Cool Lil Numbers….Keith Richards/Take It So Hard

Special thank to ‘J’ at Resurrection Songs for reviewing Richards Talk Is Cheap album and triggering my OL noggin on this great track…..let me explain to Ya!

1988 and Keef Don’t like Mick,Mick don’t like Keef case in point Keef in Rolling Stone magazine calls Jagger’s touring solo musicians  ‘Jerk Off Band”while Mick goes and sells out the Tokyo Dome in Japan and plays Stones and Jagger’s own solo stuff(yawn)

Keef decides to finally cut a solo record and boom Take It So Hard is the lead single and man if there was a definition in the dictionary for the term Cool  Ass Kicker,Take It So Hard is a Cool Ass Kicker of a track!

When I first seen the vid for Take It So Hard on Muchmusic I was hooked man ….totally hooked! Watch the video it’s a good video and hard to believe it’s 27 years old it’s kinda futuristic look and Keef and the Winos playing in a post apocalyptic setting and this makes sense as Keef would out live everyone anyways! Dig the leg kicks,head bobs and skull ring….Keef is the deal…..

Take It So Hard has it all in the track …that opening riff is just sick! Now Keef has assembled a backing band including Steve Jordan/ Waddy Wachtel,Ivan Neville and Charlie Drayton a band Keef calls the X Pensive Winos(great name)

Well done Mr Richards on the strength of this single I bought the album and it’s good but man Take It So Hard! Does not get any better than this……and Mick hahaha….sucked it up got back with the Stones and they financially cleaned out  everyone’s wallets with the Steel Wheels album and tour…..




SONIC WAVES….ZZ Top / Afterburner

2 years after the mega selling Eliminator comes Afterburner in Oct of 1985 and to me it’s sides 3 and 4 to Eliminator. ZZ boys decide if it ain’t broke we ain’t fixing! But along with the no fixin claus someone in the Top Organization decides to jack up the synth,throw down some drum machines and  embrace the musical sounds of the mid 80s hard rock style. Plus the cover was cool as they took the ZZ car and torqued up into a rocket ship looking car! Kudos to ZZ there going into frontiers unknown!

ZZ  stays the course and me for one I’m ok with it kinda as Eliminator was solid top to bottom Afterburner lags a little behind but it’s not  close to 3/4’s Filler material here at Arena Rock!

Billy/Frank and Dusty fire up the Afterburners(Ha) and take off and hey where did that dang drum machine go…….

SLEEPING BAG- cue Frank Beard and the drum machine and some robotic musical patterns and whoosh thank God here comes Billy with his guitar and uhhey this has too be the coolest song ever written about a Sleeping Bag. This is total 80s sound in production trickery. All the bells and whistles are here folks including ,Jesus ? Is Frank Beard even playing drums ? Beats me but man 80s ZZ Top is a different beast than 1970s ZZ Top as Tbone had bought Fandango and man it’s one side live one side studio and them dudes on Fandango don’t sound anything like the slick polished Afterburner dudes !

STAGES- ahh this sounds familiar. This song rocks straight ahead with Gibbon’s guitar driving the tune cool catchy song and was one of the singles that did well for them.

WOKE UP WITH WOOD- what a great title! This is top heavy with the synthy rhythms and beats and shit but man it’s once again like Quirkey Top. I love this tune and still do! The  solo, the outro solo is real good as well! Hey ladies be careful lying next to a piece of wood and no I’m not warning you!! Billy Gibbons/ Frank Beard and Dusty Hill are warning Ya!

ROUGH BOY- ah yes track 4 and it time to slow the brakes down. Just like Eliminator with that track number 4 ( I Need You Tonight) ZZ plays some power spacey blues that I guess it’s as close to a ZZ ballad as any. Well played and Billy, well played guitar as always! Love his sound!

CAN’T STOP ROCKING- Dusty takes over and this is 4/4 ZZ saying hey we can chillax with the Rough Boy but we ain’t staying quiet for too long….

PLANET OF WOMEN- oh yeah…one of my all time fav ZZ tunes! This song rips right out of the gate and Billy tells us he’s a nervous wreck that the girls are everywhere so check it out! Hahahaha….love it man. Super catchy chorus and wickedly good Gibbon’s solo!

