ROCK 101….Leftover People By Brent Jensen

imageLeftover People is the second book from Brent Jensen a fellow Canadian who wrote the excellent book No Sleep Til Sudbury about growing up and listening to hard rock in the 80s. In No Sleep, Brent takes us from the time of seeing Iron Maiden live in Sudbury on Maidens 1984 Powerslave tour and how it all falls into place musically for him when he again goes and sees Maiden on there 2007 (23 years later)tour when they recreated the whole Powerslave meal deal live!

Like I said Brent’s  first book No Sleep til Sudbury is a great read! Brent tells great stories like meeting Gene Simmons and whatever happened to Dave Allison the original guitar player from Anvil? Well buy the book and find out! Plus he talks about guitar heroes,his analogy of new Aerosmith vs Ol Aerosmith is one of the best written pieces describing the two! Well put,and many, many more music stories,drinking stories’s all there and for me it’s the book I wish I could have written as I can relate to many of Brent’s stories both musically and personally. Don’t be fooled by the title of Sudbury being in the title,you can be from Mars and still read this book as if you listened to hard rock from anywhere in the world you will be able to relate!

So so here we have the followup to No Sleep and that’s Leftover People which Brent describes in detail his journey thru the United States on a promotional book tour for No Sleep…

Brent is contacted by a fellow named Chris Long( whose name is later rechristened to Pink Chief) a fellow writer who wrote a book about working for Poison as a personal assistant to Bobby Dall. The book is called Shot Full Of Poison,I myself have not read it but from what Brent says his poor pal Mr Long almost had a nervous and mental breakdown working for Mr Dall!

Basically Brent tells us of his road trip that he takes promoting No Sleep Til Sudbury in parts of the U.S. with Chris Long who has booked them into vinyl shops/coffee shops instead of regular places like bookstores and along for the journey is Brent’s buddy Flemming (who by the sounds of it could write his own book!) and Chris Longs son Jesse.

Brent does a great job of writing about his journeys on the road thru various stops and at the early stages of how he and Flemming would fuck with Long when he would come to their hotel room..they would signal him thru the window that the door to their hotel room was open and then Long would go to open it and it was locked! All the time Long fell for it! I think we can all relate to people we have screwed with and toyed with thru the years!

Brent also tells us of another great story about some female woman who they termed the Nashville Predator(Jensen and Crue are in Nashville ) as she stalked them and treated them to drinks in which Brent had to pay as her credit card was declined and I won’t give it away but it’s a great hysterical story.

The real great thing I like about Brent’s two books Is that as a hard rocker I can totally relate to him especially musically. In Leftover People he talks about Guns N Roses Use Your Illusions and why he made one big greatest hits single  disc out of there double discs and they all included songs that were written by Izzy Stradlin and once he was gone by the end of 1991 Guns was done creatively!

Another “rad”thing about Brent’s books he can shift from present day stories and keep me totally hooked by throwing in his knowledge on all things that are hard rock n roll from past years! His school  grade stories about public speaking from the early 80s is the real deal. If you are around my age(47) you know how the Public Speaking went in schools back in the 80s. Brent tells us how he was scarred from speaking publicly for many years but overcame it and has no problem with it now except for as he says some crazys  that now and again appear at his book signings.(more good stories there).

One of these Chapters in the book is called Saskadelphia I don’t want to give it away too much but after reading about artists diverse in this chapter like The Tragically Hip,Barenaked Ladies,Kesha,Toni Basil,Jensen ties it up all nice and neatly just don’t offer him or Flem a Burger King Whopper with guacamole after a night of drinking!

Each city that this book posse travels thru there are tales to be told. Chattanooga,Macon,Jacksonville and Melbourne are all described in great detail as these are the book tour stops!

Melbourne Florida at their book tour stop Brent notices Jack Starr he of Virgin Steele fame(New York band from the 80s) and the two get to talking and find out they have a mutual respect for each other. The moral of the story is that it’s good to meet your heroes and it’s even better when they turn out not to be dicks!

Leftover People is a great read from start to finish. The road stories like i said are classic and the people who Jensen comes across are sometimes interesting characters to say the least!

Now to be honest with everyone here, I like reading rock biographies only if they are authorized and only if it’s  the rock guy telling his story. I can’t handle bullshit books it’s a waste of time and well I don’t have money to toss around on junk. But last year when I think it may have been on I read about Jensen’s first book (No Sleep) and was intrigued by his title and when i went to his site and read his write-up on the book i was hooked and had to get it so it was off to and it was the best $20 I spent in a long time!

Leftover People I was able to score off of Brent’s site as he had a contest and I won it! Brent told me on Monday am that I won and  he sent the book  and 3 days later,in my hands!

Now that’s  service!

