Guns N Roses: Appetite For Destruction-(Super Deluxe Edition/2018)

Ok Folks…Let’s put this one to bed early! I did not pay that ridiculous   $1000 bucks for the whole physical  package of the 31st Anniversary Edition of the mega upon mega selling Appetite For Destruction CD/Viny.l (and whatever the Hell else it was issued on!)

Nope….Do not have that kind of cash at my disposal but….

Putting my  Character Flaw aside(HAHAHA)  iTunes had the Deluxe for $29 bucks that features no less than 51 Tracks and over 3.5 Hours of Music (and was released June 29th 2018!)

Pretty sweet deal and I can tell you as I only have ever owned the original Geffen version of Appetite(which  also  included in this reissue is the EP Lies but no One For A Million Folk’s!) There is a whole bunch of stuff I haven’t heard like the various live tracks from a show at the Marquee Club(England) from 1987. Bunch of songs in initial stages like November Rain/Back off Bitch and snippets like The Plague amongst many others.

It’s the 19 tracks that Guns recorded back in 1986 in which they dubbed the Sound City Sessions which is the clincher!

These are the demos that make up AFD! I will go on record saying I cannot get enough listening to these versions of the songs.  Sure you heard em a zillion times over the last 31 years.

But…keep reading….

9 of the Original albums 12 tracks are featured in demo form.(It’s So Easy/Sweet Child & Mr Brownstone are the three left off) It’s  like the band is playing live. Everything is kept minimal. The sound is mixed brilliantly. I read somewhere that Nazareth Guitarist Manny Charlton actually produced the Sound City Sessions. I’m not sure if this is the case but as I don’t have the credits so if it indeed Charlton who produced these demo’s Mike Clink the fella who produced the Geffen records version of AFD basically kept the sound almost the same. Duff McKagan’s Bass on these demo’s is a lot more upfront for one thing. Izzy Stradlin’s Guitar is on one side of the speaker while Slash’s Guitar is n the other side. The songs here are finished just a little fine tuning when Guns signed their Record Deal.

It’s really interesting as you hear only Axl Rose’s voice and no backing vocals on any of these tracks. You can hear some songs being worked out in their earliest stages. Others lIke Welcome To The Jungle have a bit of a slower pace almost old school Aerosmith at times! Paradise City with a different beginning musically ….

It’s amazing as I bet ya Axl had basically about 98% of the lyrics finished and if you listen to Rocket Queen (posted at the top of the page) you can hear Axl figuring out the ending part of the songs lyrics and musically the band with a different arrangement at the 3 minute 30 second mark. Slash working out the solo’s. It’s all here. Drummer Steven Adler basically counts in every tune..


Cool Stuff….

There’s a bunch of extras from Sound City as well. Covers of Jumpin Jack Flash/Mama Kin and Heartbreak Hotel along with original tunes like Reckless Life and Move To The City.

Such a ton of music to cover. But for my dollar its the Sound City material that is the deal breaker. It’s cool when a band can release this stuff  that is  31 years(yikes!) young   that you  can hear the same songs that you heard a million times over originally but  in a different light.

What is fun is that it can  bring  back that initial buzz of hearing  Appetite For Destruction for the first time!

Great Reissue!



GHOST: Prequelle(2018)

Funny how in less than a year one can change a opinon on something!

Ghost was a band with a gimmick. I was 49 years young this time last year when my Brother Todd as an early 50th Bday  gift to moi took me to see Iron Maiden last June(2016).

Ghost was the openers and when Todd purchased the tickets back in January of that year he was beyond psyched  that Ghost was opening.  He kept preaching them to me to check em out! I did on YouTube and what not but the whole “We’re Satan” yada yada spiel I  had been down that road before with Nikki Sixx and his bag of musical tricks with Motley Crue’s ‘Shout at the Devil” release back in 83!

Before Motley was Maiden themselves with of course the brilliant “Number of the Beast’ record. Crue and Maiden though it was basically  one track that sold the album and by golly it worked.

