Santers I discovered when we took a family vacation to Winnipeg back in 1981. We were at the Polo Park mall I was checking out the record store on the rack was this dude holding a strat into the sky and and fuzzy grainy reddish backing cover Marshall stack included, the title Santers/ Shot Down In Flames.

Shot Down In Flames we all know of the AC/DC track by that title but a band calling there album that huh? Interesting? Must check out,and sure enough as I turned over the cover there it was track 6 – Shot Down In Flames(dedicated to Bon Scott)  than it was a quick dash over to the counter for the purchase. Once back home in Tbay I was able to check it out the album a little more and realized the dude on the front cover was Rick Santers/vocalist/guitarist/songwriter/ on the back cover was a pic of his brother Mark/drummer and there sidekick on bass another fella who goes by the name Rick Lazaroff!

Santers was a band I could read about a bit in Music Express but man that was about it for press, yeah thank god for Music Express at the time as they featured a lot of Canadian Rock that if it wasn’t for them I may have never heard about some acts…..

well a Little diagnosis of Shot Down In Flames is on tap……

THE RAPPER- kicks off the record with some good ol feedback guitar hero action and the three piece lay it down the law here. Love the Chorus…..Raaaaaaaap..they call me the Rapper….features some nifty cowbell….

CRAZY LADIES-opens with Mark Santers playing a sweet little groove,neat song about well…Crazy Ladies….

YOU TURN ME ON- I think  this was there single. The lyrics are kinda goofy but Ricky makes up for it the solo,but hey don’t knock the guy too’s the 80s for shit sakes!

TIME AFTER TIME- was the first slowly kinda not slowly tune features some neat lead  and backing vocals from the brothers ….good job boys!

LOST AND FOUND-a pretty cool rocker about Rick not be able to find his woman? Dude,after all these years did you check out the Lost and Found?

SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES- title track and if your looking for a rehash in sound like ACDCs you have come to the wrong place,it’s a slow building ,mid temp song I think Bon would have dug the tribute from a bunch of young fellas back than…..

CAUGHT IN THE WIND-picks up the pace and kicks especially the Chorus,neat song in all……

PATHS OF HEARTS- is a quick little high paced number  actually up until this point it’s all rocking…

POINTS OF RESISTANCE- is another good song drums/ bass/guitar just flat out rock this track…I had many points of resistance back than…one was school!

UNDER THE BRIDGE- kinda a slow moving burner of a tune….I considered it ok not a great Santers tune but ok…..but the first nine tracks..damn good!

IN CONCLUSION- Santers ended up being one of those little bands that shoulda made some noise for some reason they never caught on(they opened for Ozzy across Canada on Ozzys 82 tour) and later on Rick Santers was the fourth wheel added to’Triumphs lineup,which he played guitar/keys on the Sport Of Kings tour. But me and TBone dug em and well at some point I will do a review on Santers when they played here at our university back way back..gotta scratch the noggin on that one!

Also of note this album is long outta print but you can buy this at iTunes. For a good piece of unknown Canadiana rock history check it out. I hope Santers one day can add there second album Racing Time on iTunes as well….

It must also be mentioned that back in the day Tbone was a great pencil drawer and when I leant him this record he gave it back to me and on the inside white sleeve he drew the front cover an exact replica. It was awesome! Bastard has talent man!


SONIC WAVES…RATT/Invasion Of Your Privacy

1985 is year two into Ratt’s run from there self titled major label debut Out Of The Cellar (1984)to Ratt’s final release 1990’s Detonator which basically after it’s release Ratt’s career Detonated! Too bad, they had a good run a lot better than some others and I always thought they were above a lot of LA bands at the time. I liked there albums but out of all of them I really dug Invasion Of Your Privacy. Take away there look at the time and just listen with your ears! Good band ….the 80s were great for me to listen to music as there was no youtube and if you wanted info and concert dates it was through magazines like Circus,Kerrang,Hit Parader,Metallion and Music Express. Nowadays a guy will get ripped apart by a youtube post a few minutes after his performance back than you would have no knowledge of anything. So perhaps a guy like Pearcy dodged a ton of verbal bullets back than because nowadays he is continuously ripped for his live vocals on youtube but no matter back in 1985 Pearcy was holding the fort down vocally or did Beau Hill help with studio gadgets? Who knows for sure but..

Let’s check it out….