Were lucky in Canada to have rock authors like Jensen,Martin Popoff (whose written a ton of books two of my faves are his books on UFO and Hair Metal) Sean Kelly(Metal On Ice) and Brian Vollmer(Gimmie A…R!)These dudes are the real deal as when you email via Facebook or goggle Mail they get back to you with whatever it is your questions are about. Why not support our homegrown boys! It’s simple ….buy these books and put the friggin electronics down!




Rock 101….Joe Perry/Rocks-My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith

image imageAnother first here at Arena Rock. My first book review under the new category of ROCK 101…..Enjoy..

Also me and Aaron are doing a double review of Joe Perrys book here and at his site(KeepsMeAlive)

Joe Perry has to be one of the first cool looking rockstars I had ever seen! Kiss hid behind makeup at the time(late 70s and early 80s)but Joe had the rock swagger down pat/he played cool guitars/co wrote real cool tunes with lead singer Steven Tyler and just had Rocker written all over him!

My daughter Lauren asked me what I wanted for Xmas this year so this was a no brainer and  Lauren delivered the book of Perry to me on Xmas day! So once we kinda got the festivities out of the way I sat down and started in…..

Of course in  this day and age all these Ol Rock Dogs are putting out bios! Fair enough as no one buys records anymore so buy books I guess……

The book itself is layed out real cool with of course Joe on the cover but inside a ton of pics from growing up thru to Aerosmith in the 70s and even drops in a couple of Joe Perry Project pics for good measure( his second solo album I’ve Got The Rock n Rolls Again is a bonafide classic here at Arena Rock) right thru to today with some family pics!

Its evident that early on in the book you see a young Perry driven by the guitar and the sounds of the day growing up from Chuck Berry to the  Beatles and the Stones thru to Hendrix and Jeff Beck(who he met when he played a club in Boston) as Steve Tyler met Mick Jagger in his Tyler’s book(Does The Noise Inside My Head Bother You) before even Tyler and Perry hooked up.

Perry tells it as he see’s it especially when he talks about that time working as a 19 year old at a resteraunt in Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire when Steve Tyler and his band came up from Boston took over the diner being loud and obnoxious and making a mess of the place and well who had to clean up the mess after Tyler and crew left? That’s right folks Mr Perry! When there paths did cross again Tyler and Perry did indeed move to 1325 Commonwealth Ave in Boston and formed Aerosmith with Tom Hamilton,Joey Kramer and there original rhythm guitarist Ray Tabano who was a pal of Tyler’s but when Tabano wasn’t showing up for rehearsal it was decided by Tyler and Perry that Tabono should be cut loose so Tyler let Perry do the dirty work!

The inner early working years of Aerosmith are really a focus of the early part of the book and Perry goes into great detail with there early management,the struggles they had to endure to make it,and of course the drugs which he goes into great lengths about and has no problem telling the world about it! But this book goes deeper Into it than that on how he’s always been a family guy and that for him family comes first and of course his relationship with Tyler which can be at times volatile and creative at the same time!

He talks about his leaving Aerosmith over spilt milk(literally) his lean years fronting the Joe Perry Project,him rejoining Aerosmith,the manipulating paranoia of there manager Tim Collins. Joe leaves no stone unturned and for my money I love the fact that he goes in depth with the recordings of all there albums along the way. So yeah sure everyone loves a good story about debauchery but I also love hearing about how some of these albums were made. I’m gonna skip a couple. So for your reading enjoyment heres a quick rundown on how I heard it from Joe,well read it that was!!! ( for more indepth detail buy the frigging book!)

Here’s some Aero studio album info for Ya….

Aerosmith- the debut album was for Perry a bummer he loved the tunes but the production was not how he had wanted it to sound! Plus Tyler sang in a different range but overall Perry says hey,they got a record deal!

Toys In The Attic-Perry says this is the album that got them joining the big leagues Also there first with Jack Douglas producing. Interesting fact is that Perry writes in his book that he wrote the riff to Walk This Way sober back in 1975!

Rocks-Perry uses a 6 string bass on Back In The Saddle and during the recording of it passes the bass off and grabs a guitar and flings off the solo and it’s the take that we all have heard a million times over!

Done With Mirrors-Perry rejoins Aerosmith after 5 years away and they put this out and it fails with the public! Perry says nowadays he doesn’t diss this album as much as he knows theres pockets of fans out there that love this album(me and Tbone! Hello!) but at the time he says he was disappointed as the record sounded half finished to them!

Permanent Vacation- the bounce back record with the hits! Perry talks about in great detail the journey to Vancouver to record the next three records with new producers,outside songwriters(which drove Tyler crazy) but 5 million records later Perry says he’s grateful for the resurgence in there popularity!