Ghost though have used Satan as a concept or should I say Lucifer but in a clever way. They don’t go on and on with it just occasionally perhaps as a shock tactic for today’s youth. A shock tactic which is not a shock to me anymore. Been there! Heard that! Decades ago!

Tobias Forge or whatever alias he is going with which on Prequelle Forge is known as Cardinal Copia delivers an outstanding Hard Rock Album that so far for myself is the album to beat now. Will it stand? Find out when I post later this year at Mikey’s site!

Back to the present though and Prequelle featuring 10 songs clocking in at 41  minutes is perfect! Not to long..not to short! The songs take you on a journey that begins with a little Girls voice singing the children’s nursery rhyme of  Ring around a Poise in a creepy kind of like atmospheric vibe.

Rats begins the surge and once those opening straight forward drums lock in I’m hooked! Rats is a well written dose of straight ahead rock in which Forge knows his bread and butter and this track hits you from all side’s. Real catchy chorus. Sizzling Riffs and Forge knows how to write a catchy hook. Rats sets the bar high…

Faith features huge sounding guitars and the solo on Faith is phenomenal. Second tune in and things are cooking in Ghost’s kitchen. See The Light changes gears and shows a more chill side of what Forge is doing and not pigeon holing himself into one style of Rock.

Miasma is a 5 minute plus instrumental that has snippets of Prog/Rock and a Sax solo that just wails. Expanding musical horizons and this is a great track even though Forge gets 5 minutes off with the mic!

I think Scott in his review called Dance Macabre or maybe the whole Ghost album “MUPPETRY” haha.  Dance Macabre is basically a head on collision of ABBA and Ghost! Basically  this track is fluffy rock mashed up with a solid dose of Satan. This song is pretty slick actually…

Pro Memoria has Ghost going on about Lucifer in a ballad type setting that ramps up as the drums drive forward with some real cool guttering as well. Witch Image picks up the pace and like many of these tracks has a ton of cool percussion.  The second musical only number of Prequelle is Helvetesfönster which has a different direction than Miasma. Surprising that 10 minutes of the 41 minutes of this album is just music only. But for some funky reason it works!

Life Enteral is a fitting end to the album. Nothing to heavy here folks on this track but still a bit of a kick especially in the chorus. Good tune to end the album on!

It’s always a hoot that at this time in my life when I can actually get  into a new band. I am not a hardcore Fan Boy of Ghost as I own this one and the live release before it.

Ghost though have basically taken or should I say Tobias has written an album that features a ton of throwback Rock in it sonically and the production as well is kept simple. Not over done and the guitars are mixed with a bit of edge.

I guess for me this album is what I would call Satanic Ear Candy!



Hey!! Wishing all my following WordPress and Email  Peeps here in in the Great White North a  Happy Canada Day! Yo to all my Guys and Gal friends from all the other parts of the world enjoy this clip! Crank it!

Tune selection is from  one of my all time fave Canadian Quartets and that would be the brilliant Coney Hatch!

The live vid I’m posting is from a few years ago and is from the debut self titled Coney Hatch album from 1982! The track is Hey Operator which features all the trimmings of Coney I dig especially that driving Bass Line by the one and only Andy Curran! Hey Operator was also covered by Aldo Nova another Can Con Artist!

Speaking of Coney they will be opening for Steve Harris and British Lion in a couple of months in Southern Ontario and Quebec !

If Coney is in your  area check these guy’s out!

Back Covers: KISS-Alive

Welcome to a new series here that I’m calling Back Covers. It’s a simple concept really as we all have our favourite Album Cover’s right? Well how about some albums and their Back Covers which no one ever talks about! Well that’s changing now as were gonna give some acknowledgement to some of these real slick-looking  Back Cover’s!

Fellow Blogging Pal steveforthedeaf left a comment saying he was hoping I would tackle and post something in regards to KISS-Alive!

Here ya Go Buddy! Enjoy the read!

KISS Alive is a classic album period! Whether it’s live or not it does not matter to me. So much so that I would have Alive listed as both in my all time Top 3 KISS studio and live release’s. That’s how good it is!

What always was impressive was the back cover photo taken at Cobo Hall in Detroit by Fin Costello back in 1975!