YOUR IN LOVE- Ratt n Roll takes off on this opening number. Ratt crashes the party and Pearcy tells us ‘ You take the midnight subway train,ya Callin the shots….” Cool Pearcy is taking control of the situation and man if he found out that back in 1985 that I never had taken a subway but always rode around on a transit bus he would have  kicked my ass! Good opening track sets the tone and Warren Demartini flashes out some cool licks…

NEVER USE LOVE- two songs in, two songs with love so Pearcy shifts gears and than tells us to Never Use Love …geez pal first it’s Your In Love now this …where’s Dear Abbey? Cool song as well Bobby Blotzer Blotzes the drums on this track and the rest of the guys ummm lay it down so to spreak. Also of note of how importance of bassist Juan Crouciers backing vocals were on the Ratt records.

LAY IT DOWN- the first single and for me probably the weakest track out of this whole album. It’s a good Ratt song not a great Ratt song . The video was good …in a 1985 kinda way!

GIVE IT ALL- this is a great rocker of a track. Cool pre Chorus into Chorus. Snappy Ratt n Roll from these pesky rodents! Good Ratt track….

CLOSER TO THE HEART- wow the first ever Ratt somewhat ballad but you know what? It chugs along pretty good I mean Crouciers backing vocals carry the tune and of course Pearcy sounds good hear also.

BETWEEN THE EYES-kinda of a slow builder of a tune to kick off side two. Kinda of a melodic Chorus but a good song never the less. Kinda gets missed for some reason….

WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET-that’s the cool thing about Ratt’s music. They put out pretty solid albums and kinda had there own sound. They weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here people. Ratt just wanted to infest people with there Ratt n Roll. Gosh that was brutal critique….but I will run with it!

GOT YOU ON THE LINE – HOLY CRAP!! The rotary phone rings off the hook and Pearcy answers with a …..deep hello! And the band kicks in and this is a snappy two and half minute Ratt ball rocker and was one of my faves especially at the end when Pearcy lays down the law with a ‘ Nobody hangs up on me” that’s right man no one and I mean no one hangs up on Steve-o!!

YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW- Got You On The Line ends with a thud and Ratt crashes into this little ditty of a kicker track. Actually I wish Ratt would have done more of these kinda back to back tunes. Short to the point ! Cool guitaring (Warren Demartini and Robbin Crosby(RIP) ) on this song and album for that matter. Atlantic records must have dumped some change on this album cause the production sounded big !

DANGEROUS BUT WORTH THE RISK- the albums ends with another all out kicker. This was there opening tune on the Privacy Tour. Actually the last three tracks I always thought on Invasion were there three strongest tracks and the rest ain’t too bad either. In other words Ratt kept me amused as a listener to the end of the party,well there party!

IN CONCLUSION- RATT was good rock for a time and like I said had a tidy little run in the 80s for about 7-8 years and of course there like other bands nowadays  touring with or without original guys but hey man I dug em and Ratt deserves some respect in these pages of rock n roll babble !


SONIC WAVES…..Motley Crue/Motley Corabi)

So fresh off of signing for Multi millions…the Crue boot Vinny too the curb and things have changed in the musical climate from the time of Dr Feelgood(1989) to the release of the self titled release of Motley Crue(1994). We all know the fallout of many a successful act from the 80s into the 90s especially the hard rock genre kind so I won’t go into great detail bout the whole Seattle deal that’s been written a million times over. Instead I will yak on about my observations of what happens when a very successful band from just a few years earlier tries to change with the times and instead the wheels completely come off in the eyes of the public!(well most of the public!)

Now that it’s been 21 yrs since the release of Motley Crue/ Motley Crue I can see the total parallel between this album and Creatures Of The Night by Kiss from 12 yrs earlier (1982) and for me personally I would say this Crue album with new singer John Corabi at the time is next to,Motleys debut Too Fast For Love there best as I feel that next to Kiss Alive that Creatures Of The Night is one of Kiss’ best work. Kiss was dead in the water from The Elder whereas the Crue was in a different headspace where they had finished a huge tour in 1991 and put out a greatest hits set that sold well. But than Crue for whatever reason divorced Vince and got themselves a new singer in Corabi and figured were huge….we will sell….wrong-o! Kiss was the same(1982) I think we will go heavy and people will come back….we will sell….wrong -o!  Too bad even all these years later outside of the diehards people forget about those two gems so let’s focus on Motley shall we!?

Let’s see what the Hooligans have on tap!