Get A Grip- trouble from the get go. Started in LA went back to Vancouver and had issues with the mixing of the album…

Nine Lives- issues with there manager which resulted him in being canned and the fact that they hired Glen Ballard(the writer of that huge Alanis Morrisette album Jagged Little Pill) and than fired him and had to rerecord Nine Lives and than there drummer Joey Kramer checked out for issues(breakdown) they brought in a replacement drummer to do the album( it didn’t feel right recording with another drummer) but waited for Joey Kramers return…

Just Push Play- Perry pulls no punches here saying Tyler wanted to be hip with the times and some of these songs like Trip Hoppin are not Perrys deal and Perry pulls no punches that there producer Marti Friedrickson sided with Tyler all the time in the direction (Perry doesn’t like the sound) songs  and the cover as Perry says he was outvoted so the robotic cover he says was not his idea!

Music From Another Dimension- Joe says he loves the rockers on this album and he says all the ballads that Steve Tyler brought to the record Perry does not like except for one! He says the album got a bad rap from the public by the fact that people (like myself actually) said it was too ballad driven.

Like the fact that Perry is totally cool calling out issues when there are issues and it goes to show you that thru all the makings of every single Aero record they had problems even when they got sober!

Of course family life is a big part of the book as well and the drug use is already well documented within Aerosmith but he’s open and frank about his and Tyler’s relapse a few years back that almost cost Perry  his marriage and Joe pulls no punches in regards to Tyler’s girlfriend at the time.

Ok I wasn’t gonna go there with a drug story but one of which is kinda funny is on the Pump tour Skid Row was opening for Aerosmith and Perry says that the very first encounter he had with  Sebastian Bach (lead singer)the first thing Bach said to him was “Dude I wanna get high and smoke hash with you and Steven!” Perrys response was he laughed and said “that ain’t happening!”

Perry balances the book out very well with personal life and of course Aerostories! The whole Brand Tyler chapter is a crazy read! WTF was Tyler thinking? This book I would say is a  highly recommended!

This is a great read from a guy who had it all,lost it all,got it all back and almost lost it all and once again got it all back!

Once A Rocker ….Always A Rocker….

Request Of Vinyl…Guns N Roses/Live At The Ritz


Special thanks to Mikey at for sending me a copy of Live At The Ritz! (Fm Radio broadcast) All he asked for in return was to read my spin on it…..also folks this is my 100th post! Crazy that just this past August I started this blog with a push from Aaron,Mike and Rich and for everyone else who has been supportive at reading my stories,posting comments,following me on WordPress and Facebook ..for that…


Here it goes…

Some bands would self proclaim themselves as the Most Dangerous Band in the world,Ummm, when I would read stuff like that in magazines back in the day the first word I would think of was Poser! I mean c’mon man no one but no one is dangerous except for well ….

I would consider from the 70s Aerosmith as a dangerous band as you did not know what the hell was gonna gonna happen at a Aero show! Like would Steve Tyler pass out halfway thru the show,tumble off the stage or would Joe Perry impale at a moments notice his stratocaster into his Marshall stack! And fuck right off out of the building they were playing in!? Who knows but at least it may or may not happen and they walked that fine line of not knowing themselves! But I was too young to catch Aerosmith at there drug fuelled over the top off the rails heyday but one band that a lot of us do remember from our era is Guns N Roses circa 1988!

Live At The Ritz is one of the best unofficial live releases ever!  Recorded Feb 2 1988. This is early into Guns rise to the top of the World Charts later in the  80s! This is Gunners playing at a 1500 seater on the back of one record with the original dudes …Axl/Slash/Duff/Izzy and Steve before fame turned them into a self destructing corporate rock act by like say 1993 or maybe 1992 when Guns got a brass section a extra keyboardist and they lost that street rock cred in the matter of say a few years by 1992 when they went all Vegas like with there band! Even more goofy was all these other incarnations of Guns touring around that Axl has put together! Too bad I mean back about 12 years ago I had a hard time watching bootleg vids of Guns N Roses of a guy with a upside down KFC chicken bucket on his fuckin head(Buckethead was his name,great guitar player but…)

Anyways this Live At The Ritz was broadcast on Muchmusic on there Big Ticket concert broadcast and Yep my Vcr was a rolling and man I watched this thing over an over and Geezus Much had to edit this thing to the nines so when Axl dropped the F Bomb! Mr Muchmusic Sensor guy would push the Beep Button….beep,beep,beep It’s so Beep Easy,Beep,beep and more beep like Beep right off!

I could never understand why Gunners never released this? Perhaps MTV owned the original rights? Who knows? But whatever 26 years later and Mr Ladano has Hooked me up!

Drop your change and let’s climb aboard the Night Train….