I GOT THE MESSAGE- drums drums and more electronic drums Done ZZ Style….this song is pretty much saved by Billy Gibbon’s guitaring which punches in and punches out on this track! It’s pretty amazing listening back to this album after a lot of years that ZZ was firmly entrenched into 1985 musically. I mean man other bands at the time like Duran Duran were using the electronics and basically they made me wanna puke where as When ZZ dialed up 1-800-ZZ-Drums they made it at least sound cool!

VELCRO FLY-ha….big time lets makie bakie a single and shove it through some electronic gadgets and see what it pukes out! Velcro Fly is upon us! This is one that I did not play much…..I think they have a tuity fruity video of this as well…..c’mon Billy dump some cool ripping guitar will Ya….speaking of the vid …Jesus was that Dusty playing the keyboard in the vid? Single single singles……chasing the hits but can Ya blame em? They had tons o hits on Eliminator so how does that not play in your noggin when your,lazing around eating tacos,drinking tons of Corona and trying to cut 10 tracks for Afterburner?

DIPPING LOW (IN THE LAP OF LUXURY)- pretty catchy harmony vocals in this tune and its a better track than Velcro Fly! Haha…Billy slaps,down some cool guitar and ZZ sees the finish line!

DELIRIOUS- Dusty rocks up with his second lead vocal….this song is pretty good for a ending tracks but ZZ falls thru the trap door with the robotic sounding vocal of Delirious! the vocal of the chorus reminds me of Styxs Mr Roboto…Hahahaha….but at least ZZ goes to the ends with a rocker of a track !

IN CONCLUSION- ZZ doesn’t want the payday to end and neither do we,so millions buy Afterburner including of course myself and Tbone. Afterburner for me is a good record but over time after the 6th song (Planet Of Women )the album kinda lags a little and its one of those albums that I did not find one of those end of album Gems(as I call em) like I did on the previous Top album with If I Could Only Flag Her Down. So for me ZZ still pass I mean, here I am at the time In  1985,17 years old and these Ol Fuzzy Beards write a tune called Woke Up With Wood……hahaha…..classic ….the one big gripe over time is the drums on this album. Too many studioery gadgets and bells and whistles ringing off but man you still got Gibbon’s and his guitar. Plus the dude sings a cool chill vocal…..Dusty and Frank, my question is are you two hombres even on this record?

Cool Lil Numbers ….Sloan/Keep Swinging (Downtown)

This review is for the biggest Sloan fanboy I know and that’s Aaron from KeepsMe Alive. For this past Xmas he graciously bought me a copy of Commonwealth (Sloans latest) I have yet to review the full album but for now check out this great track ……

So Sloan just keep on going and going. When I mentioned that to Aaron that the last studio album I bought of there’s was Navy Blue back in 1998 he told me in no uncertain terms I needed to hear the double album Commonwealth (2014)as each band memeber (Chris Murphy,Jay Ferguson,Andrew Scott and Patrick Pentland) gets there own side of music, kinda like a solo album in a double album for each member! Get it?

From past listening experience I knew that Patrick Pentland was the rock guy in Sloan and let’s be honest here! I’m a rock guy so his songs on the Sloan records always resonated with me as he can write a pretty cool riff and he sings a good lead vocal as well!

So when I spun Commonwealth for the first time this tune Keep On Swinging (Downtown) totally caught my ear. I love how the song starts with Pentlands guitar and man listen to that piano it’s so simple but sometimes simple is all Ya need! I mean I’m a sucker for it it’s kinda like the silly piano that Kiss used on Christine Sixteen(studio version) on there Love Gun album.

The song features some real cool warm fuzzy bass lines from Chris Murphy and the rest of the band with Scott on drums and Ferguson on second guitar drive it along! Love the chord changes and the chorus is friggin catchy as well!

This is a deadly well written piece of good OL Rock !

Crank it……and thanks Aaron!

