lights twirling around or was that my head?! Ha

No sooner does the song end and boom where into solo Hagar territory with There’s Only One Way To Rock…yes man I love this song and Halen is firing on all four cylinders! This song can get you jacked up and man I was fired up! Great energy this tune especially with the guitar duel with EVH.

And now a blast from the past here comes Sunday Afternoon in the Park from Fair Warning and were into a Michael Anthony bass solo. This solo was so loud that the bass was vibrating my pant leg haha…..Anthony ran around flinging out bass riffs that made no sense to me but man the dude was having a good time and you know what ? So was I M.A so thank u!

Anthony  and AVH with Ed head into the Pleasure Dome and were into Alex’s drum solo and man what a drummer one of the greats for sure! Huge drum riser and pyro shooting off and  wow man Alex loads up and launches into the drum fill of ..

A.F.U..yeah man there jacked I’m jacked were all fired up what a great song!

Including solos and songs were now into the ninth song and the first DLR tune is unleashed and it’s Panama and the crowd goes crazy. Sammy delivers it and hey I think he may just may dig this tune and if he doesn’t well he ain’t showing it!

After one Diamond Dave track were back to 5150 and Why Can’t This Be Love. This is a good solid rock track and well the new recruits into Camp Halen like this track and me as well. It was the Van Hagar debut single and it showed us there was life after Panama!

Well now so out come some goofy cowboy hats and the Halen boys go acoustic(Sammy) and electric(Ed)with Finish What You Started and Ed shows us the cool finger picking solo that just makes this song come alive.

Now it’s time for SAMs solo spot and that’s Eagles Fly from his 87 solo release I Never Said Goodbye. Good song and man say what ya want but Sammy can play guitar.

We go from nice little acoustic piece into 316 and EVH’s monster solo…Eruption! What is there to say during EVH solo? Nuthin new I can add so why bother but I will say that he is the best of the best from my generation! Ya can’t compete with this guy when he’s soloing. No one comes close!

You Really Got Me is up next and it’s more blistering guitar work from Eddie like I had to tell ya right??

Sammy punches the gas and drives Halen right into I Can’t a Drive 55. This one is a hard rocker now that it’s a keyboard less tune.

Some more from 5150 is coming up and that’s Best Of Both Worlds. I like the interplay between band members on this one like from the Live Without A Net Release!  So by now it’s a pretty well known fact that Halen is rocking and pushing the Hagar catalogue  to extremes!

The regular Set ends with The Dream Is Over and it’s a great song man and people tend to forget about as it’s buried on side two of the F.U.C.K album.  The band rips it apart at the end and bids adieu ! But I ain’t leaving yet!

Here it comes folks..might as well……JUMP!…Sam obliges everyone and plays the biggest selling single of VH’s career by that point well ya have to give the people what they want right.?!?!

And to close off the nights festivities…..Top Of The World! Complete with VH logo torched and on fire with pyro going off left,right and center! The band says cya and Sam shouts a don’t drive drunk  message to the faithful and they depart!

This was a great rock show. I mean Halen by this point is a different animal with Hagar  fronting as you can tell by the lack of DLR material played and for my money I was ok with it all! Some points of interest were that this was VH’s first performance in the Peg since 1984 and that only 8,000 of a 12,000 seats were sold. But being a professional rock act Halen played to the 8,000 fans not the ,4000 empty seats!



Cheap Trick came along with there 10,000 shrieking  Japanese girls back to Tbay in 1980 and basically took over my stereo with the Budokan release. Kiss for me was the be all end all but there 1980 release(Unmasked) was a bizarre effort from Kiss including the cover it’s like what they say nowadays they phoned it in. Kiss was sounding like a band that’s tank was starting to run empty  and I’m sure all the dissension In the Kiss ranks did not help but hey Cheap Trick comes along with this live album just like Kiss did with there two live releases (Alive & Alive 2) and kicks down the walls with the ‘ hey if u think our albums sound soft well crank this up little fanboys” and by golly I did and I was converted with Kiss lacking any gumption Cheap Trick came along with the Budokan and fulfilled my listening need at the time. Cool songs,loud guitars loud drums, a singer who could sing and 10,000 screaming Japanese girls ! Whoo Hooo !

