Impact Albums: Def Leppard -On Through The Night(1980)


Sure for some out there in Blogsworld one might think a little differently if you were to consider an Impact Album if you’re a Leppard fan but hear me out on this one folks!

I could easily consider the next two Leppard albums after the 1980 debut On Through The Night. Those being 81’s High N Dry and 83’s Pyromania more of an Impact Album perse and I totally get it and trust me at some point those will be tackled upon in a future Impact Album feature but this album  OTTN is a great debut!

I have written about in the past how back in June of 1981. Along with my buddy Muc we headed into a local Record Shop here in Thunder Bay together with just enough cash between us to buy one album each.

We both wanted two different albums. So we decided each of us would buy the opposite album that way we could spin em and then tape the other record that one of us didn’t have so we would each have a copy…

I picked the recently released Iron Maiden Killers while  Muc went with On Through The Night

We were blown away by both ..

Fast forward to April 2019 and as I put on the debut album of Leppard from 1980 It dawns on me that of all the bands that I discovered Leppard was the first band I had listened to that only had the debut out at the time that Muc purchased it.

Meaning we got into this band with only one album in its catalog!

Man, we are old! HAHA

That day I bought Maiden they were on their second release with Killers.

Below are some of the bands that I discovered back in 81 for the first time!

Van Halen, I discovered in Jan of 1981 with Women and Children First, which was Halen’s third release.

Rush, as well with Moving Pictures, had multiple albums out.

Triumph I had purchased Allied Forces as well in 1981, and they had a handful of albums out so…

Def Leppard is a band that I have followed since the summer of 1981 right from the debut on. Though the excellent material (80’s output). Through some questionable content (90’s and Beyond) as well as one primarily ignored piece of brilliance (1996′ s Slang)I have been on that Lep Ride for almost 40 years!

So when I spun OTTN recently  I than realized just how excellent this debut is even though at times Lepp themselves have distanced themselves from this release. Case in point is when I caught Def Lepp live back in 1992 the debut was totally ignored!

Blah and Gah.

Now of course when Leppard shacked up with one of those Vegas residency deals a few years back, they dusted off a lot of the material from the first two albums which I thought was a really cool thing to do…

But back to the debut.  From classic opener Rock Brigade to album closer Overture OTTN features a very young band basically going for it. Man, I love these albums when groups have no dough, and in Lepp’s case, it wasn’t until 83’s Pyromania blew up everywhere that these guy’s made any serious money!

OTTN is a wicked album. Tom Allom who produced it kept it a little rough around the edges of course, which is a sound I really like as it would give you an idea how these young cats would sound live…

The late great Steve Clark along with Pete Willis became an excellent guitar duo. Neither guy is a shredder. Clark kept the ship steady with his playing as did Willis with each guy having their own songs to solo or at times do the dual lead thingy that became so prominent with a ton of acts throughout the ’80s!

Rick Savage especially on the earlier albums you can hear him playing Bass, and before you let out a chuckle check out album closer Rush influenced Overture to hear Rick slappa da Bass before Mutt Lange basically drowned him out by 1988’s Hysteria album.

Rick Allen was no slouch on the kit, and I think when OTTN was recorded, he was like 17 or 18 years old! Sounds like a seasoned vet who keeps the beat stable and check out Rocks Off on Side 2 as he plows the path at the halfway point of the tune before Clark lifts off on the solo!

Joe Elliott had that young throat and could sing right off the bat as he takes charge from Rock Brigade on. Joe knows his limits, and for that, you have to give him credit that he didn’t go on some high falsetto mumbo jumbo. Keep it simple…

On Through The Night made inroads in the U.S back in 1980 when Leppard hit America and opened for Pat Travers and Nugent among others. (Leppard didn’t play Canada until 1983!) So the U.S was the biggie for them.

That came at a cost to Leppard at home as England kinda busted there balls by writing a song called Hello America! Which back in 80 I get it as it sounds like a total cop-out, but it isn’t! I think Elliot spun the lyrics as a dude dreaming about going to California, but  Joe didn’t want to be messing with those Headbangers back in 1980!