Cool Lil Numbers….13 Engines/Smoke & Ashes…

How about a quick boot in the ass with this track! 13 Engines mixes all the ingredients of a sweet little ditty of a song including cool guitars,cool singing,cool production and well the video from 1993 is very slick!

Smoke And Ashes came from the 1993 album Perpetual Motion Machine and features John Critchley on vocals/guitars,Mike Robbins/guitar,bassist Jim Hughes and drummer Grant Either.

Amazing that these guys in my opinion nailed a gem in about 2 minutes and 32 seconds! Holy crap that opening guitar riff just sets the tone! Love this song still to this day! It’s a happening little number!

Crank it!

Bonus points awarded for writing the line….You woke up dreaming of Cocaines and Clowns……



What the hell could I possibly add to a review of Back In Black that already hasn’t  been said or done by someone in the last 35 years (yikes) that pertains to Back In Black, one of the best albums of all time?

Nuthin….haahahaha ….well I guess all the reviews of Back In Black were done by critics who received their vinyl copies free! Me? Ha,Nope i was 12 years old going on 13 when AC-DC dropped Back In Black in my lap(July of 1980)and taught me about…..well,just keep reading……

AC-DC I first heard about in grade 7 from a friend whose older brother had a copy of Highway To Hell(Bon Scott/r.i.p) and Powerage and he raved on about them. At the time to be honest I was fixated on Kiss Dynasty/Cheap Tricks Budokan/Queens The Game etc….hell Van Halen hadn’t even registered with me it! (Soon though) so it was a matter of time before Angus/Cliff/Phil/Malcolm and Brian(Bons replacement) would steal the show and knock me off my block with their sound……

Word on the street back in the day was AC-DC had this hot-shot new single You Shook Me All Night Long and it was a killer tune and once I heard it on our local radio station(CKPR)  the top  9 @ 9 I was hooked just like how a few years later when I first heard Love It Loud by Kiss on the top 9 @ 9  for the first time and was glad that Kiss went hard rock..well no one cared much about that ….but I did(Kiss going heavy) that is…

So as soon as I heard You Shook Me All Night Long it was like in order..1- listen to this dudes voice! 2- listen to those guitars 3-listen to the production(hello Mutt Lange) 4- wowzers check out them lyrics 5-my heads gonna explode 6- I need this!

So off to downtown Tbay and to a local record shop Record On Wheels(which for all you Tbay readers was once located in what is now Gargoyles Resteraunt ) anyhow myself,Tbone and John Young (real name) bought 3 vinyl copies of Back In Black. We all raced back to our individual home bases dropped the needle and within 10 minutes we were all phoning each other! We’re we blown away with what we were hearing? Was this the second coming of J.C?

Well I wish I could say that. But in all honesty all 3 records that we bought were skipping everywhere,each song (the whole shipment of BIB albums were duds) man we were deflated so the next day we returned our 3 copies of BIB to Record On Wheels and then began the proceedings of harassment on my part of calling Record On Wheels daily from home ….’Is  it in? When? What? How Long? Tomorrow? Maybe they would tell me just to shut me up! I mean I probably gave the sales person a nervous breakdown with my relentless calling but hey I’m a 13 year kid with snot running out of  my nose and my school marks ain’t so great but You don’t understand………

I need this…and hear comes the saviour in this. Chico,mine and Tbones childhood buddy who just lived about a half a block away from me(just down the road) Chico back than and still does loves cars/snow machines/motorcycles basically anything with speed. My need for speed on the other hand consisted of my 10 speed bike back than!

Chico didn’t really talk music much but he had an older sister who I remembered had a copy of Queens News Of the World that we had listened to so Chico had a bit of schooling in music and of course when he turned 16 (a few years later)and got his driver’s license he flipped me a 10 pack of Maxwell blank cassette tapes and told me  quote ‘give me some Rockin stuff” for his tape deck in his car!

Ok,so back to 1980 I told Chico about the new AC-DC album and he goes ‘yeah I got it!” I was like ????…. He said “I got a copy of it on 8 track” I was like ??????