ITS SO EASY- oh yeah man,you hear the crowd and now you hear Duffs bass and Axl and everyone else joins and Guns is wired, fried,playing and swerving all over the musical map and it’s only the first song! Axl gives Er with his deep voice and goes all crazy at the end! It does not get I repeat does not get better than this! This is live folks,Duffs bass cuts out towards the end of Its So Easy and its just Slash/Izzy and Steve trying to keep the train from derailing……

MR. BROWNSTONE-Steve lays down the drums and this dude could play before he was punted from the band less than two years later! Slash and Izzy are the guitar duo in action here and they are locked and literally loaded! Love the performance on this album. Best version I have ever heard….that Ol man he’s a really Motherfucker gonna kick him on down the line! Nuff said!

OUT TA GET ME- Axl tells us all don’t take  bull dung from anyone cuz everyone is Outta To Get Me! This is a straight ahead rocker! You have all heard it. Gunners have entered the saloon,have drank everything in site and have taken they’re party onto there bus! Thats Out Ta Get Me… Axl everyone is Out Ta get him and guess what,I’m not! Hahahaha…..

SWEET CHILD OF MINE- later by the summer of 1988 this song was everywhere! I mean this song launched em worldwide. I still remember being in Sears in the summer of 88 and as I walked by there TV display the Sweet Child vid was on so well I cranked the display TV as high as it would go and walked away! Gunners had crossed over into Sears…tell Axl that he would have punched me in the throat! This song as we all know has one of the greatest guitar solos of all time! Slash man what can Ya say! The dude smacked out on whatever vice it was still pulls it off man it’s just sick! Great version !

MY MICHELLE- love this tune on here! Slash and Izzy start off with some moody strumming and than bam the volume goes up 10 fold and here’s the drums and  cowbell,love Duffs chill out backing vocals and Axl( he’s wired to say the least on the video ) proclaiming that your daddy works in porno,now that mommies not around….hahahaha….think about this song for a sec. Here you have Guns In 1988 saying My Michelle is strung out,there’s no way out,doing coke for free,party til your connection calls basically the dregs of living on the seedier side of the tracks and than you have Poison in 1988 singing cheeseball anthems like Nuthin But A Good Time …end of story!

KNOCKIN ON HEAVENS DOOR-Axl tells the crowd that there pal Todd Crew died after dancing to close to Mr Brownstone so they dedicate this Bob Dylan cover and this live version is there best one as well I found the one on Use Your Illusions to slick and polished…like this song how it’s done here!

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE-U know where u are?? Yeah it’s the Jungle and were all gonna die! Classic song this is Guns blazing forward and kicking everyone’s ass in site ! Dig the part where it breaks down (Axl chirps …And when your high..)and builds back up and oh yeah that other part where Steve nails the cowbell super quick and Slash and Izzy solo out……it’s all here folks wound tighter than a top!

NIGHTTRAIN- more cowbell please and Steve Adler smashes the drums. This  song is a corker of a track! Bottoms up get aboard the NIGHTTRAIN. Great song Slash just about takes it off the rails solo wise but pulls it in last minute! Considering how kamikazed out these guys were at the time what is more impressive is how much we still talk about em today!

PARADISE CITY- shit this tune was another huge single….this version at the Ritz Is just  crazy nuts good! Watch the vid posted! The last minute forty of the vid is classic!! Slash is rolling around on stage. Axl hops off the stage,people mob him,Axl apears back on stage, does a quick jewelry check of himself and continues his  sleazy snakey slithering moves while head bobbing! See that’s what I’m talkin about ! That’s Rock!

MAMA KIN- Aerosmith is covered by Guns! This tune the way Guns play it could’ve been like they wrote it! Later on that year (1988) Guns opened for Aero! Wonder what Axl and crew were doing when Tyler and his posse would launch into Angel?! Hahaha….yeah I know…..where’s My Michelle?!

ROCKET QUEEN- the ultimate Gunners track it’s all hear. 7 minutes of up and downs,slips and sides,tempo changes,Axl blowing out his voice and on this track Axl just disappearing for a verse! You gonna tell him to smarten up? Yeah that’s what I thought so !  Man oh man I wish I could have been at this  show!

IN CONCLUSION- this is LIVE in the truest sense of the word! It does not get any better than this! At the time of this recording hard rock bands were putting out polished pieces of recorded work! Sure some of it was pretty good but man some was bad but Guns comes along kicks us all in the heads  with there street level sound and bad ass imagery! Enjoy this recording and these songs posted. I’m serious when I tell ya’s that this is the real deal!


Santers I discovered when we took a family vacation to Winnipeg back in 1981. We were at the Polo Park mall I was checking out the record store on the rack was this dude holding a strat into the sky and and fuzzy grainy reddish backing cover Marshall stack included, the title Santers/ Shot Down In Flames.

