You Can’t Be King Of The World If You’re SLAVE TO THE GRIND….

June 22 1992/Skid Row/Killer Dwarfs

Wowzers,Skid Row just a year earlier score a 1 album in the US of A and there playing Tbay as part of there Canadian Tour? I think this may have something to do with Sebastian Bach as I recall reading in a old music magazine from TO called M.E.A.T Magazine that Bach said he’s played all over the world and he’s not going home til he plays Thunder Bay!…hahahaha…

So the show was originally scheduled on June 15th but I guess Bach was sick so they pushed the show a week later. Give em credit they could have blown us off big time and just trucked through. Me and my brother Todd zipped to the Gardens and we went down to the floor and for a pretty good view of the stage . Up first was TO’s own Killer Dwarfs plugging there Method To Madness release. These guys were pretty cool with Russ the lead singer doing handstands,summersaults while not missing a beat. Some of the tracks like Hard Luck Town,Dirty Weapons,Stand Tall,Keep The Spirit Alive and others were played good band. Kept me and my brother amused to say the least!

Well now Skid Row is coming on and there intro music is the Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right To Party and you could here Sebastion chirping to the crowd over the song. You could hear him not see him(he was still backstage). One of his best comments was along the lines of ” c’mon you lazy ass motherf#%kers from  Thunder Bay wake up” hey Baz you know Tbay crowds all to well!

And kaboom,well no kaboom word on the street was there was no pyro allowed(local Fire Marshall ) but man they came out in hyper drive with Slave To The Grind complete with a pretty big stage set and lighting rig and these Skid Row guys were wired up to say the least. From there onto Big Guns,Here I Am,Makin A Mess,18&Life,Piece Of Me these guys weren’t letting up hey how about Psycho Therapy,Psycho Love, Mudkicker,Monkey Business( with Sebastian being bad assed and lighting a little Mary Jane in front of the crowd do that nowadays in front of a crowd,people would be like MEH!),party favourite Get The Fuck Out…and they improvised a bit when they looked at each other as too what to to play now which ended being a bit of God Of Thunder by KISS and Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult….they ended the show with I Remember You followed by of course Youth Gone Wild!

Too bad this band went into the tank in all aspects,of course they put out Subhuman Race 3 yrs later not to many cared, than Baz was booted or quit so another lead singer gone and Skid Row got some other guy and now they play clubs!? Hey man good on em for continuing on,I have absolutely zero interest in Skid Row nowadays whatever but I tell ya I give em respect for showing up to Tbay back when they could have easily like I said earlier just cruised by…..

Check out the two vids above….Slave To The Grind this live version is how I remember them here in Tbay(minus the pyro) ..umm these dudes are like I said earlIer WIRED!

Mudkicker the next vid is just a plain out awesome song as a matter of fact I still can listen to it today as it’s not a cheeseball kinda tune..listen to the lyrics man….in other words don’t take and eat crap from anyone in society especially the suits….



SONIC WAVES…..Rolling Stones/Still Life

This review is for Aaron at Keeps Me Alive ….and also after I wrote this I pushed the Publish key instead of the edit key..hahahaha(Rookie)….so enjoy the bonus review friends!

Still Life came out in 1982( a year  after the Tattoo You tour of which this was recorded) but I did not hear it until at least  spring of 1983 due to who knows why? I had bought Tattoo You  but that was it. Now you may be asking yourself how the hell would Deke nail down a time of year let alone a time of year 31 years ago,well it’s simple Sherlock, I was playing outdoor soccer for my high school at the time (Lakeview) and I used to get a ride to the games from a friend. His older brother had a cassette copy of Still Life in his car. Buddy played it and I wàs hooked ….holy crap the Stones put out a bootleg..hahaha..probably not but it sure sounded live and raw! Even all these years late I still love this album of the Stones. For further listening check out the Live Hampton 1981 show for a full version of the concert.This is the Stones for Gods sake, live and more live. Sure now they put a live album like every year with all the bells and whistles. Still Life is a stripped down Stones just them and Stu(rip) and a couple of horns. The way I like em!