Who the hell cares what it’s on. Chico came through in the clutch and man my first time hearing BIB in full was in Chicos moms car(can’t remember what kind of car,kinda resembled a Sherman World War 2 Tank without the turret) and we sat in his driveway as Chico was too young to drive and he cranked it and of course halfway through Given The Dog A Bone the 8 track would change mid tune,make some clacking noises and then resume …who cared man? I didn’t ..Chico stepped up an delivered ….come to think of it Chico back than must have thought I was like some crazed out music junkie  looking for a hit (Back In Black)

For Those About Rock Chico,I Salute You!

So after about a week of nonstop harassment of Record On Wheels they said “yeah we got some new copies of BIB” Bam,phone is dropped and I’m gone back downtown/back home unwrap the plastic put it on and …..ahhhhhhhh Mothertrucker…it skips?!! Again?!..Yep but this time no fooling around no more trips to downtown no more harassing Record On Wheels this time it was scotch tape and 2 pennies taped to the top of my needle to give it weight! Viola! No skip!

So here it is BIB in my house! And so begins the AC-DC journey……

Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be……so some say!

HELLS BELLS- The bell chimes and I guess it’s the tribute to Bon. Angus opens the  song with one of the many classic riffs of all time and Malcolm,Phil and Cliff join in and here comes new boy vocalist Brian Johnson telling me that Satan will  get Ya! Ahh yeah man if he does I’m taking Tbone/Chico/Muc and John Young with me! Angus takes about 3 minutes to become my new guitar hero and well why wouldn’t he? He shifts gears and steers the bus right down to hell with all of us on board! What a opener!

SHOOT TO THRILL- To this day I love the opening of this song! Those guitars of The Young Brothers are cranked! Phil drives the song along and Cliff lays down the bass and this is just straight ahead rock! The solo once again is off the charts especially at the end of the solo when Johnson is yelping “Pull it…Pull it….Pull  The Trigger” of course when your about to turn 13 and the lead singer is chiming off about too many woman and too many pills ….ummmm instant street cred!

WHAT YA DO FOR MONEY- Ok so young DeKEs is getting schooled by  AC-DC. The song starts in with everyone soon to be followed by Johnson and we’re off .Cool,simple yet effective hard rock! And back to the schooling deal from 9-3:30 pm Monday – Friday it was math/history/Geography/science/gym from 4pm to bedtime my rock schooling consisted of Mr Johnson and he taught me about Hell/Pills/Women/Prostitution with a side order of licks and tricks!…and were only on track 3!

GIVEN THE DOG A BONE-The sonics on this album sound heavy like it was recorded LOUD! This song well its sleazy dirty grimey AC-DC and man Like I said In my review of Flick Of The Switch. Who needed sex education class in high school just listen to AC-DC they will tell Ya what to do! Case in point in this song the words used are….in no set order/easy/knees/Devils/degrees/crazy/dry/again/head/ union/hot/doing/got! Yep there it is folks just play the tune and you can fill in the blanks(ha) here at Arena  Rock!

LET ME PUT MY LOVE INTO YOU-ACDC slows the party bus down(kinda) and Ummm yeah if ya think AC-DC is getting lovey dovey think again. So since Angus and Malcolm write the riffs they start off the tune with Phil and Cliff and bam this song is a slow driver and the pre  chorus with the lines’ don’t ya struggle,don’t you fight” man I love the guitars at this point of the tune and of course Jonno drops the chill vocal and delivers one of the best lines ever that Gene Simmons would have wished he wrote” Let me cut your cake with my Knife” Brillant!

And so ends Side 1……..

Side 2 begins with a little unknown track(ha) titled …

BACK IN BLACK-this song and riff reminds me of Zeppelin on steroids! Who the hell has not heard of this track? This is one little ball of nasty. Angus and the boys groove it down with some real cool chops and Johnson sounds like he’s gonna heave a lung across and thru my stereo speakers! Geez this song is tense,makes me wanna break things! Plus Angus takes it over the top with the solo and man it does not get any better when he’s locked and loaded with his brother Malcolm on rhythm guitar and BIB the song proves it!

YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG- The song that kicked AC-DC into Maximum Overdrive(ha)into the households of North America! Dirty lyrics,dirty guitar, pounding drums and bass and you got one hell of a monster track! This is a great song. I’m sure Mutt Lange got a lot of work do to after  his production on this album and from this song as it was plastered everywhere!