Cheap Trick had a cool gimmick as well. You had the two cool rockers(Tom Petersson & Robin Zander) and the two nerds ( Rick Nielsen & Bun E Carlos) and man it worked! Check out the classic In Color album cover

Let me  tell ya what all the fuss was about!

HELLO THERE-some dude announces ” would you please welcome Epic recording artists CHEAP TRICK …and now the shrieking begins and Rick cranks in with his guitar and Robin tells us all Hello There Ladies and Gentlemen! And were off. Girls screaming and guitars blasting And wait to top it off a few seconds of Bun E Carlos pounding out a smidge of a drum solo. Shit the guy that looks like a used car salesman lays down the beat! Needless to say I’m converted!

COME ON ,COME ON- Trick rips into what could have been a great single,super catchy verse, catchy Chrous, sloppy solo back to catchy verse and man it’s a keeper folks! No Tricks here! Just good hard rock!

LOOKOUT – is easily one of my favs from this album it has Rick and Robin nailing out some cool guitar action along with Robins voice who still has one of the best set of pipes in the biz as far as i am concerned! Three songs down and I’m on board ! Three songs in and each song is getting bigger!

BIG EYES- I always love when I hear this album how slow they are talking to,the crowd cuz well the girls are screaming and Robin says Biiiiiiiig Eyes! Screaming enthuses yet again and this song is a solid rocker bit of different time changes thrown in just to throw me off as listener! Good job fellas messing with a young mind!

NEED YOUR LOVE- holy crap a 9 minute song to end side one! That’s the equivalent to three Kiss three minute numbers! Carlos lays down a slow drum and Tom and his 12 string bass join and than the guitars  this is a slow builder of a tune people and than Zander nails down a super slow vocal, man this guys voice drips cool on this……and to cap it off they end it with a rock out jam at the end!

AIN’T THAT A SHAME- Carlos starts off this cover of the Fats Domino tune and he is joined by the three other guys and Zander takes over! Trick prove that you can take a song from the 50s and rock it up and that some  teenage boy in Tbay (moi) will dig it!

I WANT YOU TO WANT ME- ummmm I think you would have to be on island or lost at sea for 30 years not to know this track! Budokan sold millions because of this track and skyrocketed Cheap Trick to fame and the Budokan became the iconic album for the Trick!

SURRENDER- well next to I Want You To Want Me this is the next biggest song on Budokan. It has always been one of my faves …..heck they even name drop Kiss in it ! So I guess were all alright than now are we?! Pretty straight a head rock n roll tune no fooling around and hey this is Trick at there finest!

GOODNIGHT- cool Trick take the exact same music and change the lyrics from the opening song on Budokan, Hello There to Goodnight! Genius man and it works!…..

CLOCK STRIKES TEN- Cheap Trick ends this Japanese sushi fest with a great rocker and man it leaves you wanting more! Gotta get on down gotta get on down sings Zander and yeah man we all gotta get on down ! Whatever the hell he means by that but if that is Hanging out with the Trick guys backstage at the Budokan …..Man i’m in!

IN CONCLUSION-when I got this album in 1980 Cheap Trick easily became my second favourite band real fast! Budokan was a loud live album and even all these years later it’s hard for me to say they ever topped this album!  Dream Police and there spelf titled release from 1997 come close but i always go back to the Budokan ! Kudos to Zander/Nielsen/Carlos/Petersson


Holy #%^* It’s Beatle Paul…


Thursday, December 7 1989/Paul McCartney/Skydome

Now I love me the hard rock lets not kid ourselves here but also in the 80s I got on a good-sized Beatles kick with TBone. We wore out his cassette copy of The Beatle’s  Rock N Roll Vol 1. We must have played Revolution a million times, anyways later on around early 89 I got the CD Wings Over America, and I just fell in love with that record. A triple live album which was unheard of at the time(1976) and it rocked!

