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Just Between You & Me: Myles Goodwyn(2017-Book Review)


Thanks to Mr Books for sending me this ummmm…. Book!

So here we have another Rock star writing his memoir. Myles Goodwyn is his name and he’s the founder/main songwriter/guitarist/lead vocalist of the Can Con band April Wine.

April Wine had a real good Arena run here in Canada back in the late 70’s early 80’s even broke through in the U.S.A in 1981 with the big single Just Between You And Me from the pretty decent album Nature of the Beast.

Myles though goes from the his years growing up in Nova Scotia. Picking up the guitar. Forming April Wine and the drama that came with it.

I will say Goodwyn pulls no punches towards his ex band mates and writes quite candidly  about the problems that arose once they started selling records as well as  once the wheels started coming off the Wine X-press!

At times his writing comes across as grumpy as in he says David Lee Roth’s voice with his  “Whoah’s” and well you know Roth’s deal but Myles just says it irks him and wish some one would have slapped Roth . Also another one is when they were playing the bar circuit back in the early 2000’s and Carl Dixon was involved. Myles  says when  they released there live album they couldn’t use any of Carl’s parts.

Like really?  That’s a slag man. Why print that? Carl though in his book did mention the fact that when he would rehearse with April Wine they would so at ear-piercing volumes. Don’t slam Carl to hard Myles as Coney Hatch has released four stellar albums so…..

Course there are fun things as well in the book like when the Wine opened for The Rolling Stones back in 77 at the El McCambo  in Toronto and Maggie Trudeau was partying with Mick/Keef/Ronnie. You know those old debauchery tales of yesteryear.

With all the fun things scattered throughout the book comes the bad stuff or as I guess what you called Life. Myles battles with alcohol/ rehab/failed marriages/failing health and basically calling out issue’s with his ex members in April Wine which would be interesting to hear what a guy like ex drummer Jerry Mercer would have to say after being called out as ‘Doper” in the book. Myles though like I wrote earlier says he was no angel as well. Still though…

I will say he talks about the making of the April Wine albums in detail which is a real cool part of the book and the fallout from the followup to the ‘Beast” album called Powerplay which failed to ignite more sales. Animal Grace in 85 is discussed as well as is Walking Through Fire from 1987 as  that album was the nail in coffin for these guys until the early 90’s.

This book was an “Ok” read. Fellow Wine Guitarist Brian Greenway adds a ton of quotes to the stories as well.  I mean it’s basically Myles writing his version of Motley Crue’s The Dirt  except he knows no dancer named Bullwinkle. 

Maybe since I recently read Bruce Dickinson’s book which is written about Bruce’s life but from a  different angle. Meaning that Bruce states that he’s not discussing band mates/family/wives/girlfriends etc.  Myles does the opposite and writes about all this stuff in his book.

Myles Book. His Deal!

Who knows maybe I’m mellowing….




Rock Candy Magazine- Issue #5

Just received  Rock Candy’s Latest Issue (#5) in the mail and its a scorcher of an read!

All 5 Issues so far have been excellent but this latest one is just stellar! First of all love the old cover shot of Ozzy & The late Randy Rhoads taken in 1981 by Mark Weiss and the Rhoads feature is 14 pages long. Sure millions of pages have been written about Rhoads since he died tragically in that plane crash back in 1982 but the fourteen pages of articles spin different  scenarios than what I have read about Rhoads in the past!

Interviews with Rhoads’ first guitar tech Howard Friedman. An unreleased article from former Sounds Writer Gary Bushell and the real score an interview with Bernie Torme who was drafted in right after Randy’s death (Before Brad Gillis took over the 6 string duties) to replace Randy to keep the Diary of a Madman tour moving. Even wilder is there’s a live shot from those few weeks that Bernie was onstage with Ozzy that is printed as well! I call that picture the Money Shot!

A great article on Cheap Tricks Budokan release is featured with a current interview with Rick Neilsen & Robin Zander.  Also of interest is a throwback late 80’s Hair Metal article on White Lion and a current interview as well with  White Lion vocalist Mike Tramp who details in full what the hell happened as White Lion came as fast as they went! One of the most interesting comments that Tramp speaks about is  when he announced to White Lion Guitarist Vito Bratta that he was finished with White Lion after an upcoming  show in Boston (1991). Bratta’s response was a simple “Ok!” They played that final show and Vito walked away never to be seen or really heard from again!