HAVE A DRINK ON ME-cool opening riff and now Brian and the boys are teaching me about alcohol and it wasn’t til years later that after I got real familiar with the Bon albums and his lyric prowess and Ummm I think he may have had SUMTHIN to do with the lyrics on this record but Bon was uncredited!  Just saying! I mean take a listen to the lyrics on this album and well each album after the lyrics kinda take a bit of a dip(like I could do better!) but seriously Bon when he wrote Sin City ….that’s Bon right there or NightProwler for instance. I dunno man my own  conspiracy theory but I have read a few things in my time(mystery note-book with Bon’s lyrics supposedly disappeared after his death) and no one but the brothers of AC-DC know for sure! Still though when your song starts off with “Whiskey,Gin,Brandy/with a glass I’m pretty handy!” Holy hell did Tbone write these lyrics?….

SHAKE A LEG-Ok tighten up the hatches and Wowzers Johnson hits the vocals sky-high on this. I mean he sounds like his head is about to explode! The verse is great and so is the music to this tune! Bam enter solo bam exit solo….still umm yeah Shake A Leg with Jonno and sing along…

Magazines,wet dreams,dirty women on machines for me/Big licks skin flicks tricky dicks are my chemistry /Goin against the grain trying to keep me sane with you/so stop your grinning and drop your linen for me…..

Rock n Roll Poetry(in motion)

ROCK N ROLL AINT NOISE POLLUTION- what a great title man! This is simple but effective tune and ACDC keeps it simple and well I think I can sum up this tune with one of the best titles of a ACDC album review ever and that was years ago in an English magazine called Sounds and I think it was for Highway To Hell and the article was titled “More songs about humping and booze” hahaha…..that my friends sums up this song and of course Angus and Brian end the album!

IN CONCLUSION-at the time 1980 album covers were colourful affairs like Kiss with their mugs everywhere. Queen The Game with all that cool silver around the band picture and here’s ACDC black everything (in tribute to their fallen comrade Bon Scott) and how about those band pics on the inside. Angus looks crazed in that live shot. I mean pretty impressive they lose their main guy (Bon Scott)in Feb 1980..audition and hire Brian Johnson….record Back In Black with Mutt Lange in the Bahamas …and start their tour in July 1980. That’s 5 months man…..

What a way for us 13 year olds to learn about the birds and sleaze… oops I mean bees  via AC-DC. It’s all here like I said earlier! Satan/Women/Pills/Booze/Women/Hookers/More Women/Tricky Dicky Chemistry/Noise Pollution…

I had a ton of fun writing this one and I hope Ya dug it!


IRON MAIDEN Destroys Cadott!


Bruce at 55 years young….I have said it before and I’ll say it again…no one sings this type of rock  or delivers it live better..just watch…..

Watch Bruce at the 1 minute 40 second mark literally take a tumble I mean the dude hits the deck (trips) but he doesn’t miss a lyric….!

Monday it was opening act Coop today it’s the main draw…Ladies and Gents….I present to Ya ……………..

IRON MAIDEN….July 21/2012

Rockfest is a 4 day  hard rock festival held yearly outside of Cadott Wisconsin about a hour or so drive away. My younger brother Todd like I mentioned the other day got us VIP tickets the day of Maidens appearance so basically we were about 22 rows back on the floor from the stage. These were great seats. The venue itself is interesting it’s located in a huge field with only one  farmhouse nearby. The seats in the VIP section(floor) have no cover from the weather and the only place for shade is in the VIP tent section of the venue.

Now let me tell Ya,my brother paid $175 U.S each for two tickets and included was our VIP tickets. Now if we would have paid for the lawn tickets they were going for a flat rate of $75 each and the view was pretty good also but my bro Todd said that if we’re driving 6 hours let’s treat ourselves shall we!!

VIP package was kick ass…it included all the beer you wanted/water/pop and the meals were awesome with chefs serving beef/chicken in the VIP tent! Plus the shitters were always clean as they had built in bathrooms on site!