I can honestly say I can listen to this album from front to back while not skipping tracks. Sure I suppose you could dig around whatever your preference of choice would be for a debut as some other Hard Rock debuts are better. I would tend to agree with you. For myself and I can probably speak for Muc as well that it was pretty cool to discover a band from across the pond with only one album under its belt which not too many had yet heard!

Well, Played Muc!


Van Halen by Derek: February 5 1981!

“I think of all the education that I missed
But then, my homework was never quite like this!”

I came across this piece of school work tucked away in a scrapbook of many concert reviews over the years! I wrote this back in  Februrary/1981 when I was in Grade 8!

Now, if you have been following this blog for any amount of time you all know how much of gamechanger of Van Halen’s Woman & Children First was in my world when I purchased it back in January/81!

Less than a month later I composed this quick little writeup which is hilarious as I had no idea how much partying VH did which I guess I should have picked up on especially since I cut and pasted that top picture of there rehearsal studio that looks like the ultimate party shack! Is that a great shot or what…!

So here it is in my own word’s a quick little history of Van Halen.



Seriously I think this is the best thing I have ever written!

Impact Albums: Nazareth: It’s Naz(1981)


Pretty cool to come across this live album after so many years of not hearing it!

Nazareth recorded It’s Naz back on May 23 1981! So what better way than to post it today 38 years ago the day it was recorded live in Vancouver British Columbia!

Back in late 1981, it was my fellow Record A-Holic Pal Muc who got It’s Naz pretty much right away after its September 81 release.

Most people myself included called this album just Snaz but on the official Nazareth page, they call the album It’s Naz! HA..

I had heard the name Nazareth of course as I saw the Greatest Hits release which perhaps was Muc’s older sisters album but It’s Naz was Muc’s and man what a smack outside my head when I first heard the opening tune…

It’s Naz is a brilliant live album. Plain and Simple! Hell, you get the live feel vibe when you hear Pete Townsend Rough Boys playing as the intro tape before the start of opener Telegram!

Let’s press rewind on Telegram for a second. This is the very first Nazareth song I had ever heard and it takes Lead Vocalist Dan McCafferty to sing the opening verse and for me to go “WHUT?”

‘Sent a telegram today
Tomorrow you’ll be on your way
Could be Memphis or L.A.
No questions just get out and play.’

I had never heard a rock voice like Dan’s ever up to that point in my life. This dude did not give a shit that he was going to toss a lung at any given point while singing these songs.

In other words. Brillaint!

Posted below is Telegraph…check this action out…

But man when the rest of the band digs in the groove of Telegraph its apparent that Nazareth has a sound of there own and that is one of the reasons why I was so psyched to score my own copy of it recently on double vinyl! (I only ever owned on a prerecorded cassette tape that Muc taped for me back in 1981)

So after that moment of MaCafferty and his voice blowing my brains out comes, Dan as he speaks to the Vancouver crowd right before the second tune in Razamanaz ,with one of the greatest verbal one-liners ever on recorded vinyl!

‘Hey, Vancouver! Now I remember when we like to play you guys are alright”

Here’s some more Naz from It’s Naz doing Razamanaz!

Nazareth steamrolls through a bunch of tracks but the real wild thing is that 8 of the albums 20 tracks are cover tunes! (Juicy Lucy and Morning Dew are the lone two new studio tracks on the album) Yep, you read that right! See the thing is Nazareth can take a tune like Joni Mitchells This Flight Tonight or JJ Cales‘s Cocaine and make it there own!

The band that night in Vancouver was top notch! I love how Dan sings with that gruff Scottish tough guy voice yet the backing vocals are crisp and clear! What a sound and when you hear these guys on the radio even today you know its Naz!

This 1981 incarnation of Nazareth was a superb act and even though drummer Darrell Sweet and keyboardist John Locke have passed on this album shows what great musicians this band had.

The funny thing about Nazareth is that outside the Greatest Hits release it’s the only Nazareth I own! Weird I know but I’m cool with just this album. I’m sure I’m missing out but  I can be a puzzle at times, to say the least! haha

Such a mindblower to once again come across this album after all these years and finally own a copy! Speaking of which iTunes doesn’t even have it so vinyl is the only copy for me…

So brilliant! Get Its Snaz! Down n Dirty Rock at it’s finest!