POWER TO THE MUSIC- the first thing that comes to my mind upon first listen is no cheese! Holy Crap Mick Mars starts the pace and here comes the Tommy and the Nikki show and finally the new throat in John Corabi who sounds like he swallowed a 6 pack of razor blades and man what a set of cool pipes! It took me all of about 30 seconds that there was gonna be no She Goes Down on this album! It’s 1994 people! Wake up Crue is serious here!

UNCLE JACK- man I think I read years ago that this song is a true story about some perv in one of the guys family’s whose name is Uncle Jack and you have Corabi bellowing that he’s gonna rip Uncle Jacks god damn heart out! This is serious shit. Two songs in and all bets are off! This Crüe is now into heavy Groovin…..

HOOLIGANS HOLIDAY-the lead single and this song rocks! I liked it than and I like it now. It’s well written/ performed and produced! All the making of a successful single right?  Too bad this song should have been as big as the Dr Feelgood single(1989) but 5 yrs later (1994)peoples tastes change and the Crue suffers from it! Poor bastards!

MISUNDERSTOOD- is Crue jamming it out like there  Zeppelin! I know ,I know but listen to how the song build a and builds and weaves around. Just like a Zep song or so to me. Not saying Crue is Zeppelin just saying Crue is wanting to mash it up with Bonzo and the boys! Deke just shut up!

LOVESHINE – is a Folky Crue, kinda like sitting around a campfire with Tommy,Nikki,Mick and John and they pull out some acoustics and mandolins. LOVESHINE could be another little Zeppy thingy as well!

POISON APPLES- is catchy as hell. This could have easily been another single. Here we are at the sixth song and there’s two singles calling! This has a real cool Chorus and in case your wondering Nikki still loves his Mott The Hoople! The Crue must have spent a lot of time on these songs. To me there well crafted rock ditties!(the album was produced by Bob Rock)

HAMMERED- tommy smacks the cowbell from hell on this song and the lyrics,man the lyrics are deep now if Vince was singing on this album this song would be about doing just that getting Hammered but Corabi and the boys are talking getting hammered on by all aspects of life when everything is crashing around around you feel like your getting Hammered by society! Holy shit I’m getting deep here and this is a Crue review for God sakes! Or maybe it’s a song about Vince?

TIL DEATH DO US PART- no one has ever said it but I will. This has the best guitar solo ever by Mars! It’s just sick,and rivets around the upper canister area of my brain Everytime I here it! It’s that good! The solo section is just plain out groove laden heavy! Great great song!

WELCOME TO THE NUMB- could be a sleazy Aerosmith leftover say from 1970 sumthin! Cool Aero like. Groove as well. This whole damn album is one big groove!

SMOKE THE SKY- is just that you know about good ol Mary Jane and what she brings to the table ! The lyrics are awesome cool they even name drop said prez at the time B.C inhaled it Heaven..I inhaled it to..hahahaha ..ok your honor were all guilty! Cool cool song!

DROPPING LIKE FLIES-love this title and this is a another good song. It’s the Crue 1994 ! Album is once again into groove mode! Sloppy Aerosmith mixed with Serious Crue results In Dropping Like Flies!

DRIFTAWAY- is once again going in a direction I think the Crue were exploring along with actually a lot of this record I thought they were headed that way. It’s too bad it imploded but that’s what happens you sign million dollar deals and than you can your lead singer and the record company freaks out and well read the Dirt by the Crue and you will get the whole picture of record company red tape!

IN CONCLUSION- this is a leaner meaner Crue. Vince was gone and took all the Kraft cheesey single slices with him and moved on and the Crue got real heavy with everything! Lyrics/ sound even there look had changed! Whenever I refer to this album by than I just call it Motley Corabi cuz he had a huge role in this record and it’s too bad that Sixx doesn’t give credit where credit is due. Whatever,Motley 94 was a great rock record!

SONIC WAVES…The Who/Live In Toronto

Basically by 1982 when I was really getting into music some of the bigger bands from the 60s/70s were calling it quits like The Who so when it was announced that there farewell tour in 1982 was gonna be there last tour?!(Hahahaha,yeah right!) The last date of the It’s Hard Tour was gonna be in Toronto and more of a bonus it was gonna be televised across Canada and better yet it was FREE!

So myself,John Young and Tbone gathered around Johns TV set and we tuned into to watch The Who slam it down one last time and for me it was my first time seeing The Who live.