In comparison,Tbay every year has it’s own festival here and there VIP is a waste of time and I can speak from expierence as I paid for it and it was a joke like seriously when Kim Mitchell played I had a fuckin birch tree in front of me!! Yeah a actual birch tree like talk about a obstructed view! (Should have brought a chainsaw)I won’t even plug this Festival as its a joke! The bands are good but the organizers c’mon man! I did send a email to the organizer and they did reply to my concerns but they did not like my comment that they should load up a SUV of Tbay festival suits and drive to Rockfest and see how a real VIP is run! They ignored that comment in my email! Hahahaha…..

Back to Rockfest so anyways like I said earlier it’s a 4 day festival. The first night I think it’s local bands that played but back in July of 2012 the Friday headliner was Five Finger Death Punch. Saturday was of course Maiden and Sunday was Def Leppard and (gulp) Poison!! Me and Todd were just going on the Saturday so by the time we got there at around 3 pm Svendust was playing ( dudes are heavy) followed by Papa Roach(better than I thought) Cooper(see yesterday’s review) and now the reason we are there…….

1988 and Maiden releases Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and by the end of the decade Maidens popularity is taking a hit (not with me..hahaha) as there were more than a few empty seats on there North American tour and Seventh Son sold but it did not do as well as expected. For me though it’s always been of my favs by Maiden I loved how they melted the use of the synth with guitars and with Nicko smashing and the Air Raid Siren(Bruce) wailing away on vocals. I love the 7th Son album and still do!

Fast forward to 2014 and Maiden decides to redo what many missed in 88 the first time the whole 7th Son deal!  So by the time the Maiden machine rolls into Cadott it’s a set recreation done with the memories of 1988 but with the technology of 2012!

Case in point when Maiden showed up to Rockfest they had to add 6 feet to the front of the stage and add another 12 feet behind the stage to get all the Eddie props in! No short cuts for Maiden! Also they showed up with 12 semis (transport trucks) with gear and 10 tour busses with there entourage! That’s how it’s done!

So 9 pm sharp  and UFOs Doctor Doctor is pumped over the PA and once the UFO tune is done there on the screens are the icebergs and Eddie and now the intro to Moonchild …the acoustic and Bruce singing his 7 deadly sins bit….and whoah here comes the synth and the volume is GETTIN louder and here’s the guitars and bam…..

MAIDEN RIPS INTO MOONCHILD- there they are…Maiden it’s still hot as hell outside and Bruce is above Nicko on the ramps behind the drums and Janick Gers/Dave Murray/Adrian Smith and Steve Harris charge the front and it takes  Harris all of 2 minutes to crank his leg on the floor monitor! Maiden is delivering and Ummm I’m losing my shit already! Like how could you not?! It’s Maiden!

CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS- Can I Play With…..Bam pyro drops from the top of the light truss and we’re off. Bruce commands attention and man the dudes on fire 55 years young and giving it his all! Shit his vocals are amazing and the dude is in tremodous shape! Running not missing a beat! Crazy good! No Teleprompters used! This stage is massive!

PRISONER-We want information…..Aahhhhh Nicko slams the skins and the 3 Amigos on guitars join in and Harris and now Bruce is working the front of the stage and telling all the lazy ass fucks to get moving! This is classic Maiden from the Number Of The Beast era! This song is mint……pure gold as Aaron would say!

2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT- Adrian Smith hammers down the opening riff and it’s becoming apparent that when Maiden play the solos it’s Dave and Adrian just like yesteryear. Janick is there but nailing down rhythms as the two original guys have reclaimed there solos on the old songs(pre Gers era)As well as they should …..Bruce throws out a few Hey Heys Heys and keeps the crowd going! Don’t worry man Dickinson plays right to the last guy in the crowd way up,in the hills…..

AFRAID TO SHOOT STRANGERS- so Maiden breaks protocol and plays this track from Fear Of The Dark! In other words they throw Janick a guitar bone as he solos away like a lunatic. Good soldier he is and well why not! Kick back let Adrian and Davey have there 80s heyday solos and when duty calls nail down your solos, put on a show stage right and collect your big paycheque! Win win for everyone!