One more thing…

How about a 5 and half a minute live version of Hair of a Dog before you start your day!


Richie Faulkner

As many of you know Richie Faulkner replaced KK Downing in Judas Priest back in 2012!

It always sucks when original guys split in bands and are replaced. Lead Singers leaving is one thing but when it’s a guitar player perhaps it’s a little easier. I dunno as I’m not an Axe Slinger per se but I think that over time Priest did the right thing by giving Richie the gig!

I think it’s pretty apparent of the videos of Youtube and last years release Firepower that Faulkner had a huge hand in recording what I think was the best all round album I have heard from Priest since 1986’s Turbo release. So it says something about perhaps injecting some young blood into a band of grizzled metal veterans that gave the Priest Franchise a serious hard reboot!

I see Priest has started another go-round of touring in the U.S/Canada and I have to applaud  them huge that they have totally changed up the setlist including songs that they haven’t performed in years like Out in The Cold/Steeler/Tyrant/Starbreaker and perhaps my fav out of the bunch (Take These )Chains which is brilliant.

I think to have a young dude on the six-string had something to do with shaking things up in the Priest camp.

Nice to see these old Metal Gods shaking up the set list and not doing the same old same old as, well I’m not going there!


Whitesnake: Flesh and Blood(2019)

Well, you have to hand it to David Coverdale Folks! I was off the SS. Whitesnake for many a year. Lets for shits n giggles call it the  ‘dEke’s Lost at Sea Snake Years 1990-2017.’

Ok, I’m kinda fibbing as I did pick up some Snake that being the live  Made In Britain release that David put out a while ago along with that one studio album Good To Be Bad. So not completely off the S.S Whitesnake completely. I was lost at sea a few times but would always somewhat return when Cov doled out yet another live album!

The Coverdale Chronicles:2017 -2019!

So I kinda gave up on W.S!  Than David did the right thing back in October of 2017 and released a Deluxe30-year Edition of the 1987 album the one that featured John Sykes demolishing the fretboard all over the album’s tracks! Demos/Live Stuff what a package! A full 21 Gun Salute to David for doing it the right way.

Then, David released the Purple Live(2018) album and kinda lost me again as it didn’t do it for me. It was just another live album. It was ok. Alright well I’m fibbing again I listened to it once or twice and it’s just sitting there on my iPod!

March of this year David once again struck Gold with me when he released a 35 Year Deluxe Edition of Slide It In which I wrote about a few weeks ago and its such a mindblower of a package! It blew me away.

At around the same time back inMarch of this year, David announced a new studio album called Flesh and Blood and went on about it yadda yadda yadda. I ignored that talk as I had zero interest in any new studio material not featuring Sykes!

But then a funny thing happened…

I started reading reviews about this new studio album with Dave and his current crew of Snakes which feature,

  • Reb Beach / guitar
  • Joel Hoekstra / guitar
  • Michael Devin / bass
  • Tommy Aldridge / drums
  • Michele Luppi / keyboards

So this version of Whitesnake whipped up a batch of tunes as they were putting out a  few tracks before the May 10, 2019, release. To be honest now at this point in my life I do not want to watch any Whitesnake videos unless it’s from 1984! HAHA…yeah man I’m old and cynical!

The Present

So May 10th came and went and some reviews started popping up on various websites. I prefer to read WordPress reviews as we as fans pay for our music instead of some Yoko who gets it free and can say they love it or hate it. But for some reason, all the reviews I read not on WordPress were very positive.

My reaction was umm…“What the F…”

So I headed off to iTunes and lo and behold there was Flesh and Blood waiting to be clicked and purchased, I checked out the tracklisting…

A bunch of songs….

“Flesh And Blood” Track-Listing:

1.    Good To See You Again
2.    Gonna Be Alright
3.    Shut Up & Kiss Me
4.    Hey You (You Make Me Rock)
5.    Always & Forever
6.    When I Think Of You (Color Me Blue)
7.    Trouble Is Your Middle Name
8.    Flesh & Blood
9.    Well I Never
10.    Heart Of Stone
11.    Get Up
12.    After All
13.    Sands Of Time

That’s not all as the iTunes version was the Deluxe which included.

14. Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong (Bonus Track – New Studio Song)
15. If I Can’t Have You (Bonus Track – New Studio Song)
16. Gonna Be Alright (X-Tendo Mix) – DVD Audio Track
17. Sands Of Time (Radio Mix) – DVD Audio Track
18. Shut Up And Kiss Me (Video Mix) – DVD Audio Track

Holy Smokes! Basically  15 new songs and 3 radio remixes and what not but let’s go with the fact that there are 15 new songs…

So I clicked and bought it and…


Yeah, I’m not Bullshittin you all, it really is …

David hooked me in line and sinker right off the bat with opener Good To See You Again. As I made my way and since then a few times listening to the sonics of Snake I’m completely blown away and I have to say that so far this is one of the best albums I have heard this year. No skipping of tracks.

I will add I get a huge rise out of Dave’s vocals at time’s as you can hear that exhale inhale style of his voice like he used to sing back in the early ’80s!

The guitar playing of Beach and Hoekstra is done the right way. None of that wackadoodle wang bar jacking off that polluted 1989’s Slip of the Tongue album.

Check out the title track posted below!

Beach especially could have gone to town with that 80’s shredder deal but he refrains plays some wild licks and him and Hoekstra play excellent together. Adding at times flash and dash with a pinch of the wah pedal but not overstaying there welcome at the Guitar Hero Department!

Congrats Fella’s!

Tommy Aldridge as well who is as old as Coverdale lays down some ass-kicking drums with added percussion at times. Not overdoing that Double Bass drum but playing and keeping the hard rock groove going.

The album has speed rockers. Mid-tempo rockers and two interesting tracks that end the album.

After All, is that! A Ballad that features some really slick acoustic guitars along with Aldridge pushing the tempo of the tune. Geez, its a ballad and I kinda dig it!

Sands of Time could have easily fit on that classic Coverdale/Page album from 1993 as it has a zip to it in a Kashmir Zep way! (shhh don’t tell Robbo Plant I said that but if you bump into Robert. Tell him my pal Tbone said it! HAHA)

Seriously though Sands of Time and all of its 6 plus minutes is a fantastic romp through some good old late 70’s early 80’s Whitesnake vibes!

Even the two bonus tracks are wicked! Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong is Sleazy Blues Snake with some fab guitar work while If I Can’t Have You could have easily squeezed in on Side 2 of the Billion selling 1987 album!


So there ya have it! An album I dismissed before giving it any kind of chance ends up being a brilliant piece of work! One that if you are a fan of this band give it a spin…

Put it this way! This is the Whitesnake album that should have been a followup to the 87 album!





Joe Perry: Let The Music Do The Talking(1980)


Can you think of another artist who quit a band and releases two brilliant solo albums and a third solo album which is a turd(we won’t go there) than rejoining there main bread and butter earner until a few years later?

Well, if your Joe Perry than that is the case! I reviewed Joe’s excellent second solo album I’ve Got The Rock N Rolls Again(1981) Actually I have reviewed it twice. One of the first albums I tackled when I started this blog and when I reacquired that album on vinyl it hit me as an Impact Album in my world!

Recently I came across Joe’s debut  Let The Music Do The Talking on vinyl and it was a quick addition to the collection!

Give Joe credit man as back in the early 80’s he splits from one of the biggest arena stadium bands in the world in Aerosmith and goes solo!

I’m sure the Suits at the record company were not pleased but what can you do when 5 stoned guys in a band basically break up over spilled milk!

So here’s Joe taking his guitar and putting together a new rock combo and bam here’s the debut!

Joe assembled for this debut an ass kicker of a band consisting of Lead Singer Ralph Morman. Drummer Ronnie Stewart and Bassist David Hull.

Let The Music Do The Talking ( redone by Aerosmith(Done With Mirrors) in 1985 when Joe returned to the band with Steven Tyler changing the lyrics!) leads off the charge and Joe slip n slides all over the neck of the guitar and Joe and the Boys just let it rip right out of the gate!  Basically, this album is just that. Live and fun! Rock N Raw!

Joe handles 4 of the lead vocals on this album and as well enlisted Aerosmith Producer Jack Douglas to produce as well.

