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Tour Shirt Tuesday- Sloan: Navy Blues (2019)

One of the last shows that I saw back in 2019 was when my good pal Frank Loffredo brought to town Sloan on there 20th Anniversary  Tour of playing the classic “Navy Blues” album front to back!

Such a great show (which I reviewed in detail) and of course like any show I attend there is always a side trip to the merch table.*

Had to grab this shirt as it features the cover of Navy Blues and on the back which of course has Thunder Bay listed with a bunch of dates in not only Canada and the U.S!

Pretty cool that my buddy Andrew (who writes the excellent blog “Drew’s Reviews”) who lives in Portland took my advice and went to show along with his wife and enjoyed it.

How could you not…


*- Speaking of merch tables this was the show in which my pal Tbone gifted me with the Navy Blues Box Set after the show in which you can see in the pic below with Chris Murphy along with Frank pictured in the background!


Not an actual tour shirt per se but a cool one none the less. When Coney Hatch played Tbay back in November 2019, I asked Coney lead vocalist/rhythm guitar player Carl Dixon where the swag was as I had money burning in my pocket for a Coney T-shirt!

I have been a Coney fan since the self titled debut in 1982 and never have owned a Coney T.

Carl told me as Coney had no merch table set up that co lead vocalist/bassist Andy Curran would be the one to ask about shirts as he’s in charge of that.

Well at the end of the night after I talked to Andy I forgot to ask him about T-shirts!!

Dang it. Missed oppurtunity.

So fast forward to October 2020 when Coney Hatch put out the preorders for the double “Live At The El Mocambo” release I clicked a link that was provided in my payment for the vinyl album.

Shortly after I got a message back from Andy asking me how I got his number?

Umm what? I explained to him that I just clicked the link provided which took me I guess right to his cell number.

Much to Andys relief (I’m sure) I told him I’m not a creeper but just wanted a Coney T!

Andy was cool about it and told me they were working on a getting a site set up in which they did (Rock Paper Merch) is the place and finally after 39 years the Official Coney Hatch T in my possession.

Speaking of Andy..

Join Mikey and myself as we welcome Andy back for Part 3 of our interview with him as we will be chatting about the Coney Hatch “Four” release as well as more talk about the phenomenal “Live At The El Mocambo” release, plus running a record label in 2021, as well as some questions a few of my pals have requested and as a bonus Andy will have a little show and tell about something I have inquired about!

If you have missed our first two chat’s with Andy here’s what you missed.

Andy talks about first three Coney Hatch records in depth and touring with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept and Krokus.

-Also discussed was how John Mellancamp’s brother Ted told the guys in Coney Hatch that they had been dropped by the American label when they were touring in Texas.

-Andy winning a Juno Award (Canadian Version of the Grammys)

-Andy’s bands Soho 69, Caramel, Leisureworld are all discussed.

-The time Andy auditioned for Doro and was asked to form a band with Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith which Mr. Curran said he has never talked about publicly until our chat with him.

-Working with Kim Mitchell and being RUSH’S A&R guy for many years..

Lot’s more talk to come…

Tune into the Lebrain YouTube Channel Saturday June 12th at 1 pm!

Tour Shirt Tuesday- The Cult

The Cult rolled into Thunder Bay back in 2016 for the two day Rock The Fort Festival as Duffy and Wolfchild were the headliners on the second night (and were phenomenal by the way).

Once I seen this T-shirt at the merch table it was a no brainer purchase as that album that is on the front of the shirt(Electric) is one of my all time fave records!

Pretty cool that they left the long departed members (Jamie Stewart and Les Warner) on the print as it would have sucked if the shirt was altered in any which way or form.

Love these guys and everything they have done….

Now let’s all go and crank up “Electric”!

Tour Shirt Tuesday- Kool & The Gang

Back in 2012 when Van Halen was touring the arena’s plugging their current stellar release at the time ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ the opening act for that tour were Kool & The Gang.

When the tour hit Minneapolis/St Paul in May of that year Tbone, Darr, Rugg, Kev, my brother Todd and myself all went as we brought all of our families down for the trip but it was dude’s only to the VH Concert!

As soon as we hit the Xcel Center it was a quick visit to the merch table where I spotted this one of kind Kool T shirt!