Shot Down In Flames we all know of the AC/DC track by that title but a band calling there album that huh? Interesting? Must check out,and sure enough as I turned over the cover there it was track 6 – Shot Down In Flames(dedicated to Bon Scott)  than it was a quick dash over to the counter for the purchase. Once back home in Tbay I was able to check it out the album a little more and realized the dude on the front cover was Rick Santers/vocalist/guitarist/songwriter/ on the back cover was a pic of his brother Mark/drummer and there sidekick on bass another fella who goes by the name Rick Lazaroff!

Santers was a band I could read about a bit in Music Express but man that was about it for press, yeah thank god for Music Express at the time as they featured a lot of Canadian Rock that if it wasn’t for them I may have never heard about some acts…..

well a Little diagnosis of Shot Down In Flames is on tap……

THE RAPPER- kicks off the record with some good ol feedback guitar hero action and the three piece lay it down the law here. Love the Chorus…..Raaaaaaaap..they call me the Rapper….features some nifty cowbell….

CRAZY LADIES-opens with Mark Santers playing a sweet little groove,neat song about well…Crazy Ladies….

YOU TURN ME ON- I think  this was there single. The lyrics are kinda goofy but Ricky makes up for it the solo,but hey don’t knock the guy too’s the 80s for shit sakes!

TIME AFTER TIME- was the first slowly kinda not slowly tune features some neat lead  and backing vocals from the brothers ….good job boys!

LOST AND FOUND-a pretty cool rocker about Rick not be able to find his woman? Dude,after all these years did you check out the Lost and Found?

SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES- title track and if your looking for a rehash in sound like ACDCs you have come to the wrong place,it’s a slow building ,mid temp song I think Bon would have dug the tribute from a bunch of young fellas back than…..

CAUGHT IN THE WIND-picks up the pace and kicks especially the Chorus,neat song in all……

PATHS OF HEARTS- is a quick little high paced number  actually up until this point it’s all rocking…

POINTS OF RESISTANCE- is another good song drums/ bass/guitar just flat out rock this track…I had many points of resistance back than…one was school!

UNDER THE BRIDGE- kinda a slow moving burner of a tune….I considered it ok not a great Santers tune but ok…..but the first nine tracks..damn good!

IN CONCLUSION- Santers ended up being one of those little bands that shoulda made some noise for some reason they never caught on(they opened for Ozzy across Canada on Ozzys 82 tour) and later on Rick Santers was the fourth wheel added to’Triumphs lineup,which he played guitar/keys on the Sport Of Kings tour. But me and TBone dug em and well at some point I will do a review on Santers when they played here at our university back way back..gotta scratch the noggin on that one!

Also of note this album is long outta print but you can buy this at iTunes. For a good piece of unknown Canadiana rock history check it out. I hope Santers one day can add there second album Racing Time on iTunes as well….

It must also be mentioned that back in the day Tbone was a great pencil drawer and when I leant him this record he gave it back to me and on the inside white sleeve he drew the front cover an exact replica. It was awesome! Bastard has talent man!

SONIC WAVES…RATT/Invasion Of Your Privacy

1985 is year two into Ratt’s run from there self titled major label debut Out Of The Cellar (1984)to Ratt’s final release 1990’s Detonator which basically after it’s release Ratt’s career Detonated! Too bad, they had a good run a lot better than some others and I always thought they were above a lot of LA bands at the time. I liked there albums but out of all of them I really dug Invasion Of Your Privacy. Take away there look at the time and just listen with your ears! Good band ….the 80s were great for me to listen to music as there was no youtube and if you wanted info and concert dates it was through magazines like Circus,Kerrang,Hit Parader,Metallion and Music Express. Nowadays a guy will get ripped apart by a youtube post a few minutes after his performance back than you would have no knowledge of anything. So perhaps a guy like Pearcy dodged a ton of verbal bullets back than because nowadays he is continuously ripped for his live vocals on youtube but no matter back in 1985 Pearcy was holding the fort down vocally or did Beau Hill help with studio gadgets? Who knows for sure but..

Let’s check it out….

YOUR IN LOVE- Ratt n Roll takes off on this opening number. Ratt crashes the party and Pearcy tells us ‘ You take the midnight subway train,ya Callin the shots….” Cool Pearcy is taking control of the situation and man if he found out that back in 1985 that I never had taken a subway but always rode around on a transit bus he would have  kicked my ass! Good opening track sets the tone and Warren Demartini flashes out some cool licks…

NEVER USE LOVE- two songs in, two songs with love so Pearcy shifts gears and than tells us to Never Use Love …geez pal first it’s Your In Love now this …where’s Dear Abbey? Cool song as well Bobby Blotzer Blotzes the drums on this track and the rest of the guys ummm lay it down so to spreak. Also of note of how importance of bassist Juan Crouciers backing vocals were on the Ratt records.

LAY IT DOWN- the first single and for me probably the weakest track out of this whole album. It’s a good Ratt song not a great Ratt song . The video was good …in a 1985 kinda way!