THE TROOPER-here comes Bruce in his British uniform and waving a torn Union Jack flag and the rest of the Maiden crew is Center stage and the music just blows is away. I mean it’s Dave Murray ripping the frets on his guitar during the solo and boom Adrian joins him….Bruce leads the charge from atop the stage. What must be noted is the backdrops of various Eddie images throughout Maidens career. The Trooper is one em!

THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST- speaking of backdrops check out the vid posted as this is a great visual for this song! This is epic Maiden! Great opening,Harris and the guitars in sync and Dickinson gives that ear piercing ….yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Fire,fire and more fire…this song is taking us to hell! Shit I swear at one point of this song I took a glance at my bro and I thought I had seen devil horns on his head!!! Hahahaha ..just joking Todd! But this is another song that just wails classic! Plus like I said at the the top of the page Bruce mugs out and doesn’t miss a beat…..if that was Axl Rose he would have gone home!

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA- epic 8 minute romper from the debut Maiden album from 1980! You want guitar historics,vocals,drums,bass thumping and pyro! Here it is….the hardcore fans (me) were impressed they dug this one out dusted it off and Maiden kicked our asses with it!

RUN TO THE HILLS- Nicko sets the pace and if you are a hard rocker you know this tune and really do I need to explain it to you? I will say  though during the solos more pyro and a 7 foot Confederate Eddie walking back and forth and darting around the stage is Janick Gers! Tossing about  his strat high into the air!

WASTED YEARS-ahhh this is Todds favourite Maiden tune! Smith really exploded as a songwriter on this track and the album it’s from Somewhere In Time  may be its best track on there! The solo Is friggin good and Bruce makes the crowd sing it….Face up!

SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON- how about the whole deal of the tour delivered here in its 12 minute glory! The title track Bruce commands the stage! Man this is epic! Who knows how tall Eddie is holding the globe and man the solos are sick especially Smiths as he displays along with Murray why they dethroned Tipton/Downing  as my fav one two guitar punch! Shit just go,and listen to Killers as that’s Smiths debut with Murray..they blazed trials and as a little headbanger back than! HOLY SHIT Sez I!

THE CLAIRVOYANT- this is a great track. I mean the verses are catchy and there’s a time to live and a time to die ! Bingo folks this is heavy duty stuff! The solos are great Nicko and Harris are locked in tighter than the bottles of Scotch in Tbones boozey cabinet!

FEAR OF THE DARK- wow another epic classic! FOTD is a slow builder and than it shifts into hyper gear with everyone in metal sync and watch Bruce in the vid go from one side of the stage to the other. The man hustles,no slouching ever…. That’s why he’s the best in the biz right now especially in the endurance test  of live Metal ! This is a great track and Janick rips the solo! Classic Maiden ….

IRON MAIDEN- Scream for me Wisconsin sez Bruce…I dunno, I wish for shits and giggles Bruce woulda tossed out a Scream For Me Hammersmith!! I would lost it man! Haha..but still Bruce commands the epic song and well here comes the 7th Son Eddie holding a beating heart in its left hand with a mini Eddie trying to bust out! Crazy over the top production! Maiden says goodnight more pyro and me and Todd are blown away!

ACES HIGH-After a minute or so…..on the screens here comes the Second World War footage of Airplanes engaging in battle…and now Winston Churchills Speech and boom Maidens back on stage after the stage explodes and there’s the Aces High backdrop! That stuff is so cool looking! Rollin Rollin Turnin Turnin…Do It Again…

THE EVIL THAT MEN DO- once again another solid tune from 7th Son!  Love the galloping bass. Harris is the King of the 4 string and plus the dude tunes his own bass inbetween songs! Steve if your reading this(Hahahaha) I will roadie for you! This is a great track and guess how the song ends ..exactly more pyro! BAAAAAAAAM BAAAAAAAAAM!

RUNNING FREE- and boom into Nicko laying down the shuffle with Steve and it’s Running Free! Bruce works the crowd over one last time and basically lays claim that no band is better live than Maiden!