After The Who packed it in back in late 82 there old record company released Who’s Last a live compilation album from a bunch of shows but I always was wanting the Toronto show and wondered why they never officially released it!

Fast forward to 2010 and Lo and behold I’m in our local HMV shop when under The Who’s section and there’s the double Live Who farewell performance from Toronto( the same show ) on cd for under $20! SCORE!( not a official release)

Our good friend and fellow blogger Rich Kamer at KamerTunesBlog saw this tour at Shea Stadium in New York (wowzers) lucky guy..hope you dig this review Rich.

Hop Aboard The Magic Bus…..

MY GENERATION- talking about My my my Geneeeeeeeration!!! The Who get the crowd going and it’s the song that started it off for these guys many a year earlier! Still the first time I every heard a dude with a nickname of the Ox on bass (John Entwistle) rip out a bass solo on a song and not a guitar solo in sight!

I CANT EXPLAIN- the first thing I realize when Pete Townsend plays the opening riff is how crabby he looks and during the solo he kinda stares at the crowd and feeds them some windmills and people lap it up! ( when I watched the show on tv for the first time)but after getting into the Who big time  after they broke up I realize thats just how the guy rolls! Great song here and man real cool sloppy rythm guitar solo at the end of the song! Watch the video If Ya don’t believe me!

DANGEROUS- this is a song that Entwistle wrote and its a great song from Its Hard and it shows the Who using keyboards properly In a rock song and Roger Daltry man what a great rock voice, plus the fact that he’s the first guy ever to swing a mic and not kill anyone (that I know of) is impressive! Great chorus!

SISTER DISCO- from the album Who Are You is up next and you can hear even though the keys are cranked the Who are bidding the 70s bye and hello 80s and this song has a damn catchy chorus! Call Townsend grumpy but the dude could write memorable hooks!

THE QUIET ONE- not does Entwistle only write this rocker tune he sings it as well! Kenny Jones smashes his drums and watch the vid posted as this is one of my fav tunes from this disc! Actually at the 2 minute 10 second mark of the video,Pete and John look at each other with a bit of a smirk and Townsend actual gives a bit of a smile.Look at Pete flinging those snappy little licks on his guitar at the end of the tune plus he tosses in some acrobatic jumping around and ends it with a patented windmill! Rock 101 done to a T here at Arena Rock!

ITS HARD-the title track from the supposed last studio album and the one there plugging on the Farewell tour! It’s a good song and give these geezers some credit cuz at the the time they could have just done a greatest  hits tour and called it a day but Grumpy Pete said No way Jose …..we will play some new songs and than count the $$$!

EMINENCE FRONT- ha Pete heard Me and follows up one newbie track for another and he handles the lead vocal on this track that features a ton of keys from there keyboard guy Tim Gorman! Another good song from Its Hard!

BABA O RILEY- Teenage Wasteland,we’re all Wasted! Great song and well composed and performed love the synth line that runs thru this tune and of course Daltry nails down a real good live vocal and for a added bonus Roger doesn’t only rock the songs vocally but he can also add harmonica playing and twirling his mic cable that he can addto his resume!

BORIS THE SPIDER- Entwistle stomps on and Townsend kills the spider tossed to the stage! Creepy,crawley..kinda tune almost like someone sneaking up on Ya! And Bam its Boris …..another Entwistle composition with Daltry co singing the tune with him!

DROWNED- is a 8 minute classic from Quadrophenia in which Pete takes over the lead vocally as well on this one and why not other than Entwistle Pete wrote all the tunes! But he knew and we all knew he needed a guy like Roger Daltry to deliver the rest of the tunes vocally and yeah man Daltry does that !

LOVE AINT FOR KEEPING-is a short 2.5 minute song and for the Who that is short! Kinda a mid tempo-ish tune but it works!

PINBALL WIZARD- the who keeping it going and do I really need to explain this tune? Nope I don’t but I will say the Who plow thru this tune like gangbusters!

SEE ME,FEEL ME- this is a great live version love the rawness and Townsend ripping around on his guitar and I mean what a great classic rock track! Listen to yooooou!

WHO ARE YOU- zippy,bang,zip,crash, pop ,bang …that’s the synth action starting at the beginning of Who Are You! This song I never get tired of! Love the beat it to it! The Synth,drums. Power chords it’s all here and I love the way Daltry sings the line ‘ I spit out like a sewer hole’…More bands should use the term SEWER HOLE more….like why not…oh yeah I almost forgot to say…WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!