Bev Bevan as well is interviewed! Who is Bev Bevan?  Well  I will fill you in as he manned the drum stool on Black Sabbaths Born Again album/tour back in  1983 that for all intent and purposes is either one of the most liked Sabbath albums or the most disliked. Eight pages are featured here on the album and as well Bevan gives some real great insight on  the albums sound and the tour that followed it. Great read!

Bostons debut album is featured in the regular monthly Artist Graphic feature where an artist describes in detail what goes into his vision of what the artist wanted as there cover for the record buying public to see! (On a personal note I hope to see Derek Riggs featured at some point perhaps Powerslave or Somewhere In Time can be examined. How about it Hojo?!)

Jesse Fink  who wrote the fantastic book on Bon Scott’s last three  years of his life(1977-80) titled Bon Scott ‘The Last Highway’ explains his journey on how he went about putting together this brilliant look at  AC/DC’s late frontman!

I could go on but seriously this is such a great magazine that has one foot on the past while the other foot is on the present in relation to speaking to artists/bands that were there back in the hey day!

Thanks again to Hojo/Derek Oliver/Malcolm Dome and John Nicholson for getting this mag out! Speaking of which it should be stocked in Canada now at Chapters (book store) so if you’re cruising through the aisles check it out. Better yet………

BUY THE DAMN THING and support this Mag!




Bon:The Last Highway:The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC’S Back In Black by Jesse Fink


You have to hand it to book writers like Jesse Fink,Greg Renoff and James Campion.

These three writers have each written classic books on bands that I grew up listening too and still listen to today!

Campion wrote the excellent Shout It Out Loud: The Making of KISS Destroyer while Renoff wrote the superb book on the early years of Van Halen titled Van Halen Rising, 

I liked the fact that both Campion and Renoff stuck to a certain era in regards to their books. James with just the KISS Destroyer album and Greg with early Van Halen.( nothing past 1978 in the Halen book) Greg and James did their homework folks as James interviewed KISS producer Bob Ezrin and the various studio people such as engineers involved with the making of Destroyer while Greg interviewed former Halen Bassist Micheal Anthony VH producer Ted Templeman and former VH lighting dude and Picasso Brother Pete Angelus.  

These two books(KISS and VH)  are worth your time to read!

A third book that should be included and is a mind blower of a read is   Bon Scott:The Last Highway: The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC’s Back In Black by Jesse Fink.

We all know about Scott’s death back in February of 1980 due to choking on  his own vomit or is there more to it than that?

When you get Phil Carson(Atlantic Records President) and Tony Platt(Engineer on Highway To Hell) Mark Evans(Ex AC/DC Bass Player) giving this book glowing reviews we must be on to something here!

Jesse right at the start of the book says don’t be shocked to read about Bon doing all kinds of recreational drugs along with Alcohol being the big one but add cocaine and heroin to that list as well!

Fink does his homework here as this book chronicles the last three and half years of Bon’s life basically as the band began making inroads into the United States!

Fink interviews people at the very first AC/DC show Stateside back in the Summer of 1977 in Texas when AC/DC opened shows for Canadian band Moxy( whose singer Buzz Sherman(RIP) was considered for the frontman role in AC/DC after Scott’s passing) who Jesse interviewed as well for this book!

Fink talks to many people in this book as in the bands that AC/DC opened for like Sammy Hagar/Molly Hatchet/UFO/Cheap Trick/KISS/Foreigner/Alice Cooper. Interviews with Bon’s ex girlfriends/ex band mates/friends acquaintances etc! Jesse traveled  to these places to meet the woman in Bon’s life decades ago some living and one has passed on after the interview for this book.

Its crazy the wall that AC/DC puts up against people who want to interview the band etc as Fink tried and actually did get in contact with the band as Drummer Phil Rudd was going to be interviewed. But at the last-minute Rudd changed his mind that even Rudd’s lawyer didn’t know why. Fink is  thinking the organization of AC/DC had something to do with it. I agree with him.

I can’t emphasize how great a read this is. Its one of those books you cannot put down. Once your into these pages you really get an understanding that Bon was an outsider to the band he was in.

Basically Malcolm and even with the other guys in AC/DC were not close with Bon at all which kinda surprised but didn’t when you realize Bon filled up his down time with woman and booze.