GIVE IT ALL- this is a great rocker of a track. Cool pre Chorus into Chorus. Snappy Ratt n Roll from these pesky rodents! Good Ratt track….

CLOSER TO THE HEART- wow the first ever Ratt somewhat ballad but you know what? It chugs along pretty good I mean Crouciers backing vocals carry the tune and of course Pearcy sounds good hear also.

BETWEEN THE EYES-kinda of a slow builder of a tune to kick off side two. Kinda of a melodic Chorus but a good song never the less. Kinda gets missed for some reason….

WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET-that’s the cool thing about Ratt’s music. They put out pretty solid albums and kinda had there own sound. They weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here people. Ratt just wanted to infest people with there Ratt n Roll. Gosh that was brutal critique….but I will run with it!

GOT YOU ON THE LINE – HOLY CRAP!! The rotary phone rings off the hook and Pearcy answers with a …..deep hello! And the band kicks in and this is a snappy two and half minute Ratt ball rocker and was one of my faves especially at the end when Pearcy lays down the law with a ‘ Nobody hangs up on me” that’s right man no one and I mean no one hangs up on Steve-o!!

YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW- Got You On The Line ends with a thud and Ratt crashes into this little ditty of a kicker track. Actually I wish Ratt would have done more of these kinda back to back tunes. Short to the point ! Cool guitaring (Warren Demartini and Robbin Crosby(RIP) ) on this song and album for that matter. Atlantic records must have dumped some change on this album cause the production sounded big !

DANGEROUS BUT WORTH THE RISK- the albums ends with another all out kicker. This was there opening tune on the Privacy Tour. Actually the last three tracks I always thought on Invasion were there three strongest tracks and the rest ain’t too bad either. In other words Ratt kept me amused as a listener to the end of the party,well there party!

IN CONCLUSION- RATT was good rock for a time and like I said had a tidy little run in the 80s for about 7-8 years and of course there like other bands nowadays  touring with or without original guys but hey man I dug em and Ratt deserves some respect in these pages of rock n roll babble !


SONIC WAVES…..Motley Crue/Motley Corabi)

So fresh off of signing for Multi millions…the Crue boot Vinny too the curb and things have changed in the musical climate from the time of Dr Feelgood(1989) to the release of the self titled release of Motley Crue(1994). We all know the fallout of many a successful act from the 80s into the 90s especially the hard rock genre kind so I won’t go into great detail bout the whole Seattle deal that’s been written a million times over. Instead I will yak on about my observations of what happens when a very successful band from just a few years earlier tries to change with the times and instead the wheels completely come off in the eyes of the public!(well most of the public!)

Now that it’s been 21 yrs since the release of Motley Crue/ Motley Crue I can see the total parallel between this album and Creatures Of The Night by Kiss from 12 yrs earlier (1982) and for me personally I would say this Crue album with new singer John Corabi at the time is next to,Motleys debut Too Fast For Love there best as I feel that next to Kiss Alive that Creatures Of The Night is one of Kiss’ best work. Kiss was dead in the water from The Elder whereas the Crue was in a different headspace where they had finished a huge tour in 1991 and put out a greatest hits set that sold well. But than Crue for whatever reason divorced Vince and got themselves a new singer in Corabi and figured were huge….we will sell….wrong-o! Kiss was the same(1982) I think we will go heavy and people will come back….we will sell….wrong -o!  Too bad even all these years later outside of the diehards people forget about those two gems so let’s focus on Motley shall we!?

Let’s see what the Hooligans have on tap!

POWER TO THE MUSIC- the first thing that comes to my mind upon first listen is no cheese! Holy Crap Mick Mars starts the pace and here comes the Tommy and the Nikki show and finally the new throat in John Corabi who sounds like he swallowed a 6 pack of razor blades and man what a set of cool pipes! It took me all of about 30 seconds that there was gonna be no She Goes Down on this album! It’s 1994 people! Wake up Crue is serious here!

UNCLE JACK- man I think I read years ago that this song is a true story about some perv in one of the guys family’s whose name is Uncle Jack and you have Corabi bellowing that he’s gonna rip Uncle Jacks god damn heart out! This is serious shit. Two songs in and all bets are off! This Crüe is now into heavy Groovin…..

HOOLIGANS HOLIDAY-the lead single and this song rocks! I liked it than and I like it now. It’s well written/ performed and produced! All the making of a successful single right?  Too bad this song should have been as big as the Dr Feelgood single(1989) but 5 yrs later (1994)peoples tastes change and the Crue suffers from it! Poor bastards!

MISUNDERSTOOD- is Crue jamming it out like there  Zeppelin! I know ,I know but listen to how the song build a and builds and weaves around. Just like a Zep song or so to me. Not saying Crue is Zeppelin just saying Crue is wanting to mash it up with Bonzo and the boys! Deke just shut up!