Lets see what Mick an Keef were rolling back in 1981

UNDER MY THUMB-Ladies and Gentlemen( says the announcer) The Rolling Stones!!!!! and were off Mick working the crowd,Keith & Ronnie laying down the guitars while Charlie & Bill hold down the fort. This is the Stones off to a rocking good time.

LETS SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER-Mick the ringleader welcomes everyone to the show and too everyone at home watching on tv, drinking a few beers and smoking a few joints! Mick you are a bad ass brother.

SHATTERED -is a great Stones track,kinda like Mick telling us about American life, the dream so to,speak and you could end up Shattered and splattered in the streets of NYC!

TWENTY FLIGHT ROCK- this is one minute 30 seconds of boogie woogie Stones at there best..included is one of the sleaziest, sloppiest solos of all time that only Ronnie and Keef could pull off and sound cool…..What!!! the songs done???

GOING TO A GO-GO- was the single/video from this. It’s Mick creeping around the bars. I was always surprised that they went with this one,than again it’s the Stones…they do what they want!

LET ME GO-is from the album Emotional Rescue. Cool that there putting songs on this live release that you normally wouldn’t think of. Gotta respect it. It’s a typical little firecracker of a song.

TIME IS ON MY SIDE- so the Stones are gonna slow it down well they gotta you know,dig back in the vaults to keep the die hards happy at the concert in other words it’s like going to see Aerosmith nowadays and if your a lifelong fan you wanna hear Rats In The Cellar,not that Armageddon drivel ! Here’s to you……

JUST MY IMAGINATION- cool song, just let your imagination run away ,run away…..neat use of the sax in this and good ol Charlie plows it along on the drums……

START ME UP- Keef kicks it off with a riff that everyone has heard a million times but it’s still cool  even 33 yrs later. And when I think of of the Tatoo You release I think of this track and Little T&A…my two faves and oh yeah toss in Black Limousine as well……

STAR SPANGLED BANNER- and the band exits the show,counts there cash while Hendrixs version of the Star Spangled plays out….

IN CONCLUSION- back in 83 my Stones collection consisted of Tattoo You and a 45 of a Emotional Rescue(save me Mick!) but once I heard this …I had to get it especially at a time when lots of bands in the early 80s weren’t putting out live product for domestic release. Smart business man those ol Geezers were……

The video is Little T&A from the Tattoo You tour….now it’s not on Still Life(shoulda been) but it’s Keith singing hahahaha… it! For further listening check out the live Hampton 81 show…’s the full meal deal ..great live album……


SONIC WAVES…Hanoi Rocks/Two Steps From The Move

Hanoi Rocks will probably for me anyways go down in rock history as the band that got robbed of well fame and fortune. ( I’m not gonna go into details as everyone knows the deal) still though I was in grade 11 and here’s  this band that looks like well a heavy metal fashion disaster but I tell ya what’s inside on this 10 song LP is one of the,if not best sleazy street rock master pieces of our time! So after getting pumped on Hanoi and buying the record and seeing there Up Around The Bend Video on MuchMusic .Two months later…Boom, Razzle the drummer dies….Bam….Hanoi’s career evaporates into a puff of smoke!

But hey 30 yrs later this album still sounds current and vibrant….so thanks Mike,Sami,Andy,Nasty and Razzle(RIP)….

Like they say Saigon Shocks….Hanoi Rocks…..

UP AROUND THE BEND- Is the CCR track …cool cover version first time I seen the video for this I was like the lead singer looks like a chick but he has some cool gruff in his voice. Now having said that,for me personally for a first track on an album this is the weakest song . That just goes to show you how strong the original material on this was!

HIGH SCHOOL-So Mike(singer ) teaches us about the birds and bees of teaching a classroom filled with girls..the song starts with a quick riff and Razzle(drummer) just let’s it rip on the skins. The production on this album is mint.CBS hired Bob Ezrin to produce it. Imagine Ezrin going from producing  Kiss’ The Elder tracks like Just A Boy/World Without Heroes to Hanoi singing about a bunch of horny 17 yr girls learning the abc’s of life….

I CANT GET IT- This is Hanoi’s frustration on not getting it,like the Girls,rolls,private jet ,dirty blonde and red corvettes,wife,kids,house and pets…This is Hanoi at its finest catchy verse/pre Chorus/Chorus …listen to the link above. One of my fav tracks by Hanoi ….