Talk about an Impact Pic if there was one! Amazing to see thousands of the KISS Army with two dudes holding up a sign showing their dedication to KISS! Kind of a smart marketing move to feature these two chaps as it shows everyone out there that KISS at the time was a  band of the people!

What a thrill for those two guys to have us still talking about “THAT” photo 43 years later! The two fella’s in question are named Bruce Redoute and Lee Neaves. Here’s an updated pic of them below holding the exact same poster that they drew decades earlier at the exact same spot in Cobo Hall!


So the question has to be asked what about a picture of  the front of the stage from the exact same show that the photo on the back cover was taken? Here’s a shot at the show that features the front of the stage! Check it out below..

If you look real close at the pic posted above on you left you see what appears to be someone holding a shiny object. A couple of KISS chat forums  figure that it’s one of the two dudes holding their homemade KISS banner. Wild huh?

The front cover pic of KISS that graces the cover of Alive is not from the Cobo Hall show but instead it was shot at an empty rehearsal hall in Detroit.(Michigan  Palace)

This is an iconic Back Cover photo as it shows how KISS was becoming a huge touring act back in 1975 even though their record sales weren’t quite there yet! After the release of  KISS Alive that all changed!


Old Dude School of Rock!-1980

In a year by year continuing series where I dust the cobwebs off my Noggin and share with you all what I had actually bought with my hard-earned allowance! Plus I can ramble on and on….(I purchased more than what is posted here but these are the one’s that I dig talking about!) and maybe you the reader may check out some of this stuff and think “Hey Deke’s isn’t completely off his Rocker!”


A  New Decade and with it comes some new music to my ears and some of the regulars that made an impact in 1980…

1980 was the first time I heard Styx and on a whim wanted 1979’s Cornerstone. I don’t want to say too much about this one as I want to review it sometime soon with a few other Styx albums so..


KISS in 1980 releases Unmasked and even as a 13-year-old at the time I even knew this album was KISS in trouble . Recall the hype I read in Circus (before the album came out)where KISS was going to call their album Unmasked! I thought “Wow I’m going to get to see how ugly Simmons actually is!” Nope did not happen got the album and the cover was a drawn cover that Tbone who was 13 also at the time could have drawn a far superior cover and the songs were average at best! I will say Ace Frehley  wrote the classic Torpedo Girl. KISS had up to this point had done better and were yet to really lose their brains once 1981 rolled around(Next time folks!)

The brilliant New England returned with their followup to their excellent self titled debut  in 1980 and   released Explorer Suite which continued their path of excellent written tracks by John Fannon as in the brilliant prog poppy title track and others like Hey You On The Run and Seal It With A Kiss. I got this album as a gift from my cool parents for Christmas  that year!

It’s no secret how much I love still to this day Queen’s The Game album which I purchased as soon as I heard Another One Bites The Dust. Mercury/May/Taylor/Deacon were the first band I had heard that had a different sound but they could all still bring the Rock! Fred had a real slick knack at making the piano sound cool! Every track is a winner and I could go on and on but you all know  this already so let’s carry on shall we?!

July 1980 and AC/DC school us in what the birds and bee’s in life are about. So in honour of each track I won’t ramble about the 10 songs on the album but instead one word that to me describes each song as how the AC/DC sound pounded my senses to smithereens …

Here it goes.. 1-Hells’s Bells-=Satan/ 2- Shoot To Thrill-=Pills/ 3-What Do You Do For Money Honey=Hookers/ 4-Given The Dog A Bone= Sex/5-Let Me Put My Love Into You=Boner/ 6-Back In Black=Death/7- You Shook Me All Night Long=Girls/ 8- Have A Drink On Me=Booze/9-Shake A Leg=Mess/10-Rock n Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution= Coolness.

Like Queen up to that point I  never heard a band like AC/DC as KISS/Cheap Trick albums sonically sounded clean but here comes DC kicking my young ass hard and teaching me that there is more to  Rock Songwriting than Shandi! 

Coming up….Maiden/VH/Triumph/Rush/Priest/Whitesnake and more KISS as Metal really takes a stranglehold in my life back in 1981!