LOVESHINE – is a Folky Crue, kinda like sitting around a campfire with Tommy,Nikki,Mick and John and they pull out some acoustics and mandolins. LOVESHINE could be another little Zeppy thingy as well!

POISON APPLES- is catchy as hell. This could have easily been another single. Here we are at the sixth song and there’s two singles calling! This has a real cool Chorus and in case your wondering Nikki still loves his Mott The Hoople! The Crue must have spent a lot of time on these songs. To me there well crafted rock ditties!(the album was produced by Bob Rock)

HAMMERED- tommy smacks the cowbell from hell on this song and the lyrics,man the lyrics are deep now if Vince was singing on this album this song would be about doing just that getting Hammered but Corabi and the boys are talking getting hammered on by all aspects of life when everything is crashing around around you feel like your getting Hammered by society! Holy shit I’m getting deep here and this is a Crue review for God sakes! Or maybe it’s a song about Vince?

TIL DEATH DO US PART- no one has ever said it but I will. This has the best guitar solo ever by Mars! It’s just sick,and rivets around the upper canister area of my brain Everytime I here it! It’s that good! The solo section is just plain out groove laden heavy! Great great song!

WELCOME TO THE NUMB- could be a sleazy Aerosmith leftover say from 1970 sumthin! Cool Aero like. Groove as well. This whole damn album is one big groove!

SMOKE THE SKY- is just that you know about good ol Mary Jane and what she brings to the table ! The lyrics are awesome cool they even name drop said prez at the time B.C inhaled it Heaven..I inhaled it to..hahahaha ..ok your honor were all guilty! Cool cool song!

DROPPING LIKE FLIES-love this title and this is a another good song. It’s the Crue 1994 ! Album is once again into groove mode! Sloppy Aerosmith mixed with Serious Crue results In Dropping Like Flies!

DRIFTAWAY- is once again going in a direction I think the Crue were exploring along with actually a lot of this record I thought they were headed that way. It’s too bad it imploded but that’s what happens you sign million dollar deals and than you can your lead singer and the record company freaks out and well read the Dirt by the Crue and you will get the whole picture of record company red tape!

IN CONCLUSION- this is a leaner meaner Crue. Vince was gone and took all the Kraft cheesey single slices with him and moved on and the Crue got real heavy with everything! Lyrics/ sound even there look had changed! Whenever I refer to this album by than I just call it Motley Corabi cuz he had a huge role in this record and it’s too bad that Sixx doesn’t give credit where credit is due. Whatever,Motley 94 was a great rock record!

SONIC WAVES…The Who/Live In Toronto

Basically by 1982 when I was really getting into music some of the bigger bands from the 60s/70s were calling it quits like The Who so when it was announced that there farewell tour in 1982 was gonna be there last tour?!(Hahahaha,yeah right!) The last date of the It’s Hard Tour was gonna be in Toronto and more of a bonus it was gonna be televised across Canada and better yet it was FREE!

So myself,John Young and Tbone gathered around Johns TV set and we tuned into to watch The Who slam it down one last time and for me it was my first time seeing The Who live.

After The Who packed it in back in late 82 there old record company released Who’s Last a live compilation album from a bunch of shows but I always was wanting the Toronto show and wondered why they never officially released it!

Fast forward to 2010 and Lo and behold I’m in our local HMV shop when under The Who’s section and there’s the double Live Who farewell performance from Toronto( the same show ) on cd for under $20! SCORE!( not a official release)

Our good friend and fellow blogger Rich Kamer at KamerTunesBlog saw this tour at Shea Stadium in New York (wowzers) lucky guy..hope you dig this review Rich.

Hop Aboard The Magic Bus…..

MY GENERATION- talking about My my my Geneeeeeeeration!!! The Who get the crowd going and it’s the song that started it off for these guys many a year earlier! Still the first time I every heard a dude with a nickname of the Ox on bass (John Entwistle) rip out a bass solo on a song and not a guitar solo in sight!

I CANT EXPLAIN- the first thing I realize when Pete Townsend plays the opening riff is how crabby he looks and during the solo he kinda stares at the crowd and feeds them some windmills and people lap it up! ( when I watched the show on tv for the first time)but after getting into the Who big time  after they broke up I realize thats just how the guy rolls! Great song here and man real cool sloppy rythm guitar solo at the end of the song! Watch the video If Ya don’t believe me!

DANGEROUS- this is a song that Entwistle wrote and its a great song from Its Hard and it shows the Who using keyboards properly In a rock song and Roger Daltry man what a great rock voice, plus the fact that he’s the first guy ever to swing a mic and not kill anyone (that I know of) is impressive! Great chorus!

SISTER DISCO- from the album Who Are You is up next and you can hear even though the keys are cranked the Who are bidding the 70s bye and hello 80s and this song has a damn catchy chorus! Call Townsend grumpy but the dude could write memorable hooks!