UNDERWATER WORLD-ahhh Hanoi branches out with this  song they sing about welcoming you to the Under World…could it be sumthin in the sea? Na I doubt it. It has tons of coolness to it. Different vibe to the rest of the tracks on Two Steps but it works never the less….

DONT YOU EVER LEAVE ME-Is the power ballad tune on here. I think the way the music climate was back than this song would have been huge if Razzle hadn’t gotten into that car. The  guitar solo at the end as well as lead vocal in this tune are awesome. Michael gives er!

MILLION MILES AWAY- Is that there women are a million miles away….Michael plays a wicked sax solo in this tune(you  didn’t know that I bet right?) and then the song kicks into a whole different rhythm  like If Duran Duran was on  crack down in RIO.

BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS- Is a song about someone being strung out but it’s a very catchy number. Tons of cool percussion on this,plus the solos’s all good…

BOILER-If this song was redone nowadays (2014) it would be called Cougar! It’s a very catchy track with a real sense of humour. Good on those Hanoi boys just wanting to have fun and hang out with some Boilers back in 1984! Crank the video posted below…..

FUTURAMA- Seeking fame and fortune..a pretty quick snappy Little number…brief and to the point!

CUTTING CORNERS- Is another one of my favs the band just rips it up in an old Aerosmithy kind of way. Love Mike Monroe’s vocal delivery in this song . Hanoi is basically telling me back than to  get thru life you have to cut corners…Jesus I’m glad I had direction from Hanoi back in 84! Thanks guys….

WARNING-Total Dud free recording!

Two Steps sits pretty somewhere in the bottom half of my all time top 10 album favs! Everything about this one just rocks but in a different way. Andy McCoy the guitar player and main songwriter knew how to craft some real cool street rock and he had the lead singer in Micheal Monroe to deliver it….me and TBone played the crap out of this album and after some drinks one of us will or perhaps with Tbones brothers Darr and Rugg all will occasionally recite  the I CANT GET IT LYRICS…..



SONIC WAVES…John Mellencamp /Whenever We Wanted


For me during the 80s Mellencamp was hit or miss with the material and records. Basically I can take the guys stuff from  his albums and make one good long Greatest Hits set catered to me! Now if you love Johnny that’s cool too I’m not knocking him it’s just some stuff I just wasn’t into that was until he unleashed the Get A Leg Up single a little ways before the release of the album. The first time I heard Get A Leg Up I was like whoah Johnny has tripped over a Marshall amp and decided to rock it up in 1991. From that day on (release date was Oct/8/1991…haha my birthday) to now this is the one album of his I can listen to front to back. Whenever We  Wanted is a fantastic rock album…..

Let’s check on LiL Bastard shall we,

LOVE AND HAPPINESS-holy crap drums and some heavy fuzzy guitar joined by bass kick off the party! John kicks in with his singing and I’m like ok he’s still tormented in his songs about relationships but shit he’s got his model super wife on the cover of Whenever We Wanted. How tormented are ya John?

NOW,MORE THAN EVER- man the two guitarists collide at the beginning of this song this is ridiculous,John has said F#*k it I’m making a rock record!  Deke says holy shit!  Basically Mellencamp has kicked the Scarecrow and the fiddle to the curb….good riddance sez I…

GET A LEG UP-the leadoff single that got me hooked, lined and sinkered! What a cool track..Mellencamp just takes what seems like his take on sumthin the Stones would write  and rocks it….

LAST CHANCE-It’s a song that still kicks along and does fit on this album…kinda reminds me of a cranked up Chris Issak tune(remember him?) kinda like if Johnny was cruising down some street and seen Chris Issak standing at a street corner strumming an acoustic , Mellencamp would butt out his smoke grab Issaks acoustic smash the shit out of it and hand him an electric guitar with a Marshall….yeah too make a long story short…

CRAZY ONES-John musta been listening to the Stones as this is another track that reeks Mick an Keef.

THEY’RE SO TOUGH- some cool cowbell on this guitar driven track,actually there’s a lot of cowbell on this album! John is just telling us that life doesn’t have to be this way, I think it’s a song about the record company as they begged for this album….