Shortly after it was announced that Paul was gonna be playing Toronto (Dec/89) and as it was his first tour since 1976. I quickly did the math and figured if it took him this long to do a tour(first tour in 13 yrs) who knows how much longer till his next one( he tours all the time now)so I scooped a ticket flew to Toronto hooked up with some buddies and off to the show.

There was no opening act, but it was packed out like 58,000 or maybe more. So anticipation was building for Paul, cool and casually he strolled out under white light, waved grabbed his bass, and kicked off with Figure Of Eight it was a quiet freak out!

Then he played Jet, freakin got a little louder, than he played Rough Ride( another new song) THAN….he launched into Got To Get You Back Into My Life his first Beatle tune and people totally lost their shit in the Dome and from there it was hit after hit. The crowd ate it up.  I loved it man here is an icon belting out Live And  Let Die, Let It Be you name it he played it(no one ever talks about his bass playing=fantastic) and for the encore, he played the whole second side of Abbey Road. Man the Dome was bummed when his show finished he coulda played all night…

It was cool that someone posted the actual version of Got to Get You Back In My Life from the Skydome as for the title of this blog it was an older geezer in his 50s who belted out HOLY #%^* It’s  Beatle Paul! when McCartney launched into this song(the geezer was standing next to me I howled man)

Thanks pal wherever you may be……hopefully spinning some Beatles vinyl somewhere!




5 Man Loud Electrical Jam…..

Tesla/Firehouse/ Duluth Arena/August 11 1992

Bang,Bang Shoot em Up! Here comes Tesla headlining (Pyschotic Supper World Tour)with support act Firehouse playing Ladanos favourite American City Duluth to a half filed arena (2500) or so.

Myself,my bro Todd,Al ,Cementhead and Anvils biggest world wide fan Tony Gallo shot down to see the show. Well here comes Firehouse you know em they had a little decent run for a few years at which time they were plugging there current release which was Reach For The Sky which the title track was very good road slamming tune. There focus that night was mainly the debut which was played  songs like Shake an Tumble,Don’t Treat Me Bad, Overnight Sensation in other words the rockers I liked but for me I could not handle any Firehouse ballads I mean shit all these bands were doing it too the point Of overkill  as all the bands would you know release   a heavy single followed by a ballad and quite frankly I thought Firehouses ballads were like REO Speedwagon cast offs . Hey if you love ballads more power to ya but man when the lead singer CJ Snare pulled his Casio keyboard to the front of the stage to play Love Of  A Lifetime I thought I was gonna puke! Having said that the guitarist Bill Leverty is really good…

So basically it’s time for Tesla….everyone you know in the crowd is meandering about,house lights are on and well I’m paying attention to the stage and I tell my bro check it out. With the house lights on Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch walk out and go right into the opening trade off riffing of Cumin Atcha Live….wow did Tesla pull the plug on the lights nope…as soon as the drums kick in the house lights go off and the Tesla light show begins! Man what a a cool way to open a show. Never ever have seen it done that way and will never again unless Tesla does it!

Jeff Keith reminds me of a male Janis Joplin and man can the dude sing. Troy Lucketta and Brian Wheat handle down the rhythm and  Tommy and Frank nail down the leads.

Tesla as a live band is like going to Mcdonalds. You know in a way what your getting  but your gonna be surprised as Tesla is a serious rock machine live . I mean talk about quality songs,performance,no bell and whistles just straight ahead rock n roll delivered loud!