THE QUIET ONE- not does Entwistle only write this rocker tune he sings it as well! Kenny Jones smashes his drums and watch the vid posted as this is one of my fav tunes from this disc! Actually at the 2 minute 10 second mark of the video,Pete and John look at each other with a bit of a smirk and Townsend actual gives a bit of a smile.Look at Pete flinging those snappy little licks on his guitar at the end of the tune plus he tosses in some acrobatic jumping around and ends it with a patented windmill! Rock 101 done to a T here at Arena Rock!

ITS HARD-the title track from the supposed last studio album and the one there plugging on the Farewell tour! It’s a good song and give these geezers some credit cuz at the the time they could have just done a greatest  hits tour and called it a day but Grumpy Pete said No way Jose …..we will play some new songs and than count the $$$!

EMINENCE FRONT- ha Pete heard Me and follows up one newbie track for another and he handles the lead vocal on this track that features a ton of keys from there keyboard guy Tim Gorman! Another good song from Its Hard!

BABA O RILEY- Teenage Wasteland,we’re all Wasted! Great song and well composed and performed love the synth line that runs thru this tune and of course Daltry nails down a real good live vocal and for a added bonus Roger doesn’t only rock the songs vocally but he can also add harmonica playing and twirling his mic cable that he can addto his resume!

BORIS THE SPIDER- Entwistle stomps on and Townsend kills the spider tossed to the stage! Creepy,crawley..kinda tune almost like someone sneaking up on Ya! And Bam its Boris …..another Entwistle composition with Daltry co singing the tune with him!

DROWNED- is a 8 minute classic from Quadrophenia in which Pete takes over the lead vocally as well on this one and why not other than Entwistle Pete wrote all the tunes! But he knew and we all knew he needed a guy like Roger Daltry to deliver the rest of the tunes vocally and yeah man Daltry does that !

LOVE AINT FOR KEEPING-is a short 2.5 minute song and for the Who that is short! Kinda a mid tempo-ish tune but it works!

PINBALL WIZARD- the who keeping it going and do I really need to explain this tune? Nope I don’t but I will say the Who plow thru this tune like gangbusters!

SEE ME,FEEL ME- this is a great live version love the rawness and Townsend ripping around on his guitar and I mean what a great classic rock track! Listen to yooooou!

WHO ARE YOU- zippy,bang,zip,crash, pop ,bang …that’s the synth action starting at the beginning of Who Are You! This song I never get tired of! Love the beat it to it! The Synth,drums. Power chords it’s all here and I love the way Daltry sings the line ‘ I spit out like a sewer hole’…More bands should use the term SEWER HOLE more….like why not…oh yeah I almost forgot to say…WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!

5:15-this is the Who crushing at Rock speed! Great use of everything in this well written track. Love when the song just chills and Rog sez..Inside outside leave me alone and than the song just amps back up!

LOVE REIGN OVER ME-I guess you could say this was the big Who power ballad…complete with Synthy overtones and Pete synching his guitar with Daltrys boice during the chorus!  Big time tune!

LONG LIVE ROCK-hey you go to a rock concert and Yep you need to hear a song with rock in it as a title right! Correct and it should be this tune real cool verses on this mutha of a track!

WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN- synth and man and this is the grandaddy of all Who tracks! I mean it’s all here wrapped in this tune! Crazy drumming from Kenny Jones,windmilling guitar heroics from Pete,more mic spinning from Rog and the Ox holds down the fort with his bass riffing!

NAKED EYE- props to the Who at going back and playing to me anyways tunes I have never really heard for that matter and this is one of em!

SQUEEZE BOX- haha The Who meets Poison! Hahahaha….ok ok ok I think Poison and Brets Bandana did a cover of this tune and basically what I’m implying here is that its a pop ditty this Squeeze Box tune and I guess when push comes to shove and back in the day when the record company fat guy was after Pete to write a catchy little radio number! Squeeze Boxs number was called…I like this damn tune……

YOUNG MANS BLUES- the Who crank it up on this cover and they demolish it with feedback from Pete and its the Who showing there roots!

TWIST AND SHOUT- the Who doing justice to the cover that the Beatles did as a cover. Entwistle sings with his rasp and its a good closer tune to the end of the concert!

IN CONCLUSION-considering this live TV broadcast was my intro to the Who it’s crazy that 33 years later I still consider this live album a fav! Sure I may be in the minority here but that’s ok! I still Remember even after all these years discussing the possibility of Pete Townsend destroying all of his gear one last time at the Toronto show! Sadly(hahaha) it never happened! I guess that’s Pete’s way of saying Not playing by anyone’s rules but my  own! Of course the Who came back in 1985 and 1989 and now they are still touring into there 50th year,so I guess you could say we were all fooled again! And again! And again!

Still a great live album…..

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