I don’t want to give away to many details about this book as Fink throughly covers the timeline of Bon’s last 24 hours alive and interviews former U.F.O  members Pete Way and Paul Chapman who both admit to doing smack (early 80’s) and the known Dealer that was an acquaintance to them and  Bon as well.

Jesse than shifts gears and talks about the supposed lyric book that Bon had written lyrics for Back In Black that mysteriously disappeared when Bon Passed.

It’s no secret that all of us AC/DC fans have talked about the lyrics taking a dip after Back In Black and especially after 1981’s For Those About To Rock. Not that they were bad it’s just that flare that Bon had for writing lyrics was gone and the point Fink makes about the line in You Shook Me All Night Long about ‘Knocking Me Out With Those American Thighs’ was line Bon used in regards to his American girlfriends as far back as 1976!. Hmmmm. More food for thought!

Ask Doug Thaler(Ex Motley Crue Manager) his thoughts on the lyrics to You Shook Me All Night Long!

Jesse has a section where he has Angus telling different stories in regards to the lyrics on Back In Black with actual credit quotes and sources from interviews that Angus and company had conducted over the years. Interesting…..

I could go on with numerous stories but I  don’t wan to ruin it for you if you’re a  fan of this band. Do seek this book out! It’s available everywhere. Tons of info, different scenarios,confusion and whose telling the truth about Scott’s death?

Since AC/DC always decides to shut everyone out of their business which  fair enough it’s their deal and such . It’s good to read about a Singer that put them on the map and whose death is still felt by many decades later!

One of the best Books out there…. Jesse writes a story that needed to be told and makes you wonder what actually went down!

Get it….

Here’s my own theory…Bon Scott passes away in February of 1980.  AC/DC hire Brian Johnson. Write and Record Back In Black(supposedly). AC/DC than ends up playing my hometown of Thunder Bay Ontario Canada in July of 1980 on their Canadian Tour! All this takes place in 5 months!

I’m thinking after I read Jesse’s book that the Back In Black album was completely done and Johnson and the Young brothers tweaked a few things in regards to the lyrics as the music was fully recorded and Johnson just had to sing the songs. Fink interviews someone who was asked to audition but turned it down but what they reveal makes you think about it!

Just Saying…..



Bruce Dickinson/What Does This Button Do?(2017)


We all know about Bruce Dickinson’s  resume which includes Fencing/Beer Brewing/Owning and Operating  his own Aviation Company/ Licensed 747-757 Air Line Pilot/Solo Artist/Book Writer/Cancer Survivor and that band  he sings for. The Mighty Iron Maiden!

Here come’s Bruce telling his story and if your wondering Bruce used no Ghost Writer in this book! Everything you read in this book is from his own handwriting as he wrote this book in between shows on Maidens Book of Souls World Tour (  ironically enough Maiden releases the Double CD Live Chapter  which is out today!)

Bruce tells his tale from his early days of growing up/being bullied at various boarding schools until he came across someone in their room at school playing Deep Purple.

Bruce found his voice so to speak and this is where the book lifts off and he writes about his earliest bands right into his first professional band that being Samson.  In Samson he was given the name Bruce Bruce( which he hated) and from there caught the watchful eye of Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood.

I’m not going to give away too much about the Maiden stories in this book as there are some fascinating insights on those Maiden albums from the 80’s. I will say that if you’re looking for any kind of dirt on anyone go look elsewhere as Bruce mentions that he will not discuss anyones business as if they want it discussed they could write their own book!

Well played move by Bruce! He does write about the dynamic between him and Steve but keeps it professional in the book.

Course he mentions about his solo career(Bruce gives a very detailed look at the time he went to Sarajevo to play a show. There’s a picture in the book that shows what bullets can do) and leaving Maiden in 93 yet returning 6 years later and since than they have not stopped!

Aviation plays a huge part in the  Bruce story as well as taking on Cancer and beating it and coming back stronger than ever!

I could have jammed a ton of stories in here but that would take the fun out of it so better yet pick it up and give it a read!

Ok ok there’s a cool story about Bruce, a Domintrax and a Dungeon  taking place in Halifax Nova Scotia circa 1984!

Ha..I’ll leave it at that!

Total MUST Own!

Rock Candy Magazine(2017)

Rock Candy Magazine is a new hard rock magazine that has only three  issues out and what a bunch of action packed pages these three magazines are filled with.