I just remember there set list being like if I had made a set list myself on the songs I wanted to hear. After the opener Cumin,it was Change In The Weather,Hang Tough,Heavens Trail,Song And Emotion,Call It What You Want,The Way It is ,Paradise,Love Song(ok ok ,I know what I said earlier about ballads but when Tesla did em they do em with style not some re manufactured pomp junk . And of course they had acoustic portion of the show with Signs,Had Enough,Before My Eyes ,What You Give and now back to the electric with Edison’s Medicine,Let’s see oh yeah Modern Day Cowboy and Gettin Better were played… stuff man….great great live band…..these cats could and can play check out the vid of Cumin Atcha Live. This is a perfect representation of  Tesla, great lead and backing vocals and Hannon/Skeoch are very very good here and man this is the first tune dude! Great video by whoever filmed it back in 92!

Totally enjoyed this show as it was a awesome set list performed by a great band and I was lucky to have caught em twice live  in two years by this point

DEF LEPPARD/Saturday Night High N Dry….Kinda!

Def Leppard/Nov 14 1992 / Duluth Arena

Cool that this vid was from the actual show that myself,my brother Todd, Al,Mr Tony ‘Anvil’ Gallo and Cementhead went too! Good ol You tube!…

So Leppard was still doing pretty big business in 92 considering more than a few bands from the Northwest region of the USA were making a ton of noise and selling a ton of records but here is Leppard in all there glory on a Saturday night in Duluth Minnesota playing on there In The Round Stage with no opening act in front of a sold out house 5,000 and not worrying about the massive shift in musical climate that is going on outside!

This is probably the last of the big arena shows put on by a band of Leppards size for quite a few years after! Who knew that there record sales would dwindle after Adrenalize  and there concert turnouts as well! Who knew ? I didn’t and neither did  the 5,000 others but wow Leppard was touring with new guitarist Viv Campbell he formerly of Dio and that MTV Glitzed version of Whitesnake! Campbell was a great addition to the lineup. He played all of Steve Clark’s parts for those keeping score at home. Anyways the curtain drops at the start of the show and Lep launches into Lets Get we go and now into Tear It Down (see vid) Women is up next love the outro solo at the end of the song. Too Late For Love,Hysteria, Make Love Like A Man and now were into the Phil Collen guitar solo! The dude is talented but he riffs like a looney tune on the fret board way to much overkill in my book man. Collen is great talent in the song structure but leave him to his own devices ie soloing I will pass thanks but hey I’m crammed down on the floor so I ain’t got no choice but too listen to him in Duluth!

The tribute to Steve Clark is next and that’s White Lightening. Foolin comes next,Animal and now Viv Campbell’s solo turn and he pulls a melodic yet effective solo and does not go down Collen Shredding Avenue! I mean listen to Campbell’s solo on Dios Rainbow In The Dark( great solo) for example.  Thanks Viv for not blowing out my eardrums on a shred fest fretboard workout that night at the Duluth Arena!

Campbell’s solo launches the band into God Of War and this folks is the big production number of the show. Four pods at each corner of the stage on a rail attached to the ceiling roll out over the crowd the pod opens and lights spin around I mean it’s the Gods Of Wars ,pretty cool effect from what I recall. Rocket fires up the crowd but is it just me or is Elliot’s voice a lot different live than on record,no it’s not me it’s fact man. Mutt Lange and his studio trickery. I wonder if when Lange was working for ACDC if he would have put Johnson throw the old vocal enhancer….not!

I guess  I’m being too critical here but seriously the backing vocals are good live  but compared to the studio polish,well I prefer the live better. And now cue the  acoustic song and that would be for Bringin On The Heartbreak which they electrify towards the end of the song segueing into Have You Needed Someone So Bad. Rock Of Ages with crowd interaction into mega hit 1988 Pour Some Sugar On Me! Leppard splits underneath to the cozy confines of there In The Round Stage!

There back and they finish up the show with back to back hits in Love Bites and Photograph!