MELTING POT- the riff sounds like sumthin from the Tragically Hip, a latter-day Hip record! Cool riff and drums along with a cool Chrous…

WHENEVER WE WANTED- the title track,a slow burner that builds, the bass stands out on this track and real horns! ….just an awesome song….Mr Mellencamp I will refer to you from now on….

AGAIN TONIGHT- more cowbell and this was a single as well..pretty damn catchy song. Man this album clocks in at under 40 minutes…John don’t let this album end..ahhh god damn it ….

IN CONCLUSION- this album is a little ass kicker! It’s Johnny kicking out the jams! I still love this album ….just straight ahead rock album. Some may say it was the climate change that Mellencamp conceded too I say who gives a shit!  A great rock n roll record bottom line! Like i stated earlier John beat up the Scarecrow and smashed the fiddle for this record!

SONIC WAVES…Joe Perry Project/I’ve Got The Rock n Rolls Again

It’s around summer time 1981 and The Joe Perry Project Album I’ve Got The Rock N Rolls Again has hit the streets as I had seen an add in Creem Magazine. The only Aerosmith albums I had up to that point were Draw The Line and Live Bootleg. By the time I really got into Aerosmith,Perry had already bolted. I had no idea at the time that  I’ve Got The Rock n Roll Again  album was his second solo release as Let The Music Do The Talking was his debut. The first time I put this on Holy Shit  was I blown away I mean this album was recorded straight to tape.  Like Joe just plugged into his Marshall and just let it rip. I really don’t know how if any if there are overdubs on this release its that raw (check out the video). It’s like push record and let it rip! In other words if you’re looking for Love In A Elevator at The Perry Projects back In 81 you would have to take the stairwell as the elevator would have been  shut down…..the record company did not dump any cash into this masterpiece and I Thank them for that!

Let’s see what Joe has cooking In the Projects!

EAST COAST/WEST COAST-Starts off with a bang and it takes you the listener about 15 seconds to realize Joe and his project brothers David,Charlie and Ronnie are gonna kick the front door into your house and make themselves at home While helping themselves to the fridge as well. Great opener!

NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ARROGANCE- This  feel good sloppy rocker hits the ground running. Joe as he always does gets the song started, to me I think this one was recorded between 3 am -6 am with a little chemical partaking thrown in….

IVE  GOT THE ROCK N ROLLS AGAIN- Watch the vid …no explanation needed!

BUZZ BUZZ- I think Joe and the boys threw this one out lyrically in about 5 minutes…Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz off…but the damn verse is catchy…so In other words Buzz Off….

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE-Joe takes the lead vocal on this cranked up tune.Charlie Farren handles most of the lead vocals on other tracks but Joe just lets it go as always with a pretty cool solo…

TV POLICE-Cool Joe has cleaned out his talk box the one that he uses at the beginning of Sweet Emotion this is a cool song ..they must’ve been watching Hill Street Blues when they put this one together….

LISTEN TO THE ROCK-Yup, a neat little put together track when your 14 and some dude from the Perry Project tells you to listen to the Rock…..You do!

DIRTY LITTLE THINGS- I think they would have tried to make this one a single but I’m sure the record company was not interested ..who knows for sure but I’m glad Joe left the studio polish at the back door!

PLAY THE GAME- Not  a bad song but compared to others on this album it’s probably not the strongest …that’s ok Joe you can’t nail em all out of the park!

SOUTH STATION BLUES- Starts  off with Joe hammering around on his acoustic which he quickly trades in for his strat and he’s off to the races folks. This is Joes second lead vocal on the album. A solid ending…..

IN CONCLUSION – The Joe Perry Project with this fine release made me realize at the  time when so many bands I listened too had big studio budgets to work with,you could go the opposite way like Joe,show up, plug in, play live and ummmm party?? It’s too bad cause his followup to this Once A Rocker Always A Rocker was a polished turd (in my mind) or maybe it was the Black Velvet Pants vid that made me pass on it……




Black Crowes/Live In Thunder Bay (April 19/1993)

April 19/1993 Black Crowes/Izzy Stradlin (MIA) &The Ju Ju Hounds

So it’s April of 93, and well whoever the promoter was here in Tbay scored when they brought the Crowes into the old Gardens on their Southern Harmony And Musical Companion tour! The Crowes must have been out on the road forever by the time they reached Tbay. Myself, TBone and my younger Brother Todd were actually surprised that these guys were playing here when they were still current. Usually Thunder Bay gets acts once there past there primes, in other words, the Nostalgia acts. But here they are with a number 1 album in North America and umm they’re playing here?? Chalk one up for Tbay Mr. Ladano!