5:15-this is the Who crushing at Rock speed! Great use of everything in this well written track. Love when the song just chills and Rog sez..Inside outside leave me alone and than the song just amps back up!

LOVE REIGN OVER ME-I guess you could say this was the big Who power ballad…complete with Synthy overtones and Pete synching his guitar with Daltrys boice during the chorus!  Big time tune!

LONG LIVE ROCK-hey you go to a rock concert and Yep you need to hear a song with rock in it as a title right! Correct and it should be this tune real cool verses on this mutha of a track!

WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN- synth and man and this is the grandaddy of all Who tracks! I mean it’s all here wrapped in this tune! Crazy drumming from Kenny Jones,windmilling guitar heroics from Pete,more mic spinning from Rog and the Ox holds down the fort with his bass riffing!

NAKED EYE- props to the Who at going back and playing to me anyways tunes I have never really heard for that matter and this is one of em!

SQUEEZE BOX- haha The Who meets Poison! Hahahaha….ok ok ok I think Poison and Brets Bandana did a cover of this tune and basically what I’m implying here is that its a pop ditty this Squeeze Box tune and I guess when push comes to shove and back in the day when the record company fat guy was after Pete to write a catchy little radio number! Squeeze Boxs number was called…I like this damn tune……

YOUNG MANS BLUES- the Who crank it up on this cover and they demolish it with feedback from Pete and its the Who showing there roots!

TWIST AND SHOUT- the Who doing justice to the cover that the Beatles did as a cover. Entwistle sings with his rasp and its a good closer tune to the end of the concert!

IN CONCLUSION-considering this live TV broadcast was my intro to the Who it’s crazy that 33 years later I still consider this live album a fav! Sure I may be in the minority here but that’s ok! I still Remember even after all these years discussing the possibility of Pete Townsend destroying all of his gear one last time at the Toronto show! Sadly(hahaha) it never happened! I guess that’s Pete’s way of saying Not playing by anyone’s rules but my  own! Of course the Who came back in 1985 and 1989 and now they are still touring into there 50th year,so I guess you could say we were all fooled again! And again! And again!

Still a great live album…..

SONIC WAVES….ZZ Top/Eliminator

The 80s and ZZ Top go hand in hand and for me I jumped on the bandwagon as soon as those real cool ZZ top videos started into massive rotation at Muchmusic. We could as guys relate to this concept…geeky guy gets pushed around by some bikers and it takes some super cool dressed up chicks to come to the geeks rescue. My only deal was when I got pushed around no super cool dressed chicks came my way….they went the other way!

Yeah so ZZ Top is this new sound with some ripping guitar,cool laid back vocals,straight ahead bass and drums and viola the videos but when I got this on cassette back in 1983 there was way more to this slab of Texas Rancho Rock than the vids. These guys (Billy/Dusty and Frank) laid down some serious law with there sound and to top it off they ran it thru a synth and even made me the little Metal Boy take notice….

Wowzers lets see what the ZZ boys be a cookin!

GIMMIE ALL YOUR LOVIN- Frank lays down the drum beat and man it’s Billy Gibbons time to lay it down with his guitar on top of the synth while Dusty holds down the fort with bass! This is ZZ 1983 style driving towards your house with the top down and not taking any hostages. Since this was my first taste of ZZ it becomes apparent real fast that this Gibbons fella can play the six string! Great track that everyone knows and knows and knows…

GOT ME UNDER PRESSURE- now I guess I could call this one Snappy Top! This song just drives along at a little rapid pace and man what a cool tune! Love the guitar sound on this album and wow did he, Billy really say ‘Cocaine’? Hahahaha. As a music buying junkie myself to hear this dude say Cocaine as a 16 year old=Street cred! Cool song and better cool solo! Two songs in and what the hell this is musical gold,plain and simple!

SHARP DRESSED MAN-the real big hit and bigger video which propelled ZZ Into Hugeness which was well deserved as they had been going already for about 13 years at this point(8 albums in) Love the guitar sound on this tune and it blends  well with the synth and thanks Billy for not letting the synth take over this record. Imagine that if the synth took over Eliminator back in 83? Thank god it didn’t but why would it. Billy rocks the shit out of his guitar and this solo is top notch!

I NEED YOU TONIGHT- whoa….Billy/Frank and Billy stop into a local watering hole,and slow things down and Billy teaches me that you don’t have to rock it nonstop 24-7 that it’s ok to shift gears and well they do and like I have said a few times and if you are a daily reader(I thank you) this song does not puss out! Billy goes into places unknown and makes me a believer!