If you wanted to attend a greatest hits show while plugging said current release well this was the show for you! Out of the 17 songs played 16 were from Pyromania, Hysteria and Adrenalize! Basically the first two studio outputs are ignored! So Leppard in 1992 are not playing for the fans from 1981( me!) but for the fans from 1983-1992. Don’t got me wrong it was a good show,but man to ditch a lot of good material from On Through The Night and High N Dry! What can you do! Leppard was a $$$$$ making machine back than. Give people want they want and I guess that’s what the Minnesotans wanted on that Saturday Night(High N Dry lite )November 1992!




July 2 1992  Ozzy Osbourne/Slaughter/Ugly Kid Joe/ Minneapolis/Target Center

So in the spring of 1992 We find out that Ozzy is packing it in touring wise!! So his No More Tears road jaunt is gonna be called No More Tours Tour. So basically hey the Ozzman is calling it quits so we had better get tickets! Which we did and they were pretty good seats so that was a bonus. This trip for some reason TBone skipped but I went with two other guys Al and Cementhead!

It was surprising that Ozzy was carrying two opening acts with him But up first was Ugly Kid Joe who was all over radio and video that summer of 92 with there hit ” Hate Everything About You’ UKJ was fun man, just a goofy band from  California that wasn’t trying to re invent the wheel!

Slaughter was up next. They were plugging there Wild Life release and of course the Stick It To Ya release. I had both Slaughter CDs and well between the two of em Stick To Ya was better as from the Wild Life they played  the title track(Wild Life) and Out For Love. I dunno live they gave me a headache, let me rephrase that Mark Slaughters voice gave me a headache. He was singing so high pitched kinda like Paul Stanley’s vocals on Animalize! I was kinda done by them at this show. Had no more real interest in them after this. NEXT…..

OZZZZZZY….after a short recap of Ozzys career on video. Here comes Zakk ripping into I Don’t Want To Change The World and were off. Ozzy had a great band with him along with Wylde he had Mike Inez on bass and Randy Castillio(RIP) pounding the skins and some dude plunking a bit of keys now and than. Gone was the elaborate stage shows of yesteryear. Just a straight ahead stage set up with a cool lighting rig and wall to wall videos showing  Ozzy/his band and the crowd on the screens.  The geezer was on fire,working the crowd,clapping,cussing,dousing the crowd with buckets of confetti or water!. Ozzman cometh that night to put on a final show right??!  They played all the hits War Pigs,Mr Crowley,Road To Nowhere,Goodbye To Romance,Paranoid,Flying High Again,Shot In The Dark,Zakk on display in Suicide Solution,No More Tears,Crazy Train,Bark At The Moon,basically look at the song choices from his Live And Loud release and there it is….

Ozzy and his band were on fire that night,totally got our money’s worth from the headliner!

Of course Ozzy didn’t pack it in after his 1992 jaunt. He was back three years later with the Retirement Sucks Tour! Hahaha…how can you be mad at him?! At least he has a sense of humour about things!

Check out the live clip of Desire from Seattle(bootleg). Other than Desire being my favourite tune off of the No More Tears Album this video is Ozzy at his best …. Watching some fan do the drunk dance at the 40 second mark(Ozzy just doesn’t care!), leap frogging,shaking another fans hand at the the 2 :40  minute mark of the vid,spraying the crowd with buckets of water,Ozzy dropping  his pants and just Ozzy being cool…

Enter Sandman Hi-Jacks The Night Train


Guns N Roses/Metallica/ Faith No More/Minneapolis/Sept 15 1992

So the two biggest selling bands of the early 90s touched down in Minneapolis on a co-headline jaunt with tension amongst the ranks in the bands, in other words, Axl VS everybody and Metallica cruising with a 5th member (John Marshall) filling in for James’s guitaring as he was almost cooked by pyro in Montreal. So there we are that day headed towards the Metrodome in Minneapolis and it’s basically a big cement pit with a white roof on top that can hold 50,000 people and man it was humid outside that day so to get into an air-conditioned cement pit was welcome to me and my buddy Al who made the trip down with me on a party bus! Once in we got into the building which was around 6 30 pm and took our seats that were lower level at center field, Faith No More was already into there set. Once I sat down and adjusted my eyes towards the stage which was a ways away I could see the band. I could hear Mike Patton but could not see him. It wasn’t till I started watching the screens that Patton was laying down on the ground on his back singing ….uh ok, pal and this continued basically until they ended with there hit song Epic! Thanks for coming out Mike Patton.