So basically as you can gather from this review I along with Todd were blown away by this performance! As you readers know I have seen a few shows in my life time (ha) Maiden 2012 was THE BEST live performance/production I have ever seen! Maiden ruled that night and blew my mind (what’s left of it that is) and proved that without a doubt they are THE force to be reckoned with!

I’m not the only one who felt this way what I heard was that normally each day at Rockfest the attendance is about 25,000-35,000. When Maiden showed up to Wisconsin for there show close to 50,000 passed thru the gates to check out Maiden!

One more story….the people that were beside us were cool guys but one dude made a remark after Maiden exited  that he was bummed that Maiden did not play Hallowed Be Thy  Name!!?. Fair enuff but Steve and the boys have played Hallowed every tour since 1982 so Ummm cut em some slack fellas…..especially when this guy beside me  was losing his shit on how Maiden was rocking it big time earlier that night!


Cooped Up In Wisconsin!

The Coop loses his head…..

Alice Cooper was opening for Iron Maiden in the summer of 2012 through out North America. My younger bro Todd scored us some kick ass Vip Seats for the Copper/Maiden show in Cadott Wisconsin on July 21 2012…so today it’s the opening act Coop and Wednesday,the headliner IRON MAIDEN…..enjoy….

So for my first time seeing Cooper live it’s outside in Cadott,it’s sunny,it’s 6pm and it’s 92 degrees in the shade! A perfect setting for a Coop show right? Hahaha….

So we get the Vincent Price spoken word intro and boom where into The Black Widow and followed quickly by Brutal planet! Coop even though he is opening he’s bringing the stage show with him and me and Todd are pumped I mean it’s Coop,he’s God knows how old,he’s dressed in black,it’s fuckin hot out and the dude is giving his all!

What a top notch band he has with him on drums Jonathon Mover (filling in for regular skins smasher Glen Sobel) Chuck Garric on bass,Tommy Henrikson on guitar,Ryan Roxie on guitar and the Copps secret weapon on third guitar Orianthi!

Coop has a talent for having backing superior musicians and man check out Orianthi on the vid I posted, man can she play and she took centre stage on many the the Coop songs….she can flat out rock!

Third song in and now it’s time for the classics beginning with Under My Wheels,Billion Dollar Babies and  No More Mr Nice Guy!

Alice and the band now plough forward to a newer  song of his I like (well 1991 if that’s new to you)and that’s the title track from Hey Stoopid(love the opening line of “hey bro take it slow your not living in a video”) Is it My Body and Halo Of Flies(10 minute tune )is swated at us and the whole band goes off into super jam mode and these gents and one lady can hold it down!

Classic Muscle Of Love is dropped next and boom were into Orianthi’s guitar solo and Yep my peeps she is the only one in the Coops posse to get a solo spotlight! Good for her and good for the Coop! She deserves it…

Feed My Frankenstein also from Hey Stoopid is cranked out and here comes the Coop Prop Frankenstein chases and Alice sprints off the stage and this proves the Ol bugger Alice can still run short distance pretty damn fast!

One of Alice’s MTV hits Poison is played and it’s a good rock track and the crowd loves it …..I mean this tune whether you like it or not put the Coop back in the Loop of the public eye back In 89. I mean he could have sapped out a song like Fallen Angel by Poison (no pun) to get people’s attention hahaha….

Wicked Young Man is played and followed by I love The Dead and the Coop literally loses his head in this one! This as a fan is what I’m waiting for it must have been sumthin else to have seen the Cooper live in the the 70s when he was hanging himself,chopping his head off,withering around in his strait jacket than again  if I had seen those shows back in the early 70s I would be about 60 years old now! Hahahaha….

Schools Out is jacked out to the masses and what a finale to his show!

Coop comes out for a encore and that’s Elected waving the American Flag and he introduces his whole band and gives them there due for a job well done!

Wowzers man,me and my bro Todd  were blown away by the Coop! I mean for my first time seeing him live and it’s at supper time haha, (6pm)its pretty cool cuz when you think of Coopers live show you think of a dark arena  but the Coop delivers it full throttle and man what a great cast of musicians with him,not a slouch among em!

17 songs played……now that’s a Theatric Rock Show Friends!

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