Rock Candy comes from England and features all of those classic Kerrang writers from the early to late 80’s.

Derek Oliver/Malcolm Dome/Paul Suter/Howard Johnson just to name a few are all here in their writing glory. These Kerrang dude’s knew how to write articles back in the day as they would report the facts but also add a great sense of humour as well which was missing in all the American Mags I bought decades ago perhaps except for Creem. 

To be perfectly honest over the years the purchase of Magazines kinda of ceased in my world until (out of England featuring some other Kerrang writers) Classic Rock Magazine showed up I would say back in 2007 or 2008 at our local Bookstore.

I was hooked back than but it was pricey every month and for the first 7-8 years I wouldn’t skip an issue and at one point I even subscribed to receive the mag via a paid mail subscription through some distributor in the States and that was real pricey, Once I was done with reading an issue I would pass it on to Tbone.

Than when iPods came out and offered magazines and once my subscription for the printed version finished I paid for the digital subscription via Apple and it was way cheaper and I admit I was buzzed on the fact that I could just read it all on my iPad for a fraction of the printed copy.

Funny thing though just over 2 years ago I got bored with Classic Rock Magazine. For some reason I lost interest. Got tired for instance in that I would buy and read the Joe Perry book and the next issue of Classic Rock  would  have an a 8 page excerpt from  Perry’s book. Also seemed like every month it was the same ol same ol…

The last digital version of Classic Rock I paid for was back in Sept 2015 when Iron Maiden were on the cover plugging Book of Souls. 

Since than…..

Nothing until…

This past spring when out on Facebook was Rock Candy (Who also remaster and reissue a ton of 70’s/80’s cd’s. Acts like Dokken/Hanoi Rocks/Alannah Myles/Warrant/ Tbone endorsed Bad English and my fav-o Nuck Homeboys Coney Hatch) advertising that they were doing their own magazine. 6 issue’s a year…

I was intrigued as Yup it was the Kerrang Dudes but most importantly what Magazine has ever on their debut issue have printed right on the cover “Eight Yes Eight Pages of Krokus”

I was hooked! But like a ding-dong I waited and once Issue 2 came out with the whole 1984 throwback Bruce Dickinson cover (of course seeing Maiden recently helps the cause) with the Egyptian Powerslave on the cover which by the way was done brilliantly and very creatively I might add. It was time than to take the plunge.

Issue 2 is wickedly good as well. Maiden is written and documented here on their World Slavery Tour from 1984 when they hit Poland for the first time. Excellent writeups on UFO and  Foreigner and an updated brilliant New interview with John Sykes who gives us the details on how and who know’s why the whole Whitesnake 87 band was fired. It’s truly a fascinating read/interview!

Issue 3 was just released and features Ze Scorpions on the cover with articles on Accept/Humble Pie/Dennis DeYoung/Manowar and most importantly 12 pages of Canadian Rock called Maple Mayhem. Writer Paul Suter did his homework on the Canadian Metal Scene…

The cool thing is the articles are written with the 80’s in mind but with current interviews added to aid the story.

Rock Candy’s deal is simple! When you purchase an issue or subscribe online and once payment has been made  you receive an automatic digital download of the magazine right away.

This magazine is not available in the stores. 100 pages(printed on real paper) of great articles with a lot of snippets of old Kerrang articles attached to new articles as well.

As well the mailed printed copy is sent. I can attest to the fact that my two magazines to reach Thunder Bay from England only took 6 Business Days to get here. That was fast…. (by the way I’m subscribing!)

If you’re looking for a great look back of Hard Rock from Yesteryear check out Rock Candy! Printed editions are indeed the way to go!

Totally Worth The Dough…..

Runnin With The Devil/Noel Monk (Book Review)2017


So here we finally get 32 years after former Van Halen manager Noel Monk gets the heave-ho from our favourite two twisted dutch brothers Eddie & Alex Van Halen the book(Runnin With The Devil) which chronicles  Noel’s first hand account of trying to harness in Van Halen during the years of Monk’s  managing tenure of the band.(1978-85).

Now if your asking why now  32 years later after being fired would a book come out now. Well as Noel himself writes a final settlement back in 85 meant no publishing a book for years…so it’s now time!

Basically it boiled down to this. Noel managed(tried to) while everything else around it seems was a shit show to say the least!