I GOT THE SIX- Gimmie your 9. Ha,ZZ makes lyrics seems cool with there little one lines of jibber jabber. Dusty takes the lead vocals and he rocks it down with Frank and Billy letting Dusty get some centre stage action with some real fine lyric crafting …Like look at this,what a pair,she won’t let me touch her there,she’s so discriminating. This is weird,it’s time to crow I just heard the rooster blow. I guess I’ll have to spank my monkey…..ladies and gents welcome back to the 80s and crank this one up and well ummm let loose….(I think)

LEGS-even a bigger video than Sharp Dressed?? Who knows lets call it a tie! Legs take away the imagery of the video for a second and this is as good as a well written piece of ZZ Rock that you will find. Snappy sound,snappier guitar,cool vocals and man that bloody friggin synth just drives the song down a one way street into top 40 ville and thats ok because think back to the video and Frank/Billy and Dusty are in there ZZ work clothes and there filthy looking so the vid makes Em look nasty and thank god cuz if they were wearing tuxes in this song …..shit I ain’t going there!

THUGS-after the ZZ girls split the ZZ crew decides to go to Alcatraz and sing about some banditos that went haywire and this song is cool quirky Top. Jingle jangle with some percussion and man some cool jamming on the bass by Dusty? Naaa that ain’t Dusty that has to be Billy fuckin around as I never heard snappy happy bass tapping before or after on a ZZ album…..

TV DINNERS- hahaha…I remember one of the first titles that caught my attention when I first held the cassette tape was Tv Dinners! Like what a great title for a song. Growing up in the early 80s my parents would surprise us and pull out the TV trays with out TV dinners to sit down in front of  the TV ! ( once in a blue moon though)Holy crap I’m flash backing!  Back to the song though this is a slow paced down in dirty meal deal and Billy tells us what’s good and bad about TV Dinners…….

DIRTY DOG- the ZZ synth machine is back in action and drives the bus on this song and Billy of course lays down his sound on this tune….bam your just a Dog…..bam…cue Gibbons and his solo….ZZ are Dirty dogs as they know how to get down n dirty with the best of em…(musically that is!)

IF I COULD ONLY FLAG HER DOWN- once again and it’s no secret that I love on mega selling albums those hidden pieces of musical golden nuggets and ZZ delivers big time with this song. This has in all of its 3 minutes what I love about ZZ ….driving synth,driving guitar,chill lead vocal,Beard bashing along and Dusty playing his 3 notes! This song is my fav on this does not get better than the on the chorus!….ok I’m breaking protocol and putting this song up as well….Crank it and if Ya ever bump into ZZ tell em that Deke sent Ya!

BAD GIRL- ZZ ends the album in a tavern(no surprise there!) and Dusty says ‘are you ready” and the boys  crank it up and tell me as a 16 year old at the time about the Bad Girl. Yes sirree fella’s sign me up! And ZZ  ends the album on high note and man they kick me out before I can even get close to the Bad Girl! Great end of album number….leaves Ya wanting more!

IN CONCLUSION- 1983 and I’m 16 and ZZ comes along and slaps me in the side of the head with there sound and they make me a believer that you can drive songs with a synth  and be cool and for that….thank you to the ZZ Tops….What a great way for me to debut my listening pleasure with ZZ and Eliminator!

SONIC WAVES….Rolling Stones/Voodoo Lounge

Hubba Bubba and the Stones release the Voodoo Lounge( great title) album and yep if your gonna compare this to Exile On Main Street,Tattoo You,Some Girls don’t bother man it ain’t close in my books as those three are classics but I tell ya what! Give Keef,Mick,Woody,Charlie and Daryl( new bass guy at the time) there due they put out a real cool rock record right in the smack dab of Grunge Mania(kinda of)…

Pour yourself a Tall Cool One and kick back in the Voodoo Lounge….

LOVE IS STRONG-Ol Charlie Watts snaps this song into,action and before long here’s Mick kicking it Ol school on the harmonica! Back in 94 and even now in 2015(21 friggin years) this is a great Stones song! Cool pace driven by the drums and new bass boy with Keef and Ron lay it down with the guitars! Great tune!