#689: “F*** iTunes” [VIDEO BLOG]

Watch my good pal Mikey succumb to the powers of his Ice Cap Drink and have a go at iTunes ….haha. Click’ View Original Post’ below.

GETTING MORE TALE #689: “F*** iTunes”

Once again, here is something that came about due to a conversation with Superdekes over at Arena Rock.  In his review for Bon Jovi’s iTunes exclusive live album Inside Out, Deke said:

Inside Out is an iTunes only live release, which is kinda cool in a way to make guys like Ladano scoff at the no physical product tag! 

He’s right and I scoffed right away.

In jest, I made this video below.  I like to call it “Fuck iTunes”.  Everything is meant in good fun.  Enjoy the video.

View original post

Bon Jovi: Inside Out(2012)


Bon Jovi. Well they have become a kicking bag in my musical world on what was once a real decent slick Arena Act( 1984-1992) that has slowly over time have morphed into a Vegas Tribute Act.(present).

Inside Out is a iTunes only Live release(2012) which is kinda cool in a way to make guys like Ladano scoff at the no physical product tag! Maybe by now its available for them on CD  I dunno. The other cool thing is ..

It’s quite good…


1. Blood on Blood 6:18
2. Lost Highway 4:12
3. Born to Be My Baby 5:22
4. You Give Love a Bad Name 3:49
5. “Whole Lot of Leavin” 4:40
6. “Raise Your Hands” 4:58
7. “We Got It Going On” 4:52
8. Have a Nice Day 4:05
9. It’s My Life 4:02
10. I’ll Be There for You 7:18
11. We Weren’t Born to Follow 4:12
12. Wanted Dead or Alive 5:38
13. Livin’ on a Prayer 6:18
14. Keep the Faith

14 tracks recorded between 2008 and 2010 and I will go on record and say that this album is left unpolished which is a welcome relief and sounds pretty live.

Richie Sambora before  his caboose  came loose and went off the rails and left Jovi for good has his guitar jacked up along with his vocals as well. Jon Bon Jovi sings pretty decent on this cross-section of material which for the right reasons leaves most of their sappy ballad like stuff off of this album which is a welcome relief to my ears. (I’ll Be There For You is included and I tell ya what I never did mind this track musically. Lyrics are typical 80’s slop yet the first few bars of Sambora’s psychotic deranged blues riff is Genius!))

Even when Jovi went all Hee Haw Country Rock on that Lost Highway track and totally lost me forever the title track here is quite rocking!(Did I just type that?)..

Always dug Raise Your Hands which is a straight ahead no man’s thinking land kind of track but we all know that chorus!

From New York to Chicago
Raise your hands
From New Jersey to Tokyo
Raise your hands

Ok I will Raise Em!

The highlight for me on all of this is the track Keep The Faith. I just dig that opening Bass Line and this was of course Jovi experimenting with a new direction and sound on the Keep The Faith album and for me this album was a Winner! At a time when GrungeMania was sweeping North America and every single mid to late 80’s Hair Metal Act was getting buried under that Seattle Tsunami. Jon and Company revamped came back with Haircuts and a somewhat new Rock sound and viola Jovi still sold records and sold out shows whereas many, well pretty much everyone else(from the Hair Metal Genre) skidded into obscurity!

Keep The Faith has the trimmings of everything I like. As I already mentioned cool Bass Line tagged by some cool drums n percussion added by a real great chorus. GrandSlam solo by Sambora and well…..Winner Winner Gets Chicken Dinner!

Plus the fact that it was as a single 5 plus minute track not your typical Poison by the book 3 minute slop rock track. KTF renewed my Faith until well the next album!

Still though what a Track to end Inside Out with!

Don’t Let Your Love Turn To Hate…

I have zero tolerance to listen to any new recordings that may surface in 2018 from Bon Jovi. The only way I would consider buying  any new Jovi product is if Jonny Boy named his next studio record  “Jovi’s Boogie Board” **Than you can count me in!

**- All credit for what should be the title of the next Jovi record should be credited to fellow blogging  Pal Mr if Jon Bon Jingles comes across my scribblings!

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