I needed to buy this shirt as it’s Kool & The Gang! (if your wondering, they were a great opening act by the way) and as you can see by the picture I posted it’s a simple shirt with there album covers on the front of a white T-shirt!

Simple yet effective and pricey. lol. I think I paid $40 U.S for this shirt which is basically a decal ironed onto a white shirt.

It didn’t matter as how many of these shirts are floating around in Tbay?

Two that I know of as my bro Todd bought one as well as Todd skipped all the Halen shirts that were available.

Celebrate good times come on…..

Tour Shirt Tuesday: Coorent River Inc- 1994

Special Tour Shirt Tuesday Edition.

There ya have it folks posted below is the original iconic Coorent River Inc band T-shirt before we simplified the name down to the neighborhood in which we grew up in. (Current River).

Nicely drawn by Tbone featuring a Coors Beer Can which we thought was genius yet people said why not call yourselves Current River!

Geez, we never thought of that!

Below is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, kinda!

Funny thing is we had the T-shirts printed off before we even had our original music done as Tbone being the main songwriter in Current River was at times like Tom Scholz a perfectionist in making us sound golden on his Fostex 4 track recording unit!

Remember we are talking early 1994 and everything was recorded (vocals, guitars, drums, bass) in Tbone’s parent’s basement (in their furnace room) as his Mom and Dad were off in Arizona for 6 weeks!

In case you’re wondering what we sounded like. Here’s a tune Masonry Man (about a friend of ours who has a hard head-true story) that Tbone put together a video for. Just remember this was done on a 4 track in a furnace room in the dead of winter with us not knowing what we were doing.

If anything, crank it! Music was put to the video about 5 years ago.

 I like how Tbone manhandles that guitar during the solo going from a George Harrison like solo to ripping off King Edward as the solo concludes. 

Growing up in the 80s it was about concert merchandise so when the subject of playing a few shows came up we jumped at the chance as Frank from Crocks would let us play and give us a chance even though we were straddling the fine line between stupidity and brilliance at trying to pull something off live.

The T-shirt thing was my idea. But back in 1994 not many local places or bands for that matter did T-shirts. If any were floating about by local bands it was usually homemade but I wasn’t confident in that approach as I didn’t want to ruin someone’s wash by having the colors run.

Hodder To Wherever Tour(on the back) comes from the street I lived on in Current River and I tend to believe its the longest Avenue in Current River.

So I went to one of the local baseball jersey places, the ones who do shirts and jerseys for beer leagues and shit like that.

The two owners must have thought I was on crack when I wanted a local rock band shirt done. lol

It did come at a cost as they needed to do a certain amount. I asked what a certain amount was and they said 30 T-shirts!

At what price I asked?

30 shirts for $600!! 

I puked a little in my mouth but…

I thought about it for a second and said yeah. Then I ran it by Tbone (lol) and we went 50-50 on paying for the shirts upfront without even selling one!

Gamble perhaps? 

Sure it was. But within 3 days of getting them, we sold 20 of them once my pals at work seen them. We were moving merch before a stitch of note was played live!

Doing things Ass Backwards was our motto back in 94.

We decided to give 10 away for free to our parents and Frank of course who must have wondered where the hell did we come from having merch but Frank still to this day has the shirt from what he has told me!

We sold the shirts for 20 bucks and giving away the 10 for free we did take a hit of $200 bucks but it was worth it.

A few years ago at work, a buddy of mine told me that his mother in law and me used to work together (back in 94)and she bought the shirt back then and gave it back to me for free! lol

Sure it’s a little worn and has paint on it(some people I told it was blood from the stages of Crocks lol) but what a great quality T-shirt.

Izzy digs this shirt as well!


Tour Shirt Tuesday- Metallica

Hey, folk’s with some nice weather and summer rolling in this is going to be the last Tour Shirt Tuesday for a bit. I’m going to still be posting my Weekend Spins throughout July and August (with a twist stay tuned) and maybe the odd review here and there.  Tour Shirt Tuesday will resume in September!

Cheers To Ya!

I have my good pal Metal Todd who lives out West to thank for this cool looking Metallica 3/4 Sleeve Tour shirt that he graciously picked up for me back in 2018 when Metallica rolled into Vancouver.