YOU GOT ME ROCKING- ha the Stones may be saying we’re almost all 100 yrs old but we can still kick it into overdrive boy do they ever as the song plows  forward and man it’s one of my fav tunes by these guys! Listen to Mick tell us about being the butcher cutting the meat or being a pitcher down in a slump! Pitcher and a Butcher name dropped in the same song. Tell me another song out there that you can say you heard that about. Ha…

SPARKS WILL FLY-yep song 3 and the Stones are getting our attention with this cool little rocker along with some real fast paced snappy acoustic along with the electric guitars! You like the Stones serving up little hot corkers of tunes! This is one …..

THE WORST-Keef staggers up to the mic and tells us he’s the worst well kinda,moody kind of tune all 2.5 minutes of it. Keef’s singing is a acquired taste but man he just cracks me up with his attitude its so rock n roll so I’m sure he would tell me to fuck off If I ever asked him about his vocals…..or he would gut me like a fish with his knife collection!

NEW FACES-Mick tells us that he’s the new kid In town and this is old school Stones well to me anyways like early 70s or something to effect! It works and yeah is that a harpsichord ? Different sound but Mick delivers it vocally!

MOON IS UP-different kind of Stones with a cool neat rhythm and Ronnie and Keef strumming along and considering this the Stones still pull off a great track! It’s different but a cool different! Also of note is some neat use of a steel guitar in it as well!

OUT OF TEARS-this I guess was the big single from Voodoo Lounge! The keys drive this song down the road and to be honest with Ya back in 94 I understood the game with The Stones doing this but in 2015 i’m ok with it! This song has aged well!

I GO WILD- they played this on the Lounge tour and it’s a good driving concert tune! Mick and the boys deliver this one well! The guitars on this tune you just wanna crank cuz it’s Ronnie/Keef! What more else is there to say! Charlie lays down some real cool groove and Daryl Jones drives the bass train ..full steam ahead!

BRAND NEW CAR- funky kinda song with Mick telling us about his new Funky New Car! Along with a new Star! With some Caviar! Seriously that’s Mick playing all kinds of sexual innuendo with this tune kinda creepy but hahahaha….it’s Dirty Mick for Christ sakes!

SWEETHEARTS TOGETHER- Stones go country with acoustics and it’s a real good song the vocals and the acoustics of it and Charlie still drives the drums with brushes! I  really can’t stand country music especially with these artists like the Crüe doing tribute albums with current artists like Fuck off already. The only one country act  I can handle is Eric Church cuz he reminds me of Steve Earle from Copperhead Road era! Sorry had too vent ! Accordion makes a appearance in this track as well so my own father would have dug this as well! Stones should just put all there countrified tracks on a disc that would be cool!

SUCK ON THE JUGULAR-the Stones go funky on this track! Ronnie and Keef challenge there inner 70s riffing on this and man the drums are real good as is Chuck Leavell on the keys!

BLINDED BY RAINBOWS- this is one of the best Stones tunes I have ever heard and it’s buried towards the back of the lounge! It’s another sounding country tune but it just flows and man what a great track! The chorus of this tune is Gold! Cool song well played!

BABY BREAK IT DOWN-the Stones hit the chorus right out of the gate and it’s cool as the guitars are mixed with the rhythm in the right ear and the the left ear must be Keef just flinging off notes now and than! Cool song with some neat slide as the solo!

THRU AND THRU- Keefs lead vocal and this is now 5 minutes of Keef just doing a slow wham jam thank Ya maam kinda tune! If anybody has been Thru and Thru it’s Keef! The  percussion just drops in now and than..bam and bam! Keef has blues man…

MEAN DISPOSITION-the end folks and the Stones crank it back up in the Voodoo Lounge! This is the Stones rocking out Til the end of the album! Real cool shuffle with the drums/bass and keys with the guitars. Real cool swing! Sounds 50ish but mixed with the 90s tossed into a blender!

IN CONCLUSION- The Stones were big news in 94 with a super duper stage show and album to boot! Sure for some, the hardcore may think this is not a great record but hey to me it is and it’s a shame cuz no one ever talks about this one and fair enuff. But If Ya come across it somewhere scoop it!

Mother Popcorn & The Wolfchild….

imageAerosmith/The Cult/Oct 15 2001/Target Center/Minneapolis Minnesota/Just Push Play World Tour

Being that it was my birthday a week before Tbone splurged and got us great seats and we took the trek down to Minnie to catch Aerosmith with openers the Cult in which we were really psyched to see…..