So the day of the show we only found out that it was Izzy Stradlin and his Hounds that were gonna be opening we were pumped  I mean we all had his first solo album that had Shuffle It All, Pressure Drop, and we all the dug the Stonesy feel to it. Well, come show time outcomes the Ju Ju Hounds with Rick Richards(Georgia Satellites) on guitar, Doni Gray on drums and Jimmy Ashurst on bass. (Ashurst looked like he was gonna toss his cookies the whole set, but he kept his shit together ) So the Ju Ju’s launch into an opening jam number, cool their gonna do a few minutes jam, and Izzy will stroll out. Ok now minutes into the show Richards begins the second song with some cool slide and vocal and now he’s singing! Shit man where’s Izzy….well there was no Izzy he was totally MIA ..that’s missing in action in Tbay no less! Total bummer as The Ju Ju’s kept rolling out what I think were cover tunes and Richards kept looking at his watch to see how much time they had left to play! (Classic, they must have thrown together a setlist at the last-minute)They were tight musically some good guitar chops but man oh man…..ah well what can ya do?

Now the Crowes come with a pretty funky cool looking stage complete with a huge net that holds most of their lights a real cool original idea(see the vid above) and there storming right into No Speak No Slave…holy crap the first thing I realize other than Chris Robinson bouncing around is actually how skinny he is! Toothpick fella But he gives her man, just jamming out and hey were into Thick N Thin. They play the staples Sting Me, Jealous Again, She Talks To Angels, Black Moon Creeping, Sister Luck, Stare It Cold, Three Little Birds, Hard To Handle, My Morning Song. They came back out for an encore which consisted of Sometimes Salvation and lemme tell ya that solo that Marc Ford peels off in that song just rips off my head off every time I hear it. Then it’s into Remedy. I think the two songs that they played in the encore lasted about half an hour!  Hey! What’s the hurry, folks.I thought that’s what I heard Chris say to the crowd…

Now the band was rock solid, but man were they gone…I just remember Rich Robinson staring straight ahead into a white spotlight in the back of the Gardens. He just stared and strummed for about 10 minutes.. hahaha.I kept looking behind me to see what he was seeing, but Ummm I just saw a white spotlight..hahaha..dudes rhythm guitar work was flawless though. Steve Gorman looked like he could be a high school teacher but shit man he pounded those skins!

Great, great show……not too many shows I have seen in Tbay with a current number one selling rock album…thanks Crowes for showing up! Izzy, were you even here??





SONIC WAVES….Billy Squier/Hear And Now


Ahhh frigg,it’s 1989 and no one cares about Billy Squier after that one video ( I ain’t saying it here) demolished Squiers career into the waste bins of North America! But me buying and snapping up everything in sight musically related back than, I seen Billy Squier under the new release section with Hear And Now. Now don’t feel to bad for Mr Billy as when he signed his record deal in the early 80s it came with full control(no middle man)in other words he gets all the $ when someone nowadays samples his music. Business savvy that fellas was/is. When I seen the cover (You tube pic is the cover of Hear And Now) it looked like one of two things.  1- a mug shot or 2- Billy’s all night Bender photo. I took the gamble and bought this and boy am I ever glad I did. Now this is not crazy balls out heavy record but a well written big o slab of melodic rock. Billy outdid himself on this album. Too bad the masses did not take notice,I did though and Hear It is,

Let’s give Billy some props now shall we,

ROCK OUT/PUNCH SOMEBODY- starts off the record with some crowd noise and Billy asks ya Do you wanna Rock out?  Hell ya sez I! If not Billy’s gonna Punch ya out! This is a great leadoff track as Billy throws down the gauntlet! Welcome back !

STRONGER-is a nice little mid tempo rocker with a pretty cool sax solo thrown in. Pretty cool rhythm drives the track along…..