I love the front of this shirt as it looks like a throwback drawing from the 80s. The writing under the skull ‘Now That We’re Dead’ is a track featured from the very good Hardwired album that was released back in 2016.

When I received in the mail this shirt from Todd that was the first thing that caught my eye was the song title on the front T which is perhaps my favorite song off of Hardwired.

 Killer T-shirt! 

Thanks, Metal Todd!

Tour Shirt Tuesday- RUSH

You know I gotta thank Tbone for getting us to see RUSH back in November 2002 in Minneapolis on the Vapor Trails Tour.

The reason being is that was my only time seeing RUSH and after what went down this past January (which we all know about) It would have surely been one of my biggest missed concert opportunities ever.

Fortunately, it didn’t go that way.

Tbone came through with tickets and we rocked with Neil/Geddy and Alex for 3 hours which was a ton of fun!

Since we were both fans since 1981 an absolute purchase of a T-shirt was a necessity like no other. Never even owned a knock-off RUSH shirt folks so I spent a little more dough and got this cool 3/4 sleeve Tour Shirt.

Tbone got a RUSH red Vapor Trails shirt which by the end of the night in which he was wearing it he was nicknamed BIG RED but that is the whole other story for a whole other time!

Fun trip and one of the best indoor shows ever!

Thanks, T!

Tour Shirt Tuesday- Alice Cooper

Picked up this cool Rock T when the Coop rolled into Tbay back in August 2018. My brother Todd and I last caught the Coop in 2012 when Alice and his band opened up for Iron Maiden in Wisconsin on the Maiden England Tour.

Coop blew us away that day at the outdoor Maiden show as Alice pulled out all the stops with the props and just flat out giving it 110% in about 90-degree heat as it was hot and humid. Crazier yet Alice was playing at 6pm in broad daylight!

Todd that day in the sweltering Wisconsin heat said if Cooper ever comes back to Tbay we are going. Alice did return and Todd scored us front row which was even better!

I took that pic of Cooper below which for all of my shitty skills at handling a camera I actually pulled off a decent shot!

The show, of course, was brilliant. All the hits and some deep nuggets were played. On the way out, of course, I had to hit up the merch table to see what was up.

Coop had a bunch of stuff and T-Shirts going for $50 Canadian! I was on the fence about grabbing a shirt. Then it hit me. What if Alice never makes it back to town. It’s possible. 

Bam! Bye, Bye 50 dollars hello to cool Cooper shirt! 

Tour Shirt Tuesday- KISS

I always loved this cover of KISS from the ALIVE album that came out 45 years ago! One of my favorite shots of KISS as if a picture can say a  1000 words this pic above proves it.

Funny thing is I never owned that Alive shot on T-shirt but when I went to Minneapolis back in 2003 to see the KISS/ Aerosmith co-headline tour there it was before my eyes at the merchandise table. I don’t even remember what I paid for it and I didn’t care  at that exact moment  I went back in time when KISS Alive along with Alive 2 are the first two ever live (or so they say) albums I ever owned back in the late ’70s.

Below is the link to my review of the KISS/Aero show in which I write about watching KISS, seeing and meeting Aerosmith, and almost causing a ruckus on a hotel elevator the morning after the show which if hindsight is 20/20 I should have made it happen. lol

The back cover of the shirt is pretty cool as well.

I would have bought the T-shirt even if it was only the KISS Alive print on the front. That’s how much I dig this shirt. In case you’re wondering this lineup was Simmons/Stanley/ Criss and Thayer.

I would like to thank IZZY for lending a helping paw in putting this post together! 

Tour Shirt Tuesday- Aerosmith

I got this slick-looking Aerosmith shirt as a gift from my sister Kristin and her Boyfriend Darren when they went to Las Vegas last year to see Aerosmith when Aero was doing their residency there.

A bit of a change from the original Aero logo as it’s a little more streamlined.

The back features the dates of the Las Vegas shows. Not sure which date my Sister and Darren saw but they did see Aero perform with the original 5 guys, not with the Drum Tech fella that was handling the drums after all that old dude rock drama that went down between the Aero guys and Joey Kramer.

A real cool summertime wearing  T-shirt and who knows how much Kristin and Darren paid for it but whatever the price was…