Stream Dream: Ted Nugent- Nugent (1982)


Yup, this is a Ted review. No political views will be expressed here as it’s only rock n roll and I like it like it yes I do and want to keep it that way.

The Nuge was one of those guys who actually came to Thunder Bay albeit when his success was on that early 80’s decline when Ted showed up here in town in 1981 and once again in 1986.

Both shows I attended and both shows I left the arena deaf!

Ted when he rolled through town in 81 that was a show that I went  with my buddy Muc in tow.

Ted at the time was promoting the pretty decent “Intensities In 10 Cities” and if you ever listen to it it’s a barrage of some heavy crazy rock that even to this day I would consider one of Ted’s best but that may be as that record was my entry point into the world of Gonzo.

So even though me and Muc were too young to know that Ted’s career was hitting the shitter the fact that this guy came here was a mind blower.

So in the summer of 82 when I went to hang out with Muc he had gotten the new Nugent record called just that “Nugent”

There’s Ted on the cover in the dark wearing leather and looking rough. Unfortunately once I heard this album back in 82 it sounded umm lightweight compared the previous stuff I heard from the Whack master.

So did my feeling’s change in the last 39 years since I last heard Nugent?

Let’s get to it!

No, No, No 3:38
Bound And Gagged 4:32
Habitual Offender 3:06
Fightin’ Words 4:01
Good And Ready 4:20
Ebony 4:30
Don’t Push Me 2:33
Can’t Stop Me Now 2:34
We’re Gonna Rock Tonight 3:20
Tailgunner 7:00
Ted enlisted his usual cast of characters that being co lead vocalist Derek St Holmes and Bassist Dave Kishweny and on the drums is Carmine Appice of Rod ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy Fame” Stewart.
Ted is the producer of this album and for all the fire power that Ted had going on the “Intensities” album  that was a live one you would think with Ted manning the dials in the studio the guitars would be jacked but that is not the case here.
Opener “No, No, No” has St Holmes on vocals and you can tell this one is geared for radio actually a lot of this record is what I would call light weight rock. Weird as what was Ted thinking?  If you want political Ted well that happens on “Bound And Gagged” which if you ever seen the video you will know what I’m talking about.
Kinda of a wimpy record compared to the other bands putting out records in 1982. Iron Maiden/Judas Priest and KISS with the huge sounding “Creatures of the Night” all outclass the sonics on this record.
I will say that the last track “Tailgunnner” is the one tune that harkens back to Ted’s glory days of Gold and Platinum as Derek sings for his supper and Ted solo’s away like a lunatic but it’s the little to late theory as this album cannot be saved.
dEke’s Stream A Rater- 4/10

Black Sabbath: Heaven And Hell (1980)

Tony, Geezer and Bill gave Ozzy the boot out of Sabbath once and for all and by 1980 recruited vocalist Ronnie James Dio who was given the boot out of Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow so a rock marriage was made in Heaven between the two parties or is that Hell?

“Heaven And Hell” I had seen shortly after its release back in the summer of 1980 at my pal Muc’s house.

Muc as you already know played a sharing role in shaping my journey in the world known as Hard Rock. 

“Heaven and Hell” was the first album I had seen by Black Sabbath. Sure I read about them in the magazines but Muc was the first friend that I knew that had an actual physical copy of a Sabbath album.

Muc recorded his copy on vinyl onto cassette tape for me and I loved it but the funny thing was I never bought back then or ever for that matter.

Why you ask. I have no friggin idea why. “Mob Rules” in 1981 I bought, which was my first Sabbath purchase so you think I would have wanted my own copy of “Heaven and Hell”.

Well I did. The only thing is it took me 41 years to finally get my own copy of this record!

Better late than never…

When back in January of this year when Sabbath announced that both “Mob Rules” and “Heaven and Hell” we’re going to get the updated treatment with bonus tracks. I was onboard right away.

It took a few weeks for Amazon to send me the two reissues of the Dio Sabbath records (my order came from Kent Washington) but holy moly it was totally worth the wait.