DON’T SAY YOU LOVE ME- this one is a little more of a slow groover. Pretty neat little riffing on this one.One thing I say this album has some good production on it. Always dug Squiers voice. This was I believe the first single off of it…..

DON’T LET ME GO- Billy’s night goes from the previous Don’t Say You Love Me to Don’t Let Me Go which is the first slow burner on Hear And Now. Song starts off with some classical guitar and it finally ramps up a bit……

TIED UP-must have been a single also but why this didn’t catch on in 89 who knows why. Oh yeah that Video with him from back in 1985…. shit not going there! But this song ends side one on a high little fast paced rocker…Atta boy Billy don’t give Up!

(I PUT A)SPELL ON YOU- Billy cranks up side two right out of the box with a straight ahead rocker kinda like the same pace that Bill had done with Everybody Wants You. Good solid tune!

G.O.D- hey where you going now G.O.D.? Asks Mr Squier. This song is pretty damn cool and one of my faves on this album.  Funky beat and Billy pulls out the stops on this song. Once again I really dig the vocal!

MINE TONIGHT -Is a simple song ,straight ahead pull no punches power ballad. It’s alright on this album would not be so on AC-DC Blow Up Your Video album! Why the hell I said That I have no idea, it just came to me.

THE WORK SONG- C’mon Billy says..get up,get moving,check out the cool horns on this little bad boy ..oh yeah Billy is saying Work Baby Work……this song is like a head on collision between Pour Some Sugar On Me and The Stroke..

YOUR LOVE IS MY LIFE- Yep Billy notches it right down to close the album off in Squier ballad fashion….

I had a buddy named Moose who was big into the Ramones,D.O.A,Forgotten Rebels,Motörhead, Gwar ,get the picture? Well as soon as he heard Hear And Now he jumped on board and got his own copy of Hear And Now. That my peeps is the power of a good rock n roll album.

Now as for the vids….Tied Up is a pretty cool little rocker and once again check out the cover! The second vid is Squier live from 2009( about the 2 minute mark,after the dudes drum solo)Good on him getting his rock n roll feet moving again!

Crack My Spine Listening To The Hip….

Tragically Hip/Lakehead University /Feb 1990

So the Hip makes a gas stop in Tbay at our University and man the place was packed. Of course, a zillion copies of Up To Here were moving out of record shops (remember those?) at that time as well so me and TBone scooped a couple of tickets and here we are and Hey look there’s Gordie Downie with his full  I haven’t shaved in weeks Canadian beard….and the rest of the guys muster up on stage and open with one of the best Hip songs I have ever heard except they never released it ..the song is titled  Crack My Spine Like A Whip(see vid posted above) man this track just steamrolls  I still love it! C’mon guys 24 yrs later record the friggin thing will ya?

There’s Gordie working the mic stand or is it a crutch to hold him up? The rest of the guys Bobby, Gord, Johnny, and Paul are tight musically I mean they paid their dues playing the bars and man for me personally I love the first four Hip records especially the first two. But we’re getting ahead here so yep the band plows thru Highway Girl and a few others from their  Ep and of course, they played pretty much all of Up To Here. They were also road-testing Three Pistols and Fight which ended up on Road Apples the followup to Up To Here.

The great thing about Gordie back than was when he sang the line “She Didn’t Know The Barrel Was Loaded” you believed him man, or in Every time You Go when he says “Like everyone I Once New A Dave” yeah Gordie your right we knew a few Dave’s it was like reading the newspaper like Gordie is just spitting out everyday living at you! Man, I miss that kinda stuff nowadays.

I have another review for another time when I and TBone caught the Hip back In February of 1988 in Tbay …..stay tuned folks!

Rockin Is Ma Business,Business Is Good……


imageimageThe funny thing about bar reviews is remembering when the hell was it ?? as in  I have seen some good bar shows here in Tbay . One of the best was when The Four Horsemen crashed Thunder Bay and played the local sleaze joint The Inntowner in April of 1996. Fortunately The Horsemen showed up with some swag for sale which I quickly snatched up! ( that list of dates above is from the back of the Tshirt I still wear today ) I wonder how many of these joints that are listed on the tee are still open? I know here in Tbay the Inntowner was levelled and is a parking lot now.