The Cult were pluggging there first album in about 6 years the very good Beyond Good And Evil kind of reunion album so to speak and the main culprits Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy were back along with Matt Sorum, Billy Morrison on bass and some dude that looked the Edge from U2 playing rhythm guitar wearing a cowboy hat!

Tbone and myself have loved the Cult for many moons but they were always one of the elusive acts that we had not gotten around to seeing live until now and here they are right before our eyes!

Billy Duffy leads the charge with that all too familiar opening riff of Lil Devil and we’re off! Here comes a lean mean Ian Astbury with a bandana wrapped around his noggin and he’s slammimg the tambourine around like no ones business and fuckin hell this is what live rock n roll is about! The basics man and the Cult just keep it simple friends!

So how does the Cult follow up with Lil Devil…simple they go head first into Peace Dog and Yep me and Tbone have officially lost our shit! 2 songs in and it’s basically our greatest hits set being played live before our eyes! The Cult than slams the third song out and it’s Sweet Soul Sister…like holy hell what a pace the Cult are putting down! Classic after classic is played! From there it’s time to plug the current release with Rise and True Believers(dedicated to the people of 9/11) and from there the Cult punch the gas with Wild Flower,Fire Woman,She Sells Sanctuary and closer….Love Removal Machine!

The Cult showed up,rocked and kicked our asses big time! Tbone and myself agree that the Cult had one of the best opening sets ever we had witnessed! Like i said earlier! The Cult played a greatest hits catered to me and Tbone! Awesome…….

After short turnover here comes Aerosmith pushing Just Push Play…

Aero has a super duper big stage with the soon to be typical cat walk that stretches almost half way out on the floor,huge video screen and a real cool lighting rig that is massive and slick! I noticed on this tour as well as the Get A Grip and Nine Lives shows  that Joe Perry has about 10 different kind of amp configurations behind him and man it must be loud on his side of the stage! No wonder Steve Tyler is constantly yelling at him to turn it down!

Aero hits  the stage with Beyond Beautiful(best track off current release) and the Aero boys segue right into Love In A Elevator,you know you’re catalogue is deep in hits when you can play one of your biggest hits second song in! Aero knows the game as current single Jaded and the title track from the current album Just Push Play are performed!

So if you have been a fan of Live Aerosmith as long as me and Tbone have been you know that Tyler blasting the harmonica is a prerequisite of any live Aero show and Big Ten Inch( watch the video posted) and Pink are played back 2 back! Also these guys never forget there roots so it’s time for some Mama Kin and a real throwback with Walkin The Dog and the bigge Aeroballad Dream On,a three pack  from there debut! One of my favs from the MTV Aero is played and that’s Eat The Rich ( love that tune,never get tired of hearing it!)  Another newbie track is played (Drop Dead Gorgeous) that kinda is there to be honest. Aero senses this and man there’s Perry laying down the slide guitar and everyone’s fav Draw The Line is cranked and were now all back on board!

The big Pump hit or one of em Janie’s Got A Gun is played and goes over like gangbusters with the MTV generation! And in keeping with the program Sunshine the 4th and last track to be played off of said current release is performed for me personally I like the first two tracks from Just Push Play(Beyond Beautiful and the title track) than the other two (Drop Dead Gorgeous and Sunshine) but still I know the game Ya gotta plug the current album and now were offically into hit county with Cryin but I kinda dig it live,more harp playing from Tyler( love that shit!)

Ok folks heres the part of the program where it gets dicey for me and yeah man that Aerosap Armageddon ballad is played. This is not Aerosmith this is Aerowood(Hollywood) not my cup of tea but millions love it soooooo be it! But here’s the interesting part towards the end of it they jam Mother Popcorn! Yeah that one,from Live Bootleg….holy shit there’s some street cred giving on  there with that move ! Well done Aero!

Aerosmith kicks the MTV kids to the curb and launches into Walk This Way and than  into a few bars of Uncle Salty and here comes the feedback and Joes talk box and Sweet Emotion is rocked to the masses!

Aerosmiths encore consists of Livin On The Edge(another fav) and Steve Tyler doing a acapella version by himself no less of What It Takes from Pump and the night ends off with Train Kept A Rollin!

Aero showed up and they are a fine well oiled live machine and this performance did not disappoint! Actually they never do! Looking back yeah Just Push Play was not one of there best albums to say the least but they still rocked the songs that me and Tbone Love!

The Cult man! Its the Cult they knew the deal and they delivered! One great packaged live show!

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