LP One: Heaven And Hell (2021 Remaster)

  1. Neon Knights
  2. Children Of The Sea
  3. Lady Evil
  4. Heaven And Hell
  1. Wishing Well
  2. Die Young
  3. Walk Away
  4. Lonely Is The Word

LP Two: Bonus Tracks

  1. Children Of The Sea (Live B-Side of Neon Knights)
  2. Heaven And Hell (Live 7″ Edit, B-Side of Die Young – Live at Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT, 8/10/1980)
  3. Lady Evil (Mono 7″ Edit)
  4. Neon Knights (Live at Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT, 8/10/1980)
  1. Children Of The Sea (Live at Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT, 8/10/1980)
  2. Heaven And Hell (Live at Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT, 8/10/1980)
  3. Die Young (Live at Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT, 8/10/1980)

How about that cover of the Smoking Angels and what follows inside on the grooves is Sabbath smoking on the tracks right from the start. Opening track “Neon Knights” sets the pace as it’s an uptempo driving track. 

And we’re off!

The whole first side is simply put Killer. “Children of the Sea”, “Lady Evil” and Side 1 closer “Heaven and Hell” are all classic as Iommi/Bulter/Ward and Dio crafted four great tracks right off the hop. 

Martin Birch does a great job at the production helm on this record as he dialled it in perfectly. 

If your thinking Side 2 would be a bit of a dip you’re wrong. “Wishing Well”, the blistering sonic soar of “Die Young”, “Walk Away” and “Lonely Is The World” have the boys firing on all four cylinders both in creativity and performance. 

This reissue is a sweet set. Nice Gatefold vibe along with the history of the album are featured.  None of these bonus tracks I have ever owned in any format so I’m psyched to get all of this added to my record collection.

Below are pics from the Mob Rules reissue  that I ordered at the same time. Another cool looking gatefold.


Brent Jensen Hops back on the Lebrain Train this Friday March 19th at 7pm.

Back last November we had book author/podcaster and all round good guy Brent Jensen on the “Lebrain Train” and Brent was awesome as he answered all of our questions and was game with whatever we threw his way.

Well Folk’s..

Brent’s agreed to come back  this Friday Night (March 19th @7pm) and chat some more as we have a ton of stuff to cover which I’m not going to say other than you gotta tune in to Mike LeBrains Youtube channel and join in the fun.

Plus it’s Ladano’s 1 Year Anniversary since he started this streaming thing so come on friends let’s make it good one and support Mikey as well.

Did  anyone say anything about cassette tapes??

Thunder: All The Right Noises (2021)

It was at the Snowman’s site this past Friday that John under his new release Friday’s had posted  that Thunder had a new album out. I was intrigued as I had bought the first two Thunder albums which were “Backstreet Symphony”(1990) and “Laughing On Judgement Day”(1992) than Thunder like a few other acts skidded off of my radar shortly after.

This past Friday I was zipping around on the pages of Facebook and super producer/engineer Mike Fraser posted a picture congratulating the guys in Thunder on there latest release “All The Right Noises.”

Well, if Fraze has his name attached to this release you know the sonics are going to be dialled in.

So right away I added it to my Apple Library and I can tell you all that this is one fantastic rock album.

Quickly doing a bit of research Thunder has been sitting on this album since 2019 and now is the time when the world has been knocked on its ass for some good old fashioned stadium rock to come back.

Thunder covers all the bases over the course of this album’s 11 songs.

Last One Out Turn Off The Lights
The Smoking Gun
Going To Sin City
Don’t Forget To Live Before You Die
I’ll Be The One
Young Man
You’re Gonna Be My Girl
St George’s Day
Force Of Nature
She’s A Millionairess

If there is an underlying theme in Thunder I think you could use the word ‘continuity’ as its 4/5th’s of the original band as well as having Fraser back mixing who originally did the first two Thunder releases  as well is a win win!

The songs are stellar and well written as Lead Singer Danny Bowes and Guitarist Luke Morley know that fine art of creating crafty arena rock without going down Cheesey-Ville Avenue.

The album opens with Drummer Harry James laying down some serious groove action on “Last One Out To Turn Off The Lights”. Bowes vocals are brilliant on this one and throughout as the man’s vocals have not aged whatsoever. 

“Destruction” is a slow heavy groove and tackles a subject which I’m aware of and that is dementia. 


I like those tunes that can take you on sonic journey one way and then shift gears in what I call ear candy. “Going To Sin City” is that track as Bassist Chris Childs slaps down at one point a tasty little bass run and the boys follow his lead.