Anyways The Horsemen were plugging their current release Gettin Pretty Good….At Barely Gettin By and well unfortunately Frank Starr was laid up in a coma in Los Angeles  in which he would unfortunately pass away from due to a motorcycle accident. Replacing him for the tour was Ron Young from Little Caesar who had a couple of albums out in the early 90s….. So here they are all tatted up( and if they were a street gang ummm they would kick the shit out of you!) and blasting out their songs from there two gem of albums( debut was called Nobody Said It Was Easy) that they had out! Man heavy straight ahead guitar street rock! They opened with Still Alive And Well, and played the title track and many off the Gettin Pretty Good album the two that stuck out to me from the current album was Song For Absent Friends ( dedicated to Frank) and What The Hell Went Wrong those songs were awesome live. Of course they ended it all with Rockin Is My Business and basically there set kicked me,my wife Sue and my buddy TBone in the ass! Too bad it ended for them they were so good. I’m really glad I caught em when I did! Also of note what a great guitar player Dave Lizmi is.

Opening for The Horsemen were the Buffalo Brothers who were pretty good I remember they had a dude who played a big assed Hammond organ and if memory serves me correct did not Archie Gamble play drums with em before he joined Helix!?

Bottom Line……Great Show…..

Check out the vid for Rockin Is Ma will kick your head in!




Apettite For Alpine Valley

May 25 1991/Guns N Roses/Skid Row

Memorial Day weekend in the good ol U.S of A and we scored tickets to the second show of the Use Your Illusion tour. Milwaukee was the start of the tour with two dates sold out at about 40,000 per show. So we zipped down to Milwaukee and off to Alpine Valley which is a huge outdoor facility located kinda in the middle of no where or so it seems as back than it was one road in one road out. All the bands chopper in to do there shows as a little under a year earlier Stevie Ray Vaughn(rip) was killed when the chopper he was in crashed on the hill.

The day off the show it just rained and rained so by show time we were drenched, unfortunately  our tickets were up on the hill and not under the canopy but who gives a crap this is Gunners for Christ sakes and how long before Axl goes off the rails? Could it be the second show of the tour??

Skid Row was the opener and the funny thing is that both bands on the bill were plugging new  albums that weren’t even out yet. Skid Rows record Slave To The Grind was not gonna be out until a few weeks later in early June whereas Gunners double set of the Illusion albums wouldn’t be released until about 4 months later in September ??!

Skid Row hit the stage flying and I remember the opening track was Slave To The Grind and man there was Nuthin as heavy as this track on the debut….they played songs which got em there and on previous tours (Aerosmith/Bon Jovi) Sweet Little Sister,18 And Life,Piece Of Me,a cover of Train Kept A Rollin and as well Monkey Business and crowd sing a long fav Get The Fuck Out all delivered with the final Youth Gone Wild! An energetic set that’s for sure….good primer for the soon to headliner.

So since we got our tickets back in Feb of 91 I ordered from some bootleg guy a copy of Gunners Rio show from January of 91 just to see what they were doing and they were already playing tunes live from the illusion albums already….so I had a bit of idea of what may be played and boom here they are opening with Right Next Door To Hell and here comes Axl sporting his bulletproof vest (check out the vid above ) and into Mr Brownstone and man they were on fire. Say what you want now about em but back than early 1991 they were the biggest band in the world and here they are playing tune after tune lets see they played 18 songs that night 7 of which the masses had never ever heard yet except for some of us who spent ridiculous amount of money on bootlegs. Some of the Illusion songs were,14 Years,Dust N Bones,Civil War,Estranged,Double Talkin Jive and of course a few covers which everyone new like Knockin On Heavens Door and Live And Let Die. From Appetite they played Welcome To The Jungle, My Michelle, Sweet Child and of course Paradise City but there was so much that wasn’t played(Rocket Queen,Night Train) which baffled me but hey this is Gunners there gonna do what they want.

As for Axl he just chirped at some dude in the crowd about sumthin but it ended up being nothing…..In other words the Axl Train stayed on the tracks that night in Wisconsin ……

The above video is from the Alpine Valley shows as MTV was there filming the kickoff at Alpine Valley…..

A music fan trying to put it down in words….