Basically, Joe summed up this album best in his autobiography Rocks from a few months back

“Let the Music Do the Talking” – the title track – spoke for itself. It was just how I was feeling. I didn’t need to talk. Didn’t need to explain how much I wanted to be on my own timetable, free to work at my own speed, which was pretty fast. “Conflict of Interest” was inspired by my feelings about the shady side of the record business. I was going straight back to my roots, as demonstrated by the R&B-heavy “Rockin’ Train.” Songs like “Life at a Glance” and “Ready on the Firing Line” were constructed around riffs that had been bouncing around my brain for months

Joe doesn’t fool about amongst the albums 9 tracks. If guitar driven riff rock is up your alley then you might as well spend 36 minutes of your time listening to how it’s supposed to be done!



Teenage Head: Live at Crocks: Thunder Bay-May 10 2019!

Well to say I’ve been waiting to see Hamilton Ontario’s Teenage  Head live would be the understatement of the last 38 years when I first discovered their music when my Dad picked me up a copy of 1981’s Frantic City!

So here we are on May 10, 2019, and lo and behold here’s Teenage Head before my eyeballs laying down the law of there Punk n Pop!

Gord Lewis and Steve Mahon have been with Teenage Head since it’s mid to late 70’s inception.  Original Lead Singer Frankie Venom passed away a few years ago and taking his place is Dave Rave.


For all the bands that lose members and rotate their lineups quicker than a McDonald’s drive-thru Teenage Head kept it in the house as you see Dave Rave sang backing vocals on Some Kinda Fun(1982) as well as playing rhythm guitar and singing backing vocals on the brilliant live Endless Party album from 1985! But here in Tbay Dave is the Lead Singer so this is an authentic to an original line up as one can get!

So what better way to see these guys live for the first time than to take my wife(Sue) along for the ride of her life with these guys and see it for herself!

So shortly before the stroke of midnight the Fella’s in Teenage Head lifted off the Crocks stage with First TIme after Drummer Gene Champagne kicked the opener into overdrive!. After that, it was rocking tune after rocking tune as in my 35 plus years of listening to these guys it was crazy good to see them up front and in person!


When I mean upfront! Right at the front of the stage in front of Gordie Lewis who has a guitar tone and style all to himself! Man, it was loud but fantastic as you heard those quick little hit n run solos from his guitar.

Lucy Potato/Teenage Beer Drinking Party/Picture My Face. The song’s kept coming as the band played on.  The band was firing on all four cylinders as Teenage Head has been around that block and are tight!

Kudos to Gene who not only played some wicked drums but pitched in with a ton of backing vocals as well!  Gene and Steve are one solid rhythm section. Mahon as well it was great to see him with those walking Bass Lines who has a style all amongst himself!

You have to applaud Dave Rave as well as he was clapping and bopping around that stage like no one’s business. Working for the crowd and giving it his all while doing complete justice to the music and the legacy of Frankie Venom!

Wild One/Top Down/Let’s Go To Hawaii. The band just kept the vibe going full throttle. Two of the bigger hits from 1981’s Frantic City that being Let’s Shake and Disgusteen ended the set!

Disgusteen man what a set closer. When Dave tells the crowd “Nice Day For a Party isn’t it!?” Wow in the Head catalog of classic songs this one for me is the tune! Lewis/Champagne and Mahon just have that sound all of there own on this song!

For all my blog pals outside of Canada asking about Teenage Head and wondering about what the deal is. Let me put it this way!

I’m not comparing these two bands by this comment but Teenage Head in Canada is what the Ramones were to the United States! Hardcore following for these both bands!

I have to add that is was a pleasure to finally see these guys live! I waited a long time since 1981 to catch Teenage Live!

Thanks, guys to showing up and also to Frank Loffredo who booked them here on a Friday Night as well!

Frank summed it up best on his FaceCrack page hours after the show.

“What an amazing night with some incredible bands & crazy fans What an against all odds trip this continues to be.
Thanks for keeping live music going in this little sleepy northern town..🤘🤘🤘
It was fun seeing a lot of the original gang out Mind blown.”

Photos were taken by deKe’s Shitty iPhone Skills! No rights reserved!

Here’s a video from youtube from a few months back of Picture My Face..check it out!






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