“Don’t Forget To Live Before You Die” is stomp of a track featuring some distorted vocals and some huge bass and it’s a great catchy piece of rock.

Thunder does and I hate to use  the term ‘ballad’  but they do it with class. “I’ll Be The One” is that tune which compared to the other tracks on here has Thunder stepping off the gas but still packing a bit more punch than many of they’re contemporaries could do at this point in their careers.

Thunder has stepped up and delivered an album that harkens back to the golden days of classic rock (Zeppelin,Bad Company) yet they manage to retain they’re own style of hard rock that is found on the tracks of this album.

dEke’s Stream-A-Rater Rating: 9/10

If your a collector of such things (Hello Mikey Ladano!) you may be interested in the CD copy that has a ton of bonus studio tracks as well as 8 songs from this album played live in the studio!

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The Covers of the Beast: Live Friday Night Stream

Hanging with Ladano, Mr. Books, Harrison and the King of Stream Mars Man tomorrow night (Friday March 12th) at  7pm EST on a segment we are calling ‘The Covers of the Beast’

Should be a ton of fun as Maiden has the best artwork spanning over 40 years so there will be a ton of stuff to discuss.

Please join us on Mike Lebrain’s You Tube channel which you can see for yourself posted below… 

Hell why not follow Mikey’s Youtube Channel and stay in the loop.

Up The Irons!


Black Sabbath: Mob Rules (1981)

Since I’m on a DIO kick at the moment and as Amazon has not made available the deluxe reissues of both Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules available on vinyl, streaming will have to do..

“Sam The Record Man” was a record store chain here in Canada that was quite popular in the 80’s.

Tbay had one store and every Saturday morning from 9-9:15 am you could buy the new release that week on vinyl for $4.99. I saw that cover of Mob Rules and I was hooked.

I have always dug this cover even now. I mean album artwork was huge with the Iron Maiden covers, Judas Priest’s “Screaming For Vengeance”  even AC/DC’s For Those About To Rock cover was simple yet effective statement that made you take notice and Salute!

Let’s check out what Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi and Vinny Appice had cooking in those grooves…

Sabbath 1982 and I finally hop aboard the Slippery  Sludge Slope  Known as Black Sabbath!

“TURN UP THE NIGHT”- New drum boy Appice goes to town on the drums and we’re off! No Sludgey Pudgey Sabbath here as this is Iommi, Geezer and Ronnie forging new sonics! Martin Birch of Iron Maiden production fame twiddled the knobs here and I love the gruffness of the sound not clear, not mucky, not 80’s sounding  Martin just makes it sound like a Metal record.  The chorus here is real catchy…

“VOODOO”-Iommi the King  of Doom Riffs plays a not so doom riff and the boys all join in and Dio and company write a real catchy tune! The verses are beyond solid and the chorus is awesome! 2 songs in and I’m in…

“SIGN OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS”-Some real nice chill Iommi electric with Dio’s voice that starts this tune and just like whoosh here comes Geezer and Vinny laying down some Sabbath Sludge and it’s so good.  Appice is a monster on the drums here no doubt! This song just goes and goes where it stops only Ozzy knows! Hahahaha! Seriously though this is to my ears old school Sabbath but packed with a little more punch. Dio man he sings it and he delivers ….

“E5150”-I think this  was written on the studio console with a huge bag of (Ahem!)  party treats as it’s just a bunch of twiddling Synthy sounds that goes Into the immortal …

“MOB RULES”-Gem,Gem,Gem! Iommi pastes this song from  the get go and once “My Cousin Vinny” pounds his drums and Ol Geezer slams his bass this is a lean mean Sabbath Sonic Rocket Machine. Ronnie once he joins in with his opening line of… 

“Close the city and tell the people that something’s coming to call, death and darkness are rushing forward to take a bite from the wall!”

Holy shit this is the real deal as Dio spews it I buy into it! It’s as easy as that. Iommi  tosses down a very memorable solo and it’s back to mega riffs,bombastic drums,wicked lead vocals and Yep I got a sonic hard on!  Dio sings it best “Your all fools…..Mob Rules!” Ditto that RJD!