Now after a quick changeover it was Metallica’s turn….boom were into Creeping Death, Harvester Of Sorrow, Welcome Home (Sanitarium ), Sad But True, Wherever I May Roam, Of Wolf And Man and For Whom The Bell Tolls, holy shit these Tallica dudes are relentless in driving your head into the cement foundations of the Metrodome,50,000 people chanting Die,Die, Die,Pyro(watch out James)  going off left right Center. Pass me the Ibuprofen, please.

Thank God they’re taking a breather by playing The Unforgiven, and now it’s back to metal with Shortest Straw, Fade To Black(awesome), Master Of Puppets, Seek And Destroy and Whiplash, man that was a ton of metal and wait for it ….here comes the encore…..

Nothing Else Matters, Am I Evil?, Last Caress and the best pyro display I ever saw One…..crap I’m exhausted…..oh wait ..Metallica splits off stage and comes out and rips out Enter Sandman and then says adios and splits for good!

Metallica played almost a good two and a half hours…..

Geez, I wonder how much time it will take for Axl to stroll up to the stage? After a not too long of a wait(hard to believe) Out of the gate comes Gunners with new recruit Gilby Clarke, and the Guns hit the ground running with Outta Get Me(great opener of a song) followed by Welcome To The Jungle, Mr Brownstone, Live And Let Die, Attitude, Bad Obsession (complete with 3  female horn players), shall we notch it up with Double Talkin Jive, Civil War, by this point I’m like holy crap Gunners are matching the intensity set by Metallica now that is impressive, no sooner so I think that than a loud poof is released. That poof is the energy of the building being let out by a 10-minute version of Wild Horses(great song but 10-minute jam ?? After Metallica?) well maybe Axl will ramp it up? Nope how about Patience! Holy crap the oxygen is being sucked outta me. Geez, guys crank it up will ya please your losing all 50,000 Do you think Gunners heard me ?? Cue November Rain ?? Shit, Axl put the baby grand piano away and here comes another 10 minutes of well Axl blowing his testosterone all over the Metrodome. Whew, can’t believe it ok, now what’s on tap? How about a Matt Sorum drum solo? Good drummer but we have lost a good 40 minutes of momentum here folks……

But wait here comes some energy from the stage yep cue Sorum segueing into You Could Be Mine. Yeah, I think this is one of Gunners coolest tracks. The crowd comes to life were back. Sweet Child O Mine follows and everyone is rocking out and to close it out, Axl tosses his Mic in the crowd waves and splits!! Now that’s better buddy, that’s what I do expect, a quick Axl escape.

Gunners do return with a little too long sing along with Knockin On Heavens Door and to cap it off Paradise City ends with a flurry of fireworks! The show is officially over! Axl stayed sane!

IN CONCLUSION – now I don’t do these for concert reviews but I have too for this concert! Axl should have put his ego aside and let Metallica close the show as there was no way you could keep the energy up after Metallica drove the Metal bus off of the cliff.  Gunners hung in there though but that over a  half-hour where they chilled out in the show they just had a hard time sustaining any crowd energy after that (in my eyes anyway).  Compared to when I have seen Gunners in May of 91, this version with the horns, backing singers was just too much. I preferred the Alpine show much better(6 piece band)it was cool catching this tour because this was the end of an era so to speak, not that anyone knew. Two of the biggest hard rock bands at the time playing stadiums and playing full sets!

The crinkled ticket was due to a flash food that happened outside the dome while we were inside rocking (remember the humidity I talked about earlier?!) Our bus was stranded so we had to foot it back to our hotel(a story for another time!) so needless to say I was drenched! It was worth it though…