Speaking of shit shows Noel was actually the road manager for the Sex Pistols on there ill-fated 1978 tour of the United States when after two weeks they were sent packing back to England. Noel had to deal with Sid Vicious & Johnny Rotten so I guess that was a good as any training ground for what would become Monk’s gig with Van Halen!(only it lasted longer than 2 weeks managing Halen)

Monk was jobless after the Pistols gig and but in no time was hired as Halens Road Manager once the debut self titled Halen album hit the streets in 1978. Halen at the time was manged by Marshall Berle who was canned once the band started selling albums and at the end of the tour everyone  realised they were $1.2 Million in debt.  VH also learned quickly that all the dressing rooms that you destroy and all the limo rides/paying the road crew etc comes out  of your pocket at the end of the day. The fact that Berle had Halen sign a crappy record deal also didn’t help his cause. Berle got tossed and hooked up with another L.A act and that would be RATT.

Cool to read that there first ever tour was playing third on a bill with Journey and Montrose. Van Halen and Monk figured it out pretty quick that they were selling a ton of tickets yet playing third on the bill which meant for Halen small dressing room/small stage space/hardly any soundchecks yet the debut Halen went Gold in 3 months so Monk and Crew would throw huge backstage parties while Journey and Montrose would be playing their show much to the chagrin of Journeys management.

Basically Halen didn’t give a Fuck about anything back than. Noel writes that the camaraderie between the band members was the best as it was the “Us against everyone” philosophy. Over time he writes to no one’s  surprise  that evaporated!

If anyone out there ever meets Steve Perry ask him if he likes guacamole!

So Monk begins his tenure as the Captain of the S.S Halen. It’s amazing he didn’t totally lose his own marbles keeping this boat afloat but at the end of the day Ed and Alex made Noel walk the plank.

Course the book is filled with ton of stories and that’s  what we want right?!

Drugs and Alcohol  which to no ones surprise is featured predominately throughout. It’s all here Weed/Coke/Booze these dudes were wired tighter than a top but they all had one goal in common and that was World Domination.

Everything is over the top back than especially when Lead Singer David Lee Roth was taking over (back in the early 80’s ) as the best front-man in Rock. Not vocally perse but with the acrobatics that was part of his stage routine. Offstage though was a whole other story. One of the interesting reads  of the book is in regards to how they travelled early on. Halen would fly commercial flights from city to city and it was Monk’s job to get the troops down to the lobby to catch their flights. The last one always to show up was Dave. Monk for a while thought Roth was being an ass as he wouldn’t pack, his hotel room would be a disaster and Monk would have to get Dave to the lobby where the rest of Halen would be continuously pissed at Dave for taking his time.

After a few flights this way Monk realised that Roth was afraid of flying as a Monk points out Roth always wanted to be in charge of everything. Sitting on an air plane Roth had no control.

Everyone knows that by 1981’s Fair Warning album there was tensions between Roth and the Brothers. Monk points out it started back in 1980  during the recording of Woman & Children First.

Monk writes that indeed a “Musical Rift” was starting to happen between Ed and Dave(SHOCKER!) back in 1980 when  problems started…

Monk goes into detail about the music business as well. When VH was about to release  VH 2 in 1979 he was called into the Billboard offices and was told by a high-ranking official where they would like the soon to be released album debut on the charts. Monk states he was stunned as he was told they could come in the Top 10 if they chose to. Monk was quick to say how about the mid forties so it would look like the album was rising instead of debuting high and sliding down the charts. Payback for the chart debut would be made by VH in Billboard….

How about some Payola? Yep, Noel writes in  great detail about when 1981’s Fair Warning went to gold record status and stalled in sales (there were no real “single like” tracks on the guitar heavy Fair Warning record) VH/Monk were freaking out so as Monk got summoned to Warner Brother records, someone told him on the side if they wanted Fair Warning to start selling than VH would have to cough up $200,000 of their own money and pay certain stations across the States $5000 each to get the album played at which VH did, not happily mind you but it worked and Fair Warning went Double Platinum.

Early 1982 Warner Brothers is begging for Halen product. VH has nothing new to offer so they record Pretty Woman and the single takes off which no one thought it would as Pretty Woman was released just to keep the Halen name out in the public. This is why 82’s Diver Down was half covers/half originals as it was recorded in about 3 weeks and rushed out due to the  single shooting up the charts!