“COUNTRY GIRL”-Country Girl! Track 6 and here’s the Sludgey Sabbath I have been waiting for! The song gets out of the gate with the boys slamming the song with cymbal smashes and doom riffs and Ronnie throws down a real wicked vocal. This is a dirty Sabbath which has Country Girl burning down the Farmhouse with the witches she met at Black Masses!

“SLIPPING AWAY”-Vinny totally rocks this song he pounds the tom toms into submission while Iommi and crew keep up to his pace and Dio brings a melodic approach to the vocals and melodies and that with Tony’s riffing they make a great one two punch! Geezer is baked as the crispy sun shines slaps the crap out of his Bass and Vinny he’s a beast, plain and simple.

“FALLING OFF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD”-7 plus minutes of classic 70s Sabbath.The song starts off at a snails pace and slowly builds and builds up and than of course the song shifts into overdrive close to halfway thru and 80s Sabbath does 70s Sabbath Justice. It doesn’t conform to the 3 minute Shake N Bake Cheese Rock of many! (I ain’t naming names but if your a reader here you  know the deal!) instead these are songs that have no rules attached to no formula! Hey were Sabbath!

“OVER AND OVER”-Doomie an Gloomie are on tap! Iommi powers down every last stitch of doom rock he’s got Into Over and Over! Sabbath saves the last two tracks of Mob Rules to my ears anyways that I thought the whole record was gonna sound like! Them Sabbath fellas fooled me.  Dio belts it out. Vinny slams it out. Geezer 4 strings it out. Iommi dooms it out and Over And Over knocks me out. You want heavy, this is and heavy not played a million miles a hour!

Now if you buy the Deluxe version of  “Mob Rules” on CD here is a show that may interest you. “Live At Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, April 22, 1982″ which features pretty much the same track listing as the Live Evil which was to come at the conclusion of the Mob Rules Tour.

It’s a great live recording(listen to Geezer smack the Bass at the beginning of “N.I.B”) and being totally live the keyboards are jacked up which takes a few listens to get used to but once you get past that this is Sabbath Live. Period.

Lot’s of extra goodies stuffed on this…

Bonus Tracks
10.    “The Mob Rules” – Heavy Metal Soundtrack Version
11.    “Die Young” – Live B-Side Of “Mob Rules” 7” *
12.    “The Mob Rules” – New 2021 Mix **
Live At The Hammersmith Odeon London (31/12/81 – 2/1/82)
13.    “Country Girl”
14.    “Slipping Away” 
15.    “The Mob Rules”
16.    “Voodoo”
Live At Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, April 22, 1982 
17.    Intro **
18.    “Neon Knights” **
Live At Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, April 22, 1982
1.       “N.I.B.” **
2.       “Children Of The Sea” **
3.       “Voodoo” **
4.       “Black Sabbath” **
5.       “War Pigs” **
6.       Drum Solo **
7.       “Iron Man” **
8.       “The Mob Rules” **
9.       “Heaven And Hell” **
10.    Guitar Solo **
11.    “Sign Of The Southern Cross/Heaven And Hell” – Reprise **
12.    “Paranoid” **
13.    “Children Of The Grave” **

More value bang for the buck!

dEke’s Stream-A-Rater-Rating….10/10





Stream Dream: Black Sabbath-Live Evil (1983)

Well today a couple of Sabbath reissues drop those being “Heaven And Hell” and “The Mob Rules”. I thought maybe it would be fun to step back in the time machine with you all…

It was a fellow student at high school back in early 83 who had the vinyl copy of  “Live Evil” by Black Sabbath as it ended up being the farewell album for vocalist Ronnie James Dio and his sidekick drummer Vinny Appice.

Who knew that back in 82?

I sure as hell didn’t..

Anyways that fellow’s name I went to school with was Dave Kumas (M.IA) and he loved, and I mean loved Sabbath. Ozzy era, Dave had all the records. Dio era of Sabbath, Dave had the two Ronnie fronted Sabbath albums at the time (“Heaven and Hell”,”Mob Rules”)

I had one Sabbath album back in 82 and that was “Mob Rules”. I had just gotten for Christmas 1982, Ozzy’s  “Speak of the Devil”. Needless to say I was way behind the times in Sabbath but Dave displayed his loyalty and passion for Sabbath so I respected that as I had some catching up to do.

“Live Evil” in 83 was me making an attempt at catching up on Sabbath as Ronnie,Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice released this double live album recorded on the Mob Rules Tour (Seattle, San Antonio and Dallas were the chosen spots) back in 81-82.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. E5150 (2:21)
2. Neon Knights (4:36)
3. N.I.B. (5:09)
4. Children of the Sea (6:08)
5. Voodoo (6:07)
6. Black Sabbath (8:39)
7. War Pigs (9:19)
8. Iron Man (7:29)
9. The Mob Rules (4:10)
10. Heaven & Hell (12:04)
11. The Sign of the Southern Cross/Heaven & Hell (Continued) (7:15)
12. Paranoid (3:46)
13. Children of the Grave (5:25)
14. Fluff (0:59)

Total Time 83:27

Line-up / Musicians

Tony Iommi / Lead Guitar
 Geezer Butler / Bass
 Ronnie James Dio / Vocals
 Vinny Appice / Drums
Geoff Nicholls / Keyboards

Looking at this list of songs now and listening to it in 2021 I realized that Ronnie’s interpretations of the Ozzy led material on this album was the first time I heard these tracks musically done by the two guys that created the riffs. (Iommi and Butler) whereas listening to Speak of the Devil by Ozzy I first heard those Sabbath tracks by the vocalist that originally sang on them.

Understand that?

The Ronnie Sabbath material on here like from “Heaven and Hell” and the followup “The Mob Rules” are stellar. Sure, Dio and Appice after quitting accused Iommi and Butler of tweaking the studio dials when they weren’t around as there was a ton of cocaine about so maybe someone was Paranoid (see what I just  did there?).

Looking back Dio does justice to Ozzy songs and there is Ronnie shouting Geezer Butler and and were off and running into “N.I.B”.

Iommi and his guitar tone is stellar. Sounding heavy yet clear while Appice drives the train forward with his drumming.

The band sounds loud on this and the audience is mixed quietly. lol. Yet still this is a great live album that for some reason is kinda forgotten about.

So however much dicking about in the studio that was or wasn’t done on “Live Evil” in the end doesn’t really matter to me as if Sabbath was indeed coked up then so be it.

Why isn’t Snowblind on here then? 

I think I need to track this one down on vinyl at some point or perhaps now that the reissues of “Heaven and Hell” and “The Mob Rules” have surfaced perhaps Iommi and Butler may rerelease “Live Evil” which to me they should.

dEke’s Stream-A-Rater: 8.5/10


March 3 – The Northern Pikes Began To Soar — A Sound Day

Check out this great interview done by my blog pal Dave who chats with Jay Semko from the Northern Pikes. Jay gives great insight on what’s it like for a Canadian Bands to break into the American Market… Give the link a click and a read…

> PART 2 OF OUR INTERVIEW WITH JAY SEMKO OF THE NORTHERN PIKES. By late 1990 when Snow In June was certified platinum in Canada, to some it seemed like the Northern Pikes were a bit of an overnight sensation. Of course, that was far from the truth. By then they’d […]

March 3 – The Northern Pikes Began To Soar — A Sound Daya

Aerosmith: Brand New Song & Dance (1986)

Snowman asked…I delivered…

Aerosmith was still in party mode back in the mid 80’s  when they rolled into Worcester, Massachusetts on March 12th 1986 and broadcast nationally over FM radio airwaves this live show while they were promoting the stellar “Done With Mirrors” release from a year before.

Guess the word on the street at the time was Aero was going to take this show and release it themselves as a followup to the mighty “Live Bootleg” that came out 8 years earlier(1978).

That concept was shelved of course but thanks to “Back On Black Records” who bring this show to life on this killer double live album all these years later that I bought off Amazon last summer for $35!

Look at that setlist! Love the fact that “Done With Mirrors” is featured predominately on this set and Tyler and Crew were not just focused on one or two tracks from it and thats it…

Five tracks from DWM’s are featured (“My Fist,Your Face”, “Shela”, “She’s On Fire”, “The Hop” and “Let The Music Do The Talking”) that have that sleazy, sizzle of the guitars of Joe Perry and Mr. Whitford cranked throughout this show.I have to add the sound of this “boot’ is perfect. Basically sounds like a professional release.