These kind of stories actually fascinate me more for as we all know the Party Deal of VH.(  I still like to read about Krell Wars that Roth/Ed would indulge in )

Monk describes throughout the book the chaos that surrounded this band from 1978-85 when Noel’s 30 day contract was not renewed. Yup! You read that right for the 7 years he worked for VH they would only renew his contract every 30 days….

This is a great read into a band that basically was a” Professional Shit Show”. I’m amazed they could record/tour at a clip for that time and not actually kill each other.

1984 the mega album from VH you would think they would be on top of the world with album sales and tickets sold right? Wrong-o! Years of frustration with everyone come to a boil when Roth announces to everyone his cover E.P.

I will leave it at that!

I could go on with a boatload of stories(Roth being forced into a straight jacket being one) but the one common dominator being that we all know is that ex VH Bassist Michael Anthony is indeed the nicest guy in Rock.  Yes he is by all accounts and Monk confirms many a time over how great a guy Mikey is. No smut on him in this book whatsover…

Below is what Roth/Ed and Alex wanted  Anthony to  sign ….. Nice way to treat a bandmate eh?

This a fascinating read. Get This!

Is This Live?/ Christopher Ward (Book Review)

Being a teen in the 1980s.  MuchMusic was a big deal in my world as it was  Canada’s 24 Hour Music Video Cable Channel that at the time played well Music Video’s before all these channels delved into reality like programming and blah blah blah and well to be honest  I got older which is the biggest problem of all! Ha!

Christopher Ward who wrote this book was also one of the original MuchMusic Video Jockeys as well. Chris goes into great detail about the origins of MuchMusic with the two fella’s that started it. One being Moses Zanier and John Martin

These two guys couldn’t get along but they somehow managed to work together and make MuchMusic a household name in Canada back in 1984 and  hitting the 1 Million subscriber mark in 1987!

First ever video played at MuchMusic? That would be The Enemy Within by Rush!

Ward does a nice job of interviewing for  this book all the VJ’s that we would always see everyday on the telly. Steve Anthony/JD Roberts/Erica Ehm/Laurie Brown/Master T/Michael Williams/Denise Donlon/Terry David Mulligan/Theresa Roncon and many others. They are all present and accounted for in this book!

Actually one of the funniest interviews I had ever seen on Much was when Ed The Sock interviewed Hugh Dillion from the Headstones. I posted the clip of Hugh VS Ed below…(Interview is after the song) The best is when Hugh says he can’t believe he’s having a “serious discussion with a sock!”

Tons of pics are included with visits of RockStars like Duran Duran/Boy George/Motley Crue/Alice Cooper/Platinum Blonde/Robert Plant. Basically if you were selling records in the 80’s you were on MuchMusic!

Christopher also asks the Vj’s the worst interviews that the VJ’s had and to no one’s surprise Gene and Paul(KISS) make a cameo!/Chris Issak/Mariah Carey/Ramones  to name  a few others are mentioned  among others  but it did not surprise me to see KISS here as they always did the sexual innuendo’s especially with the lady VJ’s! The Best interviews? Well, buy the book folks!

TV shows on Much are talked about like Rap City/Electric Circus /Electric Circus/Mike & Mike’s X-Cellent Cross Canada Adventure The Wedge/Big Ticket and my personal fav The Power Hour which ran from 1984-1991 ( I would always have my VCR set from 4-5 pm every Thursday!)and then was reduced from the power hour to a half hour show. Than again the musical climate was shifting in the early 90’s….watch the clip for a good two  minute flashback below!

Tons of Canadian acts of course are featured with Ward asking them how the impact of video helped them along with their careers! Northern Pikes/Sloan/Honeymoon Suite/Gowan/The Pursuit OF Happiness are just a few of the acts that are covered.

Ward himself talks at detail how his career as Alannah Myles songwriter had taken off in 1990 and how a decision had to be made as to whether to stay on TV or quit and move to Los Angeles to break Myles career in the U.S! It’s a great inside look at the music business on how a new artist can hit it big.

I will add this is a great read almost like a huge 329 page scrap-book of a time we will never ever see again…. But Ward captures it brilliantly!

For us Canucks, MuchMusic was a big part of growing up in the 80’s and Christopher Ward takes us all on journey though the inner workings of the Nations Music Station MuchMusic!

Must own folks!