Some older “Gems” as I call them are played as opener “Back In The Saddle” followed by “Same Old Song And Dance” set the party ablaze with Tyler in fine form vocally.

Speaking of which, for all the mess that these guys were in they could clean up (ahem) I guess when the chips were on the line as this show proves. 

Aero had there shit together this night….

The real clincher on this set is the fact that “No Surprise” from 79’s “Night In The Ruts” record is featured as well. No Surprise has some to Tylers best lyrics ever and why the band has shelved this song since 86 is beyond me as it is one of their best.

“A Brand New Song And Dance” was recorded when the chips were down as Aero wasn’t selling much yet they still proved that when push came to shove they could pull it together and still bring it live.

This albums proves it…

You have to hand it to Back on Black Records who make this album look legit with the double gatefold sleeve as well as one record is white while the other is black. Going that extra mile is pretty cool.

Krokus: Adios Amigos Live @ Wacken (2021)

Some folks may have forgotten or may not know this but those fun loving Swiss dudes known as “Krokus” had a  decent run in the 80’s of scoring three consecutive Gold Albums in both Canada and the United States.

Those three albums “One Vice At A Time(82)”, “Headhunter(83)” and “The Blitz(84)” solidified some decent momentum for the band which unfortunately went sideways when “Change of Address(86)” came out and no one took notice as Krokus went wham bam shouldn’t have gone too glam and the end result was we all changed addresses on Krokus and moved on.

After giving them another shot with 88’s “Heart Attack” I was off the Krokus express. 

As the years passed into decades I have seen these guys putting out product and flying the Krokus Brand once again. 

Good on them I say..

So back in 2019 Krokus decided to call it a career and while there farewell tour is somewhat on hold like countless others they went ahead and released a final live album that they recorded in Germany at the Wacken Festival.

Since I make no bones about loving live albums I wanted to give this one a spin and I can tell you all that…

I’m surprised that these guys pulled off a pretty damn fine live album.

What! Really?

First of all Krokus is now a six piece with five of the guys being in the band at various times during the roaring 80s so for me there is lots of legitimacy in doing that.

Marc Storace of course is the vocalist but along for the ride are three guitarists that being Mark Kohler, Fernando Von Arb and Mandy Meyer. Slapping Da Bass is Chris Von Rohr and along on drums in what seems like the Spinal Tap scenario in Krokus is Flavio Mezzodi.

“Adios Amigos Live @ Wacken” track listing:

01. Headhunter
02. Long Stick Goes Boom
03. American Woman
04. Hellraiser

05. Winning Man
06. Hoodoo Woman
07. Fire
08. Bedside Radio
09. Rockin’ in The Free World (Neil Young cover)
10. Eat The Rich
11. Easy Rocker
12. Heatstrokes
13. Drumdog On The Loose
14. Quinn The Eskimo (Bob Dylan cover)

14 tracks and right out of the gate Krokus lift off with “Headhunter” and they are not fooling around as they get right down to business. Considering this is the final tour I’m surprised that more originals are not on here but instead covers and thats not a knock on the songwriting on these guys as they could have easily added a couple off” The Blitz” (which is completely ignored) but whatever the case hearing “American Woman” I’m sure makes Randy and Burton happy as they can cash their senior cheques on the royalties this song has made them over the years.

Even during “Long Stick Goes Boom” the tune veers off course for a few bars of The WHO’s “Pinball Wizard”. 

“Eat The Rich” on here is an absolute monster of a track..

Maybe the reason for the covers is these guys are just having fun. Who knows for sure but they really are heavy on this album which with three guitarists they should be plus that Flavio guy on the skins propels the Krokus Bus at full speed.

Nice to see the inclusion of “Heatstrokes” and “Bedside Radio” from the debut North American release 41 years ago (Metal Rendezvous) getting a workout. Seems like yesterday that my pal Muc picked this album up! Even “Winning Man” is played and that was from “Hardware” which is also going back. 

The performances here are solid and Storace’s vocals have held intact but of course they have aged which is expected but he nails it really and thats all you can ask for at the end of the day is that Krokus nailed it.

dEke’s Stream-A-Rater-Rating……8/10





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